You stare into the night, looking at the stars surrounding you.  Suddenly, you hear a voice and you see a lithe equine's silhouette against the night sky, her moon-shaped eyes turning to you, glowing faintly in the twilight.

~Hello, stranger, what brings you to the land of the Fallen Stars?~

~My name is Serenity, and I am the Lead Mare of the Circle of the Fallen Stars, named after this land.  They say that this place is the grave of one of the most beautiful stars in the sky, and that it's ashes provide for and shelter life.  Certainly the land is well-nourished.~

She is interrupted by a impatient voice, the owner stepping into view as he speaks.

His is a more fierce beauty, the arrogant tilt to his head belied by the humorous glint in his eyes. As he moves, he appears as if on fire, and you back up a few steps, staring.

~Serentiy, are you bothering the travelers again?  Or have they come to visit us?  Fallen Star was ever the home of the weary vagrant... and some know not that others reside within. A warning, stranger, for I, Sunset, would have no harm come to you. Even should you become enamored of our species, stay away from Vivid, the lead stallion.  He gets nervous around anyone besides his bonded. He lies thusly on the horizon, watching that you don't upset his Circle.~

As you turn to look, Sunset and Serenity slip away, leaving you to gaze at the Circle's lead stallion from afar. As your eyes move, he suddenly flashes his gaze to meet yours, and you shudder at the shock of it. You turn away from the magnificent stallion and find yourself facing a strange mare.  Her semi-transparent wings flutter slightly in the breeze as her gemstone eyes flicker towards you. She nods to you, then turns away, slipping behind some trees and out of sight.

Another mare steps up, having been accompanying the mare that was now out of sight, and you can see that unlike the other two mares, this one is wild, her ears back and her eyes glaring at you.  You start to back away when she clips out an introduction and a question, her words abrupt and concise.

~I am Rhythm, and that other Serian was Avalon.  She is very sensative around those she does not know.  You didn't offend her, did you?~

A protective light shines in her eyes, and you assure her that you said nothing to offend Avalon, and in fact, did not say anything to her at all.  She looks at you suspiciously and then flicks her tail in dismissal and is gone. After that ordeal,  you retreat to find the last member of the Circle, a stallion with a ghostly mane and tail, and a friendly but distant look to him.

~My name is Skylite, and I am here to bid you farewell and safe journeying.  If you wish, you may return someday.  For now, you may continue on to adopt a Serian, either from and Altar, or from a Circle, or you may choose to leave.  Either way, this is where we part.~

You look in front of you and see a sign saying:

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