Nighttime Adventures (Open)

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Nighttime Adventures (Open)

(OOC: I wanted to get Flux out again. She was my first and hasn't been out to stretch her legs in some time. Please feel free to jump in, anyone! My other threads are on hold for the moment and I'm itching to continue writing. Also, if this one doesn't suit you, I'll probably start one with Aerial soon as well. :heart:)

When the stars are as bright as diamonds against the black abyss and the moon is highest in the sky, that's when she likes to walk. The soft chirps and buzzes of various nocturnal insects are soothing, the cool night breeze, invigorating. Her very being feels more at home, more comfortable, in the light of the moonlight. It was also the best time for thinking, exploration, contemplation, and others of the type. As she stepped forward, the thick blades of grass tickled her hocks. She lifted her nose into the air, taking in a long, deep breath of crisp summer night air. It felt good.

Before she could take another step, a rather large black cricket leaped into the air and landed rather purposefully on her nose. Her eyes crossed, attempting to look directly at it. His tiny feet began to itch her skin, however, so she briskly shook her head. The crimson locks of her mane danced around her face wildly, and she closed her eyes to avoid them. She fully expected the cricket to have abandoned ship, but when she opened her eyes, he remained at the tip of her nose. Excuse you... she muttered, and lowered her head. The cricket's unusually meaty legs shifted about, as if he had barely even needed to hold on during that commotion.

Flux glared at him, well, best she could. She inhaled to her maximum lung capacity and in one big snort, let it all out. If the muscle vibration didn't scare the thing away, the loud noise most certainly would. Despite her efforts, the bug remained. Irritation and slight panic began to creep up on her. Determined to rid her nose of the intruder, she leaned forward and lifted a front leg, attempting to brush her nose with it. Just as her pastern reached her nose, the cricket jumped. For the split second the cricket was in the air, Flux felt accomplished. That is, until it landed further up her face between her eyes.

At this point, it began to crawl around. Chills ran down Flux's neck, giving her a very creepy crawly feeling. She shook her head again and again, confident the thick locks of her mane would brush him off and she'd be done with it. The cricket held on for dear life, and unexpectedly climbed up to her mane and into the hairs between her ears. Flux's ears twitched, the itchiness now overwhelming. This was too much. After a quick look around to confirm she was indeed still alone, she dropped to the ground and began to roll. Kicking her legs into the air to help keep her balance, she rolled onto her back and began to wiggle back and forth. The entirety of her neck and mane rubbed against the ground, back and forth. This technique would work for sure, it had to.
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Re: Nighttime Adventures (Open)

occl Hope its ok I join, my posts may be a bit of days in between as this is my season for my migraines. Makes it hard to think and concentrate.

BICL: Chilling blue, with haunting purple figure slipped from the nearby forest edge. He moved with complete silence and grace. One could ponder was he floating like a ghost of the ground, or was he indeed walking. His eyes were closed, enjoying the night breeze coursing over him, as well as the peace that comes with the diluted sounds of the night. Not the crazy or blinding light or energy. Don't get him wrong he liked the day, being an Eternal Sun affinity but his ideal daytime was one with blue skies and the sun playing hide and seek among the clouds. Or just as dawn breaks or dusk falls, the bright colours fill the world but not all the sounds of mid day.

He opened his ruby eyes and gazed at the field and its stillness. He enjoyed the night, it felt more his element than the sun, however maybe that was because he was always on his own and doing what ever he wanted. He never would get asked where are you off too at night when most of the worlds inhabitants were off to dream land.

He flicked his eyes around when a sound of a snort caught his harks. Spectre lifted his head to the sky and took in the night scents, though all he could smell was the night its self, grass and sleeping blooms. He was upwind of the breeze, so his scent was carried but he could not pick up others down wind. He closed his eyes in a moments thought, flicked his head and began to walk in the direction of the sound.

Over the next hill he stopped and watched the scene below him. A silver mare dashed with royal blue and flaming red was rolling around on her back vigorously. He watched through his ruby orbs and tried to see what was going on. Rolling in grass was not his idea of fun, put from always being the observer, he learned that many liked it. It did not matter what the ground covering was; grass, mud or dirt. Though being a watcher, he wait for her to notice him their, if she even did. Him at the top of the long hill and her near the bottom or the rolling land. His view was one from a slightly raised elevation and from the side, he would not be a huge lurking shadow over her.

Spectre gave her a once over, encase this was an action of distress, but found no sign of anything. Though with the way she was throwing power into her rocking, made him think it was not for fun or pleasure. There was a certain reason for her behavior but not something that his eyes could detect.

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Re: Nighttime Adventures (Open)

OOC| Hopefully it's ok for me to jump in? :)

BIC| Your Princess is proud of you, Scythe said, and gave her spikey companion a gentle bump with her shoulder. She was the first one you could extend your loyalty to, wasn't she?

Thorn curved his lips in something that was only just less than a smile and took his time to answer. It was a beautiful night, crisp and clear, and the air was the perfect warmth to leave one feeling drowsy and content. The stars danced, and the grass burst with sharp, sap-like sweetness underhoof. The wind played its music and the small night creatures sang to the melody, as all the while the moon lit their shadowy stage.

She fixed something in me, something I hadn't known to fix, he finally said, and there was a note of awe to his honey-smooth voice that was hard to miss. He was utterly taken with the young one; he would die for her joy. It was the beginning of a fresh start he had desperately needed, one that Scythe hadn't been able to understand. Debate had them grow close, as it was coupled with a genuine curiosity and a will to see strange viewpoints.

Such gratitude could gain anyone's loyalty, Scythe acknowledged, and he didn't need to look at her to see the soft smile that played upon her face, one nearly identical to his own. He could hear it in the dry, whispering rustle of her voice; the sound of dead leaves, of rolling bones.

You love her, his mellifluous counter laughed, Admit it. You loved her as soon as you saw her.

I admired her, Scythe countered, but there was joy to her words as well. She was born with knowledge that I took years to acquire.

The knowledge of self, the knowledge of comfort within her skin, and a comfort with death that still held compassion, empathy. It had been a dearly won lesson for Scythe, granted only through her Circle, through her mate, Cast. The stallion in question had retreated deep to his home, but for her it didn't matter; she loved him just as fiercely as she ever had before. He helped to shape her, to create who she eventually became. Absence could not change that.

That was the difference, between her and the friend that walked with her. She at least had her memories. He had had nothing. To extend loyalty, to be close to anyone when he was tangled in ghosts; it had been beyond him. His only redemption had been freedom. It had been hard for her to understand how it could even be an option; Circles were sacred and transcended even Bondeds. Eventually, however, they came to know one another's minds well enough to absorb their vastly different viewpoints.

They had accomplished this by long, wandering walks, exactly like the one they were now taking.

You do not love her in the way of one who would bind to a Circle, Scythe continued, and tilted her head slightly to look at Thorn from the corner of her eye. Do you plan on trying again? Are you seeking someone worth trying with?

Right now, I just want to make connections again, he admitted, and gave a small snort at the thought of how severely reclusive he had allowed himself to become. Whatever comes of those encounters will reveal themselves in time.

That may be difficult at this rate, Scythe noted with a rather sarcastic look around, I don't happen to see-

Be still, Thorn said, his voice purringly soft as he lifted his head high while she all but held her breath beside him. Do you hear that?

Rustling. Faint, quiet enough that they had nearly stumbled directly into whatever the source was; their conversation had covered the sound until it was nearly too late to detect. It was just out of sight; through some trees, or perhaps in a slight dip in the land? It couldn't be as far as around the great hill that the moon seemed to rest upon; closer than that. But, wait, a pale shadow against the sky, a lighter patch in the shimmering, velvety black tapestry of night. Someone was up there, all right. But was the stranger causing the sounds? It sounded much closer than the stranger on the hill.

What was going on out here?

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