A Midnight Stroll (Open!)

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Re: A Midnight Stroll (Open!)

It was confirmed. This one was a troublemaker. Her eyes searched his, for she knew he had to be well aware of the request she was about to make, but he appeared to be restraining himself. Did he really want to make her say it? He had to know already. It was fairly obvious.

Several expressions played on her face. First: concern; did he really not know? Second: amusement; he totally knew. Third: smug; fine, she didn't need him to ask, she was perfectly fine with asking. Yes sir, totally fine...

A few too many moments went by. The blades of grass and dandelion seeds tickled her hocks. She struggled to put her thoughts into words; the words her mind kept forming wouldn't arrange themselves correctly. She couldn't pull herself away from his stare. I- her voice was barely a whisper. The word had only escaped her lips because she was worried he might start to feel awkward or worse, think she was losing it. What was wrong with her, anyway? She knew what she wanted him to do, just ask him!

Finally, she cleared her throat and spoke confidently. I suggest we disturb every last one of these dandelions. she said matter-of-factly, chin lifting ever so slightly. She kept a stern look, though at any moment her delight threatened to break through and send her into a giggling frenzy.
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Re: A Midnight Stroll (Open!)

Emotions played across her features in fluid perfect detail. It was watching a piece of living art, and Cyclone bit his tongue after he caught himself staring a few seconds longer than necessary. That undercurrent of suspense built even more as she goaded him with her grin. Her hesitation gave him his own series of thoughts as his brain kicked into overdrive and his heart beat a bit faster. That challenge in her eyes, the undeniable sparkle daring him to let loose the winds... it was almost too much. This was one of those moments before a dive where the whole world holds its breath in anticipation.

He could not help resist a joking comment, however. Well now! What on earth did these little dandelion fluffs ever do to you? Wrapping the words in an almost accusing, offended-on-their-behalf kind of tone threatened to bring a smirk to his face. Instead he focused on furrowing his brow to feign careful consideration of the request as though there were some chance he might not comply. I have one requirement. He let the statement hang there a moment.

Once I sweep this whole glade up in breeze and turn it all to snowglobe land, I may need you to dance again. That sound like something you can handle? Somehow he thought she’d be able to bear it. Then, giving her no time to refuse, he reached out to the wind. A tweak of air pressure here, a tug there, and boom! He could feel breezes approaching from all directions. He stood tall and so much more proud of himself than he could remember feeling before.

There was a pull to release his energy, to make his weather patterns and to shape the air currents. If he did not, he really would lose himself to maddness, letting the cyclones build up until they could tear through him and be on their way. So he spent his time every day tinkering and releasing weather just becuase. This lovely creature before him... She saw magic in that ability still and that was special. It may have been selfish of him to ask her to dance again, but this time he would indulge himself enough to ask.

Breezes arrived on cue, rushing in from all sides and converging into a loose whirlwind. Cyclone had to work with the entire network of surrounding pressures to keep larger cyclones from erupting as a side effect. It was a bit like the juggling his Bonded had tried a few times, to rather humorous effect. He kept his opinion to himself; but he was rather a better juggler. And good thing, or there would be some massive weather problems in the Fields about now... Currently it just felt so good to challenge his consiousness in spreading all directions and balancing out the inequalities he’d created.

The winds he’d calles pounced on the glade with a hungry excitement of their own to throw each tiny dandelion seed into chaotic whirls. And the ones that rained down in the center were caught right back up and tossed for another round of flurrying. Cyclone looked to his partner in crime with a satisfied grin, awaiting her reaction with relish. How’s that for disturbance?

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