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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 11:05 am
by Vineda
Most likely some kind of seaweed, or algae perhaps... She glared at the bioluminescence. The water was still and soundless; with little to no motion and nothing disturbing the surface. Creepy. The swish brushed her full on, catching her as her guard was down and she allowed herself to be distracted by the glow and the short but telling information on his nickname.

She tossed her head and and gave a little half-buck, kicking her heels up and bumping his tail on its withdrawal. The sadness in his voice at his young friend struck her deeply, echoing in the part of her soul that felt loneliness and regret when she kept others at a distance, when connecting with others seemed impossible. "I'd love to visit you sometime." The words were out before she even thought them over, and she was instantly filled with mixed regret and exhilaration at having put them out onto the table. She refused to allow herself to stumble too awkwardly in the wake of saying them, but she had to add, "If you wish for company sometime, that is, and would like such a visit."

But as she considered the thought she'd spoken aloud, it occurred to her that his realm might be dangerous for her. Perhaps one would need to be an Elemental... She sighed inwardly, hoping she wasn't making a mess that he wouldn't like. "Or perhaps meeting elsewhere, I mean. You've already mentioned later outings. Forgive my clumsy self."

She hesitated, knowing the glow would probably be enough to unmask her. Cavern whispers swirled about her body, floating across her awareness as she cast about for the right answer. He would not ask if he did not want to go there. "Good sir, if that is where you should like to go I will certainly walk beside you." And beside him she would stand, proud and unshrinking. Too long had she let the darkness be her veil.

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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 1:20 pm
by Songhue
He was surprised, and pleasantly so upon her offer for a visit. For a moment he thought he heard a touch of uncertainty in her voice; upon instinct he attempted to sooth her. I would gladly welcome your company, anywhere or any time, he smiled, his ears perked forward with blatant interest. If you don't mind a damp coat and heavy shadows I could grant directions to my home, to find me if naught else. It's perfectly safe.

Flexing his claws, he looked once again towards the glow and thought of her reply. If he wished it? Ah, but she was a lass with spine; he was surprised she would defer to him. She was also adaptable; he remembered her tale of hunting for her shadows in which to dwell.

For the now this glow has me curious. It is perhaps one of my greater weaknesses, my curiosity, he said with a hint of a grin, absently stepping farther into the water. In truth I am still curious of you, as well, he admitted, tilting his ear towards her while he waded in up to his chest and began to use his powerful tail to swim, Of the different shadows you seek and find, the time you spend with these others you know so well. Or are you truly so alone? I am quite willing to hear more, should you deign to offer it.

He was far enough to tread water, but he hesitated before striking out in earnest, a hint of chivalry demanding he pause long enough to see if she wished to lead, or at the least to gauge what speed would make her comfortable.

And perhaps to try and sneak in a quick splash in her direction - as soon as he was able to tell where that was, precisely.

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PostPosted: Fri May 25, 2012 5:12 pm
by Vineda
The soothing, though others might not find it so, shone through pleasantly to her. Ears flickered briefly forward, and she answered him lightlyA damp coat and heavy shadows are no worry to me... 'Tis more the sudden flashes that might give me more pause. If it is of no concern to you then nor shall it be to me. Ah, but he was fixated on the light ahead. She could not expect otherwise from one not of the Shadows altar, and even some of them liked their light plenty.

She put on an air of scandalized shock, dispelling the tension in her, banishing it now that his answer was solidified. Curious of me? Oh, surely not. Surely you know more than you think at first... She joined him in the water, inadvertently unfurling her wings to keep them high at first, as a lady holding up her skirts.

As she eased gently into the water, the minimal sloshing sent shivers over her hide. Finally she refolded her wings just before the water reached their level, tidily tucking feathers into place and giving a final push with her hooves against the slimy bottom as it began to drop off. Fancy strictly scolded herself as images of crawly scummy things rose unbidden into the edges her mind.

She joined him neatly, jesting gently. Strong legs pushed her even a nose ahead of him, waiting impatiently now for the glow to intensify. If you wish to know more of me, perhaps you might help me get started. What in particular would you like to know that you do not already?

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 12:56 pm
by Songhue
Hybrid pondered a moment, swimming in silence beside her as they moved ever-closer to the glow. Specific questions?

How sensitive are your eyes, he began, wondering if even the diffused light up ahead would be considered bright to her. Does it hurt to walk in the sun? For that matter, as you seek out your shadows have you anywhere that is constantly your own?

He could keep the lightning as distant flickers in his cloud, or else keep her in the shadow of a great bordering mountain to help with her darkness, yet he had a feeling such a fuss over her wouldn't be welcomed. Spotlight attention was not synonymous with creeping through darkness to leap out and surprise someone.

Tell me of your home, he invited, keeping the focus from slamming directly into her at first, how the days pass for you, or even some of the places you've found in your shadows. Your favorite color, favorite food, what makes you laugh and what soothes, if you're comfortable with such. How you managed to settle in with rebonding, your greatest adventure, your dearest loss; you have my interest, Pretty, and would if you'd allow I'd know everything.

A pause, a small one, and then an extra wide sweep of tail, an attempt at a small playful splash as he said Walking with you has brought me the first modicum of peace I've known in a long while. The way you are simply brings me some amount of joy.

It was painful, being left behind; by his adoptive son, by his secret love, by his old friends. For a while, at the least, he had been here with her in the dark and he was not quite so alone any more. He hurt; yet few would suspect that the Soldier would be capable of such. Normally he was quiet, controlled, alert; it was what had saved Breeze's life, that first time. Yet he was not so controlled that life did not touch him.

The glow was getting stronger; it was a large lake, indeed, yet whatever brought the light seemed large in itself. He thought he was beginning to make out a shoreline just beyond it; and when he kicked, he could see the scales upon his legs, strangely discolored in the water and amid the odd lighting.

He didn't worry much over judgement being passed; with her eyes, surely she had seen some hint of his face by now. It was hard to imagine that there was aught left to reveal of his flesh, other than perhaps the strange influence he had upon the electrical currents within his own body.

Idly, he played with these sparks under his skin as they swam, watching as his scales smoothed into a mimicry of leathery skin for a moment before releasing the mirage. It was a useful thing, yet he'd not shared it lightly; his own bonded-mates, and those he considered of the 'extended bonded-mates,' all bonded to one who was as dear to his bonded as her very own twin.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:34 am
by Vineda
Unfurling her tail, she flicked some water playfully in his direction. It was time for her to do the talking, and despite the comfort she felt around this scaly fellow it felt like being in the hotseat. Mine eyes are -I believe- the most sensitive of my bond-herd. One there is, whose sight might be a bit better.. a bit... gifted. More sensitive to certain things, I guess you'd say. She swam harder, working more to avoid shivering from the temperature. It also probably had plenty to do with the excitement, the jittery nerves at drawing nearer to the light that would tear down her veil alongside her time in the limelight. As far as light and dark, however, I'm most sensitive. It does not hurt to walk in sunlight, though I stay far from the deserts of my Bonded's land. More a preference it is, rather than a need for shadows. And though I may look upwards on a grey day I would certainly not do so with the sun out. That would definitely hurt.

She considered his next question carefully. I have not yet found a place I prefer above all others. It is a quest I have not yet wholly taken up. Many of my bond sibs roam far and wide on different occasions, and a lot of the time I stay in our gathering place to welcome or to aid, or for any number of situations in which I hope to be of service. She glanced back slightly to meet his eyes, searching his face, waiting, looking for sparks.

Once I find a place I fancy enough to occupy I'll probably spend less time there in our Glade. She felt almost at a loss as he asked more of her... Okay, fine, if he asked she'd answer. Little fault would it be of hers if he got bored listening. As they got ever nearer to the luminance, she let her nose of a lead subside.

Deep breath. Hard to do when the water was deep enough to dip her wings into the dark pool and make her legs work to keep her afloat. Surely the other shore would have shallows that would be creeping up under her churning hooves soon enough? My home is... varied, as I've heard many others say theirs were as well.There are places for all of us to choose from, different landscapes and regions... I'm just not sure where to pick. None of the places I've found have called to me as a home. Someday I'm sure one will.

It was difficult, she thought, to have such a question as 'tell me how the days pass for you'. Oh, my days are so varied. I keep after my Bonded quite often... she can be hard to keep an eye on sometimes. One particular bond-sib and I tend to tag team her. Often I keep after our Glade, check in with my other sibs, greet them there if they'll be around. Our family has drifted a bit, each to his or her own wanderings and projects. I try to keep up with everyone, keep a link there for us all, encourage connection. It seemed silly and meek, hearing it aloud. It seemed simple.

Of course, aside from all that I have my own wanderings. There is a gorgeous cave in our own lands with a cavern of crystals... add a light source and it shines like nothing I've seen before. I love light sometimes... it just gives shadows so much more substance, more definition. When she'd shown a few of her sibs the crystals, they'd been awed all right. Yet none of them had noticed the shadow shapes that formed behind the crystals. Those were at least as interesting as the shards, dancing their contorted shapes this way and that in a show all their own.

She laughed openly as he inquired such details! How long had it been since she'd swapped favorites? Many many moons. My favorite color must be dusk... a blue dark enough to make you wonder if it truly is blue, or if it might not be a blackish purple? Then again, I do love a deep red once in a while... Searching around her, she thought also of standing in her shadows looking out. A common stance for her, by any means. In a tone of confession, she admitted, I must say I rather like the color of sunlight falling on healthy greenery... It is rather a nice change, after shadowy surroundings. But what about you, good sir? Have you a favorite color in such a vast palette?

Silly. Such silly things! It made her eyes crinkle at the sides, though he might not see it. I find this, this right here perfectly soothing. I laugh at my bond mates' antics, I smile at their living life, at their learning. I laugh to see the gathering of life inside the mouth of a cave right after a rainstorm has taken them by surprise. She loved to watch families, with siblings playing and quarreling and hassling their parents. She loved to see younglings watching their mothers and fathers, mimicking them in order to learn, playing at being grown. She laughed to see those with offspring working to teach them, and wondering if they'd ever learn.

Rebonding... has been an adventure of itself. I work hard to keep our family connected, I toil to be useful and helpful and loved. At this moment, many are busy doing their own things. I see them, but they do not see me much, and I wish they would try harder. Mostly I like this job I've given myself, here... behind the scenes. It is safe, in my shadows. The Bond is wonderful and strong, but it takes much effort to remember that I won't be forgotten in those shadows. Her confidence and flare weren't at their strongest right about now, obviously. It is difficult, sometimes, to share a Bond that is so very close. The effects... Trailing off, she wondered at if she even wanted to put her thoughts into words. She'd always had her own insecurities, but bonding with one with so many of her own had certainly had its effect on her. It played at her darker side.

She looked for his eyes again, embarrassed a bit at her ramblings. Yet... she was also pleased at them. It was comfortable here in this moment, speaking to a friend, sharing her heart. Aye, there were some things that she'd rather share than others. But she was hoping for a pleasanter visit today, less darkness so to speak. A surprising notion.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 1:52 pm
by Songhue
Blue. A very particular shade of blue, actually.

He had smiled as she talked, enchanted by her voice as much as her words. He had weaned bits and pieces from her while they wandered, yet it was nothing compared to the treasure she had just given light to. He turned his head, catching a glimpse of her face, a hint of swirling markings with a silvery sheen behind her eye.

Before he could really register what he was looking at there was ground underhoof again. The long swim made taking his own weight again harder than usual as he hauled himself out of the water, yet he didn't give much of a sign. His legs didn't tremble or hesitate, didn't stumble. There was a little extra tension, a bit of unwarranted effort seen with each move; yet to see this one would have had to look closely.

The light was everywhere now - a strange glowing moss that climbed the bank and up the wall, crawling over the entrance to another tunnel. Looking up, Hybrid gauged the distance to the ceiling using the glow. With a grin, he gave a half glance towards the mare and made brilliant, vibrant blue lightning sparks spread above them.

This blue, he murmured, whickering happily as a great sky full of stars spread over the top of the cavern, casting an entirely different glow as the lightning sparks flickered and danced, the blue of lightning, the rarer, cooler sparks seen in the deepest storms.

With a snort the quiet sparks were extinguished, a grin on his face as he turned back towards her and said Sounds like your home is your bond-family... Fancy.

Surprise rounded his eyes for a moment - only a moment. Then they creased in a smile, the pale sparks flashing deep in their crimson depths as his heart skipped a beat and then beat triple. Whickering, he motioned with his head in an invitation to follow the strange moss, taking an easy step towards the tunnel.

Care to explore the shadows a bit more, Pretty? The way they prance through this lake is interesting, but there may be more down passed this glow. Maybe some nice crystal shadows... Who knows?

Prancing a few steps closer to the tunnel he gave a saucy toss of his emaciated hips, a challenge gleaming in his eyes. If you can keep up with me, that is.