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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:57 pm
by Songhue
Well she was intriguing, that much was a given. Hybrid had half - okay more than half - expected her to choose her path without pausing for him. This, however, was better; he didn't have to resort to watching her pass.

Was that a hint of tension I saw in the vague lines of her form earlier, he mused, a smirk tugging at his lips, or am I imagining things to be other than they are in this that cloaks her into a vague outline?

He somewhat hoped for the first possibility. If she was one to get a good reaction out of he might be able to have some fun with her. That was something he never did understand about others; they seemed to have such a hard time relaxing and rolling with the storms. Many of them seemed to want to be offended. At least at first. All of his bondmates had noticeably mellowed as they spent more time with him.

Shine said he was like her mate; that there was something naturally relaxed and soothing about his very nature. He wasn't sure how a lightning storm could be soothing, however.

But these shadows... These seemed soothing to him. Blanketing him, hiding him, drawing the world in closer in a way as everything became much more intimate than mere eyesight. There was a certain quietness within the heavy blanket, a cool touch to the air. And they added mystery, of course, shrouding this stranger.

What else might he learn? If she did join him... Well that would be an event in itself. There would be no distractions, no body language even to distract them from the raw force of the other's personality.

It seemed strange to get to know someone in such an intimate fashion when he had no idea who she even was, and yet also exciting. Further mystery, something extra to challenge him.

Hybrid wondered if she would feel the same. One way to find out.

"You hesitate, though admittedly I'm also guilty. Your choice... Interests me. As I said, you know my path, Pretty. Do you join me?"

With a quiet snuffle as he stretched his neck out slightly and snorted at her curiously, he turned and took a step down into deeper darkness, carefully testing his way forward before allowing his hoof to land solidly. Then a second. A third. And there he paused again, craning to look over his shoulder, ears perked curiously as he called to her once more.

"Or would you rather an escort on the way out? I can always come back."

It was hard to imagine that she'd need an escort, as she'd made it so far on her own, but he didn't add that. Part of him wanted to see how she might react to the offer of protecting the frail little strange mare. Just how easily offended could this girl be?

Most of him was suddenly more interested in her reaction than in the damp smell of the cavern.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:30 pm
by Vineda
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:43 pm
by Vineda
Indeed the darkness and the exclusion of all other distractions and influences made things potentially much more intimate. Also potentially more awkward. The silence was even louder now, and those "small" noises that broke that silence were magnified seemingly exponentially.

And there it was again. "Pretty". Normally she didn't mind compliments in the least... This one, however, was said strangely. It almost irked her nerves. If it had been her bond brother Sham saying it, she'd think it was a joke. From Coal it would be the sarcasm usually resulting from a bad mood. Something like that didn't fit here, though. He wasn't taking her for granted, arrogantly assuming she would come along. He said her choice interested him. Perhaps it's simply Hybrid's manner, she shrugged to herself with a toss of her head.

The movement made her aware of the tension in her muscles, and she made an effort to relax. The purple mare let the escort comment go for now. "Though I just came from deeper I would certainly not mind going back and traversing the mysterious caverns once more. The company would be nice." She hoped he didn't offer merely out of politeness. At his snort she tossed her fine head once more, letting the movement spread down her neck and to her back. Her wings opened a bit and feathers ruffled as they shook out. Lastly her tail flicked side to side and she lowered herself back to all four full hooves with a deep sigh... by the end of shaking everything she'd been stretching as well. And ended up on her tippy-hooves.

Looking up with a wide grin, she wondered if this serian nearby would find her peculiar. She found herself eager to see his reaction to her quirks, eager to see if he had any interesting ones. Finally answering his question evenly, "I require no escort, thank you sir." Was her nose held up just a bit higher than normal? Hard to tell. "I'd not trouble you and ask you to turn back on my behalf anyhow."

Walking forward as she spoke, her ears perked forward at the prospect of starting a new adventure. "But tell me, what brings you here to explore these rather unfrequented tunnels? Most who dwell or pass here certainly aren't seeking company." She kept her steps tentative as she waited to see if he would fall into step beside her. There was room here at least for them to walk abreast.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:16 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| He twitched his ear curiously at her replies, a faint grin curving his lips as he easily fell into step with her. Small nuances in her voice seemed amplified - along with what could have been a rustle of wings a moment ago. What sort of image could be pieced together from the little clues her sounds left him?

Not much of one, so far, but there was still something exceedingly familiar about this one.

Regardless he seemed to have underestimated her. However proper she had seemed to him at first there was obviously much more to her. The deep, grinding sizzle of his voice held a low note of admiration as he responded to her inquiries.

"You came from deeper in, Pretty? That's good to hear, as I may need an escort myself through some parts."

The tone of his absent little name for her had changed somewhat, as well. Rather than a note of a high-class pretty-mare it more stood in place of the title Lady. There were different sorts of Ladies, of course, yet so far she didn't seem to be the bad sort.

Expect the worst, hope for the best, as they said. She hadn't risen to his light teases; a good sign that she wouldn't squeal a fit if she chipped the shine on a hoof. Although why anyone such as that would be wandering a cavern to begin with was beyond him, yet the same could be said with much else this type of mare would aspire for.

"My eyes aren't exactly made for this sort of lighting," he continued, his ears shifting constantly as he kept track of the feel of the air she displaced along his flank and the way their hooves echoed off the cavern walls. "More for sudden, violent flashes of light if truth be told. I haven't even a clue what you look like, Pretty, though to be honest I rather like it. You're a mystery to me now; let's keep it that way, eh? Makes it more intriguing. And difficult, perhaps, but I always enjoy a good challenge."

A note of playfulness, a little dare and spark flickered through his voice as he admitted this, though he was careful to pause a beat before continuing. He couldn't see her expression, after all; was he boring her? Normally he only spoke this freely with those he knew well, yet in this case without the usual distractions he found he was left with little else. There'd be no choice but to speak and reveal themselves; else they could walk in silence, and what would be the point in that?

"The challenge is part of why I'm here. But if I'm to be honest, Pretty, only a part."

Another pause, a moment to reflect on how to explain; to contemplate rather or not he wished to explain. Well, why not?

"My friends - my bondmates - they call me the Soldier," he said suddenly, his hooves faltering for a moment as his shoulder brushed up against a boulder somewhat abruptly, "and it's because of things like this. I've handled rebonding by learning everything I can about everything possible. If you know your own strengths and limits you can arm yourself better, for whatever sort of battle you might have to face. It doesn't only apply to physical blows."

Another pause, a mere breath, and a shrug entered his voice, as if he were casting off the weight of his own words. "I don't know about the dark. How to use it, how to remain aware, my own ability or restrictions when attempting to adjust and cope. So I'm here to learn about it, as well as understand as much as possible in case any who wield it aim that power towards me."

A bitter smile, a small hint of which rolled over his tongue for a moment as he added "I'm not that appealing to have as company, typically. Being prepared for getting run off is essential for someone like me."

And then the tone was gone again, a chill running down his spine as the air cooled while they made their way deeper. "And if I'm to be perfectly honest, there is another reason. I have an... Interest, in someone. She's of the shadows herself. It makes me feel closer to her, to have the dark shroud me."

For a moment - a mere moment, while he mentioned this interest of his - his voice softened into a near-purr. And then shifted into a rough sigh as he added "in truth that's the main reason, this mare. I can't even figure out what it is about her that captivates me so much, but there you have it. I'm in the caverns because I'm wishing for things to become more with her. Eventually, if she chooses to notice me."

A snort - soft, resigned, entirely thoughtless - and then a loud clop as his hoof landed on a pebble and he caught his balance again. Some things, it seemed, could determined from the echo of hooves and the way the air currents shifted against his skin, but there was still quite a bit of danger left for him.

Moving slowly and carefully would be essential.

"What of you, Pretty?" Hybrid asked, true interest lifting his voice as a most amusing thought struck him, "What brings you to these tunnels? Not that I'm complaining, mind, as you've been kind enough to grant me company while I stumble along blindly, though ye've already walked this path yourself."

He couldn't help but wonder what she might say - and moreover, rather it would be true. Without the extra cues, it could easily happen that she lie through her teeth. He knew some could control their voices that well; his bonded could be in the midst of crying and answer in a perfectly normal tone if spoken to. His own voice was still beyond such influence, something he didn't mind in the least. For his bonded it was instinct; what others were allowed to know was severely limited. For himself, it was considered deception, and Hybrid honestly prided himself in his frank honesty.

But did this mare?

What sort of reply will you conjure up for the odd fellow in the shadows that tosses out such random honest just to gauge a reaction, Pretty? Hard to tell what's truth or lie while it hides in shadow.

He was starting to feel another side to this whole darkness thing; and he found he didn't much care for it at all. There was in all truth a darker side to the dark, one that made him mildly uncomfortable.

This was such an alien concept lately that he had to admit to himself he found it rather appealing.

Hopefully there wouldn't be any great chasm for him to plunge headfirst into while he explored the sensation.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:59 pm
by Vineda
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:06 am
by Vineda
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She could feel him walking in sync next to her, a sense of presence that came from all the other senses combined minus sight. But there was a hint more, something of tangible personality... An electricity stirring, an intelligence, a teasing mirth that would be seen in the crinkles around eyes over any loud laughing, but here it was in the dark... felt.

Oh, she knew him all right. Her eyes could see well enough even in this dim light. And the voice was unmistakable. Even his scent was pretty unique; scales were a far cry from fur or hair, and it smelled just so very faintly - she had to think a moment to place it - singed. And the manner... The manner she was becoming more familiar with. Where on earth are his sparks? She'd never seen him without them. All the vast many times I've seen him, her little voice of sarcasm jilted. Did he know her? Small hints, perhaps intentional... Meant to wheedle a confession from her one way or the other under the easy cover of darkness? Perhaps not.

"You'd do just fine without any help at all I'd wager. There aren't many as would explore here with no light nor company." She sidestepped around a small puddle, made all the more aware of the ceiling and floor growing increasingly larger toothlike projections that her bonded told her were stalactites and stalagmites. Whichever was which. A dismissive glance was all the puddle earned. She preferred to keep her hooves clean if possible, but if not she could mud with the best of 'em. Her bondmates were all brothers, after all. And Oh boys, watch out if one of them dared to call her a priss when it came to getting dirty... Were it not for the ground getting more damp she'd have gained a bit of swagger to her step. Just like Sham, she tsked.

It was nice, this calm, companionable conversation. "Mine eyes can stand the dark black; not so well the bright white. And sudden changes take time for me to adjust." No regret traced her tone, she was surprised to note. Often she liked to please others, or at least keep up with them. Can't have them getting too full of themselves...

She wondered briefly over mentioning the unfairness of their game, that she could see him and not be seen. It was a good game to him, however, and he asked her not about her opinion of it. "Ahh, so you're one for mystery. She mirrored his playfulness, adding just a hint of cheek. A switch of the tail here, a sway there, seen or not the body language was a part of it all.

But as he spoke it seemed all too near a confession. It was a serious matter, so she saved the fireworks for later. It was interesting, hearing all of this explained for her. She loved to get to know different serians, to figure out how they worked, what made them tick. But it was more than just that. It was good to listen. To truly hear what another was saying, and to appreciate them fully. It also seemed a wise path to choose, a worthy and honorable challenge. "It all sounds very sensible. I wonder, though, at it. 'Tis still a defense mechanism of sorts, yes?" She didn't mean to sound disapproving. Who was she to tell him his own oats? She could very well be wrong. It was so easy thing to have your heart broken; rebonding was certainly a fiasco to say the least.

A small pause was all she left him, in accordance with his example so far. "And I do very much think you may be crazy. You're perfect company. Yes, sir. Run off - posh! You must have been dealing with dolts. Dingbats, as my bonded might call them..." Stamping a bit as she walked, then quickly ceasing as she realized the ground was rather damp now, she felt like an overprotective sister or some such. Not appealing company, he says. Bah!

And then! Then came the full admission. "So 'tis a mare that brings you here as well. I should have guessed! She is a shadow dweller..." She trailed off in thought. And does this She know of your affections for her?"

The plop made her smile to herself, it was a happy noise after no harm came from it.

And then came the questions about her. Thinking it over a bit, she let a pensive quiet fall after a small sigh. Only a few moments had passed before she hummed gently, a thinking sound. She really didn't have a cut and paste answer to that question for herself, let alone this handsome stranger-who-wasn't-a-stranger. "What of me, you ask. What of me?" Were she with a bond-brother she'd have enjoyed spinning a tall tall tale for them just to get a laugh. Would Hybrid enjoy such a thing? Something told her he would. But he was being so serious... "Well. Aside from the official summons from the gopher overlord..." She snickered. She couldn't do it. Shamrock had inspired in her a love for the ridiculous, but she had no such history here. Not yetly, at the least. "I jest, I jest." Ears and eyes were attuned to him walking beside her, awaiting his reaction to even that small ridiculousness.

Shaking herself once more before settling, Fancy forged ahead in her quest for the right words. "Truly, I am here in shadows simply to be in the shadows. Each of my bond-brothers has a place to call their own. I have my space as well, but I still have my work more cut out for me to find my shadows than does... say, Avalanche, in order to find his snow. Shamrock is always surrounded by grasses and clovers, Oak by his massive trees. Talon makes himself at home with scrubby trees and the likeness, and has made friends with the featherlings that nest in them. Coal and I are kindred in this respect. He's taken to his coastline, but 'tis not the same. I must seek my shadows out." Still she shrugged, though it was unnecessary and rather of little use to do so.

"My hooves take me a-wandering some days." She did not confess the lost feeling she often felt when they got such notions. Less brutally honest, perhaps, but no liar was she. "Today, the tunnels simply called to me. I feel on the verge of something. Some discovery, or inspiration, or finding. I half expected to find an underground lake, or a dragon's cavern, or a forgotten dungeon. I may be set out to learn something of myself. Who knows, who knows?" Her tone betrayed some small sadness, but she shook it off as she had shaken out her tensed muscles earlier. It felt silly, her reason. "'Tis not much of a reason at all, I suppose. Much less so in comparison with your own reason." Time for a change, she decided. A flick of her tail and she perked her ears up. The tunnel seemed to agree; it was no longer a straight path ahead.

Following the wide bend in their path, she edged closer into his space. Her skin prickled just a bit, a reaction as she got more excited for an adventure and caught up in the playfulness of it all. She was tempted to nudge him just a bit in the right direction. The moment-long debate began then: to play and see what reaction she got or to give a stranger some space and see how well he fared while blinded by the dark. Settling for a compromise, she danced just a little closer and snorted. Enough to send a good little gust of air shooshing out at him. Last minute she added a feigned nip at his shoulder. He'd know it. "Should I let you find the wall ahead of us on your own, or should I steer a bit and give you some hints, O Adventurer?" What will he make of me? she wondered with a lopsided grin tugging at her lips.