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Re: Too far away for far too long

Perhaps it was only the surprise, but Scry's words struck deeper than Thorn would have liked.

You have a good soul...

It was no concern of his if his discomfort, as it had been labeled, would be mistaken as rudeness or not. He simply didn't much care; at all. A detached apathy was his first line of defense... And yet Scry has penetrated it.


I didn't ask, you were right about that, he answered, lifting his head slightly to honestly look at the green stallion for the first time. But it doesn't change what you offer as advice. I would be a fool to ignore words of wisdom when they are given so freely.

He paused a moment, thinking, fighting back the urge to lash out. No matter how it had disturbed him to find that Scry had managed to get under his skin, he couldn't ignore the fact that what he had said would linger in his mind for a long while to come. All in stride, don't let it become your life, don't let it consume you - wise words, though easily overlooked. Don't become lost - too late, he had been shredded and lost in the darkness long ago. But the last, that he had a good soul... It was different than condemning him on a path of desperate hopelessness. Warning someone away was not offering even a slight ounce of belief in them.

All in stride was perhaps the best bit to it, however much the last had struck him. Dwelling over it, even going on to explain the way he wanted out of a bad situation but didn't want to open up enough to be wounded by returning there... Well, in all honesty, it was not at all taking these new things in stride, now was it?

He thought he could like this one. He said a lot with very few words.

In the spirit of that advice, then, I offer something in return. See if you can answer my riddle. I am near and far, large and small, thin and fat, cold and warm, kill and save. I am seen more within some seasons and disappear within others. Color is my only warning. What am I?

It was one of the weaker riddles he knew, but he thought it fitting, with the way the ribbons billowed around the other. And it was doing something other than hiding within himself.

The answer, of course, was clouds. They were near while fog, far while in the air, of all shapes and sizes, came in storms that could grant sweet salvation when grasses grew tall or kill with sheer ferocity. There were wet seasons where they seemed to rule the air and dry seasons where the sky was unblemished blue. And as it became heavy with rain, it also got darker in shade.

Amused to see how Scry would handle the challenge - should it be accepted - Thorn took another mouthful of those honey-coated oats and allowed a very small part of his guard to lower. Perhaps he didn't have to be quite so distant.

Meanwhile, Caelum was beyond pleased, grinning conspiratorially as he balanced a sugar treat on the edge of his nose for sweet little Belly. He simply adored little ones.

You'll need to be more careful then, he teased, and gave a quick wink before tilting his nose slightly downward. Like this! When you can hold sugar on your nose you've gotten really good at being careful. After that if you get anything pink it'd probably just be a new ribbon in that pretty hair of yours.

With that, he gave his head a quick flick, tossed the treat in the air and caught it on his face one more time before lowering his head for her to snatch it at her leisure.

Although you realize that you're certainly sweet enough without the extra sugar. Your mother must be very proud.

His stomach gave a loud rumble as he said this, making him laugh when it startled him. It seemed he needed to give the table a bit more attention!

Thyme had chortled as well, quickly snatching up a tart green apple as Stray and Rainer mingled and pleasantries were given. He didn't eat it himself, however, but trotted over and offered it to Stray instead; he thought the red stallion had the right idea so far. But then, with the jewels in his hooves it wasn't much of a surprise to find that he did have sense enough to show a gentleman's appreciation. It was easy to see him appreciating the finer things.

Thyme was much simpler than that, but he could still commend the other for being the one to greet Rainer at the cabin and for remaining by her side. The apple was just a small gesture; an offer for friendship.

A stallion that remians a stranger to friendly lands is a most unfortunate stallion, he grinned, and gave his two-tone tail a slight toss as he stretched his neck out in offering.

It only seemed proper wait for these hosts, as the one playing greeter at the moment.