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Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:58 pm
by Songhue
Thorn quirked a brow in turn as Stray turned back to follow the others, his dull eyes glinting for a moment. That was one odd fellow.

"I think destination would be a better term," Caelum elaborated, resisting the urge to give the smaller stallion's hide a slap with his tail. He was a father, after all, and some habits never left once you had foals. "If you were headed anywhere in particular we could easily join you, rather than sidetrack you. As we aren't intruding, however, a few more companions would always be appreciated, wherever it may be that you know of a cool drink and sweet treat."

There was a bit of grass around, if they dug through the leaves on he forest floor, but it was tough and scarce. Somewhere there was bound to be water, and if they were terribly hungry a shrub or some sustenance from the trees might prove useful... But after weeks of traveling, they craved something a bit more luxurious. They had needed to go out, to let their minds wander as their legs did; now they needed to get comfortable again.

Except for Thorn. He had only been out a few days, and in all honesty he felt more comfortable with this hard travel. Meager beds of what they could find, bits of food they stumbled upon and chance being the ruling factor on rather or not shelter was found when needed sounded about right to him.

Life was hard. That's just the way it was. It didn't seem fair that some like Path had been lucky to hold a solid comfortable home their whole lives. It wasn't his fault he had been thrown away. But he knew, and she didn't. Life was hard and she was blind in her comfort.

These two seemed willing to grow just as blind.

"Some honeysuckle and alfalfa would really hit the spot," Thyme was saying in his deep, soothing voice. "If we're not heading anywhere special right now, would you know where to find some?"

Typical. Nothing rattled Thyme. He was always quiet and accepting, just like his blasted woodland.

Thorn had yet to see anything else.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:12 pm
by Rainer
"Home is only a couple more minutes away.." Saphire looked over her shoulder to the other three, smiling once again, "There will be plenty of food, trust me."

Scry chuckled softly, watching the sunlight break through between the trees, the strong smell of citrus reaching his flaring nostrils. "She is expecting us." The stallion quickened his pace to a trot, ribbons flowing out from his ankles and accenting his effortless movement.

The stallion was first to see the layout of food that had been placed out for them, a single long dining table without any chairs had been set up, bowls of fruits, vegetables, and various grains placed out in bowls on top of it. A trough of water only a couple metres away.

Stray passed his fellow bonded and headed to the little hut at the top of the hill, venturing into the open door. Saphire stopped at Scry's hip, turning to look at the other three once again.

"We're here, please help yourselves. Others should be joining us soon."

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:00 am
by Songhue
It was Thyme that hung back as his brothers headed straight to the provisions, Caelum taking a deep drought of fresh water as Thorn grabbed a quick mouthful of sweet fruit.

There wasn't a lot of thinking going on at the moment - merely a satisfying of cravings. They could have returned home at any time, but in all honesty they weren't yet ready. Supplies were appreciated, whatever their source.

Thank you, truly. You have a kind heart to grant such treats as this.

He tossed one longing glance towards a sweet golden apple - a rarity for his forest, and yet one of his favorites - and stepped after Stray to better see the hut. He didn't get too close, not sure if it was off limits, but he did want to get a better look at it. Perhaps he could catch sight of these others that Sapphy had mentioned would be joining them soon - or even who this 'she' Scry had mentioned was. Caelum had spent most of their travels forsaking most of the food and water they had found in favor of allowing him to take the best of it, so it was only right for him to be the one to wait before burying his face in sugar and alfalfa.

He didn't know enough of Thorn to guess if the spiked one could be counted on to do what was socially proper. So far, the small red stallion had remained entirely closed off.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:26 am
by Rainer
The hut was oddly empty on the inside, save a small cot pushed up against the side with a large brown comforter on top. Stray was looking over the shoulder of a small girl, long black hair done up in pigtails with white ribbons and dainty black wings folded against her back. She was sitting cross legged on the dirt floor, leaning over another tiny being.

It was a foal, variations of purple and blue across her coat. Familiar ruby red eyes peered past the human, to the stranger at the door. It was then she began struggling against whatever the human was doing, earning her a sharp hush. The filly paused, allowing the girl to plant a little pink bandaid on her hock, before allowing her to bolt up from her spot and darting out the door to greet their guests. Stray chuckled, following the filly back outside.

Saphire laughed at the sight of her daughter, lanky foal trotting proudly towards Caelum, reaching her tiny muzzle up to sniff him.

"No shame," Saphire scolded softly, the filly glancing between the strangers. "Friends, this is Bellatrix, Belly.. This is Caelum, Thyme and Thorn"

"And I'm Rainer," The voice came from the direction of the hut, almost pixie like in sound. Soft and quiet. The girl stood next to Scry, appearing to be rather short in height, early 20's in age. "I hope you enjoy the food, theres always more then enough if you ever wish to return."

Scry approached the table, taking a couple bites of grain before looking to Thorn. "Are you well? I do hope everything's okay..." Concern was written in his eyes, referring to his odd silence.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 6:05 pm
by Songhue
Caelum instantly perked at the sight of the little one, glancing at Sapphy as she spoke before lowering his head and sniffing at the band-aid in turn. It actually was rude to walk up to someone and start sniffing in their space, but he knew that most younglings meant no harm with such moments. Returning the gesture was a sign of good will.

He had three young of his own, although they were grown and it had been long since he had seen any of them. Belly, as SaphireSpin called her, awoke old feelings he had long since forgotten about.

Hello there, youngling, he smiled, and absently brushed a bit of forelock away from one adorable red orb. Her eyes seemed to be larger than they should be, something that lent her a look of surreal innocence. If his own foals were anything to judge by, he was quite sure she used that to her advantage at every chance.

And what mischief did you find to garner the pink bandage? It couldn't be enough to keep you from a bit of sweet sugar, now could it? He gave a grin and blew at her ribs, hoping to get a mild tickle in at the least as he looked again to Sapphy, waiting for a yay or nay before he would reach for the treats in the middle of the pile. He could see a strong resemblance between the pair and they held a similar smell, although their relation eluded him. Perhaps an older sister in need of babysitting? Or it could be her own filly.

A pleasure, Lady Rainer, and our deepest thanks, Thyme said at the other end of the feast while the two-legs bonded emerged from the small hut. At least she had the scent of one which had been touched by the magics of bonding. We're in the middle of a long trail and the refreshments are most welcome. Little havens such as this will help sustain us until we're ready to return to our new homes.

With that, he finally allowed himself to dig in, the smooth silk of his voice fading out as he buried his nose in a platter of fresh herbs.

Thorn had remained silent and watchful, his gaze following Stray as the larger red stallion followed the small filly back towards their group. He seemed much more relaxed now; odd, how easily most put their guards down when a bonded was around. The lady seemed to soften as the foal came up, as if some unspoken tension had drained from her; they were related some how and being apart kept the youngling niggling on her mind, he was quite sure of that. Then there was the girl, Rainer, small and sweet and fresh looking. All too innocent. How easy would it be for her to shatter the world of everyone here, including the small foal?

At least the little one was allowed to socialize. Perhaps this would be one of the rare bonded that were said to honestly care.

He refused to even consider his bond-brothers. One was impossible to comprehend, the other all too sweet. What had Caelum's eyes lighting up the way they did when he looked at little Bellatrix? And how could Thyme be so very accepting of everything around him?

Scry's question caught him by surprise. Caelum would spend long hours in silence only to spout some utterly random statement, and Thyme seemed to ever be welcoming and protecting. Neither of them had tried to get Thorn to open up to them, seemingly content to wait for him to loosen up on his own.

Some bond-mates.

Scry, however, noticed. And he did seem concerned. Why? What was he to the green stallion with the fluttering, salty-breeze ribbons? What would he gain by getting Thorn to talk?

Deep in the back of his mind, deeper than he would have acknowledged, he felt a small tickle; the bond made between him and the odd creature that called herself a Strangeling. It stopped the bitter retort that had risen to his tongue, added a touch of a different view. What could the stallion gain? Perhaps he simply had one of those soft hearts, same as Sign did. He had barely spent two minutes with the mother-hen mare before he had left. He would only say something to hurt her, though he wouldn't admit to it being an accident.

After a long moment's silence he finally managed, around a mouthful of tart and juicy berries, I am having trouble adjusting to recent changes. My mind is... Still abandoned. I keep waiting for some sort of attack.

It was not what he would have said on his own, yet he was not heartless even though he had shown himself to be apathetic so far. He could temper himself, for the moment. At least while Caelum was looking at him from where the filly stood.

Let the young one be blind, for the moment. Life would reveal the harshness of wounds to come soon enough.

Besides, this grain had honey on it. He wasn't about to screw up such a wonderful treat, not when finding more would mean returning to a place he was not yet ready to face. Not when it would mean he would need to go home.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:51 am
by Rainer
Manners were something her father hadn't gotten around to teaching her quite yet. He believed her to be some kind of royalty in his eyes, his little princess needed to bow down to no one. She acted level headed for the way her father treated her, most likely her mother's doing. Ether had spoken up on more then one occassion, 'Her father is a Rogue, she need only be worried about other's being polite to her'. But Saphire was a good role model, and Belly learned fast.

The tiny filly batted her eyeslashes and giggled, momentarily jumping sideways and then back at the mention of goodies, looking to Saphire in a silent plea. The mare laughed, before nodding "A treat would do no harm, she's done nothing wrong to my knowledge." It was then the little girl finally spoke, her birdsong voice floating across the air between them, "I only fell, honest."

Rainer smiled and bowed her head in response, "Anytime you need it. Don't be strangers." Stray nudged her hand which was hanging at her side, she raised it to rest it on his shoulder, a sign of comfort. It had been a long time since a human had loved him so, and he was soaking it up as much as he could. Saphire scoffed slightly at the sight, some warrior he was.

Scry watched the battle in Thorn's mind with a frown, the stallion seemed to almost not to want to respond for a moment. He listened carefully when he did, trying to guess at the things he wasn't saying.

"It is a tough thing to do, adjusting.. All in stride my friend, all in stride. My only advice, even though you did not ask, is to not let it become your life. Don't let others mistake your discomfort as rudeness." He offered him another smile, he felt like he could get along well with this one. Something not easily done, others often found Scry too odd.

"You have a good soul my friend, don't lose sight of it."