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Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:22 am
by Rainer
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ic| The whistle of the wind through the trees is what stirred him, the familiar sound was similar to a friend calling his name. Ears twitched upon his head, which slowly lifted from his slumber. His long tail which he had wrapped around himself was flicked aside as he shifted from his belly to his side on the small pile of leaves he had gathered as a bed. A long stretch and grunt was given, before rolling back over and pushing himself up onto his rump.

Scry glanced around momentarily, the ribbons around his ankles fluttering softly across the ground, mixing with the leaves and grass. The forest he had decided to sleep in was not home, he had ventured away during the night, almost desperate for some new air, new smells..

He heard familiar foot steps behind him, the way the leaves crunched was unmistakable.


She froze a few metres away, an exasperated sigh escaping through her lips.

"I'm sorry... Rainer sent me. You've never been out alone before, you know how she worries.." A few more steps were taken forward before he turned his head slightly to look at her from the corner of his eye, causing her to frown.

Salty smelling air brushed over her, lifting her thick purple mane off her neck and away from her face. She closed her eyes briefly, taking the gesture as reassurance. He wasn't angry. Scry could never be angry.

"Why did you come out here then? No one has come this far in almost a year." He answered with a simple smile, and a very brief response.

"Simply that." Was all he said, causing her to roll her eyes.

"Let's go then, if we're going to be here for a while then we might as well make it worth the trip."

Scry grinned and lifted himself up, the smaller mare approached him and gently tugged on one of the pink ribbons caressing his sides. Then together they started walking, keeping weary eyes open for any others.


Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:59 pm
by Rainer
Ears twitched upon the top of Saphire's pretty head, in the direction of more leaves crunching beneath hurried hooves. Someone was quickly making it's way towards them, that much she knew for sure.

In seconds Scry had whirled around, moving between SaphireSpin and this stranger faster then she could blink. Although he remained in a relaxed pose, the ribbons were waving a tad faster now, his winds rushing around him in a bit more of a panic.

It was the familiar face that put Saphire at ease, brushing her muzzle against Scry's shoulder as she passed him.

"Easy.. I know him."

She approached Stray cautiously, watching his catlike eyes dart rapidly between the pair.

"You know me? Prove it." He instantly challenged, ears pinned back along lime green horns. The warriors chest puffing up a little in defence.

Saphire chuckled lightly, rolling her eyes. She had dealt with one too many warriors in the past.. He had no idea who he was talking to. It was then she paused... That was it. He had no idea.

The mare instantly frowned, looking back to Scry.

"The poor dear was abandoned.."

Scry shook his head, eyes narrowing on the warrior. He felt a familiar tug to this stallion, but it wasn't that they had previously met...

"Oh no he's not. He's bonded to Rainer."

Saphire's jaw dropped, turning back to Stray, "Is this true?"

Stray gave a cocky grin, taking some pride in her shock.
"Well then... I guess that makes us something like brother and sister, doesn't it, little girl?"

Saphire huffed, taking a step toward Stray. She was completely prepared to knock his teeth in, but just as she was imagining how to better slam his head into a tree, Scry nudged her side.

"Hush, others are coming.."


Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:13 am
by Songhue
Silvery wings glinted, momentarily blocking out the stallion they belonged to and his two companions.

"Any particular goal in mind?"

"We haven't had one yet."

"It seems we don't need one. Look; others."

Snorting, Caelum shifted his wings once more and lifted his head high, giving the trio nearby a studying glance. He and Thyme had been wandering on their own for a while, exploring the random reaches and generally enjoying the journey. After a few days camping together Thorn had joined them by chance.

"Hail!" Thorn called now, tossing his powerful tail as Thyme appraised the mare and two stallions before them as well.

"Well met, I hope. I am Caelum, and this is Thyme and Thorn."

They were all fairly relaxed, but all three stallions kept their ears alert and their eyes sharp. They had been abandoned for a very long time; old habits died hard.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:36 am
by Rainer
Stray and Scry looked between each other and then to the small group that had arrived, their questioning stares examining each of the strangers in turn. Scry was simply curious, it was Stray who had gone slightly protective. The warrior blood boiling through his veins was hard to quiet once it started. These two were part of his family now, they were his to guard...

It was SaphireSpin, oddly enough, who welcomed the three with a warm smile and took a step forward.

"I apologize for my fellow bonded, we don't often have a chance to get out these days... I'm sure you understand what being stir crazy can do to a Serian's mind.." Her ruby eyes held nothing but understanding, glancing back to the stallions at either side of her.

"These are Stray and Scry," She nodded to each stallion in turn, "And I'm SaphireSpin. Pleasure to meet you."

Scry stepped forward next, no smile, no welcoming gesture. Just a peaceful expression, his ribbons wrapping themselves around his legs.
"Are you traveling? You look exhausted... You're more then welcome to come back with us to refuel, if you wish."

Stray remained hushed, chewing his lower lip anxiously. Everything in his body was pounding, demanding he do something, but he couldn't. There was nothing to fight, nothing to protect. The intuitive mare at his side swished her tail and flipped the thick purple strands over his back. She knew warriors very well... Too well. She could almost hear him screaming inside the walls of his head. The gentle quivering of his skin said it all. But as her tail slid down his side he began to calm. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, but still no movement towards the strangers before him.

Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:26 am
by Songhue
OOC| :lol: Was more than half braindead last time, geesh. Piccehs in this one! And no half-way edits either. ;)

BIC| Thyme was the one to step to the forefront as the mare spoke, a smile of sweet gratitude crossing his face when Scry noted their travel worn look. It had been an interesting journey, returning to the open lands that the bonded ones inhabited. It had also been insightful. He and Caelum had both needed the time away.

"Refueling sounds highly appealing, if we're welcome. We are traveling. It's wonderful to see new faces, regardless, miss SaphireSpin."

"I know stir-crazy all too well," Caelum added with a bit of a grin. He was a sky elemental, after all. He simply had to roam wherever the clouds touched the horizon. "To be fair, we're all three a bit brain addled ourselves. Settling back into having a bond requires certain... Adjustments. Many of them are slow to come."

"These two more than me, as they've been wandering for a fair few days already."

Caelum nodded slightly, glancing towards Stray as Sapphy tossed her tail and allowed it to trail down his back. The red stallion had remained silent, and the green one seemed passive. He wasn't sure what to think yet, although he was curious.

"As appealing as refreshment sounds, I would like to be sure we weren't interrupting any plans in progress."

Thorn nodded slightly, bringing his rough gold-brown eyes back towards the other three they had begun to mingle with. There was a hardness in his eyes that the others didn't have, a distinct detachment.

"Any particular goal in mind?"

Perhaps this time he could get a more satisfactory answer.

Caelum was still watching everyone in what was very close to a protective manner. He was cautious, though he did try to remain subtle in his reservations. He simply felt responsible for his two companions; he had the most mature personality of the three, and would make the best older sibling figure. Thus it fell to him to make sure the polite pleasantries were followed - such as making sure they weren't crashing before diving face first into creature comforts.




Re: Too far away for far too long

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:16 pm
by Rainer
Saphire continued to smile warmly, tilting her head slightly when she spoke again, batting those long eyelashes ever so slightly. "You're interupting nothing, the three of you are more then welcome! Please, this way."

As the mare turned, Scry moved in sync with her, nudging her shoulder with his nose in a brief gesture of appreciation. She always seemed to know the right thing to say. Even if she didn't quite know it, she was maturing a lot from the little spitfire she used to be. The touch earned him a small smile before she began leading the way back to their home.

It was Stray who paused behind for a moment, tilting an ear toward Thorn. The warrior quirked a brow, "What do you mean, goal? We're only trying to help you."

The other two paused, looking back to their slightly unstable friend. "Stray," SaphireSpin called from over her shoulder, beckoning him to follow. The stud immediatly lowered his head and huffed, before trotting after his bondmates. The three began maneuvering their way between the trees, moving slow as to not lose the others.