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Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:24 am
by Kyra
When the mare spoke she instantly knew who was before her, where sight mixed with memories of their family, then torn apart, battled forth, in flash images, things that were to hard to remember, since she believed they were all gone. She had looked, but she was no tracker and the erased any sign of her sister, did this mean her brother was ok to? She has yet to bump into her mother, whom lived in her valley now, allowing her to get used to one thing at a time, being bonded she other bonded serians before appearing and making all past thought of death or her children and pain of it been for nothing, she was alive and now so was her sister.

'No, I have not forgotten you Shatteredsky. I never would but I thought.... With the flood and looking afterwords, I saw no sign of you or our brother,' she cared less to her sisters tone of voice. She was alive and that was something SIlverFlash thought was possible, surely having her mom alive was great but could this mean the whole family was fine?

She looked away from her sister for a moment, if wanted to get closer getting out of the snowbank was what she needed to do. Silverflash used her muzzle to move snow away from her body and top of her leg. Once done she walk over to her sister, she wanted to run, but she was not sure if that would overwhelm Shatteredsky.

Kyra a little ways back since the silver mare had taken off and been moving snow away from her and and worked down to get out of the snow fall. Why was she stuck in this form? Sure she loved it, but not a form she usually went out in. Oh well, if she wanted to get the mare back she have to chase after her, she just hoped no one was around. Not to mention not being in this form for some time she was a bit rusty, she walked as if a foal, quit the shaky legs, which were becoming more stable, but still, no way should she run.

Once reaching the clearing, following SilverFlash's trail, she stopped to one not end up on the ice, which clearly her bonded had and was ok, but for how many serians and people were there. She walked around the ice and came out on the other side of it, close to Songhue and Vinny. As she looked around, she noticed SilverFlash was heading towards a mare she did not know. However the her coloring and markings reminded her of Sage, whom now lived at home with her and her bondeds. She was settling in slowly, which was good. 'Hi everyone.' Her appearance was that of a horse mare died to look skymageta body, blue man,e tail and forelock with a crescent moon marking on her forehead. Her legs were quit steady except for the odd wobble now and then. She felt happy seeing everyone again and meeting the new mare, but felt extremely, hmm odd being in the form she was.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 7:06 pm
by Tigress
The mare tossed her head to the side, gaze averted from the one who was a part of her own flesh and blood. Her answer was one that should have been easily anticipated... Shatteredsky was just being sour for the sake of it. She was bitter and lonely, jaded and proud. This was taken out on everyone around her, as if they were all to blame for the way she grew up. Finally she turned back to SilverFlash. "...I also have lost our brother. He never returned to me, though I wait with hope." She could feel the distinct settling of eyes on her and eyed the different mythical breeds of part-humans and non in the group.

The blue mare that approached was given a dip of her head, it seemed Shatter was much more hospitable towards equine types. "Hello."

A shadow was lurking just inside the treeline, watching his sister as he had for a long time. She thought being with him was the best thing for her, but he felt he knew better. He'd been waiting a long time for her to be cornered by these 'bonding' creatures, for her to find a home where she didn't have to struggle anymore. He was a stallion, it was his right as her older brother to sacrifice for her happiness. Though the sight of his other long-missing sister made him want to emerge...


(Just as a small note, Shattered's name was made up for RP purposes, you may name her and her brother anything you like if you win one of them ^-~)

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:19 pm
by SunBlind
SunBlind was a little taken aback by the mare's response, "Hate? Why would I be hated here? Though I appreciate your protection, I don't come without my own defences..." Of course there was no way for the mare to know that her true form was that of a dragon with a rather impressive set of fangs and a taste for blood.

But it was clear the mare wasn't particularly fond of her, perhaps a bit nervous around the two-legged type. SunBlind suspected she'd been alone too long and perhaps had some odd ideas of what creatures in human forms did with Serians, she wondered if the mare knew about "horses" and thought they might turn into them if they left Sionayra. It did seem that the mare was a bit more comfortable around the four-legged creatures that happened to be present so she stepped back to sit on a stone by the treeline. The shapeshifter was planning on calling upon one of her Serians to come join her, which one would frighten her the less? If one were too happy and friendly she'd undoubtedly assume the Serian had been brainwashed or even lobotomized. SunBlind smiled at the thought, she had a couple Serians that could be described so overly happy they must be missing half their brain. And bringing one of the damaged ones wouldn't help. It might damage them even more, let alone trying to get them to even talk to the mare rather than just run about like a maniac.

SunBlind hadn't made a decision yet when she heard the mare's sad story, the loss of her family and now the confusing reunion. Ah, perhaps she could help with that? Some of the newer members had just been reunited with long lost relatives....

There was a soft sound of heartbeat in the trees behind her, her vampiric hearing was attuned to such things, there was another nearby, though SunBlind could not be sure if it was a Serian or not. She glanced behind her but saw nothing but shadows and snow. Unfortunately x-ray vision was not one of her powers.

Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to call upon Elegance. She was a kind and calm mare, and had been reunited with her father some time ago, and two of her brothers more recently. She was sure the mare would love to help coax this lost one out of her shell.

The mare stepped through the nearby portal and walked up to SunBlind, full of curiosity about why she was called here, and full of excitement, for she hadn't been back since she had last left. She drew deep breaths of the scents on the wind as the memories flooded back, of being bonded, then abandonned, then bonded again. Of being with family, then alone, and then together again. She had a sudden urge to skip about like a little foal but decided to wait as it appeared there was quite the gathering going on. SunBlind explained the tale up till now, and Elegance's ear perked up with interest and glanced over at the other mare.

Well, there was only one thing to do to get started, and so the green mare headed over and nodded towards the other, "Greetings, my name is Elegance. SunBlind has told me your sad tale. I'm am sorry to hear what has befallen you. I myself had lost my family after a failed bonding, but was fortunate enough to find many of them again. It's hard at first to accept them again, but I found many of their tales were similar to mine when I stopped to listen. You may find you are no so alone as you think. There are so many of us who have lost those who are most important to us, and so few who have had the great fortune to find some of them again, alive and well when you couldn't have imagined it otherwise." Elegance hoped she wasn't being too preachy, but she couldn't stand by while the mare's sibling tried so hard renew their relationship after all this time, their separation being no fault of theirs.

SunBlind continued to watch from her rock, though it was hard on her backside and the cold was starting to seep through her cloak. Family reunions were wonderful, and SunBlind wondered if the mare would find it in herself to go home with her sister and try for a new life.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:14 pm
by Vineda
Fancy wove easily through the trees, letting her hooves skim through the fluffy flakes of snow. It was easy to see how her bonded had wandered so far from the place they'd left her. Perhaps it had taken them a bit longer than expected as well...

Hearing voices, she headed in their direction until happening upon their clearing. She took notice of how many were present at once, quite a large number for these parts. She could feel the tensions currenting the air as she approached, listening in. A flash of blue to one side made her quirk an ear, but she was too intent on the conversation and the blue was so well hidden that she did not pursue the matter any farther.

Vineda greeted Fancy with a gently hand on her neck, enjoying the mist of her breath as the mare breathed deeply and snorted to her with a playful shake of her head. Nodding her head she explained why the green mare was heading over to the other two. Fancy took a few steps nearer, listening to what was said.

"Indeed," she added, "It is so good to have a family, bonded or blood, to go home to when you want." She looked up to Shatteredsky levelly, not feeling bad about intruding. She had some thoughts to add as well, for she had been there before too. Thinking back to her abandoned days, she remembered keenly the haze of pain and loneliness and bitterness. But there was always the acute worry over what might happen if the bond went bad... Another break, another shattering of the world. She found it a chance worth taking, when all was said and done. But she knew others did not always agree. "And you'll not lose yourself. It'll not take the spirit out of you. Do you truly think anyone could change you?" The determination and strength of spirit shining in Shatteredsky's eyes told her otherwise.

"My name is Fancy, by the way." A twitch of her tail and she looked between Shatteredsky and Silverflash, sisters reunited and yet not, wondering how this would pan out.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 9:38 pm
by Songhue
Songhue glanced around as others made their entrances and said their peace. Most of what was said seemed utterly random - this mare, Shatteredsky, had so far only said that strange customs were unwelcome, there are dangerous ones here that apparently hate seemingly everything, and that her brother had been lost to her as well while reuniting with her sister.

There had been several signs of more going on, of course, but when did a cat ever take notice of such things outside of using them to her own advantage? The tension in the mare would have made for some fun teasing, but beyond that it was far from useful.

Bored of mind-reading serians (or more specifically, creatures that actually took notice of the signs given) and leaving the mare to her personal reuniting, Songhue stood with a flick of her tail and sauntered off. There were getting to be too many hooves; she had come to escape an overly-festive group of bondeds, after all.

Catching an interesting scent as she wandered off lead her a bit of blue that seemed rather odd in all the blinding white of the fields. Following her nose revealed a hidden blue stallion; now that was interesting, wasn't it?

"Do you make a habit of spying on others, or would this be a special exception," she purred, half hoping to startle the fellow as she leaped up onto a fallen tree and cleaned the snow off her paws. Who knew? This could be... Amusing.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, 2011 10:53 pm
by Kyra
SilverFlash looked over as her bonded joined the group and nodded to her. As well as noted the arrivals of the others. They were many serians her now, she was shocked how many and if Kyra was not there, as well as her sister she would have felt the need to lesson the number of the group and move off. Her shy side was trying to break through, with so many others around she never met before. She shifted her wait every few minutes, as slightly as she could, nerves.

She only looked to them for a moment then back to her sister. SilverFlash was taken back then her their brother did not find her sister again. She had guessed she may have found him and he was traveling around not far, well she knew it was not but she would have hopped that could have been true. Her sister would not be so bitter from emptiness and lonelines if he had been present. "I'm..." She knew her words were just that, the loneliness she felt after their mother and then her siblings were gone she was lost. No words will stop that pain, but they can help seal the wounds and time heals them slowly. She knew her words sounded cheep but she could not say nothing. "I am sorry, I had hoped you had seem him once but I thank everything to now be seeing you again. I thought I was lucky enough to get bonded, then..." She trailed off looked at the ground then back to her sister's eye, she knew she had to tell her about their mom, but she was sure her words were not quit right but she knew Shattered had to know. "I felt more whole than I had in a long time meeting Kyra," she nodded to the skymagenta and blue mare, "Her words and just being there slowly filled it. Then the next thing I thought would never happen or could, could I be that lucky. I know in a moment how you feel just as lost, hurt, confused, and stunned as I was..." She took a deep breath, "I felt all this when Kyra and I met our mother."

Kyra listened and watched as other serians made their appearance. She too, like her bonded, was surprised at how many were here, she feel normally quit calm and ok a little nervous but her form had her feeling like her mare. She could see her slight change it wait and knew she could help with support. This was SilverFlash's time, she come in words when her silver mare lead her in. She walked over came up along her bonded's flank and nudged her side, in saying I am here use my strength. She made sure to not come any closer not wanting to crowd the mare.

SilverFlash heard and then felt the nudge and she felt a bit more calm. She could do this, and would try to be their for her sister as Kyra was being their for her now.