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Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 6:33 pm
by SunBlind
Elegance had also stayed behind. She saw SunBlind as a dark streak through the trees travelling with at least one other, and if her eyes were right, a second companion as well. There could have been an entire herd of creatures in those woods for all Elegance knew.

The last thing that mare needed was to bolt and then discover she had the exact same group of people mobbing her when she stopped. So she watched a Serian mare and her bonded wander about. Time passed and she watched them climb a small rise then collapse on their backs. Hearing their laughter, curiosity drew Elegance closer (plus perhaps from that vantage point she might be able to see if that mare needed any help, she was quite willing to share her story, but felt perhaps it was something the mare needed to work out with just her family present). SunBlind would call her if she were needed anyway.

She stared at the odd things the pair were doing in the snow. It looked like they were stuck that way, with their arms, legs and wings flailing about, but clearly they were having fun. With a laugh she decided to ask, "What are you doing?"

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2012 11:52 pm
by Tigress
Shatteredsky stopped, her breathing deep. It had felt good to run out all her frustrations, to let her body take the punishment for her mind. She had a feeling some would follow, but she needed space, some time to regain her composure. Being too strong for too long had made her proud, everyone had weaknesses but hers were personal. They might not understand, and it wasn't her duty to protect them from hurt feelings. If they were so easily offended, their hearts were not strong enough to understand hers anyway.

She started at the sound of her sister's voice, feeling the mare coming ever closer. Closing her eyes, she sighed and turned. There was sorrow in those depths, and guilt. She just wanted someone to blame so badly, for all the loneliness she'd suffered. Never had she wanted to be this bitter or jaded, but she felt like someone had done it to her. Having someone to blame made it easier. It took strength to admit that the situation was the fault of no one but fate. Thinking that made her want to face it, she was too strong to hide behind pointing hooves at others.

"I know. I've known it all the while. It felt easier to blame those who didn't have to face the cold alone. I should have been happy that you and mother are safe... but my first instinct was to be upset with you because I was not there as well. I am sorry."


Indigosun's ears perked at the sound of Sunblind's offer. The two foreign creatures seemed ready and willing to give him a hand, but what they offered was not something he could accept for himself. "The only help I could ask of you, is to take her far from here." He looked to the now mostly empty hill, watching where his sister had disappeared to. The cat's comment brought a half-sided grin again, more amusement in his expression.

"A perch is fine by me, my body is warm and I need eyes closer to my sister. I stand out far too much. I can't approach her until she's bonded, less she try to convince me to live in the fields with her." He sighed and shook his head. "I tire of our struggle, though I dearly love these lands. It is difficult for her, and I tire of always worrying how she is faring, in mind and body." He began to run towards where the others were heading, turning his head back to the others.

"I think our goals are similar, so let's work together then?" His eyes glinted with determination and then he was rounding about the hill to come up on the opposite side, away from where Shatteredsky's attention would be.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:07 am
by Vineda
Vineda kept shuffling her arms out at her sides. Even though the angel was made, it was fun and reminded her of more carefree days. She pretended for just a moment that she did have wings.

The purple mare sat up as soon as she heard hooves nearby. Her bonded might not worry much about who or what might be approaching, but she knew caution was probably a good thing. Ah, the green mare from earlier. Her laughter was a good sound. It made the girl sit up to hear another joining in.

"Snow angels, milady! Oh, please do tell me you've had the pleasure of making one before!" Vineda couldn't help but let her enthusiasm loose right about now. The beauty of their surroundings and the holiday spirit had seeped into her clothes rather than the dampness that should have been there.

Fancy laughed as well. "Yes... Elegance, you said your name was?" Well did she remember it, yet she could not claim to know this other just yet. "Please tell her you've made an angel before. Otherwise we'll spend the afternoon convincing you of their appeal." Her eyebrows quirked up towards pricked ears, eyes dancing as they awaited a reaction.

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Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 3:49 am
by Songhue
Songhue leaped forward after the stallion, quickly catching up and then cutting a sharp turn to slip out in front of him. By the time they reached all the way to where the mare had relocated herself her paws were quite deplorably wet and more than a little cold, but she had certainly kept pace.

She had also cut off to the side for an instant to pounce upon a small snowhill and send a burst of flakes towards Fancy and Vines, hoping to grant them a face full of white snow-flurries. Hah!

An instant later she had moved ahead again, disappearing against the snow and flicking her tail as she crouched just outside of the mare's circle. He wanted to see this one taken and cared for... There might be a problem with that. She didn't seem to find the idea at all appealing.

The trouble with trying to help someone was that they first had be willing to accept the help. A general rule of thumb was that unless they were willing to fix whatever it was, you couldn't do anything about it. Helping someone was possible; doing things for them, much less things they weren't ready for, was not.

Still, he had apparently kept a vigil over this one for some time, so she would trust his judgement for the moment.

Glancing back over her shoulder at him and SunBlind, she gave her tail another flick and then offered a very wide, toothy smile. "You owe me one warm perch."

With that she stepped forward, tilting her ears as she caught the tail end of Shatteredsky's apology. "My first instinct was to be upset with you because I was not there as well..."

"Anger is the first defense to pain," Songhue said in a low, matter of fact voice as she maneuvered her way to the opposite end of the field, where the mare and the others had converged and currently held their focus. "The important thing is being able to recognize the defense. You have. The next step is resolving that pain. Are you ready for that, whatever it may be? You could stay here a while longer, visit your lost sister here and get to know her and the life they've found. There's no rush. Or you could simply place your faith in another to help you heal some of these wounds. It would be easier with aid; but are you a mare to accept this aid? Only you can decide that. The answers will come when you're ready, but now you know that you are not as alone as you had once believed."

With that, she turned her flashing pale orbs to the long-legged mare and bounced back over the snow, quickly finding her way to a tree and scrambling up a branch to clean her paws. She wouldn't attract much attention up there; within a few minutes, most others stopped focusing on a cat in a tree at all. If they could even see her any more, that was; she looked like just another bit of snow that had collected in the crook of the tree.

The moment some feeling had returned to her toes she scrambled down the opposite side of the tree, leaving the bark between her and the others - she wasn't sure what they were saying and honestly didn't much care. The mare had a lot of thinking to do, and a sister to speak to. This wasn't anything a feline should be sticking her nose into, short of spouting random and somewhat obscure comments. Perhaps they would help; perhaps they would make things more complicated. How would she know about the levels of pain and loss, after all? It wasn't as if her history was known to the mare; so who was she to give such options as she had? It would be difficult to swallow the words of a creature you didn't know at all.

That was half the fun for a cat, of course. Could they take the words and use them properly, or would they muddle things up and choose a wrong answer to the riddle?

Sometimes it was more fun to drop the bomb and wander off than it was to watch, however, and this was one of those times. She had a warm blue rump to get back to.

"You could tell her no," she mewed as she popped up near the strange stallion's legs once again, "if you worry so much over being asked to live here with her. You do already, of course, if you constantly watch and worry, but you could always tell her no. Waiting for life to happen or others to be ready can take far too long, if you ask me, not that you have. Sometimes fate needs a little push." A flick of her tail, and then: "She is, however, willing to admit that she wishes she was there with her sister and mother, instead of out in this cold. Their mother is back in the realm of her sister's bonded, who happens to be that mare of a highly confusing color. If Shatteredsky returns with them and accepts their bonded as her own, it would have them all looking to the same bonded upon the same realm; and they would be together."

Tilting her head, she looked back out at the mare and then once again towards the stallion, a small smirk playing along her lips. More hints, more thoughts. This was fun. And it might do some good, somewhere.

"Regardless, I would like my perch now. My paws are incredibly cold. I'll go back out when you need, but until then I expect to be warmed up a bit."

With that, she gathered herself up to leap onto his back, although she paused with a flick of her tail as she added "And when it is time for me to spy as naught but a bit of snow, do not call me 'Cat.' My given name here is Songhue, thank you."

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:40 am
by SunBlind
It thrilled SunBlind to no end that this was the mare's brother and that not only did he mean her no harm, he wanted her to find her way to a good home. "Out goals most certainly align" SunBlind thought aloud to the other two, being unable to speak in this form. Where possible she tried to avoid telepathy since some people got weirded out when hearing voices in their mind, or worse, believed that their private thoughts woudl be stolen, not realizing it was a whole different process reading a mind from speaking to one.

As they moved along, the feline Songhue took a little detour to toss some snow at a few of the others who had remained behind. SunBlind grinned, it was such a cat thing to do. The shapeshifter was also happy to see Elegance heading towards them, there was going to be quite the group gathering around that confused mare and if everyone showed up she'd be in the exact same position as she was in before, and liable to bolt again. Although a good run through the cold air could clear one's senses and SunBlind took deep breaths of the freshness, though she didn't need to breath.

They stopped in time to hear the mare speaking to her sister. Ah, good. It sounded like the run had sorted a few things out in her head, though it will take years for the wounds to heal, and the scars will always be there. Once Songhue found a good spot to warm her soft paws, SunBlind glanced over at the stallion, her attention now on him. Truth was, he must be in as much pain as his sister, hiding from his own emtions by playing the role of guardian angel. Though he meant well, he should probably be out there with the others. Sometimes it was easier to deal with other people's issues than one's own.

"She is very fortunate to have a brother as caring as you, few can say the same. But I can't help thinking that perhaps she needed you to be where she could see you. And perhaps, you needed the same of her." While said as gently as she could, there was as slight motherly scold underlying those thoughts. "Regardless of whether she chooses to bond now or not, do you promise to show yourself to her when this is over? To deny her the knowledge that you are alive and well, and to deny the same to your other sister and your mother, is unintentionally cruel." She had wanted to use the word selfish rather than "unintentionally cruel" but the last thing she needed was to have the stallion to get stubborn over this issue. Best to let him think he was hurting them rather than trying to avoid hurting himself.

Family things were tricky, and SunBlind herself had no kin other than the wide variety of creatures that walked, crawled, swam or flew in her Realm. And while only Elegance could be considered her responsibility here, having cared for so many for so long, some with bonds some with none, the dragon in unicorn form felt the need to watch over everyone present no matter their shape. She did her best to keep her attention divided between the two siblings, while from the top of the hill, laughter carried on the wind...


"Snow angels?" Elegance asked. Confused for a moment, she stared at the two lying on their backs trying to figure out how angels could come of this, then realized with a start that the angels appeared in the snow they had cleared with their flaying limbs. "Oh, how wonderful! No, I'm afraid I've never made one before...and I'm not sure how I can, I have neither arms nor wings, I think my angels would look a little funny. And yes, my name is Elegance. I'm afraid I didn't catch yours..."

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:27 pm
by Kyra
"Its ok, I felt the same when Kyra said our mother, Sage was safe. I was made, hurt and wanted to blame someone for what I felt before Kyra, wondering why our mother was gone then why my siblings and I were parted, but it does ease with time." She said in a quit voice. She turned back to Kyra and maybe her friend problems may help her. She could try telling her sister. She just wanted more than anyhting for her to be happy and feel she was not alone. She walked a few paces backward she was not wanting her sister to feel trapped.

Kyra looked a bit confused when SilverFlash moved back and was a foot in front of her. She moved up beside her, but she pushed her closer to her sister.

"Tell her what you told me, you tell me your over it, your not, maybe this help you both,"
she said still nudging her closer.

Kyra nodded, well if it helped the mare she was all for it. She was also still always surprised when SilverFlash could see the cold she kept hidden with a smile. She walked one more step then stopped, she was only 2 feet in front of her mare, but only have as close as her mare has been, she did not want to make Shattered feel uncomfortable. Kyra lowered her head a bit before she spoke, "I too get when it is way easier to blame another. To think its there fault you in pain, their fault your alone. I used to have two close friend, human friends, but then they began to avoid, and at points I would not see or hear from them for weeks. All the time I was wondering, why they left me alone... Then I thought maybe it was me, I did something to drive them off. For long time I went from blaming them to blaming myself to why they never were around. We were so close 3 years, then it went down hill. Though its taken a long long time to realize it just seems it was fated to be. Not that I like that this is the out come one bit, but I no longer blame then and most of all do not blame myself as much. At times I still feel the hurt they dealt with leaving, me or blaming myself for not trying harder to find a connection but in the end, I have other friend, SilverFlash, your mother, and many others, so I finally just let them go..." She shifted her wait, "I know you ask why me, why everyone leave me, that there is no answer, but unlike me you can rekindle what was lost through the years. Sure you may feel made at times for them leaving you, or hurt, but it is natural, anyone whom has ever lost a family member or best friend feels that way at a time." Kyra stopped then was once again by saying this all driving it home to herself, the silver mare knew this too. To say it is the first part in believing it. She hoped this helped the black mare, all she wanted was to help her, so if her experiences could help her go through this time a bit easier than she herself did, then it was all worth going through in the past.

SilverFlash watched her bonded and listened, she hoped this help them both, but most of all she hoped it help her sister. You can try to be a kind as you like and still feel hurt and bitter towards those whom dealt even if it was fate whom actually was the one whom caused the separation. She watched the two, just paying to see some of the hurt she read in sister to subside even a fraction.