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Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:55 pm
by Songhue
Songhue lowered her paw enough to give the mare a smile - a very feline smile. Then Vineda came rushing up and she turned and wove between the girl's legs with a rumbling purr, grinning as the rambles tapered off.

"My customs come with me, so of course they have a place here. I am here, am I not? Or do you think me an illusion of snow?" she teased, not the least put out by the rigid stance of the serian before her.

"As for Marco, that's part of a game. It's quite amusing in the snow, actually. You may call me Songhue, instead of Marco, however. And what might I refer to the two of you, other than two-legs and sizzle-skin?"

Plopping back on her haunches, Songhue resumed grooming her whiskers, allowing her weight to lean against one of Vineda's legs as the low purring continued deep in her throat. "Oh, Vines, are you here to escape death by tinseling, or were you just enjoying the rawness of the land here again? I know of a wonderful way to end up with a knot of serians tied up in bows when they try to decorate your fur for you..." She grinned again, half hidden by her paw as the purring rose a notch or two.

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Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:52 pm
by Kyra
The skymagenta mare had her eyes closed and was allowing the winter breeze to run through her peacock blue mane, tail and forelock. She was in deep thought, it been a long time since she been here home life, well school life the past three weeks were killer. Once free she burst through the portal to Cloudburst Isle, to be swarmed by her worried bondeds. Amber was extremely worried and was as close as she could get with out stepping on Kyra. However, Crash and most unusual Dart stepped in an pushed her as fast as she could move a run, no one said anything, however she did scream in surprise when dart grabbed her shirt and lifted her into the air to land on Skid, whom took off full-tilt, with SilverFlash at his right side.

The green and black stallion did not stop until she was inches from Phantom's portal, then he dumped her so she fell through. The purple stallion was right there eyes wide in a haunting way they always were put flecks of worry and concern, things never seen ever there were present. His look said more than words ever could, a few tears fell down her cheek and moved on their own accord to her horse marking on her left hand, once touched, a few seconds later she was in her horse form looking up at him. 'You realize you can not change back. Not until you sort out your mind and let your self be your self.'

Kyra blinked at him, 'What do you...,' he sentence trailed off she was in a snowy meadow. Phantom had stepped on the portal stone, so she was no somewhere in Sionarya. 'Well this makes things interesting, his strange behavior and Darts too,' she thought finally deciding to finally take a few steps. Unfortunately not seeing the silver mare whom some how got there, through Phantom's portal maybe, but she be the first serian there.

An over excited whinny rang out in glee, then a thud and a roar of something falling. Kyra looked up which was bad move, all the snow in the tree above her emptied on top of her. The skymagenta mare popped her head out and attempted to move, which was useless, she was stuck and since her transformation into her horse form was done on her magic's accord apparently it was on hiatus, since normally she could melt the snow with her water controlling ability. 'Who did this! Get me out! You are so in trouble!'

SilverFlash laughed, 'Nice, the great Kyra caught in snow, let alone caught in a snow game part of you element.' With that she bonded off, she thought as she was able to stop laughing pounding of hooves or a voice, or none, but she go investigate and plan a defense her bonded was not pleased, but she promised Phantom she help where he was lost as to how. She was sad that Amber and the others were out of the loop but Phantom only met her and Skid, so when she said she had an idea to help Kyra all of her boned family was on bored.

She took off her starlit mane streaming behind her as she dashed through snowbanks and darted around trees. However just making a clearing, brightest patch of trees, failed to miss the ice. Too late, silver legs bluring in all directions, it be impossiable for anyone to know by looking which direction she wanted to go. 'Shooooooot!' was all that she menated to say in her attempts to remain upright. This was second time cursid ice rinks had caught her. She wissed by the trees out in the clearing, spotted a girl she did not know, a cat; Sonhue maybe, Vinny and Shamrock and last a pegasus maree. Her ice blue eyed locked on her, she was hit with a train reck she should know her but at the moment no name or how she knew the mare was coming. She her rush slide into a good size snowbank, which was lcuky, but cold to be throwen in.

A few moments, once breath and meet were stable, she stood, all of her visable but her legs and have her body. Anyone could tell she was embarsed beyond words, shocked, confused and unsure what to say. 'Why do I always get these 'lovely' intros into meeting others?' she sighed. All the time never looking for the black mare

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:11 pm
by SunBlind
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SunBlind was just about to reply to mare when Vineda and Songhue stumbled onto the scene. She'd heard of feline through her Serians that had brought back tales of their adventures with Songhue's bonded's, but hadn't even met her in person before. She wasn't quite sure who the other one was.

Seeing that the unknown mare wasn't going to bolt, SunBlind returned her attention to her and smiled. "No, I'm not in need of anything. One of my bonded's told me that the forest was quite lovely here in winter so I came to see. I hope I'm not intruding! My name is SunBlind, what is yours? None of my bondeds have described you before so I suspect you've been hiding out here by yourself for a while now. Several of the Serians in my Realm have such tales to tell."

However, before the dark mare could respond, Kyra et all made quite the spectacular entrance! It seems like this was going to be an exciting conversation, or so SunBlind thought with amusement to herself.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:56 pm
by Tigress
The stormy mare listened to the response of the woman now known as SunBlind with some interest. Well now, she was a 'hunter' then? One of the ones who came to the fields to secure her kind and turn them into pets. Lovely. Several of 'her Serians' had similar stories to tell? Were they still the same as when they left? Or were they bedazzled in bows and ribbons and unable to hunt for their own food? A 'comfortable life' was for someone without pride, Shatteredsky never wanted to forget that life was a struggle. If it wasn't, what would be the point? She valued her life, no matter how lonely, because she'd worked hard to keep it. She and her brother had raised themselves.

Maybe it was also jealousy that made her hate the idea of being bonded, that they'd had families for so long, and didn't know how it felt to watch the sun rise alone. She shook herself out of her private reverie in time to speak to the woman who had not yet introduced herself but was apologizing. "I can tell you had innocent intentions in coming here. But this is no place to wander recklessly about. While in my presence, you will be safe, but alone... the ones who hate you might not hesitate to react." She never knew why so many Serians with bonded owners came here to meet. It was a common sight, and while most of the wild Serians tended to go deeper into the forests and other hidden fields, they did sometimes come here.

Well, it wasn't her problem if they got headbutted by some ticked off warrior. She eyed Songhue with instant distaste, very rude for someone intruding on a land that she had no place in. "Your customs have a place in the realm where you belong. These are my birth lands, not yours. You are no Serian." When she awkwardly and impolitely asked for her name, the mare ignored the prompt entirely. She didn't have to respond and she didn't feel inclined to. Respect was something one could only expect if first given. However, SunBlind had asked her politely, and despite being a 'hunter', she seemed to respect and know these lands well enough to travel them confidently. Shatteredsky could respect that. "I am known as Shatteredsky to my family. I am not as... social as some who call these lands home. I am happy at least that the others have not forgotten already, the beauty of the fields they roamed." The sound of someone skittering across the ice made her turn to look with concern, it was dangerous out here for more than one reason. Nature in winter was a thing to treat delicately.

Even if the mare didn't recognize her, she knew the other instantly. A part of her wanted to run, but another part wanted to confront her, to ask why her sister had left. Her eyes practically burned as she stared unflinchingly at SilverFlash. When she came closer, the wild mare's voice would come out low and tight with accusation. "It's been a long time, sister mine. I wonder if you've forgotten me already."

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:13 am
by Vineda
OOC| Just trying to make sure everyone gets their turns :)

Gathering herself and taking a nice deep breath calmed her nerves and put her back in the moment. Looking down at the creature purring against her legs, she reached over and have a soft scratch under her chin and around her ears. "Yes, I've been temporarily banished while the whole realm is being bedecked. I'm rather afraid of the state of things when I return... And you? What on earth brought you here?" Her eyes crinkled in amusement as she imagined some possible theoretical reasons why Songhue might be here.

SunBlind. She nodded to herself absently, interested. The name had certainly been heard before here or there as one of those who occasionally came to these lands. The introduction was hardly for her, though, so she did not intrude to introduce herself.

The intensity of this mare was grim and beautiful. She could certainly appreciate the determination she saw in her gaze and the decidedly defiant set to her body. "My, my." Hard times. Come again no more, she bade them silently, knowing they would come again anyway. It was the way of life. Live and learn.

Keeping her voice level and certainly not whiny, she looked steadily at Shatteredsky. "Oh, I'm well able to take care of myself Lady." There was perhaps the tiniest bit of a dangerous glint in her eye, the tiniest edge of a smile. Learning to defend yourself while alone in a world that wasn't merciful gave you a pride in yourself and your skills, a two-sided eagerness to prove skills that at the same time you hoped wouldn't need to be tested. She did not address this serian by her name, as it had not really been given to her. Well aware was she of the respect required.

It was mainly to Songhue that the blame for their commotion seemed to be aimed at, but she still felt responsible. And this mare was very unforgiving, reasonably or not. "Our customs are not harming you. Who knows, you might've had fun with Marco-Polo if you gave it half a chance. You never know about something until-"

Her words trailed off as she caught sight of Kyra's magnificent entrance. "Oh dear!" But as Shatteredsky addressed this other serian, Vineda turned to her bonded. "Are you alright?" The drama unfolding was one thing, but she at least had to make sure Kyra was alright...

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:27 am
by Songhue
SunBlind garnered a quick look of interest while she spoke. She seemed the type that would make good, solid company, at least so far. There had been things heard, of course, for what serian didn't wind up sharing what things of interest they had discovered? So far most of these notes had been about SunBlind's own serians and what sort of bonded she seemed to be. That was one thing itself; it was another to appear to simply have a level head.

"Could be she meant tinsel, rather than the game," she noted, flicking a glance towards Silver Flash as she came fumbling in, "which is an idea that amuses me, to be appear so offended at the thought of tinsel, and with flawed logic even."

With that, she gave the tip of her tail a quick flick and shifted to unisus, tossing her mane as she trotted over to help Kyra untangle herself from the trees. All it took was a little bit of shoulder in the right places; that and perhaps a bit of balance with her wings.

Typically she would avoid other serians while in this form - she had always worried it would seem to be a copy, a mockery of their own species, even though the form was true to her. At the moment, however, she was a cat - which she shifted back to the very second the last branch stopped attempting to clutch at the other bond-mare - and cats could honestly care less about offending a little priss the likes of which she had found herself around. It could be quite a bit of fun, actually.

"While they have their reunion," she grinned by way of greeting as she led the way back to the little group, "would you care to scratch my belly?"

She had intended to answer Vinny's questions about what exactly had drove her out here to begin with - as well as ask after some of SunBlind's bonded, as she had grown fond of them through her own - but the distraction had banished the moment. Of course she couldn't resist one last tinsel tease first... She was a cat, after all.