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Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Closed! Songhue & Sunblind]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:45 pm
by Tigress

Alone in the fields, barely visible through a faint falling of fluffy snow, a mare stood and watched the horizon. As the sky slid firmly into morning, she remembered a time when she had not been alone. Her sister had been with her, and her brother had been with her, both without fail. The landslide that had claimed her mother (or so she thought) so many years ago had been followed by a flood which had separated her from her siblings, all that she knew was gone. It was at this time of day though, that if she closed her eyes, she could feel their phantom warmth beside her and a dull echo of their voices. "How can there be so many colors?" She mused quietly to herself, mimicking her brother's voice.

Snow caught in her white and silver tinseled hair, shaking loose with the slightest of movements. The snow was as light as dust, and flew up around her feet as she wandered across the open field. The distant treeline looked cold and lonely, dark and empty. She preferred to be out here, in the emptiness that had light and space. It felt bright and free, as if she has chosen for everything to be this way. In another world, she had heard tales of a winter celebration. Knowing not of the how or the why, she knew only that this was the worst time of the year to be alone for them. When she thought about it, she felt similarly.

Who would chase through snow drifts with her? Who would watch her warm winter sunrises? The days grew long and cold and boring, her life had limited excitement, and sometimes she spoke aloud just to hear another voice. Sure, there were other abandoned and wild Serians that she crossed paths with, but it rarely amounted to more than that. She fended for herself, for so long now. It was something to be proud of, for certain, could anyone comprehend how much she'd struggled through the years? Her siblings could, but only because they had suffered too.

A sound coming from inside the forest made her turn her head about with rapid speed. Anyone clumsy enough to be that noisy was certainly not from her world. Outsiders.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:16 pm
by SunBlind
Although usually able to move silently anywhere she goes, the the shapeshifting vampiric dragon was in her human form. But SunBlind had been distracted by the lovely frost crystals between the trees and her cloak got caught on a branch. As she freed herself the noise of the frozen branches could be heard for quite a distance. Up ahead, she could see that the trees faded away to a snowy field. Leaving the shelter of the trees SunBlind walked out into the snow, enjoying the feel of the snowflakes dancing across her skin. Cold didn't bother her.

But the look of sadness, not quite masked by the expression of surprise, on the Serian who stood but a few feet away from her did. Serians for the most part were happy creatures, though some were broken whether in their spirit or in their mind. This ones wasn't mad, just sad, and SunBlind wondered why.

"Hello," she said, not wanting to startle the mare.

Re: Dancing Bears, Painted Wings... [Unbonded RP!]

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:47 pm
by Vineda
It had been difficult to leave her realm knowing it was in the hands of a whole lot of trouble makers. Trouble makers bent on Christmasifying the entire place... Her dwelling probably wouldn't even be recognizable when she returned. A small grin lit her features at the thought.

Much less difficult was her task now. She simply had to occupy herself for a while. How much time had even passed already? Hard to tell really. Perhaps an hour. Probably more. The landscape was addictive, so pristine. It held a serenity that called deeply to the heart. Perfect for reflection. The season was getting so busy, it was so hard to find a spare moment lately!

Somewhere off to her left flumped a pile of old snow, probably the remnants of some old snowstorm unsettled by a passing animal or wind whispering to it just the right way. From the direction roughly in front of her she heard another interruption of the silence, and shortly after a voice. She brightened. Another wanderer come to enjoy the enchantment? Smiling again slightly, she called out. "Marco??" Shamrock would think it was a good joke playing an impromptu game of winter marco polo with a stranger.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:08 pm
by Songhue

Songhue smirked and dashed out behind a snow drift that had piled against a tree, flicking snow off her gleaming white feline paws with a loud purr. She knew that impish voice, sure enough!

Of course, the white Angora didn't make it father than a half dozen leaps towards the familiar call before something else caught her attention. Was there someone out there on the field? There sure was!

Twitching her tail, she spun around and cut a sharp left, looking like so much wind tossed snow flurries from a distance. "Marco!" she called, daring the other to race after her even as she scrambled up a small dip and caught her first good sighting of those before her.

"Greetings!" she panted, quickly grooming a paw as she regained her breath "Are y'all also seeking to escape being tinseled to death?"

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:19 pm
by Tigress
The mare stood stock still like a statue for a long time, evenly eyeing the woman who had emerged through the treeline. Why did they always wander here? She had heard that occasionally those with some knowledge of her species came to entice them away- the wild ones, to promise them a better life. Unfortunately, she didn't trust their idea of a 'better life', what would they know of how wild Serians lived? She had fought her own battles for territory and food for so long, too long to be eat out of some trough with her name on it or lead around on a sparkly pink halter.

She snorted indignantly, already wary of why she came to the fields. Shatteredsky wasn't a cruel mare; if the woman was lost she'd escort her back without complaint to whichever place the portal to her world was situated. Then again, who forgets a thing like that? Oh boy, this was going to be a long afternoon then, wasn't it? At least she had something to focus her attention on now... be careful what you wish for?

"Hello." She responded evenly, never breaking eye contact. The silence hung for over a minute before she breathed out slowly. "Do you need something?" Only the slight incline of an eye gave any indication of movement from the storm mare. Suddenly, a loud noise made her startle and dart to her right, away from the sound. Marco? Was there a lost Serian in the fields? Concern suddenly took over her stand-offish nature, a bonded Serian had no place out here. They would easily get lost, or perhaps encounter some wild Serians who were not so understanding as she...

"Are you also looking for Marco?" She questioned with sudden urgency. A feline looking creature bound up to them, making her squint in curiosity for a moment before scenting the air. No, not a mutation-ladened Serian then. "...Tinseled? I'm afraid your strange customs have no place here." Who were they to just storm in like this was their land? Had they braved the wilderness as she had? She knew every dip and upturned rock like the spots on her own coat. How arrogant.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:47 pm
by Vineda
Vineda gave a "whoop!" and took off after the white ball of fluff that surely had to be Songhue. It was funny how often they bumped into one another hereabouts. The race was on! That must've been the noise I heard earlier...

Leaning forward in an attempt to speed up, she hauled herself up the hill with little care for grace. "Pol-!" It didn't take long, of course, before she'd caught up to the little minx, but by then there were other matters at hand. Glancing between the intense mare and another vaguely familiar human, she began to feel sheepish. The serian was clearly affronted, though a second ago she'd looked very concerned.

Trying not to gasp for breath, she hastily apologized. "I'm sorry to intrude, it was turning into a very good game and I had no idea there was anyone else here to bother, I just heard a voice and wanted to see if it was someone I might know and then Songhue here caught me by surprise..." She tapered off, realizing abruptly that she was rambling. Yep. Shamrock was definitely rubbing off on her a bit much.

She glanced back at Songhue and the other human, unsure of what she'd just barged into.