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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:44 pm
by Kyra
Amber knew her mate had cheered up when he nipped at her mane and nudged her. She was glad he saw what was in her words. Amber whinnied, to saw yes, she was coming and moved into a gallop after him, but not full feed, since she was waiting for Traveler to catch up and lead the way.

Traveler, lost her pace for a moment, being encouraged was something again she was not used to. Well actually nothing of group interactions she was used too. Though she did chuckle as she caught Sign's comment about sitting on trickster.

She raised her head as the fog cleared to see what in front of her and lowered her head again to make sure she had the right direction. She could still see lines here and and there like intervals of a line between the shades of white. She picked up a fast trot, good pace to move and missing nothing.

After maybe 10minutes of travel she stopped, swished her tail, was this serian playing games, or did her not think they get this far. If that was his attitude, he surely was dead wrong, but something just felt odd, but she had ideas but non really made sense to why there before her was clearly hoof prints going as far as you could see in the fog.

Amber noticed that her sister had stopped and came to walk beside her. "Looks like he was thinking his fog would keep us in the clearing! Boy are they wrong!" She tossed her head and moved off again, "Lets go, lets show them they are not as much as ghost as they think they are!"

He had to hold his breath and breath deep not to laugh. His first two were done. Only a few more left. But he take a minute to listen and see if he could hear anyhting to say they were close, he doubt it, he was good at guessing time lengths, well till now he was, why would that change. Rain tossed his head and resume his project.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:47 am
by Songhue
Sparkle grinned at her exhuberance, finding it rather infectious. Still, he could read a little bit of uncertainty in the way Traveler held herself. Perhaps she wasn't as into pranking the trickster who had started this game as he had first thought.

Snorting as he gave a quick tug as his mate's forlock, Sparkle pranced around and quickly fell in line behind the mares, eager to be gone and keeping tight on their heels as they started off after the trail. Whatever was up ahead, he was sure they could flush it back towards the girls. Every now and again he could still glimpse them through the trees, whenever the wind would shift and the fog would twitch. They were prancing and racing around, keeping a close eye out for a sign of an explosive exit, wherever it may come.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:38 am
by Kyra
Traveler snorted lightly true, she thought what he bond sister said and could be true, or there was a game a foot to a point, by the one leaving the tracks. She picked up her fast trot and watched the ground in front of her. After a another 5 minutes, the tracks stopped but the snow colour change could be seen again, as she lowered her head to make sure.

Amber tossed her head and then looked back at her mate, after he played with her mane. Her eyes looking at him saying, I get you back later. She slowed a bit so that Traveler was more in the lead, she herself did not want to take out a track by accident.

After maybe a half hour, then gone deep in the woods sometimes seeing tracks, sometimes seeing the now line between colours. As well as, had heading a few times back to the clearing. It was like the winding snake, but Traveler didn't really notice that, she just kept following the tracks or hints.

She stopped after another 10 minutes, they were in the forest on the other side of the clearing. And if nothing moved minus snow, she was sure she could see a shape of shape up ahead, but it was hard to tell, to her it didn't look like a tree or bushes.

About 10minutes before the group got to where they had stopped Rain had finished his project. Walked around grinning and shaking his head, he liked his work. He then set off to go to his watch point and watch the two mares in the clearing, but in ear shot of the reactions of the others, when they say his work.

Amber halted when the green mare did and looked hard into the fog in front of them. She saw the shape, or shapes, she was sure it was plural, shapes. She picked up a jog, and moved off on the out skirts of where they saw the forms, she come in behind them. They were so done for.

Traveler watched her sister move around and new no matter how good these ghosts thought they were at hiding, they would never seen or here Amber until she was on them. She looked over at Sparkle, waiting to see what he would do.

Rain tried to picture to their reaction. There 4 snow horses. 3 looking like cartoon versions of the group, one looking like a statue. Amber's was grinning looking over her mate, Sparkle's was on the ground, if he was pushed over. Sign and Traveler were watching the two and Tribe's looking like a mini statue of her was looking at a snow butterfly on a snow flower in front of her.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:53 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle crept along beside his mate, grinning as their dark coats blended perfectly in the damp light of fog and shadowed trees. He was the color of deepest dusk, her own that of the blackest clouds, and it simply fit.

It was with a snort that he saw the four figures ahead, a mild frown of irritation crossing his face for a moment. They had spent far longer tracking whoever this was than he had wanted; there were others waiting back for them this whole time, and already it was closing in on an hour since they had entered the trees. The fog, moreover, made him uncomfortable. It had not shifted or lightened at all in all this time, a very strong indication that whoever it was was still in the area.

If this was some kind of teasing game, it was going on too long to be amusing any more. This was developing into a sort of mental warfare instead.

Still, the figures were impressive, especially that of Tribe. The rest of their likenesses seemed to have been done in what appeared to be a half-hazard fashion, mimicking their forms without properly matching. Tribe's, however, was done with an extra amount of care and perhaps a bit of extra time as well. The flower she was gazing at even seemed to be real, if seen at a glance.

Whatever else it was meant to be, the message it held was perfectly clear. They were being watched.

"I think we should get back to the girls," he said, swinging head head around to nudge his mate's neck before glancing back at Traveler. "If nothing else they would want to see this."


Sign had long since run the snow out of her hair by the time the others reached these snow-serians. She had gotten fairly worked up by the end of it and had even had time to trot around and cool herself off properly. Still, there was no sign of the others; they had long since lost track of them within the trees. All she saw before her was dim fog.

"I hate that you felt you needed to stay out here with me. This waiting must not be any fun for you."

"'Tis fine, sugar, as if I could leave you here alone. We all have our fears, so don't you feel bad for yours. I know you'd be doin the same for me, if it were too small a space."

"I never have seen you anywhere you couldn't openly run," Sign pondered, and gave the mare a warm smile. "It only seems natural for the Gypsy to be in a free and open space."

"Can't stand being hemmed in, sug, same as not seein makes your hide itch or deep water makes Path's. We've all got somethin, I'm sure. If nothin else there'll be a time where ya find that which simply makes ya uncomfortable."

"You're right. I still wish there was somethin more we could do, though."

"Let's trot around, see what we can see. Maybe they're close enough to the edge that we can spot 'em movin."

"They'd be shadows, at best, but perhaps we can find some sign," Sign concurred, and with a snort and a toss of her mane started back to circle around the clearing at a slow trot, keeping a sharp eye on what lay hidden within the trees.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:10 am
by Kyra
Occl: I can not count lol. There be 5 forms lol not 4, wow I had five then was no for, duh was thinking of cartoon snow horses, somehow did not caught the perfect snow horse lol. Also wanted to make a snow man this winter but no so stays long enough or enough comes down so I and Rain make snow horses!^^

Amber blinked her eyes and turned her head to the side looking at the 5 snow horse. She looked over to her mate as he snorted and then stepped closer to look at the art of them. "Um... Traveler, come over, um or trickster left us snow art?" The words sounds awkward to say and here. She did let out a giggle, the cartoon versions of them were quit activate especially with her snow horse knocking her mate over in play. Sure she was annoyed that they spent all this time searching for him, but the art was not what she thought they would find.

Traveler heard the mare and picked up how odd her words sounded. When she came up close enough she lowered her head to inspect the snow art. Well this confused her greatly, their trickster it seemed lead them to another part of his game. A weird game at that. She snorted and shook her head. "We were tricked," she said in half annoyed and half glad, she liked tracking she was good at it and was happy doing so, such when this elemental was giving her a great challenge. The green mare nodded to when Sparkle said we should start back and moved off, she follow the path back a bit to where they were close to the clearing, it was the brightest spot they passed on their trek and the light meant the clearing.

Amber nodded to both, they had been tricked, but she now curious what this meant as well as she was sure it was not over yet. She nipped her mate's name back after he nudged her in play, "Traveler's right, but you have to admit they did good art for only observing us today. Also had us down correct," she said then turned and bumped playfully into Sparkle's side, "I always win in tackles" she said this in a teasing voice.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 12:03 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle offered a slight smile at the light tease, not bothering to answer as they made their way back through the trees. She was good at tacking him, but his mind was still churning uncomfortably. He was bored of this game and irritated at the whole mess of it.

It simply wasn't fun when it was dragged out like it had been.

All the same he was looking forward to seeing how the girls reacted, especially Tribe as hers was the only one that didn't hold an odd un-reality to it. Somehow or another there were even slight differences in the tone of the snow - perhaps created by how densely the area had been packed - that indicated the different colors present on her own hide. Even the tiny detail of the glimmering trinket in her forelock had been captured, and what's more you could still tell who was meant to be who on the others. Amber was right, they had done a pretty good job for simply observing them from a distance - and through fog, at that - for an hour or so that day.

Even if the game of hunting them down had lost its appeal, he was still interested in putting a face to whoever had been the one to set up this elaborate ruse. They were certainly of an impressive talent, if nothing else.

As it was he was beyond glad to reach the edge of the trees again, snorting in relief as the fog cleared in the little field and whickering to catch the attention of the mares that were circling a little ways off. It hadn't taken even a fraction of the time to leave as it had to find their winding way through the fog the first time, something he sent up a silent bit of Thanks for to the Gods.

"Hey ho, dear ones, and come along with us now. You'll want to see this. As Traveler said on our way back, we were tricked again, but it's quite interesting."

Tribe started forward without thinking, her curiosity roused, but Sign still hesitated a little farther outside the woods than the rest of them stood.

"But... The fog..." she whimpered, and glanced around uncertainly, looking far too frail in spite of her powerful limbs and flowing locks.

Baffled, Sparkle looked to Amber and Traveler for advice, unsure of what they could do. He was unwilling to leave her by herself, and he knew she would find the figures just as interesting as he did. If nothing else it simply seemed wrong to have left them waiting all this time without any results given for their patience.

"We don't have to see," Tribe proposed, giving Sign a look of pitying affection. "They tricked us again, whoever it is, and I have long since lost any humor for this game, waiting so long on our own. I say we leave the mess - and whatever discovery you've made - far behind us and get back to our own fun. It's time we laughed again."