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Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:09 pm
by Kyra
Rain watched the others and pranced around in his spot in not very patient waiting. He wanted the two mares in the clearing to see his art, he saw how interested Tribe was but again the blue mare hesitated. He kept watching while trying to figure out why the mare would not enter the forest, she comes through it before... He shook his head and if he was with his bonded the human reaction she would do if she felt like him right now, was palm to the face. The fog, he nearly forgot about losing it now that his art was done, he had meant to dismiss it once his art was done. Sure after the art area it still hung in the air but now only the end he was nearest held the mist. Sorry girls he thought. He was still not happy he forgot to remove the fog and felt like an idiot.

Amber kept pace along side Sparkle and only halted once in the meadow waiting for the other mares to come over. She looked at Sign and gave her a caring look, "It has lighten quit more since he entered, also if you are in the middle of all of us, like we circle you, we surround you, would that help?" This was her only idea she had for the mare, they make a protective circle around her, also she thought Sign think the art was definitely odd but accurate.

Traveler had watched the mares come over and listened, but something told her to look back to where they just had excited the forest. She new this would solve Sign's worry for sure, sure Amber's idea was good but her new was better. She looked back at the group. "The fog is gone."

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:59 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle broke into a large, relieved grin as Traveler pointed out the fog dissipating. It was another strong indication that whoever they had been tracking was still around, something that gave him a fierce new spark of hope. Maybe things could pick up once again; in the meantime, he really did want to see their reactions. He wasn't familiar with the style that most of their likenesses were rendered in, as he had no clue about TV or cartoons, but he could recognize the uniformity of how they had been caricatured. They were all in the same style.

Tribe didn't even need a glance to know what he was thinking as he tossed his mane happily and started back towards his mate and the trees. Without even blinking at one another they each flanked Sign, even though the fog was no longer around to agitate her fears. She'd still need the encouragement, and Amber had really had a brilliant idea when she had suggested she be circled for that extra sense of safety. Really, he should have thought of it himself.

"Wonderful!" Tribe cried, giving everyone a very warm, grateful smile. "Now we can see. What was the trick, sugars?"

"I'm not tellin," Sparkle grinned, and gave his mate a wink as he shifted his pace to allow her to either step next to him or take the lead. "But you certainly have to see!"

"Thanks," Sign murmured, her voice soft while she tossed an especially meaningful glance at Amber and Traveler, "for being so sweet about everything. I'm glad to have such great friends, even with my... limitation."

Tribe merely bumped her shoulder, her smile softening into warm affection, and Sparkle gave his mane another quick toss as he looked to Amber. He wasn't as good with words as she was; hopefully she would know what to say.

As he stepped forward again the trees enveloped them, and they started back towards the odd snow-serians. Perhaps they could try their hooves at doing something similar, once they got there. It could be quite a bit of fun. Very wet, cold fun, considering the snow, but he was sure just being around his mate would keep him as warm as if he were back home.

This was more like it.

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Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:32 pm
by Kyra
Amber chuckle to herself seeing how Tribe and her mate only glanced at one another and then both surrounded Sign. She pranced over to mate's side, Traveler would lead, less their elemental decide to hide their tracks they took back, she would not put it pass them to do so. She chuckled again when Sparkle said he was not telling the two mare, she glanced over at Sign and Tribe, "You have to see in order to get it, telling you know would take all the fun of fun out it, " she said in a playful voice. It would be fun to see their reactions, she knew how Traveler, Sparkle and her had stared confused at first then mix of other emotions.

Traveler watched and chuckled to what she was hearing. Well if any of the other two mare's looked her way she was not going to say anyhting either. She picked up her trot and moved to the front of the group, leading the way back to the snow horses.

"Best friends stick together, no matter what. As well as, everyone has a limitation, it just depends what situation comes about that they show. So no worries, if you didn't have one you be a Serian or even living I am sure."
Her gaze moved from Tribe back to Sign as she said this and hoped it helped the blue mare feel better. Her's used to be the dark but not she was sure it was like Kyra and SilverFlash's but a bit different, it had to do with helping others and not having a way to, or like those two caring for those whom drop them like flies. Her exact fear was hard to put to words, but it very very very seldom showed it's self. "One limitation of my bonded's is needles. She knows they help, is good, seeing them but once they go in, she is white as a ghost in like not even a second, is as hot as a volcano and does not return to normal for 30 minutes, she working on getting better, she told me that when she was young, she run out of the room given the chase or lock herself in a room. So she is better now than then." She hoped by saying this Sign would feel better, to know she was not alone in having a fear.

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Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:43 pm
by Songhue
Sparkle grinned a little bit, glad his mate was able to find more words than he could have. She was a little hard to understand some times - there were some cases where the words seemed to come out a bit mixed up. He often wondered what her first language was.

A look at Sign was enough to assure himself she had been able to piece it all together. The little blue mare looked quite a bit more relaxed, her ears swiveling loosely as they took in the sounds that haunted the trees.

"She has a point," he said, winking at Tribe as the pale mare trotted forward enough to bump Sign's shoulder. "You know we have our own issues, so it's not too strange to consider that anyone else would also know where you're coming from when it comes to fear."

"Are we nearly there?" Tribe asked, attempting to smile for Sign's sake. She wasn't as petrified as the little blue one had been, but she was still noticeably uncomfortable in the forest. Tribe preferred open spaces; she was a wandering gypsy mare, after all. It felt more natural when she could see the far horizon. You could see forever while out on the open sea, and the depths could reach such levels as to seem endless.

"Honestly I'm not sure," Sparkle nickered, resting his chin on his mate's shoulder in silent appreciation - and the undeniable urge to constantly touch her to reassure himself she was there. "Traveler?"

No sooner had the name left him than the little clearing appeared directly ahead of them, much to Tribe's obvious relief. It wasn't as open as the field they had just been in, but it was better than the close air of the trees.

"Oh!" Sign laughed, and instantly pranced up towards the images of Sparkle and Amber, cautiously nudging the over-turned stallion. "She got you good, hon!"

"Look over here," Tribe called, a similar giggle sprinkling her words, "Look at how they have you and Traveler, sugar! You're all hair and she's all legs!"

"This is a funny way of building snow serians," Sign commented between bursts of laughter. She could hardly make out her face behind all the cartoon-style piled-on hair of the image that was supposed to be her!

"They slipped away again, but they did get us a good one," Tribe giggled.

"Look over here," Sparkle grinned, and stepped back to let Tribe get a proper look at the statue-esque version of herself.

Blinking, the bangled mare took a slow step forward with her ears perked appreciatively, eyes gleaming. It was both cute and amusing to see the others as they had been, but there was so much detail in this one. Whoever had been watching them had obviously kept the bulk of his attentions on her.

For a long moment she didn't say a word. Taking another step forward, she lowered her nose to mirror the statue before her and gaze into the sculpted face. They had even captured the exotic downward tilt her eyes had towards her ears.

"I wish I could put a face to such skill," She finally whispered, and a small smile broke over her muzzle. It was the first smile she had given that had any depth or meaning to it.

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Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:34 pm
by Kyra
Occl sorry for long wait and now rereading my post, sorry for words missing and such. I swear my eyes say yes word is there, few days later reread, words is not. >< I working on catching them, so sorry if a bit confusing.

BICL Amber was glad to see after she had spoken that the message had hit home and Sign was relaxing. She glanced over at Tribe, she was very good at getting the heart of the point, where she herself did the long about way. She knew for sure that Sign had gotten what she meant and Tribe words too would help the blue mare. Her heart skipped a beat and as she felt her mate's chin on her shoulder, she knew he was thanking her, and just like him she too had the urge for their bodies to be touching.

Traveler lead them with eyes and focus in front of her, but any words exchanged her ears flicked back to keep in the conversation. She was going to answer Tribe and then Sparkle, but she gauged by the time she did they be there. So instead she shook her head playfully and picked up a slow canter, she entered the area and then moved off to the side near her snow serian and halted to watch the others.

Amber laughed at the blue mare's comment, "Do I not always!" she said in a teasing voice, then proceeded to nip Sparkle's mane. Amber chuckled at Tribe's description of Traveler's and Sign's snow serians and was enjoying watching the two mare as they looked at the art. She wondered what Tribe was thinking as she looked at the snow serian of herself, it was done with no details missed. It was also obvious they watched her most of the time, and for some reason she was sure their elemental was a stallion.

Rain followed parallel to the group, far enough away not to be seen and as perusal the fog surrounded him. He loved watching the blue mare and how that they were all laughing at his fun art. He had just done the art, like it came to him and he liked it, but true the blue mare's snow serian was all hair and the green mare's was all legs. He chuckled, he figured since they were right before he did the bangled mare's that he not realized how funny he made the other two.

He watched and if truth be told his heart was doing a pin ball machine effect, a rapid of succession of fast hard beats then a pause as Rain attempted to keep his breath normal. Which he was so failing, he was not used to this feeling and as the mare mirrored his statue of her, his heart acted like more than one pin ball was binging all around. He laughed, a good laugh one for how his game went, and two for the fact he could not get his breath caught and fixed to go normal.

It was a few moments later he had not realized that he dimmed his fog greatly, and better yet his feet were connected to his heart, not his brain. He knew this when his brain registered ummmm, he are with in ear shot. So any sound he made, would be heard by the group. He dropped his head, oh well game was up. Time for him to meet them. He kept moving and figured by the all reacted to his sounds his shape would be fading in from the light fog and he be at the edge of the clearing facing them all.

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Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 5:01 pm
by Songhue
"Well, not always," Sparkle objected, giving her a quick, playful nip as he teased and gave just the hint of a smirk. "Do you need a reminder on what it feels like to be tackled, my love?"

Sign grinned to herself, glancing between the enchanted Tribe and the adoring Sparkle. She gave a quick look to Traveler, trying to gauge the other mare's state of mind; she seemed to be the quiet sort and Sign could appreciate that. Half an instant later the strange blue fellow stepped just beyond the edge of the trees, catching her eye as she looked around.

As he stepped closer Sign wasn't too surprised to have noticed him first; she was an expert at seeing things, after all. Her little cove was always thriving with hidden life within the abundant corals.

She didn't say anything, merely stiffened slightly and gave a very subtle motion with her chin - which Tribe instantly picked up on. Sparkle was a bit slower on the uptake, his own attentions fixated on his mate, but a surprised snort from Tribe as the blue stallion appeared was enough to get him to look up.

"So this is our trickster," Tribe murmured, quickly looking to Amber and Tribe for any sign of recognition.

"Maybe," Sparkle grinned, and gave his short mane a quick toss, resisting the urge to drape his neck over his mate's. "We've been playing hide and seek with an amusing elemental, friend," he continued, nodding towards the new comer as he talked to him, "rather you're him or simply a wanderer, you can call me Sparkle."

"Sign," the little blue mare murmured, her voice a dozen shades of quiet as she half hid behind her mane. Sparkle felt his heart twinge at the delicate way her ears tilted back uncertainly. She always looked like she needed protecting when she met someone new. He could kill West for abandoning her, especially now when she would be wishing for him the most.

"Ye can call me Tribe, sugar" Tribe whickered, glancing at Sign for a moment. If she stepped forward for a second or two it would give the other mare something else to focus on besides the new fella. "It's been a rather slow game of hide and seek, if we're to call it such, and there were some riddles tossed in with it as well. Interesting as it's been, sugar, we seem to have lost track of where to go from here. Wanna hang around and play another game? We could all make a snow serian what looks like you as well."

"Or there's always the riddle game," Sparkle offered with a grin, instantly proud of the small, pale purple and silver mare. "We were going to do something like that before we got buried in a mountain of snow."

"I'd rather bury you in more snow," Tribe teased, and grinned as Sign whickered out a laugh. "Or maybe see that mate of yours give another good tackle, sugar. Let life mimic art this time!"

"If nothing else it would be another excuse to run around," Sign grinned, and automatically gave herself a good hard shake. "I didn't have any choice if I wanted to avoid freezing to death, with all the snow that stuck to me!"

"Who needs an excuse?" Tribe teased, and spun around to dash straight towards the others, laughing as Sign let out a shriek; at the last minute she took a sharp turn and bolted back towards the new comer, exotic eyes glinting as her bangles glittered and chimed when she tried to skid to a stop and spray him in his own flurry of snow.

She wasn't sure what to expect as there was no telling what sort of personality he had; to be frank, if he couldn't handle a simple game like this, she felt he had no real business playing with them in the first place. They could get back to their own games, or maybe find another clue as to how to find their hide and seek elemental.

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