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Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:49 am
by Kyra
She shook her main playfully, "Well... Maybe," she said looking at with a look in her eye that meant she was daring him to do so.

Traveler like Sign a good tracker and observer saw the stallion appear first and then Amber a few seconds later, when she noticed her mat's attention had jumped from her. Traveler took a few steps to be closer to the blue mare, she was not so great at seeing quick movements that revealed another's state of mind, but felt that Sign would be glad to have her closer as the new comer came forth.

Rain listed as each one spoke to him except his bond sisters, well he knew they were, they were not at home when he had come. So did not expect them to know. He did glance at Sign and Sparkle when they spoke but the bulk of his glance were on or near Tribe. Rain chuckled at the other stallion's buried in snow comment and then then Sign and Tribe comment and shriek. He was fighting down his cockiness but it was a fight, but come off that way in front of her. So when she bolted all he could do was watch and was not really seeing reality so he did get covered in snow.

He blinked and shook of the snow chuckling, "Well I guess I deserve that, sweet." As he did so he turned his focus on Sign, and willed the snow to fall from her then back to the bangled mare, but above her and willed the trees nearby snow to fall and fall far from their tree resting place to shower the mare in snow. A big smile breaking across his face.

His glanced circled the group, he answer their questions now, "Well if that did not answer you question sweet, then I just a passing wanderer." He then glanced at each in turn as he said their name, " It nice to meet you all, Sign, Tribe, Sparkle, Traveler and Amber. He bowed to the group, "Its finally nice to meet two of my bond sisters" He then turned back to Tribe, "Making a snow serian of myself would be fun, or a game of tag to keep warm."

Traveler thought it was odd when the newcomer chuckled at Sparkle's comment, and the later tree snow fall on the bangled mare proved it for her, he was their elemental. Though she blinked rapidly, bond sisters, she thought very confusedly.

Amber watched the new stallion and had the sinking feeling he have a connection to her, just something told her he knew her, somehow. His laugh at her mate's comment then the snow fall she knew he was the elemental. But she was taken back when her feeling proved true by his words. "So you are saving you are bonded to Kyra then?" It could be possible, she left with Traveler, and Rush was the only other new one to their family she knew of.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:00 pm
by Songhue
Tribe trilled out a laugh as the snow sprinkled around her, rearing up and prancing around joyously as this Rain fellow revealed himself to be their elemental after all.

Sparkle grinned at his mate as she got acquainted with her new bondmate, more than half tempted to take the opportunity to accept the dare of tackling her. Part of that, however, was a little bit of jealousy. For the first time that day her attentions had fully wandered from him, and while he had missed her sorely he wasn't about to let such a petty moment get the best of him. There was clingy, and then there was suffocating.

Instead, he nudged her shoulder in what was meant to be a comforting manner, reassuring her that he was around for this sudden surprise. Then he stepped away and moved closer to Traveler, offering her an openly grateful smile. Sign had noticeably relaxed when the other mare had moved closer to her.

"I thought you were our trickster," Tribe was laughing, quickly dancing a circle around the fellow as Amber and Traveler studied him. "And a new bonded the ladies have yet to meet, as well. You simply are full of surprises, sugar."

Sign had to smile to herself. When Rain had revealed himself as one to call others 'sweet' in the same way that Tribe used 'sugar,' Sign had noticed the bangled mare's eyes gleam with relief. It gave them something in common and made her feel as if she were slightly less of a wandering outsider.

Still chuckling as she pranced back towards Amber, Tribe took a roll in the snow before giving herself a good hard shake. There was a certain amount of glee in having her own private snow shower sprinkle around her, and another kind of joy in finding this hidden playmate. She had simply needed the moment to prance and squeal out her laughter.

Sparkle gave his mane a quick toss as the three new bondmates regarded each other, glancing towards the quiet Sign as the little blue mare took a subtle step closer to Traveler. She knew that one, at least, and had even been the one to approach first as Traveler had been shyly hiding away. Traveler felt a bit safer to her than the new stallion, although he did seem a good sort as he had been able to laugh at Tribe's impish streak.

Perhaps he would prove to be safe.

With Amber absorbing the information of a new elemental bondmate, Traveler and Sign standing quiet and meek and Tribe looking at him as if he were the most refreshing drink of water she had found in a while (she still hadn't gotten over the fact that he used 'sweet' like she did 'sugar'), it seemed to fall to Sparkle to step forward. And so he did.

"Tag is a fine game, but terrible for talk or really getting to know anyone. I'd know how well you can run, and that would be all. Snow serians are neat, but six of us on one figure would be awkward, and if I'm to be honest I am not at all fond of snow." He paused a moment, thinking hard. His usual games of reflected light would be a bad idea as the sun simply glared off the bright white powder, and an obstacle course chase through the dappled trees would be dangerous with the ice.

"You're thinking too hard, sugar," Tribe admonished, and then leaped forward and nipped Sign hard on the flank, earning a startled buck while she dashed away again. "And you're thinking too much, missy. Let's just move! The land will always provide a good challenge to the wise gypsy wanderer."

Sparkle grinned, forced to admit that she made sense. Who needed a dangerous race through ice-coated trees? They didn't have to run to find a ditch to leap or a branch to duck. And the reality behind that was probably a desire to get out of the trees entirely again. Tribe didn't like to be hemmed in.

"I am so killing you for that," Sign grumped, quickly leaping after Tribe as she dashed off and giving her a nip on the shoulder. "You ornery little minx, spooking me that way!"

Tribe smirked, prancing back a half a step before leaping back after Sign. Sparkle had to laugh as he jumped between the pair, knocking Tribe off course and nipping at Sign himself before spinning around and kicking a plume of snow towards Traveler. "Beat that," he challenged, and then pranced back towards the trees, Tribe following with a gleeful laugh as Sign attempted to nip at his dancing heels.

This was the proper way to play, Tribe was right about that. Less thinking, more moving! Before long they were all dancing away from each other and wrestling their way back through the trees, dodging branches and tail-flicks alike.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:51 pm
by Kyra
Rain grinned at his new bond sister, "That be correct sweet, Kyra is my bonded. A very sweet girl." His attention on he black mare was brief for the bangled mare laughed at the snowfall he had caused.

Amber felt her mate's nudge and her attention returned to him, she was glad he was there. She was also happy to see her new bond brother seemed to be nice, not a Dart brother, she hoped, but it did not seem to be the case. She glanced over at the green mare, seeing she was doing ok, not shying too much, she hoped it helped her now not to feel awkward another new member to the family not just her. Amber also looked forward to getting to know Rain, he seemed a nice enough guy.

The green mare watched the new stallion and then Tribe, she felt unsure but seeing how the bangled mare seem so carefree, it helped her feel stable. She have to say not being the only new one here made her feel more at ease.

Rain watched Tribe as she danced around him and felt that his first impression was going well. He was not sure what they think of his snow and fog games, but it seemed it went over well. "Yes, I am sweet," he said as he winked at her.

He laughed as he watched Tribe dance around like a filly, enjoying playing and being carefree. Rain thought it was quit cute, and had to laugh as she startled Sign, and agreed with her words. It be a game that lead into the tress eventually with hiding and spooking and concealing to revealing, everything he liked. He also agreed with Sparkle's state meant tag was not good for getting to know one another.

Traveler watched the group, and was not quit getting how the 'play' was the best word she could find to describe what she was watching. She was not sure what to do other than watch and smile a little as Sign seemed to be the target of the fun at the moment. They a flare of wanting to be competitive shot through her, and she most likely would have wrestled it down but it gave her the agility to avoid have the snow from Sparkle's kick. She noticed it and did not even think and dashed to the slide, to avoid some of it, the rest got her her face and head. She shook it off, went to locate the stallion she decided maybe try being herself, letting herself be competitive and not caring of making a fool of herself.

Amber laughed as poor Sigh got the daylights scared out of her and then as her mate joined in on ganging up on the mare. Then how she tried to get him back. She knew her plan and bolted into the trees, she panned an intercept course and when close enough did a sliding stop. Front legs planted and hind end swinging away hopefully connecting with her mate's side if it was timed right, "I can! Getting back for a friend and bond sister!"

Rain watched and planed his game move. He jumped forward to land at Traveler's side who was looking after the other stallion and did not have time to react as he bumped her neck with his head. He whinnied and nipped her hind and he dodged the buck he new was coming and then took off aiming for Tribe next.

Traveler head the land and did not even get her head turned to see who was there, before she was bumped in the neck. Her ears pinned and she shrieked as she whipped her head around to nip. But as she did she felt the nip and let a huge buck out with an annoyed whinny. She irritated that her kick had it missed it's mark.

She bolted into the trees following tracks and sounds, "Both boys are so dead!" she said out loud, she get both of them back. She and Sign should team up and give Sparkle two fold and she get her new brother back too.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:31 am
by Songhue
Sparkle was completely thrilled with the new game, and more than a little pleased when the others followed suit. Sign was giggling at Traveler's snow-coated face, an impish gleam entering her eye... He would be in for it now.

Tribe had to smile as well as Sign veered closer to confer with Traveler, glad to see the little blue beginning to loosen up again around the new face. Sparkle, of course, was not about to let this go unchallenged, instantly flicking a mound of snow that had stuck to his tail towards her - and promptly missing, as it shot right beyond and towards Amber's nose. Oh dear, that would be quite the sneeze if his mate didn't duck in time.

She had thought nobody was looking, however, and so the smile came out a bit smaller, a bit weaker than her last one. This was the way it should be; companions to travel with, joke with, laugh with, someone to be beside her and make the paths that much more comfortable while wandering. She was hardly even aware of the trees... Or hadn't been. She had begun this camaraderie, this easy travel while they waited for a game or adventure to come. It had been good for a moment, the thrill of new faces entering their group. It had been good to create this companionship. Even Sign seemed to find a small pocket of true peace.

Why couldn't she find it for herself?

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 12:10 pm
by Kyra
Traveler watched Sign approach, "We have to get your bond brother back good! Any ideas," she said at a whisper so only the blue mare could hear. She had a few ideas, but non seemed quit what she was after. She was not used to thinking of plans to get back at someone, always a plan to be an invisible watcher.

The black mare say the snow and dropped her head just in time. The snow did however skim her forelock and main and some did land on her back. She shook it off and snorted, drat she missed her mate by a foot. She did glance over at the others to see how there were fairing and if there was someone making a move from behind her. She smiled seeing the blue and green mare planing something, no doubt for her mate.

She had seen a few low trees coming up and with the game's direction of travel, which was right now the same as Sparkle's she got an idea. She bolt away from the group and would circle to the front, she was running full out to meet her mate to the area, hoping that he would stay on his course.

Once there she waited behind a few bushes, so if he or maybe someone else came by she could jump out and bump two of the small trees in that area hoping to cover whomever in the snow from the branches. She smiled, tossed her head playfully, she was so liking this game.

Rain spotted Tribe was going to make a wave of snow, at her but as he got closer he saw that the smile and filly like play had gone out of her. This confused him, but he was going at to high a speed to stop. He skidded to her side and as he did he snowed the bangled mare. He however was watching her and nearly missed the roots sticking up, being covered in snow and all. He jumped to avoid it and land no more than half a foot in front of the mare. He looked at he with a grin that so could be read as 'sorry about that, as well as hoping this was not too close for her liking'. He sure had not planned to be this close so soon.

His heart was racing, but he didn't let it show, or so he hoped. He not had to deal with these emotions before so controlling them, knowing how to act or hide them with 'ify' at best. Rain had no idea what the mare could see, he felt like he might be Swiss cheese and the holes through showed his emotions.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:05 pm
by Songhue
Tribe blinked, nearly stumbling over herself as she was first sprinkled with a new flurry of snow and then nearly nose to nose with Rain as he jumped aside to avoid some rather tricky roots. Her first thought was that he was all play, as Sparkle had once been - which was only fun in small doses. As she blinked the snow out of her eyes, however, she noticed the somewhat apologetic grin. There had to be some sense of a stallion's maturity for any sign of something beyond giggles.

Cold as the snow was, she felt herself warming towards him a little bit because of that grin, the sweet little 'oops' on his face. It was tempting to explain the weight that had hung on her, thinking he had noticed it to gain such an abashed and shy expression, but at the same time it didn't seem proper.

It wasn't his weight to bear, after all.

Instead, she took a deep breath and shook herself off hard, attempting to spray at least some of the snow back towards him. It would be impossible to mask the twinge of ache that had surfaced, but she could at the least divert him from it. Hopefully. What would she do if he asked directly?

Deciding it was best not to think of that, she followed the shake with a side-step that brought her tail around to whip snow at his shoulder, a daring laugh tinkling from her as she did. No sooner had the counter-move been made, however, than she resumed her walking. There was no tension or evasion in her, no sign of play any more; and her head was just a little bit too low.

She'd lost her feel for the game, at the moment. It was too close to what she needed, the companionship she craved. It teased her, in a way.

No sense in ruining it for the others, however. giving her mane a rough toss, she reared up and bolted forward, slamming her front hooves in a tree and sending a blazing shower of glittering snow upon all of their heads.

Tribe had to admit to herself that when it came to this, at least, trees turned out to be good for something after all.

Sparkle got the worst of the hit, as he had been the one to really start the game off. Right as Tribe made her tree shake snow onto everyone's heads, his own mate burst out from in front of him to do the same thing, doubling his load!

Seeing their chance, Sign gave a high whinny of delight and motioned to Traveler with her head. This was the perfect moment!

Oh I have an idea! I'll drag up a pile of snow with my tail and you trip him - now, quickly, while the fluff is still falling! With what I add and you sending him skidding, we should be able to bury the imp!

Grinning with her own impish glee, Sign reached over to nudge the other mare's neck without quite thinking about it before digging in her hooves and dashing up to her bondmate, her back end held low to fill that massive tail with as much snow as possible. She was going on the good faith that Traveler would back her - for the moment, her head was entirely in the game. She didn't need her mate, not now. There was no desire for the strength or security he gave her; she was simply playing with her friends.

The thought that it would have been more fun had he been there would occur to her later on, as she thought over the day's events. The urge to tell him these fond new memories would come as well, and the pain of being unable to would be cutting. But for the moment, none of these concerns weighed on her. She was simply enjoying what she could.

Sparkle had been entirely distracted by his mate's random skidding, craning his neck around when she shot passed with an inaudible giggle. A mere moment later she seemed to have disappeared - and then Tribe hit the tree while he was glancing around in an attempt to find her, wanting to be sure she hadn't hurt herself in a hole or over ice. Half a moment later, there she was, his hidden Amber!

That settled it, he would simply have to tackle the sweet black imp.

Which is exactly what he did. XD He leaped forward even as she leaped out and while her back hooves were still in the air from pounding the tree he collided straight into her side. It got them both buried, but after a deeply loving kiss filled with all the affection he had (oh how he adored playing with her!) he gave a good heave and scrambled back up to his feet.

Barely two seconds later, Sign arrived next to him, skidding around and flinging a very heavy, snow filled tail straight over his flank. He hadn't even had a chance to shake off yet!

Sign had to hope that Traveler had followed suit, or else she would slide straight into the dusky stallion and wind up buried head first in snow herself. At the moment though she was too busy cackling over all the clumps that were falling off her and sticking to him instead.

Tribe simply burst out laughing at all the commotion, stumbling slightly as she gained all her feet after shaking down her tree. Chaos, pure chaos! Oh, and this was what she needed, if only she could find it in a true companion, a mate to accompany her in her travels near and far.

It was good for them to experience it, this thrill she had once known. It was good to share it, to feel it again if even for a moment. It was good that Rain had come and begun all these snow games, that he had taken his powers and hidden behind a bush while the fog dropped clumps on them.

It was the same exact thing, only now it wasn't such a surprise. They were all doing it together - playing together openly, rather than pranking.

She wasn't paying attention, however, with all that was happening around her and so she managed to trip over a few snow-coated roots. They were far too similar to the ones that Rain himself had avoided. Trying to catch herself simply didn't work; her hoof landed on a thin sheet of ice and she began to slide, her eyes growing round and frightened as she felt her leg begin to twist under her.

Unless the ice suddenly turned into soft marsh, Tribe was about to break a leg, if not her jaw. This was going to be a bad fall.