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Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:52 pm
by Kyra
Rain watched and winced a little when he saw Tribe nearly fall from being caught off guard by the new snow wall. He sighed a relief when she kept her footing as well as there was no sign to say he had over stepped by accident and was in trouble. She seemed to take it as he saw it, an "oosp". He felt himself relax a bit from not being on the bad foot with Tribe, he cursed silently at himself, he should have jumped further or seen the very obvious tree roots, but it seemed as was ok. So the harsh words in his head were dying and he did not feel like a idiot as much now.

He laughed too as she whipped so at him as well as her challenging laugh. Though stopped short when she moved off and how low head head was. He knew there was something bugging her but, what he was not sure and worst could it be because of him? He wanted to ask Tribe, but they only just met, was that allowed? Rain was not sure and was "ify" on if it was ok to or not, but with watching Tribe eyes and body posture, he really not been paying attention to what she was doing and jumped 2 steps to the side when the snow from the branches landed on him. He was for sure he looked like for all of 5 seconds a foal that got scared to death, wide eyes, tense body legs spaced out to brace himself/ not fall over. A foal probably would have whinnied/ screamed in surprise, but Rain managed not to let it out, it was in his head though. A few seconds later he shook his head and let out a whinny chuckle. He looked at Tribe again, ok now he felt like he needed a rock to hide under or his mist. In all of a few moments he looked like an idiot twice, well not his totally his fault but still. He felt like an ant in her gaze, in a way of hiding, but he was not about to do that. He laugh it off, which was really all he could do and it was funny. He did not get spooked often, he was just glade the others were off ahead and not seen it.

Amber whinnied in joy and surprise as he snow attack worked but was also caught in Tribe's snow from the trees. She shook her body and head "Nice one Tribe!" Amber then turned her gaze back to Sparkle and could see Sign and Traveler making their play. She giggled, her lighting eyes bright with challenge and coy to point. Though that turned to an "oh shoot" look as she realized he was not stopping and before she had a chance to move, he tackle her. She let out a surprised whinny and after the tackle was attempting to shake snow off herself, but got halted by his passionate kiss. She was lost in it that her balanced was not completely steady and his heave knocked her back down again. Though it was good since now she was out of Sign's attack.

Traveler nodded, as she thought the idea over quick and decided that was the move she like to play. She started to plan in her head as the closed in, she would have answered but that would have took her mind from her move. She watched as Sign made her move, as well as was also surprised but only wavered in her course a little when Tribe's snowfall got her, but only a bit with moving at a good gait and not being right under a branch at the time, more at the end of a few. Amber giggled at how covered her mate was by his bond-mate's play.

She leaped into a gallop to head off the stallion and tried to gauge her timing to when to stick out her left leg. As the snow hit the stallion, is when she did stick out her leg and turned her head to look back at Sign, as well as to avoid having Sparkle possibly crash into her neck. It was only once her moved was played that it dawn on her that Sign has nudged her in sign of friend affection, which only now registered and caught her a bit off guard. She was not sure what to do or say or react, however she liked it. Being nudged in fun play with buds was fun, she thought not so before while watching others from the trees shadows but now having experienced it, she had been wrong to think it was not while being the observer.

Rain laughed too as he watched the chaos unfold ahead of them. The other stallion was going to look like a snow-horse soon with amount of snow being dumped on him by all the mares. He was thinking of a new move, as he watched the others then back to Tribe. As his gaze rested on her again he saw she was sliding way to fast to be safe, he quickly locked his gaze on the ice and moved his moved his left leg in a sweeping motion across the ground. As he did the movement the ice turned to watched, creating a shallow marsh which would end up being a soft cushion, as well as where he figured she end of sprawling he moved his leg again and ice of another close by area turned to snow and whirled into a huge mount of cloud fluffy snow to make a soft landing. He then took off and was close as he could be with out tripping her, he hoped his element change and being close would help. Rain was worried and hoped she come out of this ok. It was plan to read from his whole stirrer, his eyes locked onto her and ready assist more if he saw that her could.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:15 pm
by Songhue
She was right; it was a bad fall. Somehow the ice and packed snow softened into marsh and fluffy piles, so thankfully nothing was broken. She still got a monster bruise, all the same, one that stretched from her knee all the way up her neck to her jaw. The ground was soft enough not to break anything, but it was still the ground.

Grunting in pain, she hauled herself back up to her feet, mildly surprised to find Rain standing over her. For a moment she thought he looked concerned.

Sparkle finally got free from the pile of snowy revenge, quickly looking around at his 'attackers.' He had a huge grin on his face - until he caught sight of Tribe standing with one leg help up and her head low in pain.


Tossing one more quick glance at the others, he shook off hard and trotted over to her, absently giving Rain a grateful whicker for being there to check on her.

What happened?

I slipped, Tribe whickered, gingerly testing her leg and cringing as the tender limb sent up needles of pain. It happens on ice, sugar. Just a bruise, Ah think dear Rain hea helped soften the landin' enough to keep it from gettin' any worse.

Sparkle blanched, quickly taking a step closer - nothing else he could do for a bruise. Oh, Gypsy, you can't fool me. Your accent gets thicker the more upset you are... You're in no small amount of pain.

Tribe tried to shrug it off - and blanched again as she moved the wrong shoulder. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Sign stepped forward to try and help Amber back up, still giggling over the victorious prank.

We're perfect together! she told Traveler, shaking the rest of the snow out of her tail. With a wink she turned back to Amber, still grinning triumphantly. Come on though, dear, we need to see what that stallion of yours is up to now.

Didn't mean ta spoil the fun, sugar, Tribe was saying to Rain, offering him a rather apologetic grin while Sign stayed near Amber and Traveler, Got a bit caught up in mah own thoughts an' stopped payin proper attention. She sighed, blanching again as her ribs twinged slightly - felt like her elbow jammed into her barrel at one point. It sure is nice to have someone around ta help look after me though, sugar. It's right appreciated and Sparkle, bless yer heart, I love ya like a brother but you cain't always be there while Ah wander the seas. 'S what I get fer daydreamin on havin mah own little wanderin tribe ta be a part of, rather'n merely takin th' moment fer what it was.

Testing her leg again, Tribe let out another chagrined sigh and took an uncertain step forward, trying her best to get things rolling again. Her and her clumsy self! Oh, if she weren't already so sore she could have kicked herself. Nothing to do now but walk it off, she supposed...

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 12:40 pm
by Kyra
Rain watched and winced as he watched the gypsy mare go down. It looked like his abilities has helped but a fall was a fall, she be hurting for a bit after this. When made a sound from the pain it was like a whiplash over his body, he would only notice that later, his own entire essence was lock onto the mare. Also later would likely belief
he was like glass with his worry for her, but again at the time that was not even a passing thought.

Rain was nearly half jumped, but was sure it was in his skin his feet did not leave the ground he did not think when the other stallion whickered as he approached. His focus was on Tribe souly so the sound and appearance of another gave him a start.

He kept involuntarily cringing when he say her blanche or cringe in pain. Rain was glade that she looked like she only got a bad bruise and pushed all other thoughts of what could have happened out of his head asap. He also had to agree with Sparkle her accent ad gotten thicker now, so he figured the word the other stallion had trailed off before speaking were gets thicker the more pain she was in. Rain thought quickly in his head what could do to easy the pain... Ice! Ice also very cold, felt good on sprains and bruises. Now how to do that for her... Well the only way he could see it was make an ice bracelet sort of, a fleeting thought of this may step over the line popped in his head, but it was only their a second before it was gone.

He took a few steps to be nearly standing beside Tribe, "Ice will take any swelling away feel good, try not to move for a few moments." He looked at the snow and moved his left leg a little to the side and some of the snow turned to ice, then flowed towards the mare's injured leg and then slowly swirled its way up and around. Then he move his right leg and once the leg was submerged in a think water later, he slowly got it to freeze. It looked like she now had many ice bracelets circling her leg. He hoped this helped, and in 10 to 15mins he would cause melt it and then redo it again in another 15.

Amber was laughing too, as she watched Sign and her bond- sister get her mate, as well as now Sign still giggling coming over. "Nicely played their Sign!"she said in between giggles. Amber found her balance and heaved herself upright, then shook the snow off her back. That was fun, she thought she got her mate good, but he gotten her better.

Traveler could not help but let a chuckle out at seeing Sparkle get snowed by Amber 1st, then tackle her and then the stallion got hit by Sign's snow and her tripage. It felt weird to laugh, but good. "Agreed! That worked great!

Amber was glade to see her bond- sister laugh and seem to loosening up. She was glade she was having fun and was befriending Sign.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:12 pm
by Songhue
She was surprised by the gesture, glancing down at her leg and carefully testing the movement under the sheen of ice. She was also slightly touched by it.

Thank'ee kindly, Rain. Ya've taken right good care o me, so you have. Yer the one what softened my fall, weren't ya, sugar? An' now yer touchin up mah bruise. Yer a right peach, sugar.

She smiled at him, a little of the tired weight lifting out of her eyes as she looked at him, and reached over to brush her nose against his cheek - a soft Serian peck. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone like him to walk with and care for her, in all her vast wanderings? Someone to play with, laugh with, rely upon to care for her. Why couldn't she hold on to this always? Was she so unworth keeping?

Ah, but no more of such thoughts. Gratitude had softened her expression and so she let it soften the rest of her. It was this very daydreaming that had earned her the injury to begin with.

Besides, the swelling was already going down. The ice was helping.

So she smiled at him and swatted at Sparkle with her tail, determined not to spoil the mood entirely.

C'mon now, let's get some shakin' back in our bacon.

Sparkle looked her over one more time, watching her limp her way back through the trees before heaving out a resigned sigh. There was nothing he could do - and he had no idea how to comfort her. Shaking his head, he gave Rain a quick nod before turning back towards the others, his ears perking forward eagerly as he set eyes upon his mate once again.

Alright, ladies, gather your tricky little hooves. We still have a bit of a walk to clear these trees.

He nuzzled into Amber's neck as she righted herself again, absently seeking that touch. Would he ever get enough of her? He smiled at her as he took a step after Tribe, heart in his eyes and every ounce of tenderness softening his face. He loved laughing with her, playing with her, chasing her, touching her, kissing her. He always had. She was his best friend.

For once, Sign smiled to see his joy, her heart warming for him. Glancing at Traveler, she motioned with her head and started walking as well, her eyes sparkling as she spoke to her own companion for the moment. They're so cute together. I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, but I haven't ever found a love quite like theirs. I'd almost forgotten how much is out here, outside my home.

Grinning again, she gave a quick toss of her head and stepped closer to Traveler, enjoying the other mare's company - and completely unaware of Tribe beginning her limping path through the trees alone.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:27 pm
by Kyra
Rain looked up from her leg, and was glad to see the ice was helping. He felt a tiny bit awkwardness at her praise but he didn't let it show, he hoped. And deep inside he was basking in it, but only the subconscious would admit that. The peck however, froze him solid still, ok we was such his sock was clear to see to the world. His purple eyes ride, if he could blush he probably become entirely purple, since he be pink but it mix with the blue. His heart stopped, then started at marathon race pace. 'Did... Did she... Yes... No... Wait... Yes... She Kis..sed... Me. SHE KISSED ME!' He thoughts were slow at first then finally it sunk in. A moment later his head cleared, he looked at her in awness. Could the mare so full of life, play and wanderness like a guy like him. Then just met but he was quit fond of her. Her gypsy ways were quit entrancing (OCL not sure if that what word I want but i go with it, words are not my thing lol). When Tribe moved off, he made sure to be at her side, needed she rest, or time to melt the ice, as well as well being near her.

Amber closed her eyes in her dreamy state she got when ever her mate touched her. She was lost in warmth, love and complete peace. She come to an almost decision this would sensation and wanting to be with her Sparkle would never leave, and she never ever would want it too. He was her love, her soul mate, her best friend and one that could beat her at games. She was so lost in completely bliss that noticing sign gate was off did not sink in. She followed at her mate's side not allowing any space between, so the touch was always there.

Traveler got the notion and followed at Sign's side. So you are an explore then? She thought of adding she done her fair share but she done her out most to use her tracking skills to avoid others. She seen a few couples, but not staid long to watch them interact. Though she did have to admit Amber looked so happy and content with her mate, and she was glad to see it.

Re: Swirling Snow

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 10:46 pm
by Songhue
Tribe blinked, pleasantly surprised. Her first few steps alone certainly hadn't lasted for long, as Rain stood next to her again. How odd, for him to keep such an eye on her - and his expression only made her relax in regards to his intentions.

Bless yer heart, sugar, but you are a gentlestallion. Now tell me, what has you wanderin' 'round out hea all on yer lonesome, playin with fog an' snow ta prank others? It can be a right laugh if done prop'ly, but that requires good friends an' a lot of chasin', I found.

She might as well try and talk to the fellow; he did help with her landing, after all, and then iced her bruises. It was getting hard not to focus on what was happening right at that moment, rather than what her heart wished for, especially with him right under her nose to distract her. It was more than welcome - she gave him a friendly smile with a touch of that fondness that had had her pecking his cheek. It was easy for her to get along with him, at least so far.

And Tribe was rather free with her affections.

Sign, meanwhile, simply had to laugh at Traveler's question. Her? An explorer? Gracious, no!

It was a friendly laugh though, easy and companionable. No, no, she smiled, a softness settling on her face as she released a little more of her bitter pain to talk to this new mare, I've seen a fair few places, my dear, but it was always by following someone else. I've actually spent a very long time alone in my home, a shallow little cove by the sea. I couldn't follow this time.

A little sadness creeped back in her voice in the last sentence, and a small eternity of loneliness. For the moment the bitterness had yet to return, but the soft, broken sadness was all the more raw for it.

Still, she didn't want to let it get in the way of being good to this strange new mare. It had been a little awkward, when they'd begun talking; but Sign was a natural nurturer, the mother hen of her home realm, even known as the Siren for her ability to sing and soothe others into a peaceful rest. For the moment, making sure someone else was doing alright was more important than her own hurts.

Do you wander? I do enjoy hearing of the journeys, or even of the goings on in the home areas. I hear quite a few things, when someone visits, yet some seem to be entirely unique; such as how these two are.

Sparkle was completely oblivious to this, of course. He still had eyes only for his mate; he'd seen Rain catching up to Tribe, and Sign seemed to be moving loser now that she had Traveler to keep her company. It gave him a chance to focus on his Amber.

Got any preferences on what we do from here, my love? He smiled, as he always did near her, gently brushing his nose over her neck, cheek, withers, a soft but constant reassurance that he was there - and so was she. I've yet to really explore this area well, so I'm not sure what options we have. Do you know of anything we could do, a good place for a game or even to simply sit together?

He didn't really care, himself. Not as long as he was with her.

Tribe, meanwhile, was still making friends with this strange and rather dainty blue stallion. Dainty but gentlestallionly, she reminded herself, and promptly began to forget that she even had a limp as they finally struck up a proper conversation - without having snow dropped on her head!

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