Swirling Snow

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: Swirling Snow

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OCC| Sorry work hijacked me and my love of taking nature and animal photos! May be a bit rusty but I think I have more incite in some areas now or ways to express emotions better- well I hope anyway

Sorry took me a bit- work caught be again- well being tired started many times and nearly fell asleep in chair so ya.. Then my 1st off day to go take photos of my animals at work! Got some great ones!

BIC| Rain was caught off guard, being called a gentle stallion was something he had never been referred to as. That was more a thing is bond-brother Skid would be called most of the time away way, the black and green stallion did have a playful, but that did not appear often. But him, prankster of water and snow, well...
His heart picked up pace again and thinking was becoming hard, so gave up on it and watched and listened to the mare.

Very true, it does evolve lots of chasing, but that is half the fun of it! As for good friends, sure the initial game strike gets them spooked or surprised but after the first bit, everyone loves joining in a snow or water fight! He wondered if she had ever done this. Did she like the thrill of chase and challenge of not being hit as much as him?

Traveler looked over at the mare in surprise, her laughing was not what she been expecting. I see. Yes, I am a wanderer; to not be I think would go against my spirit and name. She chuckled at this-it was true but its funny to admit it out loud. So you being at home in your cove and me traveling out of sight and gazes of others, is about the same thing. Though I think traveling with others could be fun, this is my 1st time really. She stopped there when she notice the change in the blue mare, a look of loneliness which she often could find in the corner of her own eyes when staring into water. She traveled and enjoy the fun of moving around silently and to no one awareness of how close she was or had been, or that the others had been seen by anyone at all, was all for her to enjoy. Though; this yearn to do so came from the fact she dealt with feeling alone by doing what she loved, though you could say it was a cycle, the more she felt by herself; the more she had the need to explore and see how close she could get to animals and serians alike without their knowledge- she lived for the challenges of a wanderer. A forest ghost.

It took a moment for thoughts and then words to form for the black mare. I have not been out this way much either but I pretty sure there is a river near here with a water fall so, it should not be frozen over. That might be a nice place to talk and if water is not too cold to relax in. What do you think? Though if this was their decision, her new bond-brother would be needed for the exact location, the way he planned his game today, she was sure he knew these part very well. As well as to say more than that was coming hard as Sparkle brushed his nose over her, her thoughts we scrambling into nonsense, let alone trying to form an understandable sentence.
I need a new image holder...lol

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