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Re: Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:20 pm
by Kyra
Traveler was unsure how to answer at first, she was not expecting the mare to be so forward in the conversation from the start. "Depends. Blindly running into non covered and unfamiliar areas without surveying it first, is not me." She shifted her wait ever so slightly, that if not watched from the beginning would b missed, showing her nerves were a work in a sense of awkwardness. "I am with Amber... Though not seen her this way..." which was true she was still quit knew and met everyone once and happy to see she was not the only newbie to the bonded family, there were others. She mostly spent it exploring the valley of forest she come to love so much, so really anyhting about her family was still new to her.

Traveler looked over when Sign talked about the pair, she was surprised and happy for Amber and shocked too, she never seen so much emotion that anyone in the clearing could feel their love. "Yes, they are." Her attention turned back to the mare before her, as she made her way through the snow. "Well, snow so so for me, easy to track, but harder to be part of the shadows" She figured her words would not make much sense but this was hard enough as it was. What she said was true, but to explain in full detail was way more talking in one go than she was ready for. With snow she could find tracks easy and see whom and what was near, but she to left tracks that could lead to her, sure dusting the snow with her tail worked a bit, but it did not look like natural fallen snow after. With no snow, used plants to see if they been stepped on but footprints depending terrain were hard to come by.

Amber's heart skipped more than one beat when Sparkle laid his against hears. His warm, touch and smell was like fire through her, the passionate fire, that only allowed one to be her world, him. "I love you you too, Sparkle."

She watched him get up and snorted a chuckle at his actions, finding the ice yet again and his hair do. Amber rolled to her feet, shook her head in playfulness and got to her feet. She proceeded to prance playfully over and stop at his, then used her muzzle to try and tame his mane. Paused at him asking for help and back up to face him. "Any time I can help I be there." She listened to him talk about the shy blue mare and understood it from how her bonded had been acting and understood missing her mate part too, as she knew Sparkle had as well. "Yes, I help you in any way I can to give her a fun time and maybe, just maybe chase the blues away from Sign for a long time."

She was thinking of a few ideas and her mind went blank as her caressed her. Amber melt like melting, only his touch had this affect on her, she was not melting with every compliment now, sure she still caught her breath every time. She took could stay like this forever, him at her side and his touch on her.

He was her whole world, her Sparkle world.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:52 pm
by Songhue
"There's no need for surveillance here," Sign shrugged, quickly comprehending the idea of this being an extremely cautious mare. "The fields are safe."

She had paused to talk to her while they headed over and now - as she looked once again at the couple snuggling close, their breath steaming against their lover's coats - she found her heart sinking just a bit.

She had known such a love, once. It seemed to have been a lifetime ago now, but she had known a love like theirs.

They had left her, so they had. That was the reality of it. Her mate and her boy, they had left her behind, alone and abandoned. Only her circle remained as her family, but they were not her mate. They were not her son. They had left her behind, without the bliss she had known for such a short time.

She almost felt her heart break all over again.

This was a mistake, she thought, cringing inwardly as she glanced away again. I never should have left my cove.

Sparkle gave one last nip at Amber's ear while the others paused a few lengths away, stepping back to give her the longest, deepest, most intense kiss he could - it would have to do for all the words he simply couldn't find. Then, with a bit of a goofy grin himself (kissing her always made him feel a tad light-headed), he turned sideways and shot towards the two other mares, skidding to a stop and coating Sign with a blanket of snow - and he thought he got Traveler a fair bit as well, though he would have to wait for the flurries to settle to know for sure.

Two seconds later he spun around and bumped his side into Amber's, attempting to send her skidding into a snow bank. He didn't wait to see if he was successful, however; he knew how talented she was with these games! Tearing around on his back legs he let out a bugling whinny as a dare to catch him before thundering over the field, glancing over his shoulder in an effort to see who would attempt to gain their revenge first.

It also gave Amber a moment alone with the two other mares. If there was anything he knew it was how to give his mate a moment to do what she needed, and why not give them all a common target while he was at it?

Besides, he just couldn't wait for her to tackle him again.

He almost wanted to turn around and run back into her. It had been a long, long time since he had felt so full of life; his heart almost ached with all the love she had awakened in him. Could it be possible to love any creature more than he did his beloved Amber? He doubted it.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:26 pm
by Kyra
Traveler nodded, she had to admit the mare had a point but still old habits were hard to break and forget, it would take time for her surveillance of everything, to go away. She did notice how the blue mare's mind was else where there was a shadow of sadness seeming to slightly show in her face, she wondered what was bothering her. She may or may not have asked a question but before she knew as she turned at the sound of hooves rapidly approaching, she saw the stallion. And attempted to jump out of the way, but snow was not her element and all she saw was white, then colt snow clumped and melting on her coat. She shook head, and thrashed her body; jumping side to side, till most snow was off. She then looked around wide eyed, body tensed and a shocked look on her face. She was breathing faster than normally, nostrils flared and legs braced, she look to Sign to see her too to be covered in snow. She whipped her head around to find the stallion who had, snowed her. She could not fathom to why he did this. She watched in confusion as he darted back to Amber or to stop in a hip check into a snow drift. Then to shoot off with a grin and teasing bugle. Most of her said to kill him in, no not literally but to get him back up her feet were unsure what to do.

Amber was lost in a daze when her kissed her and only after the fact realized her mate had snowed the other two mares and was barreling back to her. The part of her brain for love of games and competition noticed the signs before the rest of her, so when he hip checked her, she did skid and go down on her front legs, but not into the snow bank, only to brush it lightly. That snapped her out of her lovey daze, she got her feet under her and shook off the light dust snow that had fell on from brushing the bank. Then she grinned and bolted full out after the stallion, he was so going to get it. She whinnied in tone that said you are so in for it now and no way are you getting away for it.

She breezed by Sign and Traveler, "Come on are you going to let him powder us!? I think not! Lets give him a three fold snow attack!" she yelled at them as she galloped offer slowing slightly to give her message. Now her focus was entirely on her mate, she was sure she was gaining. He was fast but how fast could he run in teasing compared to her wanting to get even.

Re: Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 10:41 pm
by Songhue
Sign stared blankly for a long moment, merely blinking as Amber dashed passed and called for them to join her. She was stunned out of her impending blanket of crushing sorrow by the snow, and her legs itched to chase... But.


This was her chance to slink away, to slip under the surface undetected. She got him earlier, but the frail sense of camaraderie was already fleeing. She wanted to retreat back to the safety of her cove; where she could be alone with her pain.

There was, however, still some sense of pride, and that stalled her just long enough to tilt the scale back towards the urge to charge.

Fine! He wanted to be chased? She could give him a chase! And possibly let out some of the frustration that had been tearing at her for so long.

"Come on!" she nickered, and tore through the snow, a deep, burning light shining in her eye. Maybe this would make him leave her alone like she had wanted.

Sparkle glanced back at all the shouting, a quick grin flickering over his face as he saw the others closing in. He didn't even try to pick up another gear; in all honesty he couldn't wait for his mate to capture him again, to be tackled in her warm scent as before.

He did, however, take to leaping through the snow, bounding easily from patch to patch instead of barreling straight through.

It gave him a slight advantage over before, and also afforded a wonderful view of his backside with each leap. A great message, really - "Kiss it, because you'll never catch it!" He had to smile at that.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:05 pm
by Kyra
Amber kicked up a new gear, when he did his dance saying kiss my behind. He was so dead, she lengthen her stride out further and stretched her neck, she enjoyed literally flying over the snow, snow banks? What snowbanks, she was flying over them, well barreling through that one behind her may not see any anyhting but snow dust storm left behind her.

She was extremely lose and once she was at his flank, she leaned over to give him a playful nip. Amber kept moving close to her top gear and looked away from her mate for a moment to see their path. Perfect giant snow drifts loomed ahead, perfect for her plan.

She now drew up to be nose and nose and once close enough, she moved over extremely close and could feel his warmth. She grinned, and brushed his neck with her muzzle, breathing out as she did and then went faster to touch his nose for a moment and then slowed to not hit the snow banks now very close. Sparkle was in no she thought at least going to be not dazed to miss them and have to drill a cave through them. She had now come to a stopped to see if her plan worked.


Traveler was still was not sure her course but when Sign shot of her spark and revenge in play got the better off her she took off too right behind Sign and looked ahead to figure the snow dust storm was the path of where her bond sister had went. 'Does she ever have speed,' she thought, she knew she was fast but this was impressive.

Re: Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2011 12:10 am
by Songhue
Sparkle didn't even try to resist once he felt her touch again - instead of barreling through the snow bank, his legs tangled themselves in a confused mass and sent him plowing straight into it. Landing among an explosion of snow left him breathless and cold, but for the first few moments he didn't realize it at all.

"That," he finally gasped, struggling to roll onto his side, grunting out a laugh as all four legs waved in the air, "is so unfair. I'll have to remember that trick."

He grinned up at her as the snow began to calm, slowly swirling back down to melt against his stomach. It was a small smile, full of admiration and joy, and lasted for a mere instant; moments later Sign and the stranger caught up to them, and Sign flopped directly next to him to bury him under a mountain of powder.

She simply had to let out a cackling laugh as she caught him coughing up a mouthful of the stuff.

"This bonehead," she said, beaming at Traveler while leaping back to her feet, "Is Sparkle, and he is quite well known for such introductions among our bondmates. I think the only one who could ever hope to keep up with him, rather in a race or simply in sheer lunacy, would be your Amber. And Amber, dear, that's said with all the love I have for you."

"Bah!" Sparkle coughed, finally swinging upright himself, literally attempting to climb up out of the snow. "Cold! I swear this white stuff is always colder than I remember." Grinning, he gave his mate a very impish look before adding "Come warm me up, honey."