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Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 8:27 pm
by Kyra
OCCL Hope Spakle joins!^^

The black mare prancing happy through the the woods, the light breeze would cause snow to sprinkle down now and then in the early morning light. It was if diamond powder was falling from the trees. The breeze played with her forelock, mane and tail, causing them to appear as an electric blue banner. Her her sun eyes shown as much as her sun flecks when the light hit them. She was in a great mood, sure would love to know what the hush hush was about but she trusted the silver mare to look after their bonded, with Skid there too, the noble stallion would find a way to cheer Kyra up. She tossed her head, drove her nuts that her muraki was in mental pain, however her usual antics did not work, so she trusted her bonded sister and brother to help Kyra.

However, clearing her head of that the forest was so beautiful one could not help but cheer up and be as happy as the season should always be. She turned back, she thought she help Kyra out with her needing support her new bonded got some from her, but nothing the way Amber and the other were welcomed, but that all change once Kyra was back to her old self. So she had gave little choice to her new bonded sister, Traveler, whom she basically hurded into and once through, away from the portal that connects Cloudburst Isle and Sionayra. She looked back to watch the green mare, who was taking each step once analyzing where to go. Amber guessed and new it was part of her old life alone, however Amber was never that cautious, hence so trouble finding her or interesting situations at times. 'Traveler, you coming?'

The green mare's head shot up from the bush she been looking at, a rabbit passed by maybe 20mins ago, since warm and only the slightest snow dust from the trees laid in the tracks. She looked at the black mare ahead, and realized she had not watched her pace, with inspecting everything, but that was in the past, except old habits are hard to break. 'Yes' Her voice was quiet and soft like Peace's but not as much as her. Soft of like a whispering breeze, which caused branches to move slightly through the trees, Peace was like a haunted only few feet away audible whisper of a dove.

She quickly choose her path and moved into a light job to come neck and neck in line with Amber. Her talking skills were poor as well always moving and avoiding or not seeing anyone was the cause of it.

Amber watched the mare draw par with her, gave a quick nudge, the jumped to the side and bumped the tree over hanging Traveler. The trees branches moved enough to dislodge all their snow on the green mare. She burst out laughing looked at the shocked and bewildered look she was giving Amber. 'Come on, you know she want to get me back! All is fair in snowball fights, or tree bumping snow!' She took of galloping full tilt, she hoped this would loosen her bonded sister up.

Traveler braced as the mare nudged her and before she say anything she got covered in snow. She shook herself after a few minutes, all tense confused and shocked. Yes the taught from Amber did spark a bit of something, but she long ago surprised through sparks with dirt, but it was glowing. She watched her new bonded sister, she guessed she could be called that take off. She stood as if in a bewildered daze after her, not sure what to do, say or act, nor what to do with the glowing spark in her.

Re: Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:49 pm
by Songhue
But of course - snow.

Sparkle never would get used to the stuff, honestly. It just didn't snow in his forest.

Sign couldn't be bothered either way, if she was to be honest with herself. Although the way it stuck to - and melted in - her thick mane and tail was beyond irritating. She had to remind herself that Sparkle had insisted she join to help increase her self-esteem, not lower it, and still it didn't stop her from feeling like she was a half-frozen wet rag.

To tell the truth it had been hard to convince her that the two of them coming alone was the best option. Many of the others were interested in walking these parts again as well; they were all wanderers, and they were eager to explore and rediscover areas they had once known. Thyme and Shiro were already meandering through some part or another, and Nova and Breeze were cavorting through the cliffs and peaks of the stallion's homelands. And Hybrid... Well, Hybrid had simply wandered off somewhere quite some time ago. It wasn't unusual for him to be gone for extended periods. As far as the others, however...

Darroch feigned disinterest, yet she knew it was only because he feared he wouldn't see his father. Path knew as well, which left her torn between trying to hunt the absent stallion down and standing guard over the heart of her growing son.

Flint was busy hounding Songhue. The stallion would never stop trying to make sure she didn't have too much on her plate. Most would think he simply wanted the authority, but Sign had once heard their bonded say he honestly liked to help. Taking care of others made him feel good more than it empowered him. And yet a new face, in the old lands, would have been more than welcome...

And Tribe and Frolic were both so deep within their homes that it honestly seemed best to at least attempt to drag them out. Frolic was... Frolic was something, that was for sure. Every smile seemed to be an honest effort and still entirely hollow. Tribe was caught in a cycle of searching; although nobody was sure for what, exactly. The mare simply craved that last click to feel complete, as if she had a home again.

Frolic, however, would half hope and half dread a meeting of her family members. And Tribe would only use the trip to continue her search.

At least that was Sparkle's argument while Songhue simply gave her a warning glare and kicked her out after him.

The reality was, she had been feeling pretty low herself, as of late. With no mate and no son, she had spent a great deal of time alone in her own home, having never been one to take to wandering herself. For the past several weeks her reflection had caught her eye more and more - quite often as not her only company. And each time she liked what she saw less and less.

The scars that ringed her neck and flank were things she had lived with her entire life; a mark from her years as a foal regarding things with too many teeth that crept through the water. She had learned in the most permanent way possible not to chase things before she knew they were safe to toy with. They had never bothered her before; it was simply a part of her history, and a natural part of things at that. Life was dangerous; nobody made it through completely unscathed.

And yet they bothered her now, and quite a lot. Maybe that's why they had left her behind; she wasn't pretty enough, or brave enough, or perhaps it was only the scars themselves; those permanent disfigurements that glared back at her from the rippling surface of the water.

Sparkle didn't waste any time setting aside his own discomfort with the snow because of that. She needed company, and he was the best one to go to when someone was in need of a friend. Nudging her shoulder, he offered a quick, goofy grin and flopped over sideways, flailing around a bit before scrambling back up and shaking clumps of the white powder off his coat.

"A little imprint!" he remarked, motioning with his head, "Sparkle was here! Or well, something was, at least."

Snorting, Sign let out a quiet sound of amusement - not quite a chuckle - and kicked a fluff-cloud of powder in his face, grinning as he went to scramble back and promptly fell on his rump. "You just like to roll in things, admit it. Mud or snow or puddles, it's all the same to you."

"Oh, yeah? Well I also like to splash in things, little Siren!"

With that he whirled around and flung a great cloud of snow in the air, snorting out a laugh as she shrieked in surprise and completely disappeared under the airborne mound. No sooner had his hooves touched down again than he tore off at a gallop, leaping and bounding through the dreaded cold white of snow; and it was just as well, for second later a laughing, squealing Sign dashed out of the cloud after him, great clumps of snow falling from her flank as she thundered through the snowdrifts as easily as if they were waves.

"You imp," she squealed, and let loose another laugh as she caught sight of the grin he tossed over his shoulder, "I am so paying you back for that! You'll look like you went swimming!"

"Hah, I dare you!"

Turning to face forwards again revealed a very unexpected sight - Sparkle was just about to crash face first into Amber.

His effort to stop was a success, but Sign didn't quite manage the feat in time as her hooves slid on the ice layered under the mounds of powder; her chest slammed into his rump, sending him skidding through the snow on his face, nothing to be seen other than his tail.

"Told you!" she bleeted, and then gave Amber a broad grin of victory. "Howdy!"

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:56 pm
by Kyra
Amber glanced back as she thunder through the forest, the mare was still in her daze look but the slightest turn of the mouth said she was not staying there long. She was not about to let Amber get away from her for her trick.

Amber looked back and nearly lost her footing seeing her Sparkle. She was sure her last few strides looked like she did not know how to run and was just trying to stay upright. She was about to call to him, but then saw Sign sliding in and started laughing as she watched poor Sparkle disappear into the snow.

Amber came to a halt with in a few strides, quit glad no ice was below to cause her to skid. She looked over at Sign, and was curious what had the mare in such high spirits, showing a side rarely seen. She snorted another laugh, 'Hello there Sign, may I ask what my dear Sparkle did to end up engulfed by snow?'

She walked over to where her mate's tail was still sticking out. 'Sparkle to why are you hiding from me in a snow bank,' she said in a teasing tone, she help him out but with her luck she and him would bump heads. When he did get out, her forelock was over one eye and her eyes saying how much she missed him.

Traveler, was brought from daze by two things, the spark to get her bond sister, that was still a hard thought to put right, and almost sure she heard laughter up ahead. The spark told her to fly down there, but the rest said a nice trot would work. This gave a good pace, enough time to see everything before she approached and was not a very loud gate in the powder snow.

She slowly slowed to a walk and the stopped and peered out between the two big trees, hoping her brown would help her be less seen, green did not help but it was all she had. She could see a blue mare seeming quit pleased with something, which was odd seeing she had ice behind her and mostly likely skidded on it, usually one would be embarrassed... She was confused, Amber was there facing a mound of snow and that was all she could see, what was so interesting about the snow bank she wondered. She would observe for now and see what played out and then choose her course of action.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:50 am
by Songhue
OOC| Squee! Yes! You answerrrred, you have no idea how bad I was wishin for your cell so I could text you and be all, I posted now where are you let's play! *is massive excited*

BIC| Amber!


He heard Amber!

Jerking his head up out of the snow in the appearance of a jack-o-lantern, Sparkle gazed around just long enough to catch sight of her; then he pounced. Within seconds he had regained his feet, spun around and tackled the black and lightning-dappled mare with his whole body, nipping at her soft blue mane and snuggling in as close as he could even as they started falling in a tangle heap of limbs. The most joyous, wordless bleat of glee was bugling from his throat, ringing with a laugh of pure delight.

Sign had to smile at the sight. For a moment she was filled with such joy for her bondmate that she found it impossible to feel anything else. He'd wind up smothering the poor girl at this rate but she had a feeling that within moments he could very well be the one in danger of love-cuddle-overload.

Flicking her tail, she lifted her head and sniffed, caght by surprise at the scent a mild whiff of air had carried to her. Someone else near by?

It didn't take her long to spot the stranger; in the sea, everything knew how to blend and disappear. She had long since been talented at finding such hidden gems. This proved no exception.

Tossing one more glance back at the squirming couple, she turned and started towards the stranger with a slow, uncertain gait. The prospect of others, especially strangers, had dampened her spirited joy with caution. It always did. Still, she'd gotten that little imp back, even if it had been on accident.

"'Lo?" she called, tilting her ears back uncertainly as she got close enough to spot a pair of brown eyes. "I'm Sign. Want to join us? I promise the crazy one doesn't bite."

Sparkle, meanwhile was still - yes, still - attempting to snuggle-kiss every last inch of his mate, an endless babble of delight spilling from his muzzle.


And on and on and on he went, nuzzling every last inch of her neck and cheek all the while. :lol:

Re: Swirling Snow

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:14 pm
by Kyra
Amber has began to chuckle as she watched how fast his head and his appearance of it with the snow all over his face, but it was cut off when he whirled around tackled her to the ground. All she could do was let out a snort out a half laugh and squeal as she was brought to the ground. She lost her train or thought as she was swallowed by him. Seeing him, hearing his voice, feeling his worth and his scent in her nostrils.

Amber attempted to speak, but it was so hard to get her thoughts straight with him nuzzling and kissing ever inch of her. She was in pure heaven. She snorted out a few laughs as he told her a non ending stream of comments and questions. Now that her heart was not beating like a run away train she was able to form sentences in her head. 'I will not ever be gone that long again, it killed me too. I missed you like hell as well, I was torn between hunting for you and leaving my bonded who was in great need of me, something she not explained to me are very cruel to her, they are called grades. Is her Sign? Making snow bonded sounds fun.' At his comments of her coat, if she were not already fire-engine read they were now. 'Yes, tell and that is nice of the birds, tell them I say hi back. Dunking her, hmmm sounds like fun for us and then a run away after from her,' she snorted a giggle at the last part. 'I am not sure if there is a lake around, Sign however found ice,' she laughed.

She would have tried to get up, be being so close to the ice, her hooves kept sliding, so she did something else to tease, tackle him back. She nipped his forelock, then wicked and put her muzzle to his and looked at him, as love and compassion flooded her eyes.

Traveler watched in confused aww, and felt part want to defender her bond sister was tackled to the ground by the blue and gold mane and tail stallion. It looked like an unproved attack, but when Amber laughed and the other mare seemed ok with it, she figure they must know one another, then with the way he was showing his affection it occurred to her she did not know much about her new bond family yet, she was getting to know everyone slow, maybe this was her mate, she was sure the way the stallion was acting that was defiantly the case.

A moment later she felt the breeze shift from hiding her scent to blowing their way and she turned her attention to the blue mare whom sniffed and defiantly had caught her scent. She watched the mare scan the trees and way to quickly, than Traveler would have liked or thought she would, seemed to locate her.

She watched the mare approach, she looked as uncertain as Traveler felt, but hid it minus the sift of weigh in uneasiness. "Hi. I am Traveler,' she smirked a little at Sign's last comment. And after a moment, she slowly stepped close to her and out of the tree line. Now the fun part, her talking skills were a 0 so, she hoped the mare had better skills than her.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 12:05 am
by Songhue
"Do you make a habit out of lingering in treelines or are you here with Amber over there," Sign grinned, giving her tail an absent flick to try and loosen some of the snow that was caking on. "If you are with her, I would imagine you wouldn't need much reassurance about the crazies being safe enough to approach." She paused here and looked back towards the pair, smiling faintly while Amber returned the tackle-love-attack. "They make a wonderful pair though, don't they? I've never known anything to make Sparkle quite so happy as his mate... And let me tell you, there are quite a few things that can bring him joy, so it's no small task for him to become so happy it's worth noting."

With that, she snorted at the snow around her legs a bit, attempting to make her way forward without falling into each step. It was quite the difficult task.

"I'm not very fond of snow," she admitted, pushing forward as her knee broke the surface of the blinding snowdrift before her, "I usually keep to my little cove. That's always baffled me to some extent; I'm of Sacred Sea, and really ice and snow is simply water reworked."

Sparkle was completely unaware of the pair approaching; he now had one of Amber's legs draped over his ribs, and then he was looking straight in his eyes. For a moment he couldn't do anything at all - he couldn't move, he couldn't think, he couldn't even breathe. He was, for that moment, utterly lost.

"Oh, Amber," he murmured, blinking and leaning forward to press his forehead against hers. "My Amber. How I love you."

Then with a snort and a grin he lurched to his feet, skidding and stumbling over the patch of ice they had wound up on before finding solid ground again. Shaking layers of snow off his coat made his short yellow mane stand on end, a goofy grin lighting his face as he looked back at his mate for another moment or two.

"I need your help," he said quickly, tossing his neck again in an attempt to force his mane to cooperate - which utterly failed, of course. He almost looked as if he had a mohawk. "Sign's been in a bad way, same as your bonded has needed help, and it's my job to show her a good time today so she'll have a break from moping around her home missing her own mate. You're the most fun, talented, beautiful, kind, smart and energetic mare - no serian - no, creature I have ever met. I want to hear everything, but will you help me save my bond-mate?"

With a mild twitch he took a slight step closer as he spoke; his skin was already itching for contact with her again, a craving that ran straight through him. If they were going to keep Sign distracted he would have to find some way of staying off his mate! But then, maybe... Traveler could keep her entertained. No, that would be wrong; it was his responsibility to look after her and he knew it. But oh, Amber. His Amber.

She would help him. She always had. She was the one that had seen him through the difficulty of facing his abandonment to become the stallion he was today. If not for her, he never would have been able to feel comfortable in his own skin again, not once he had reached the point where he could no longer run away by acting a foal.

She was... Perfect. At least as far as he was concerned.

And he simply had to touch her again. Now. Sooner than now!

With a light puff of air he reached over and brushed his nose over her shoulder, lightly tracing the curve of her neck to nuzzle up under her cheek. Every inch of her was simply perfect. He could spend the rest of his life simply tracing her form in that manner.

His Amber.