Next Generation (Babbiiess)

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Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

Post by Rainer »

Bellatrix grinned from ear to ear, she finally had a friend. Not one of her bond mates, not one of her parents... A friend. Someone who actually wanted to spend time with her, and didn't have to.

She opened her mouth to accept the offer almost immediately, when his presence resounded like a boom inside her head, like an earthquake between her eyes that made her slam her lips back together and body tense up. He was not happy... He was furious. On the outside, all had remained normal. No obvious noise other then they're little puffs of breath filling the air between them.

Bella's head dropped between her knees, whimpering softly as she took a step backwards. "My Papa is very mad... I don't want anything to happen..." Worried gaze locked on Astarte, before taking a leap forward to gently tap the other filly's nose with her own, "We'll see each other again soon... Kay?"

She turned and had vanished almost in one movement, taking off into the surrounding trees.

Her father stood silently close by, a small solemn form appearing beside him with head hung low. Ether cocked his head to the side to look down at her, one never ending black hole of blood seeming to suck in her soul... Bellatrix lifted her head and stuck her bottom lip out in a pout of protest. Surely Mother would object to any punishment about staying out late, at the price of finally finding a friend..

He visibly seemed to ease. Could he read her mind? Sometimes she wasn't sure... The filly huffed as they turned together and began the short distance home.

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Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

Post by Silverdust »

Astarte wanted very badly to tail her new friend. A look like that was unsettling to see on such a young face, and her protective instincts were strong. Something she had inherited from her avi.

But she had also inherited wisdom from her amma, wisdom that told her that following Bella would not be the wisest thing to do. Friends trusted each other, right? And the filly had said they would meet again, sealed with something like a kiss. Astarte sighed, flicking one ear.

"Ok, I'll be waiting," she said, to the darkness. She should've asked where they would meet, when, something concrete. But she supposed time would tell if it was meant to be. Till then, she had memories, and a promise.

The flame huffed up proudly and she turned to see her avi coming toward her, skirting the edge of the lake side. She cantered to meet him, ready to tell him all about her adventures, but her throat stopped up when she saw the look on his face. Anxious, distracted.


"We've gotta go home now, love." Hinote scanned the trees, looking for someone he knew wasn't there. "Something's happened, Avalir's gone."

"Gone? Well he's been gone, hasn't he?"

He reached down to nudge his filly along the path. "Different this time, Astarte, much different-" He paused, eyes flickering in a vague remembrance. He drew back and looked at the young girl, eyes furrowed. She blinked back.

"What is the matter?"

The stallion shook his head, starting off into the trees. "Nothing, I smelled a little like a friend. Someone I used to know. Come now."

Astarte followed in silence. Many things had happened today. Almost comfortingly, the flame flickered to her shoulder and rested there like a warm hand.

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