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Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 3:22 pm
by Rainer
A sharp squeal erupted upon her discovery, followed by a string of giggles as the little filly bolted up from her spot behind the tree. She took a sturdy stance in front of the fellow foal, all four hooves planted firmly, preparing for retaliation.

Quick maroon eyes examined the sight before her more closely, a large grin planted on her muzzle. Another little filly much like herself, as she noticed earlier, polar opposite in colour. Along with little purple horns which she would have to be weary of if play erupted, and a single oddly coloured hoof.

A familiar glint sparkled in her eyes as she crouched her front end down, like a dog ready to pounce, fluffy navy tail waving like a flag.

She lowered her voice to speak, sounding goofy in her attempt to be menacing.

"Name, trespasser?" Another couple giggles did not fail to follow.

Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:06 am
by Silverdust
Astarte danced back with a laugh as the other filly burst from behind the tree. The little flame zipped behind her, sputtering; it almost seemed surprised. Avi had tried to hone her reflexes for sudden surprises, but she ignored the urge to slip into a warrior stance. She was no Warrior, and the new filly seemed only to want to play.

Instead she trotted lightly to and fro, turning in graceful circles to take in her new companion. She was the deep colors of twilight, shot with the neon of cool stars - very pretty actually, and Astarte found herself feeling slightly self-conscious about her bright yet plain colors and markings. Her bright gold strands seemed flat and tangled compared to the fluffy silken curls that rose like sea-foam over the new girl's neck.

It was admiration rather than jealousy though, that made Astarte's voice shyer than before. But her tone was still warm, like an open hand.

"Astarte," she murmured, dropping into a playful bow. "Apologies for our trespass, Lady...?"

Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:25 pm
by Rainer
The little filly rose from her stance, tilting her head in confusion. It seemed to her that this new stranger had become almost modest, not quite as playful as before. So instead of answering right away, she copied the circles the fellow filly had made, pausing to snort at the little flame cowering behind her.

She found the pale salmon pink of the other girl's fur very pretty, topped with almost bleach blond hair. Bellatrix admired the bright colours briefly, before finally opening her mouth to speak.

"Bellatrix... No worries! It was getting boring with only grown-ups around anyway.." A large grin grew after she stated her name, eyeing the tiny floating flame that seemed to mirror Astarte's every move, "Whats that?"

She tilted her head again and took a step toward the little light, reaching her tiny nose out to it.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:34 am
by Silverdust
" the star?" Astarte pondered, then smiled again as the other filly copied her movements. It was like watching a mirror, an inverted one maybe - Sive had one of those in her study, but she wasn't supposed to know about it.

"That's a very pretty name, mine is Astarte."

She laughed a little as her new friend put her nose up to the little flame. Sive had said it was a minor enchantment and shouldn't have sentience, but she would've doubted it seeing how it darted back and turned a rosy hue. As it bounced back and forth she batted it forward again with her tail, singeing a few strands in the process.

"It's just a little magical flame. My avi's bonded made it for me, so I wouldn't catch a cold or the like. The snow is not something I am used to."

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:45 am
by Rainer
Wide maroon pools immediatly shot upright, staring into the wide open blue at the mention of a star. Of course, she found none in the bright morning sky, other then the occasional cloud floating by. They settled back onto her companion, a soft shrug given in response.

"I guess... I never really asked why they named me that.." Another small pause, considering the filly's name, "Astarte... What does it mean?"

She was puzzled for a moment when she said she wasn't used to the snow, before it clicked that she meant she wasn't from around here. An excited grin slowly came to life on her lips as she took another step closer, seeming to be taking a closer look at her new friend.

"I've never met someone from far away before... Where are you from?" Head tilted slightly as she asked, ears tilted forward intently for the answer.

Bella giggled at the flames sparatic movements, flipping her tail over her back as she pranced through the snow back toward the tree she had hid behind originally. She was contemplating starting a snow war before another question popped into her mind, her mother had always told her that her mouth would get her in trouble one day. Yet, it was also her mother who neglected to tell her that other foals even existed. She had always seemed kind of touchy around the mention of anyone other then family. Even when Ether urged her to go out and he'd stick around to watch the tiny filly, she denied.

"Who are your mom and dad?"

Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:54 pm
by Silverdust
Her new friend was full of questions, and Astarte felt a kindred warmth; she was quite inquisitive herself, but being alone had taught her more to observe than voice her wondering. After all, curiosity in Sive's lands could be a little dangerous - but no mention of that now. She was far away from that.

"Sive - my amma's bonded - says it is the name of an old goddess." She colored slightly at the admittance. The name had always felt to grand to sit on her shoulders, but Sive told her it would suit her well in time. "Perhaps your parents named you to be a warrior? 'Bellatrix' is old tongue for a female warrior."

Even though her new friend seemed delicate, Avi had taught her never to judge by appearances. In the desert, the mirages could take on deceptive realities. She smiled as Bellatrix came closer though; even if she were a fighter in princess guise, she could sense no malice. "Right now, I live in Sive's Lands, farther from here. But I was raised in the desert. Are you from here?"

She followed the little filly as she danced back to the tree, perking her ears forward at her next question. Mom and dad, or amma and avi as she called them, but she would adjust. "My mom is Mirage of Red Sands, my dad is Hinote, bonded to Sanguine..." She craned her neck behind her, but could see no hint of red in the trees. "He came with me, but he has left me be for a bit. Who are your parents?"