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Next Generation (Babbiiess)

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:26 am
by Rainer
ooc| I was a little weary to start this since I already have another one going... But after a while of drooling over Bellatrix I couldn't resist anymore.. I'm way too excited ^^ So no rush for anyone to join, I just couldn't contain myself anymore. :D

ic| The only movement in the forest of this early winter morning were large fluffy snowflakes falling from the clouded over sky, tiny rays of sunrise slowly peaking over the horizon. Firered eyes lazily opened, foggy vision slowly clearing to take in the surroundings.

Ether had managed to scout out a nice little den in the side of a hill, about a half an hour walk from Rainer's hill. This is what SaphireSpin looked around at now, the cozy little temporary home with dirt walls wrapping around them. She took a deep breath of earthy smells before looking down to the tiny form sleeping at her side. A small smile grew on her muzzle, before she reached down to lip at the little baby's forelock.

A soft groan emitted from the filly's form as she stretched in responce to the disturbance, burying her face back into her mother's fur. Saphire chuckled, looking up when she sensed someone watching her.

Blood red eyes gazed back at her, the lack of pupils no longer eerie to her. The power of his pressence was like a pressure pushing lighting on the back of her brain, almost like a headache.. But she was able to tolerate it a lot better these days. He approached slowly, mane and tail constantly whisping into the air as he moved.

Bellatrix's eyes snapped open when she felt his breath on her face, grinning up at the dipped down head of her father.

Ether smiled right back, tilting his head toward Saphire, "Time to go."

He backed up to allow the mare to stand, soon followed by their daughter. Together the little "family" walked out into the winter wonderland, the little filly bouncing happily through the snow ahead of her parents. They both watched her for a moment in silence, before SaphireSpin looked to the stallion.

"How long will you be gone?" She asked, pulling his attention momentarily from watching his filly frolicing. He considered it carefully before answering.

"Not long.. Just some errands to run. People to see."

The little blue mare sighed, his answers were always short and sweet, and carefully vague. A small nod was given, flashing him a grin. To which he nodded, walking forward to pull Bellatrix towards him with his nose in a quick hug before turning and trotting off between the trees, vanishing almost as quickly as he appeared.

She looked up to her mother next, who forced a small smile and nudged her daughter gently

"Go play darling, don't go too far."

With a joyful squeel the little filly turned and bolted off into the woods, slowing to a dramatic prance after a moment to stomp through the snow, fluffy tail flipping over her back. She paused to dig through the snow with a dainty aqua hoof, dipping her head into the hole to yank out a mouthful of grass, munching happily as she continued to walk.


Re: Next Generation (Babbiiess)

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 3:59 pm
by Silverdust
ooc| ok, let's see if I can still do this xD

Astarte sneezed as a stray flake landed on her nose, and instantly the small flame flickering at her side zipped up to melt it away. She giggled and puffed it away; Amma had been worried she wouldn't take well to the snow after a childhood spent in the desert heat and then in the temperate lands of Sive's keep. So her bonded had made a small enchantment, mostly to ease the new mother's mind than anything. Astarte didn't think it was necessary, but the little fireglow was more of a companion than she had had in a very long while, and it was nice to explore with company.

Speaking of such, she turned her head and squinted. She could barely make out her avi, a glimpse of red between the trees. Far away enough to give free reign to her curiosity, but close enough to stop any danger from taking her. It was nice, this distant love, but she did admit it got a little lonely sometimes. Not that avi didn't love her, of course - why else would he delay his wanderings long enough to take her on her first winter romp?

She hummed to herself as she turned back to the trees, prancing over the fallen branches and snow banks. The fireglow hovered around her, drying the clinging snow and setting her sunset-red coat aglow. It brushed by her face and she huffed in mock annoyance.

"Aren't you being a bit too clingy, little friend? I'm really not that delicate, and I want to know what snow is. Not have you scare it all away before we get properly acquainted..."

It was odd, talking to nothing. But she hadn't had a playmate since...well, since she could remember. But it wasn't that bad. Really.


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Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:48 pm
by Rainer
Saphire patiently watched her child vanish in between the trees, when something odd caught her eye. A simple flash of red. She shook her head to make sure her eyes were no longer foggy from sleep, but it was gone. The little mare clenched her jaw and huffed, before turning and retreating back into the den, returning to the spot she had been laying previusly.

It was Bellatrix who saw the flickering glow farther in the distance, and curiousity being something she inherited from both side of her heritage, she couldn't resist bouncing across the snowy terrain to investigate.

It was a fairly large oak she decided to hide behind, finely shaped purple head slowly peaking around the corner, the eyes her father had graced her soaked in what was before her. Another little one much like herself, but polar opposite. Where her own scheme was dark and cold, this one was bright and warm.. Dark blue hair tumbled across her face as she tilted to get a better look, eyeing the little flame that darted around the fellow foal.

Maybe it'd be fun to play... The little filly ducked back behind the tree, a single hoof appearing once again to flick a small amount of snow toward the stranger. Then she proceeded to huddle back behind the tree and giggle quietly, waiting excitedly to be found out.

ooc| Hehehe, don't worry :bubbles: You still put me to shame!

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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:24 pm
by Silverdust
ooc| Just wanted to let you know I'm definitely going to post a reply eventually, just that school started up again last week and I'm still catching up xD so sorry for the wait, I haven't forgotten about this! *hugs* >_<

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Posted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:13 pm
by Rainer
ooc| Hehe, no worries! ^^ I figured as much, take your time!

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Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:11 pm
by Silverdust
She had inherited Amma's perception, and her avi's training allowed her to hone it enough that she could tell that there was someone else around her. Yet she was not warrior or gifted enough to sense if that presence meant her harm or good. But her view of the world was still naively kind; she hadn't met anyone who would want to hurt her, and this vague presence must be the same. So she continued on, walking directly into the path of the sudden flick of snow.

Instantly the flame was before her, flaring up as bright as a star. A fine spray of water hit her full in the face, and she glared at her elemental companion. "More harm than good there, flameling. It doesn't seem it would be well to be wet in this cold."

She looked toward the direction of the surprise attack with a hint of a smile. "And you might scare off a new face."

Oddly enough, the flame seemed apologetic, dimming itself to a soft, glowing heat. It dried her quite nicely as she walked over to the oak, eager but cautious. A little closer and she was able to make out the dainty, sky-colored hoof that had sent out the snowy invitation.

"Look here little flame," she murmured, a low laugh warming her voice. "There's a foot here all by itself, I wonder who would've left it behind? Perhaps we need to find its owner."