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Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 8:11 pm
by Songhue
Nova managed to jump aside in time to avoid a snow wall in the face, although her long tail was crusted with bits of ice and powder once the air cleared. It was an inconvenience, but as long as she managed to keep it off her back legs she should avoid any real damage.

Breeze, on the other hoof, was too busy watching his little mare hop around to realize what she had leaped aside for. There was a sense of surprise in her, but not of urgency; instead of mimicking her as he did earlier he simply wondered what had startled her. In his efforts to step closer to see what was the matter, he wound up directly in the line of snow.

Snorting, he dropped to the ground and rolled around, scraping off the worst of what was sticking to him. In all honesty he was getting irritated - or rather he was getting incredibly irritated. What was it with these entrances today? It was ridiculous! Didn't anyone know how to simply walk up and say 'hi' any more?

With the way this was going he half hoped they didn't catch the bit of white and green they had seen earlier. If it was another Serian, like Nova thought, it would probably lead to another obnoxious round of faceplanting.

Brushing off his bad mood as he got to his feet, he busied himself with his feathers as Nova started the introductions. However annoying it was to have an attempted ambush directly followed by a skidding snow-flying landing, he knew he should give the fellow a chance, whoever he was.

Though he hoped they could honestly start moving now - these interruptions had to end some time, right? There was a walking holly berry bush he wanted to track down...

It seems you managed to escape injury. Perhaps circle a few times to drop your speed before attempting to land, should you repeat yourself. I am Nova, and the one insisting on grooming my tail is Breeze.

He had to smirk a bit - his mouth was full of her tail, scraping off and melting the worst of the frozen debris. That, of course, didn't stop him from answering in turn.

Pweesh't ta meef ya, o' Ah vill be 'en Ah can 'ook at ya.

Nova let out a little chuckle. Leave it to Breeze to talk with a full mouth. Hopefully the new fellow understood him.

His entrance didn't disconcert her in the least, although she wasn't the one that wound up blanketed in cold fluff and ice shards. If anything the good-natured expression on the stallion's face as he stumbled to a stop told her a little of his character. He didn't take his own mistakes too seriously.

He would also provide an extra pair of eyes. Rather or not the bit of white and green that had been moving nearby was another of their kind or not didn't seem to matter as company had found them instead. She was curious to see this lake, however, as it could tell her quite a bit about the region. There should still be small animals near the shallows, usually mammals that could last a cold winter, and traces of plant-life that would regrow when the sun's heat returned. There might even be a great sea beast trapped there after swimming upstream from the oceans long ago. It wouldn't be the first time she had discovered such a thing, as it was quite common back home.

Besides that, the sun would glitter so beautifully off the frozen water. She didn't want to miss that.

This is Dart, Breeze said, spitting out a few stray hairs as he finished fiddling with her tail. He joined us a little bit ago. We were going to see what some sort of moving holly bush was, and there's a lake nearby that seems interesting.

Were you hurt? Nova glanced at Dart with a touch of concern, wanting to be sure the stranger hadn't clipped him in the head with a hoof during the landing. If there was anything wrong it was best to tell them; even snow caught up his nose could be something they might help him with.

You've got a good coating of ice as well, Breeze observed, and took a half a step closer as Nova turned back to the flying speed demon. Want a hand with some of that?

Come. Rather or not you'd like to see what may be found it would be best for you to start moving. The snow on your legs is beginning to refreeze as ice over your knees.

She reached over to help clean out the last of the snow weighing on Breeze's wings, quickly clearing the places he hadn't been able to reach himself while she spoke. After nipping at his forelock and helping brush it off his eye she turned back to the stranger, waiting for his name - and for him to start moving. If he didn't want to go with them, then that was fine as well. Perhaps they could find a new adventure together.

Or perhaps he knew a shortcut.

Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 5:02 pm
by Kyra
Dart felt the a snow bit that flew ahead of the incoming snow wall, hit his flank. He snorted, swung around to face it. Soon as he faced the new comer's direction he reared up and did quick powerful wing strokes at the snow wall. It causes a good bit of wind and snow aiming at him fell to the ground in front of him, and few feet in front from the wind force as well as their own force from the new stallion. The two forces basically canceled each other out. Dart dropped down and glared at the new serian.

A red hear flicked in the direction of the other two and listened. He got a bit amused at the 'pony boy' trying to speak unsuccessfully and for Nova's question to him well if his reactions did not answer it then he could care less. He was fine, but annoyed, he had a couple to play with not some lunatic come in and most likey spoil it. "So idiot, do all your landings mimic a bomb explosion." Well if he was going to ruin one game why not try a push button game.

The purple stallion grinned as he got to his feet and shook what snow he could off. "Sorry about that. Didn't judge my stopping distance well." He watched Dart and thought good counter measure to stop the snow, and was glad to see the mare had gotten out of the wave, her boy on the other hand not so much. "Sorry there it was not my plan to snow you all, but hey way better than collision I would say."

He chuckled at the yellow stallion's attempt at speaking while grooming his mare. "Not, not hurt and if I remember I will be sure to try the circling thing. As for moving Holly bush I quit interested to see what that is. Oh by the way, name's Rush"

Well the idea of hunting down moving bush sounded fun and he got the feeling that that couple was nice and would be fun to hang with. However the comment from the red eye, not to mention the glare had him on guard towards the stallion.

Rush moved towards the two, "Sure some help would be great, got most off but not all, created much bigger snow way and snow backfire than I thought I would, " he said grinning, "Once everyone is unsnowed, lead the way, I curious to see a moving bush."

Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:48 am
by Songhue
Breeze had to be amused at the stallion's name; Rush seemed to be entirely all too fitting, considering the way they had been introduced. He also found it a bit of a relief that the stranger was able to brush off Dart's aggression so easily.

No real harm was done, Nova was saying in a friendly tone, trying to reassure Rush after all his apologies. Though this walking bush may have been something else. We were flying at the time and spotted green and white walking over the land, and what seemed to be small spots of red. It reminded him of a berry bush.

Breeze was currently trying to break up what was left of the refreezing snow sticking to Rush, taking special notice of the fellow's wings. He knew how much trouble it could be to have ice damaging your feathers. Once Dart had made his little comment it seemed he was at the least well enough to be insufferable, which forestalled any aid he would have gotten before brushing off Nova.

He had used a decent trick, although it seemed a bit illogical to Breeze. Dart's small wings didn't appear to be enough to even hold him up if he attempted to fly, much less properly counter the accumulated force of what was nearly a crash landing. Speed and velocity would have built Rush's aura of wind to many times the power it would have from his wings alone. In the end, he had escaped the worst of it but there was still quite a bit caked on him; although the red and white boy seemed to be overlooking it.

And Breeze frankly couldn't respect such pitiful wings as Dart's.

He would have been able to respect the stallion himself, however, if he had been showing even the slightest sign of cooperating. Breeze had brushed off the bad mood about the landing; he couldn't see why Dart would be unable to.

Although bad mood or not insults were entirely uncalled for.

By the end of his musings he had groomed Rush until his coat shone with as much brilliance as his and Nova's, all three of them shimmering slightly as the light shifted over their clean hides. Breeze lived in snow and ice; he knew exactly how important it was for them to keep the chill from penetrating deep in the coats, where it could freeze and damage their skin. Nova had quickly learned the importance of it herself and bore his constant groomings with a good humor that bordered on amused fondness.

Whatever it was, it was moving, so we should start moving ourselves if we're going to catch it. Besides, I know a certain mare that's eager to get a better understanding of this land.

Nova grinned, offering him a slight nudge as she started walking once again. It was nice to have some fresh faces around, but she was glad that Breeze was still along to bring a joke or crack an accent. He was a solid stallion and dependable but he knew how to bring a smile.

After a few paces she let him take the lead, drifting closer to the others. She was a more confident Serian, so she automatically took over when it came to handling others. All he was doing was heading in the general direction they had first seen the moving green and white thing - and the lake that had been hidden beyond a hill and some brush.

What brings the two of you back here, now that things have calmed for the moment?, she asked, glancing around at each of them. She was looking forward to some fresh conversation.

Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:08 pm
by Kyra
Dart rolled his eyes and under his breath said,"You can say that again. Can't judge your landing distance what type of flyer are you," his tone told of his annoyance. He did smirk inwards once learning the name, 'Well that makes prefect sense. Rush is a name that goes with a landing that looks like a bomb detonated,' he thought. He watched the two help "idoit" get the snow and ice off of him. All this being so friendly, nice and kind was wearing thin his nerves. He was starting to get in a bad mood, his fun and games were over before then begun. Dart would soon need something to blow steam off.

"Glad to hear and again sorry about the snow tidal wave." Rush worked on the ares he could reach to get the snow and ice off, while the others got the places he could not. "Thanks you too. Also well moving busy or something the resembled it, it was moving and I am curious what, whom or thing it is."
He liked the mare and her mate, they were kind and seemed good serians. "Candy Cane" was one he keep one eye on at all time. His first impression was he was one to stay away from/ never turn your back on. However, he not let the stallion ruin his fun.

Rush walked along side the mare, "I am out exploring. Nothing else too it! May I ask what bring you out here?"

Dart followed on the other side of the mare but another serian could fit in the distance her left between them. He did not answer but kept looking forward and rolled his eyes at the joy "idiot" was expressing. Normally this be fine but way to happy go lucky and carefree or so it seemed rubbed him the wrong way. Plus no fun could be had with someone like that around. So he was plotting how to make this more bearable.

Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:48 am
by Songhue
A change of scenery, for the most part.

We've spent much time amid each other's lands within our realm. It seemed appropriate to partake in an outing which granted a refreshing change.

Ye chose here to explore, eh? 'Tis an interesting land, yet most what have the wandering hoof find somewhere other than their birthlands. Or are ye startin small, lad, an' shall travel farther when ye heart wills it?

Not everyone searches places with killer squirrels, my love.

That made Breeze laugh. He had told her of his adventures with Hybrid, the strange and dangerous places they had happened upon. He had told her nearly everything while they were dating, if he was to be honest.

Don't be pretendin' innocence, me hearty, ye have ever the itch to take a measure of the land.

Nova merely smiled.

Perhaps if we do not find this walking bush, we can find an interesting place worth exploring after our visit to the lake.

Ooh, do you think we might happen upon a cavern in these hills?

Mayhaps, sweet Breeze, yet I do have my doubts on rather there shall be crystal wind chimes within.

Breeze simply chuckled.

Re: Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:17 pm
by Kyra
Rush listened to the two gold in colored serians, he was about to say something like, 'exploring is fun and change of scenery is good, but the squirrel comment caught him off guard. "Killer Squirrels? Well that must have been on weird upside down place," he said with a chuckle, he tried to imaging killer squirrels and it just was not coming to mind right. Either giant squirrels through giant nuts, or squirrels that looked liked wolves, which both to him did not seem right.

"Well i do hope to find the moving bush or the caves if there are any sound fun to check out!"

Dart merely listened to the others as they walked, but he did look over at 'sungirl' and 'sunboy' when the beastly squirrels were mentioned.
He wondered if they were all there, not that it mattered, but come on 'killer squirrels'?
An idea popped in his head; sure it was low as low for killing boredom, he did have a kink in his wing closet the mare. If nothing exciting came from it, at least the kink would be gone. With not another second thought, he stretched his wings to full span, at a pace as if one had to fly that moment. If the mare did not move, she may get brushed, or knocked over, depending how close she was, since right before he let his wings out, he moved close to close the gap between them.

It finally worked, its the word Dart call's breeze that does not work, so used sun boy instead. post is done!!!