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Re: Arctic Lights

Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:55 pm
by Songhue
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Re: Arctic Lights

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 12:13 pm
by Kyra
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Re: Arctic Lights

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:19 pm
by Songhue
It weren't so bad, Breeze grinned, thinking back to the realm with the flesh-eating squirrels. Although the trees tried to strangle you if you stood still too long. That was quite an interesting discovery. Nasty little roots they had.

Have you known a walking bush before, amid these travels of yours? Nova inquired, tilting her head up to look at Breeze with a clear note of admiration and love. He puffed up a little bit at her attentions, making her smile softly in amusement.

Nope, not so far. How about y'all? he asked, looking back towards Dart and Rush.

He glanced back just in time to see Rush stretch out his wing - if one could call such a limb a true wing. Nova blinked at the expression on his face and lifted her head just in time to catch sight of the movement. Without thinking she half ducked and lifted her own wing, deflecting his with the spike-coated edges of her own. Hopefully she hadn't damaged him, as it was an automatic block, but if he had simply been a bit more careful before stretching it would have been avoided all together.

Folding herself back together, Nova took a few quick steps and tucked herself in close under Breeze's chin, suddenly feeling quite crowded. She didn't like others in her space; to her it was a blatant sign of disrespect, so she needed a little cuddling and reassurance after Dart's wing nearly clipped her upside the head. If she hadn't been focused on Breeze she wouldn't have even managed that instinctual reaction of lifting her own wing to block the movement.

Whickering and playing with her forelock, Breeze grinned down at her and then glanced back to the others, subtly leading his mate slightly away to make sure everyone had enough room. Crowding together was appealing for body heat, but he knew they also had to be sure nobody wound up tripping over someone else's hooves.

Mmm, but she was soo warm against him.

I used to wander a lot more than I do now; restlessness lead me and a close friend to many strange places. Lately I don't really need to explore; everything I could ever want is already right here. Actually, he grinned, everything I could ever want is currently helping to keep me warm.

Smiling herself, Nova nipped at his cheek playfully before looking back as well, the warm spark of contentment lighting her gaze. What sort of travels have y'all known? I wander some for such things as is needed, or else to find a trinket or two, yet it has hardly been the daring paths that Breeze has known. I have a small collection of glimmering stones that I can use to get a special sweet treat in a few places so far; something called Honey.

She's gotten me hooked on the stuff, Breeze admitted, and chuckled at the guilty little smirk that crossed her face. I've even taken the journey myself a few times, to trade for it. It's quite a lovely place, really, and the bear-folk which live there are rather interesting. They visit us, or well her, from time to time. Real friendly sort. Kind of the formal-type, though.

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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:20 pm
by Kyra
Dart cursed in his head as the mare blocked his attempt to break his boredom. His ruby eyes flicked to the sun stallion and say the look, 'darn him, he gave her the heads up!' Sure inside he was quit annoyed but he merely folded his wings back in and kept pace with their group. Well at least the kink was gone.

Rush rolled his eyes after seeing the tail end of Dart's possible knocking over the the golden mare. 'Such a child', he thought, but at least her mate had been able to warn her. He watched the two and thought they were so cute together, and was glad that they had each other, since Dart seemed to have a plan or game going on that no one should endure alone.

I have done some traveling too, but the places I been are dull compared to yours. Also nope, no moving bushes that I saw; though possibility they did not move when I was watching. The bear creatures sound very different and this honey sounds very delicious. Most of my travels have had me make many friends with the avian species. Such small birds usually beeline to the trees, but the geese, swans, hawks, eagles and the phoenix stay and love to fly with me. There nice travel partners and the younger ones fly around and around me trying to figure out either what I am or how/ why I am up with them.

Dart looked over at the purple stallion, really saying it was fun to fly with birds was such a foalish thing to say. The more Dart watched and listened to this newcomer her was thinking kid, kid, foolish boring kid.While playing with 'birdies' sound all grand and such, hanging out in dark, forbidden and not usually visited is my thing. One of my best was in a grave yard., he said the first part about birds in a sarcastic tone but the rest was normal. As he spoke the silver and pink mare popped into his mind, now there was a gal that beat him at his own game! A truly cruel mare.

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Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:27 pm
by Songhue
Breeze had a reply for Rush on the tip of his tongue when Dart popped in with his own input.

He exchanged a quick glance with Nova, the both of them pausing a moment after the mockery of flying with eagles and comments about exploring graveyards. It was rather off-putting, this red and white fellow's attitude; a half-formed notion of simply leaving these two to explore elsewhere began to form in the back of Breeze's mind.

Rush seemed nice enough, of course. Their bonded had specifically given them instructions that they had no reason to accept any sort of harassment from anyone they met, however, and this Dart had a decidedly unappealing attitude, with the many snide comments made. Caustic was of course a fairly dark bit of company himself, but even he was not abusive.

Flying with birds can be quite the experience, Nova said after a moment, apparently brushing aside Dart's antagonistic attitude. Our bonded; actually, let me call upon her.

No sooner had she said the words than the air rippled, wavered and seemed to part for an instant, a shimmering impression of a golden eagle spiraling down to land on the base of Nova's wing where it met her shoulder.

Fly with us for a while? Breeze invited, and gave her a smile warm enough to melt the ice-caps off his mountains. Oh, but he could be a charmer.

We were speaking with our new friends over what it is to fly with birds, Nova explained, subtly shifting her wings to better carry the new weight. Feeling the different eddies in the winds through the feathers over your whole body sounds enchanting.

I am willing, their bonded murmured, her voice sounding quite a bit like chimes in a wind; a fact that seemed at odds with the bird-of-prey form she was in, and yet was perfectly reflected in her blue-gray eyes. Odd eyes for an eagle to have.

They grinned and shifted their wings, preparing for take off as they looked back at the others. The lake, at least, did not seem to be far. Care you for a little low gliding until we reach the water'? It will be refreshing to fly with new companions for a short time.

That is, Breeze thought absently, If Dart is even capable of flying.

He still had zero faith in those pitifully tiny wings.

Re: Arctic Lights

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:46 pm
by Kyra
Dart watched and was not sure on what Nova had meant but got the message clear when the eagle appeared. We his cockiness and all things attached too it left the door. 'Shoot', he thought, he knew how close his bonded was and well he would not like their next meeting with his bonded being about how rude he was to embarrasses his Kyra. He took a step closer to Songhue and Nova, Hello Songhue His voice seemed was kind and welcoming, so unlike how we was talking up to now.

Rush gave a side ways glance, and stared at Dart, 'Well either he has a split personality or he...' he thought and also could not put his hoof on the other word. He dismissed it, at least now the stallion seemed bearable to be around. Hello Songue, I am Rush He took a step forward and lowered his head. I agree, the different wind currents rushing though your feathers is a great and thrilling feeling. The purple stallion lifted his head and expanded his wings to be ready for flight.

Flying to the lake will make time and even catch up to what ever you two saw. He stepped back to make sure, he gave room to expand his wings to be ready to take off, he was not playing around now, hitting another serian was not part of his game as of current.