Arctic Lights

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The sun glitters above vast fields ringed by verdant forests to the north, mountains to the south and east, and wide rivers to the west.

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Re: Arctic Lights

Post by Songhue »

Nova paused a moment before take off, mildly surprised at the sudden change in this one's tone. She hadn't expected such an abrupt alteration.

Following his gaze, she looked at her bonded, still resting lightly upon her wing joint and a small realization clicked into place for her.

You are two faced, she observed calmly, looking at this stallion with a new intensity. You find favor with those that have reason to.

Are you a'ight, m'dear?

Breeze nudged her shoulder, the one their bonded didn't rest upon, and gave her a concerned look. He knew she tried to believe the best in others; she had even been the one to suggest they actually speak with Dart in the first place. There was simply no other explanation for this sudden turn, for such a drastic change in behavior directly after someone different came into the picture. Rush had only seemed to make Dart's mood worse, and yet when it came to a bonded - all manners. It wasn't hard to figure out at all. In fact, Breeze rather thought you would have to be particularly dense not to put it together, that or incredibly new to this sort of thing.

She shall be fine, the eagle reassured him, a small smile evident in her tone, Our Glimmer mare knows how to deal with falsehoods, if you'll recall, Lord Horsefeathers.

Oh, he recalled all right. Nova hadn't even been willing to look at him twice when she first arrived, as someone as shallow and fake as he had presented himself had absolutely no meaning to her. A quick laugh without so much as a hint to his true personality; that had been Breeze. But she'd interested him and it stung his pride something fierce when she simply acted as if he didn't even exist.

He had to stop running and be brave enough to open to his true self, to catch her eye in return. And by that point it had been more than repairing his damaged pride; he had begun to fall.

As well it is a pleasure to meet you, sir Rush. You have wonderful markings. Very fiery; they remind me of the sparking embers seen within the heart of a great flame.

Breeze and Nova grinned, mildly amused by the soft-spoken greeting and sincere compliment. Yup. That was Songhue.

As you heard, I am known as Songhue here. The feel of the wind whispering through feathers is quite wonderful, and though Breeze has his own feathered wings he often wonders what it would be like to have the sensation on the rest of his body. You can really feel the wind with them, become a part of it; and he does enjoy his flying, do you not my sweet?

Aye, guilty as charged, Breeze quipped, and with a whicker and a wink leaped into the sky, flying scarcely high enough to keep his hooves from brushing the tips of a tree.

Nova followed suit, leaving her bonded to flap her own wings and flutter backwards for a moment, hovering where she had previously been perched. With the golden pair spiraling above, waiting for her and the other two to take off as well, Songhue placed herself directly in front of Dart's face and looked him in the eye; a cold glint lay within her own orbs.

You have damaged a bonded of mine, she informed him, her tone suddenly as cold as the harshest winter gale, and taught another how to hate. Should you approach any others under my care, I shall personally redirect them. How such a dear friend of mine can allow such abhorrent behavior is beyond my understanding, yet I do not presume to tell her her own business with her bondeds. Should your antics become too much of a problem, however, I will be forced into action. I know you, Dart, for the trauma you brought one and the seed of blackness you planted within another, and these things will not be forgotten.

With that, she turned and gave a soft nod to Rush, a high c'aww pealing from her beak as she followed Nova. Come, she called back, circling as well now that she was no longer blocking Dart's launch, Let us fly for a time. Show me how you fly, Dart, and even what moves you may know, Rush.

There is a lake and possibly a walking bush in this direction, Nova called, the wind slapping her tail against her legs as she found a small pocket of warm air and attempted to hover, Although I am willing to explore anywhere that seems interesting, should it be spotted.

I can see the edge of the lake, Breeze offered, tossing his mane as he straightened out and got ready to fly, if nothing else maybe we can spot something worth looking into from there. Agreed?

Nova agreed and Songhue sent out another high c'aww, eager to be flying. They waited, all the same, double checking that the others were there and agreeable. If they needed to talk further they could land, but Breeze and Nova both hoped that they could at the least fly to the lake edge before doing so. They were both eager to do and see so much more than they had so far; almost impatient.

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Re: Arctic Lights

Post by Kyra »

The red and white stallion just listened but subconsciously was rolling hi eyes and the mare's comment. 'Two faced', let her think that, he could care less if that is all she saw. Though he chocked an eye at the eagle remark about LoardHorseFeathers, figured it was for the 'pony boy'. He not say but an interesting story he bet was behind that name.

Rush smiled, well that a score for her, he thought after Nova's comment to Dart. He was thinking the candy stallion was thinking she was a little princess; much like their bond- sister SilverFlash was but was getting better at handling herself. This mare however, seemed to be the perfect match for his antics. He smiled at the complement from the eagle.

With a quick glance up above to make sure no one was in his path, he took of like a shot for about 3 paces and then jumped to the sky. His purple with with striped wings expanded to full span as he easily caught an up draft to get to the height close to Breeze's altitude. He tossed his head in pure delight, it felt great to be air born again. The rush of the wind past and over him was something that would never get bored.

Heading to the lake sounds good, or like Nova said, anything that looks interesting I am all good for exploring.

Dart was getting himself ready for flight and was caught off guard by the eagle staring ice daggers at him. And after hearing what she had to say, he knew he blown it, not a step over the line but an entire ocean over where one should have stopped. He thought Shoot, Dammit and other curses at himself over and over. Sure this bonded may not tell his Kyra, but the part about letting him be this way made the sky-magenta girl look bad and that was as far from what he ever wanted.

Once the eagle departed, Dart stood stone solid- did not show in his eyes, he master that along time ago, but for a few seconds one may have thought Medusa had appearded and turned him to stone. After that he leap to the air, no running take off. He was getting his own anger at himself out with every down stroke of his wings. Once up, though no where near graceful or pretty watch ascend he watched the others and said not a word. He kept his look of everything said made no difference to him and he cool demeanor in tacked but he was cursing up and down inside.
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