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Arctic Lights

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:27 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Here you go, Kyra! I had almost been done when I accidentally refreshed and had to start again >_< Buuut they've finally decided to hang out somewhere besides each other's realms! :lol:

The sun was blinding below them, although neither Nova nor Breeze noticed. They were both too focused on one another to care about such a trivial detail.

Breeze nipped at the gems dangling in Nova's tail, smiling as the wind chime he had gifted her tinkled against the stones and wove in and out of her luxurious hair. Her response was to flap harder, climbing above him and circling down beneath to brush the same sort of gem he had dangling from the tips of his great blue wings - a living wind chime himself, in a way.

They nipped and brushed, circled and dove, weaving back and forth across a meandering stream that was half-frozen along the banks. The low hills stretched to the horizon, the water slowly winding towards a distant sea.

Their wings were straining, but still they didn't land, for they enjoyed their teasing game far too much. The winds in Breeze's realm were cold and cutting, but wonderful for gliding around the sharps peaks and cliffs. There, the caves and trees were hung with his prized wind chimes, making every turn a musical discovery.

For Nova, the suns baked her realm and gave a glare to rival even that of the snow below, providing the most wonderful updrafts for aerial dancing. Every dip would show another hidden treasure in her lands, an area that might have otherwise never been discovered on hoof.

They had spent a lot of time in one another's realms, slowly getting to know each other and nourishing the tender romance that was blooming. Her stallion suitor had given her the chimes in the tail - she had granted him the stones in his wings.

Eventually they were forced to land, the winds screaming by their ears as they dove towards the ground. Breeze pulled up first, his wings aching from the strain as he flapped once, twice. Folding his wings while he landed revealed Nova already standing before him, spike-edged wings tucked neatly to her sides as she stepped closer and kissed his nose.

"What took you so long?" she teased, and whickered as he reached around and nipped a tuft of mane playfully, bumping her with his shoulder.

"I thought I saw something over in the West on the way down."

"Oh? I thought you wanted to follow the stream."

"It curves back towards the west in a few leagues, doesn't it?"

"I had thought that to be a pond."

"Your eyes are better than mine. It very well could turn into a pond before continuing on."

"Want to find out?"

Breeze merely grinned, nipping at her ear as he leaped forward and flicked her side with his layered tail. "Ja, ve shall explore! Hierher!"

Nova laughed, rearing up and racing after him as he called back teasing bits of encouragement, challenging her in a variety of amusing accents. He was just so cute when he got playful!



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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:21 pm
by Kyra
OOC| Oh no sorry to hear that happen. I had that happen once or twice. Sorry long wait puppies demanded love and walks and play lol. As well then later kitty wanted his share and then my cousin wanted to play team Sequence. Which time flew quick, its a very observant game so time flies as we tried to be my parents, they one in the end but we will get them next time.

The read stallion had in a thick tree area and was bored to hell. His bonded was out/ his family forced her out into the fields with the silver mare, which he was beginning to get annoyed with all the time she got to spend with his Kyra. He knew his bonded needed it, but he could have taken her out. That is why he hated the others always acting like he was a big bug nothing more, hence the why he always bugged and bothered them when he could. He hated how 'lovely dovey' they all wore or how the new members were babied over, it was just so yuk. He snorted and stamped his foot. He needed to find something to occupy himself with.

He was going to get out and go for a fly to seem if he could find someone to real in and then squash but he had only started to move to the clearing edge when he saw two things come to land. He grinned, "Well that was quick, time for some fun." He watched two be such 'cute and lovey dovey,' even as he thought the words resentment for their meaning and sarcasm tripped of then end of every word. Seeing that changed his plan he go straight to squashing. He hated all this romance stuff and wanted it gone!

He watched as the aimed to race by his area, to some unknown destination. The female was closest to him which would be so much fun to see what 'her boy' would do to protect the damsel. Dart could not help but grinning at what he hoped we would see. He timed it well so as he burst from the woods, his wings extended to full length, as he went up in a rear and whinnied in excitement. He also realized as he forced his wings to do one beat she was close enough to bump her, just maybe.

Way off in a ticket full of willows and holly bushed, the green and white mare was sleeping peacefully. She recently been with her bonded and met her family member's whom where at home. She also explored her land and loved the snow, and her holly berry bushes that were through out her domain. She also knew not of her new family was home so she thought she go see what she could find, also wanted to see the surrounding area to her now home.

Her green harks perked at a far off whinny, she remained still for a moment, then red eyed opened and took in the light of day. She raised her head and moment later was on her feet. She looked in the direction the sound had come from and was curious whom she find there. Most of the light snow that had fallen earlier, had slipped from her back went she got to her feet, but some clung to her neck, mane and tail. She tossed her head and watched the snow shimmer as it flew off her, she then gave her tail a flick and it was free.



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PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:11 am
by Songhue
Nova had gone from following Breeze to running almost level with him, her head bobbing near his shoulder as her smaller legs blurred with speed. She wasn't really thinking any more, simply allowing their bodies to move together as the land whizzed passed her.

Right as they passed one of the rare patches of trees something shot bright and loud shot out of them, startling her out of her reverie. Without thinking she dropped into a roll and used her momentum to slide away from it, quickly gaining her hooves again and lurching slightly. She would have stumbled if Breeze hadn't been there to steady her small frame.

They were both panting from their run, although Nova had a half a smile on her face as she realized the thing from the trees was a stallion and not one of the strange creatures of her homeland. Whoever it was, he knew how to make quite the entrance, rearing and shrieking as he had.

"Rude," she said simply, and looked around as Breeze nudged at her shoulder.

"I've heard of this one," he whickered, tilting an ear in Dart's direction, "the pitiful wings gave it away. I wouldn't bother with him if I were you."

"You have yet to dealt with him yourself?"

"Not yet. But I suppose you'll want to?"

"Naturally. What is your name, strange red stallion?"

Breeze shrugged and took a half a step back, happy to leave her to it. She was small and beautiful, but Nova knew how to handle herself. If she got tired of this one she would deal with it herself.

"Yuh, Ah reckon'd ye'd be a wantin' ta make yer own mark, M'lady."

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:09 am
by Kyra
Dart dropped to the ground, yes he has surprised them but he did not get the reaction he hoped for. A short fright was not what he was wanting, he snorted as he watched the two recover. He glared over at the stallion, but said nothing to the wing comment. Well if he could tell who he was by his wings, well then no need for names, plus he hoped it spark something out of the short mare.

"Your body guard seems to know whom I am so, go ask him 'little lady'." He folded in his wings, as his glanced passed from one to the other. A smirk flicking on his face. He have to see how to play this, he had next move for if their reaction was what he hoped for, but that did not happen. He see what buttons he could push.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:21 pm
by Songhue
She gave him a long, level look, considering him for a moment. It was hard to blame his tone, after the way Breeze had spoken about him as if he wasn't even there. And she was curious. Another day she may have simply turned away, deeming him not to be worth the attitude he gave, but today she wanted to know what Breeze did.

She was an outsider; this was a chance for her to learn. These sorts of Serians were alien to her.

Breeze, meanwhile, did what he did best; he bit his tongue and masked his face. He certainly wasn't her body guard, yet it was impossible to find any sort of reaction. For all the indication he gave he was entirely enthralled with a little floating insect back in the patch of trees.

It seems he knows of you. Whoever you are, you are welcome to join me. There was a bit of white seen that could not be snow which I wish to investigate.

Breeze smiled slightly and gave her wing a fond nudge, whickering low as she shifted her weight into his touch. He found the way she talked to be entirely too cute, and she had such a sweet curiosity about everything outside of her own realm and habits.

And he was an expert at simply brushing things aside.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:46 am
by Kyra
Occl sorry did it again with the spelling sorry. It was go ask him, sorry for the confusion I fix it in my post if you want to edit yours. Sorry I try not to catch them this one hid ><