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Winter Sports

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:53 pm
by Talia
((OOC: Anyone's free to join, I just wanted to get a few of my lovelies out to play! Haven't done this in awhile. >.<))

She observed them with mild interest as they dashed about, great clods of snow shooting in every which direction from their prancing hooves. These were not her types of games- not that she was snobbish about it, but she preferred games of a more... subtle nature. She still wanted to see who the victor was, although the rules- or lack thereof - confused her. She lay in the snow, her head pillowed by her silky mane which was splayed ever-so-elegantly against a snowy backdrop. She raised her head every so often when one of her bond-sisters or brothers received a snowy mouthful, but other than that she simply enjoyed the feel of the icy cold against her flank.

She shot up quickly enough, however, when I snowball narrowly missed her head. With a sigh, she shook the snowflakes from her mane, ridding herself of most of the powder but still retaining a few glistening crystals as she rose.

You need to work on your aim, she stated casually, barely perturbed by the near miss.

Blitz paused in his playful diving and tossing to land next to her. He shot her a wink and responded in kind, his voice emanating charm and confidence.

You should join us Si'. Those pretty hooves could out-dance any of us. Perhaps you should show us how it's done...

Without pause, she nipped his ear and tossed her mane- one strand hung coyly over her eye as she laughed. Her voice was sultry and smooth, distinctly feminine yet not girlishly so.

Down, Stallion. You are silver-tongued.

Blitz made as if to respond, but was unceremoniously hit square between the eyes by a snowball.

That's what you get when you're not paying attention!

Nip trotted up, laughing loudly. She had definitely won this round- the flirt didn't even have the good sense to watch his back! The mare's brilliantly orange flank was dotted with snow. It was apparent that up until this point, she had been the one who had been taking the hits. Blitz scowled ferociously and flicked Nip in the face with his tail.

You play dirty. That's cheap, he responded sullenly, his pride momentarily wounded.

No, I just took notice of an advantageous situation, she responded with a grin. It's clear that you can out-fly me, as I'm clearly lacking in that department, but I most definitely excel when it comes to winter sports. You should know better than to challenge me!

Blitz turned to Nip and made as if to protest again but was hit by another clump of snow, squarely on the rump. Siren trotted by him and smiled ever-so-slightly at Nip before turning her head back towards Blitz, her grin playfully mocking.

My dear sister, it appears that stallions in general are lacking in that department. Perhaps we should pick a game more... suitable? We wouldn't want him to strain himself. He's obviously having a difficult time keeping up...

Oho! Blitz exclaimed, as his glowering expression morphed effortlessly into a smile, Is that how it's going to be? Well then ladies, you're on! Pick your poison!




Re: Winter Sports

PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:21 pm
by Songhue
They were an unlikely duet to hang out together, in some ways, and yet in others it was only to be expected. It was a fact that Path found rather amusing.

Her son Darroch was busy dancing around, enjoying adding the music of the wind through the trees into his nature manipulations. When he reared and bucked the world reacted, and to his mind danced with him.

He would be fine if she went out again; he was nearly grown after all. She could barely see the long, lanky look of a foal any more, although he would forever be a bit thin in build; power in magic drained his physical form. He could never be large.

BlackIce was willing to accompany her as they had spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other as of late. They were both much older in their hearts than most could understand, although Path's was natural and BlackIce's was partially due to environment.

She was more proper, slightly more polite. BlackIce was all about inner strength and enjoying the happiness of others. But as dissimilar as they were, they found a kindred heart within each other. They were complimentary.

Shiro was, quite simply, friendly. His long honeymoon with his new mate was over and while Flint was content to adjust this new, deeper sense of peace and relaxation he had discovered in finding a mate, Shiro needed others. He was a creature of love; everyone he met was instantly his best friend, and with such an open, eager, romanticized view in life it was impossible for anyone to resist him.

Which was exactly how he managed to be a tag along.

The group playing some form of snow ball was hard to miss, and it turned out to be a very good thing that Shiro had come along. Path and BlackIce both hesitated, neither wanting to intrude or break the play for even a moment.

Shiro had no such reservations; all he saw was a group of playful new friends.

Got room for a few more? I can kick a mean snow ball!




Re: Winter Sports

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:28 pm
by Talia
As Nip craned her head towards the sound of new voices, she was unceremoniously pelted in between the ears by yet another snowball. She exclaimed loudly and glared at Blitz, who had just landed nearby again. The stallion turned away and whistled innocently before trotting towards the newcomers.

Out of the three, he was definitely the most sociable, followed by Nip in a close second. Siren enjoyed the company of others, but she wasn't really the type to openly welcome newcomers in the same manner as Blitz. She was more of an observer. She watched the others approach with quiet interest, her ice blue eyes peering out from beneath her cascading mane.

Nip took her lead from Blitz and moved forward to greet these new Serians. As she sidled up next to the stallion she nipped his flank and laughed loudly at his startled expression.

That's for playing dirty sugar, she said with a wink. Her eyes twinkled with suppressed amusement. She turned her attention back towards the others- the mare seemed familiar. She was fairly certain she had seen her at one of Tal's get-togethers, but that had been ages ago. The other two she was certain she had never met, but that didn't prevent her from being overly-familiar.

The more the merrier, good lookin' she said with a grin. Blitz hip-checked Nip playfully and took over the introductions from there.

This brassy one is Nip, the fair lady in the distance is Siren, and I, the snowball extraordinaire-

Nip coughed loudly ack-CHEAT-ahem..

Blitz shot her a quick glare, promising further retribution, before continuing; And, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I'm Blitz! I'm afraid we've never been introduced...

Siren finally joined the group, still curiously silent. These new Serians interested her, but then again, most new things did. She'd wanted to see what these newcomers were made of.

Re: Winter Sports

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:06 pm
by Songhue
You read my mind, beautiful.

Leave it to Sushi to return the banter. Path felt an eartip twitch a bit in amusement, nodding her head in a slight bow as she stepped forward to handle the main conversation. BlackIce was more the type to bear the grit and get down to business; he didn't step up for simple, day to day niceties. Though everyone knew they could count on him to get through the dirty parts of life.

Greetings and well met. I am Path, and this is my...

Blinking, she stopped herself with an irritated flick of her ear. This was the first time he had been away from home without her son; she was apparently a little too used to introducing him.

This is my bondmate BlackIce, and our other bondmate Shiro Suisei. It's been a long while since I merely indulged in a game of play. Would the 'snowball extraordinaire' -


Care for a challenge?

BlackIce couldn't help it - he snorted out a laugh.

Now see here, boy, ye'll get your tail end handed to you if'n you go and challenge a stallion what might be a fair bit more game than yourself.

Well, son, I just might at that, but there's only the one way to find out!

With that, Shiro dropped his back legs down and skid sideways, sending a massive spray of snow straight to his bondmates. BlackIce snorted and backed up in enough time to only get his legs coated, a wry grin creeping over his muzzle, but Path wound up with a heavy forelock pasted to her face with the chill powder.

Letting out her rich baritone laugh, a sound that had come easier ever since her son arrived, she turned to the others and tried to flick some snow back to the pink-winged, playfully friendly stallion while she said It's quite the pleasure to meet each of you. Now who would care to help me get even with this imp?

Uh-oh, boy, you better run for it now!