In Darkness We Dwell

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Re: In Darkness We Dwell

Post by Songhue »

Yours is different. Your darkness, your anger. It is quieter.

Your anger, your defense against your weakness of love, is deadly. Frolic's, her defense against madness, borders on rage. BlackIce relies on quietude to bring him peace after his long struggle.

You know our weaknesses better than your own.

Nay. My weakness is well known to me.

What is it?

Don't make me eat you, son.

Fine, keep your secrets.

There are no secrets.

Then where are you from?

That don't matter. I am here now.


Where are you from then, you black-hearted beast? Where have you been lurking during your time without the bond? Who was this great love to have broken your heart and turned you against it; not merely your bonded. Why choose now to return, when you still have yet to learn to care once again? Do not condemn me for having a past, for you are just as guilty, little Death.

I don't have my past pressing in my skull with all the force of a tornado. You do, and I can feel it. What brought on this darkness? We both know it is not truly you.

It is. It is as much a part of me as your eyes are a part of you. All you need concern yourself with is that you and your bondmates are safe. Just as all they need concern themselves with in regards to you is that they are safe from your own darkness.


Block head.

Posting Elemental
Posting Elemental
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Re: In Darkness We Dwell

Post by Songhue »

Silence; seemingly never ending, as eternal as the dark. Then, out of nowhere a roar.

Caustic nearly fell out of himself and it was all he could do not to get crushed as his massive bonded collapsed next to him, her deadly tail curled tightly against her stomach.

He did care, at least enough to scramble around to her face. Though he would never admit it, she had managed to become his weakness; as had his bond-mates. They were loved and thus they alone could hurt him.

Her face, already far from pretty, was further contorted in frank discomfort. No, that wasn't right. He would have to say the look more closely resembled agony.

She shuddered, her muscles twitching randomly, and a brilliantly glowing orb of light appeared at the corner of one eye. A single tear, glittering too brightly to be lit naturally in this gloom.

You're ill. Tell me how to ease your suffering.

His bonded gave a small sound that resembled gagging on a landslide. He took it to be a whimper.

I'll get Sign.


Growling from effort, she hefted herself up and began to fade out, heading back home. Wherever it was within their realm that home was, exactly. She let none know; they didn't need to. She went to them whenever they had need.

Caustic frowned as she left, automatically shying as a distant roar reached him while she settled in their home realm. This was disturbingly sudden, at least in his view, and he wasn't entirely sure what to make of it.

Once she had left BlackIce reappeared, obviously concerned. He didn't, however, say a word. Merely fell into step with Caustic as they continued to walk.

What do you think that was about? he asked after a while, lifting his head to scent the wind.

No idea. But I don't like it. There are parts of the darkness that even I know enough to respect. I imagine this has to do with one of those.

What's the connection?

She takes on her dark form - or one of her dark forms - and has an attack like that? I don't see it as coincidence.

We should get Sign.

She doesn't know where the den is either. Besides, she's too bitter to be of much help right now.

I thought you talked to her?

This doesn't mean she listened. She put her whole world in a single stallion and has been left to live alone, without even the ability to know her son. I don't blame her, honestly.

This will change her.

Great emotions always bring change.

I don't imagine she'll trust easily, as shy as she already was.

Indeed. If I find this one that hurt her, I will kill him. It won't be long before Sign would be glad for it.

BlackIce held his own council, recognizing a moment where logic was not welcome. He thought, however, that perhaps Caustic had held a point, while he himself had been walking as the unseen guardian. It was love that caused the greatest damage and brought the most change.

It was love that had bound him as the silent guardian for so long.

Perhaps it was better to be alone.

The joys could not possibly outweigh such pain.

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