And So It Begins... (Open)

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Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

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Flux giggled at the idea of herself being talented enough to play any musical instrument at all.

No, she laughed, I can not play. Which in fact makes the music of others that much more impressive to me. There is, however, the lullaby that my dear Angel sings to me.

Flux cleared her throat and began to sing, and the soft gentle tone echoed over the stream ripples.

I send to you
though far apart
a precious gift,
which is my heart.

Just think of me
before you sleep
my love I give
for you to keep.

A friend so honest
a friend so true
who gives you back
what once was you.

Making memories
You and I
Our spirits will soar,
and reach the sky.

Flux snorted to herself at the end, and joked, Or something like that.
She peered over to Shiro's face, wondering if he was still awake. The night had become so quiet and still, and with him cuddled up beside her, it would be easy for her to drift off to sleep.

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