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Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:57 pm
by Aria
OOC| "as he played the tune of a love with such deep longing that it was the sweetest pain ever to be known"? Where do you come up with this stuff?! It's amazing and I LOVE it!! :D

BIC| Flux blinked her eyes in astonishment for a few moments, rendered speechless. Was this real? Perhaps she had drifted off to sleep by the stream. This gorgeous stallion could literally not be any more angelic. Was it entirely possible to fall head over hooves in love in a matter of minutes? Surely her royal blue cheeks had turned violet with the amount of blushing she was doing. In fact her entire body felt warm, and she took in a deep breath in an attempt to slow her heart rate. She wondered if he found enjoyment in getting her completely flustered with compliments.

Calm yourself, Flux. He has a mate! She thought to herself, as he went on to tell her about his victory. She was almost ashamed at how her feelings had gotten out of hand. Not having a mate of her own yet must be clouding her judgement. She did, however, notice his choice of words when describing his mate. He mentioned that they cuddle in his lands. A stallion pair? Interesting. She was almost more intrigued than before.

As he ended his story in laughter, Flux couldn't help but laugh along. He was just so adorable and animated, and she half expected him to start frolicking. She wished she could be so light and carefree, like him.

Her cyan eyes widened in surprise as a set of pipes appeared in his mouth. He began to play the most beautiful tune she had ever heard. For a moment, it seemed as though all wildlife around them had silenced in order to listen as well. The frogs stopped croaking, the crickets stopped chirping, but the birds instead joined in on his song. It was like a Disney movie was playing out before her eyes. Next, the birds would braid the hair in his mane.

Once she got the hang of the notes, she softly hummed along to his tune. She closed her eyes for a moment, letting the melody sink in, and smiled. She felt as if he'd been here the entire time, and that she had never been alone to begin with.

OOC| All of my posts are so short! I keep trying to write a lot more, but run out of things to say >.< and I don't want to ramble... I guess that comes with experience, huh?

Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:10 pm
by Songhue
OOC| No worries, I actually type WAY too much, it's something I can't seem to help. But, if you want to type more, then yes it does come with getting to know them better. :) I can put a lot with Shiro because I know him really well, yet when it comes to Thorn I keep it fairly short because while he is equally as complicated he is also rather quiet and only reveals a little bit of what he's thinking at a time; even to himself. He's very distrusting and keeps a large distance from everything and everyone, which means that for the most part he keeps a cloak of simmering neutrality (don't ask me how he can simmer somewhat sourly at how the world is while remaining utterly neutral and detached, but he does) and so it leaves me with very little to work with as very little makes any amount of an impression (outside of when someone manages to say something which catches him by enough surprise to really sink in and earn the right of being thought about/fully considered). Does any of that make sense to you? XD

BIC| Well, if he was going to talk he would have to put an end to their stroll, at least for the moment. With a wink he motioned to a dip in the stream, tenderly picking his way over to a large flat rock in the shallows as the last of the notes faded out. She had hummed along, which hinted she had approved; something he was glad for. But there was more to do than play his panpipes, and so he rested them on the stone for the moment while still keeping them within easy reach.

Ahh, that is one of my favorites. Now tell me, my sweet beauty, so that I might better choose another tune; how is it you are alone? Have you no mate, nor circle, nor even bonded of your own? And say again the silence you enjoy; there are many kinds, you know, so tell me of yours! What do you sense, what do you feel and know while all the world is still around you? Ah, but surely my curiosity grows wearisome! Rest your limbs, the grass is soft here in the bend of the stream, and I shall play for you while you may wish it.

It was getting darker now, the first of the stars beginning to flicker out as the moon reached full power, shining low in the sky and making the stream flicker as if liquid silver flowed by his golden hooves. Even in the pale light he seemed to nearly glow, such was the white of his coat, his pink wings and horn shimmering pale in the gentle hue of late dusk. The marking on his flank, a shooting star with a winding path, stood out as particularly dark compared to the brilliance of his coat against the deepening sky; he frequently forgot that he had the brand there, the place where fur and flesh had burned and grown back dark, yet it glared now. And as he smiled at Flux, a gentle invitation, a hint of his age and history could be seen within his golden orbs.

He was a romantic at heart, a lover of life and laughter, but that was mainly because he knew the other side of it all too well. There had been a time once, long ago, where he had followed his heart straight into more trouble than he could handle. Shiro knew better now; and it showed, on his face. There was gentleness, fondness, even a loving interest, yet it would take time to see true devotion. He was a lover, and he was a safe one; this was not a stallion to throw himself haphazardly with another only to have one or more hearts break. Rather it was the love of friendship or more, he tended it carefully; no others would be marked as he himself had, not on his account.

So he hoped she would curl up and join him, and though he clearly welcomed her he was also openly considering what Flux herself might wish. If she chose to continue the journey instead, he would gladly adjust to suit her needs.

He was, quite literally, whatever she might have need of, be it a bit of company for the walk or an honest friend or, perhaps a little more. He would not object to having such a lovely mare in a circle with him and Flint, and he was positive the silver stallion he had already mated to would agree that Flux would also make a wonderful mate for them. She was, quite simply, a mare who appeared to be of a very stable disposition. Her presence was not only a delight but comforting.

Come to that, he should say as much.

It would be for only as long as you wish it, these melodies of mine, fair lady. I find you not only to be a delight but your very presence a comforting sort of company, so be it a song for the silence or any other wish you might hold I would be quite delighted to see it to fruition, if only to learn more of such a wonder as you are.

Ah, if his bond-mate Path could hear, she would surely crack a smile. He was equally accommodating for everyone back home, and always with the same sweetness of love. He varied small things, and Path would see these details and know them for what they were; the distinction for a love of bondmate to a love of a beautiful stranger, as was the difference in his love of Flint to his love of his own bonded. But love he did, one and all, and through all the many different kinds.

And if they loved him in turn and swept him off his own hooves, they gained more; beyond simple affection his love became true adoration.

OOC| Oh, and thank you! It doesn't come from me though, in all honesty, but him. I just make it so the rest of the world can... I suppose the best word would be 'experience the natural occurrence that is Shiro' as well. XD

Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:38 am
by Aria
OOC| Yup! That makes sense. I guess I'm just still learning about Flux =)

BIC| A gentle smile stretched across her face as the song came to an end. As soon as the notes faded off into silence, she missed them, and wanted them back. She took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly before joining Shiro in the shallow stream. She circled a few times, wetting her hooves, and then settled down into the soft grass.

I have no mate, and no circle. I am bonded, to one who calls herself the One Winged Angel. She's very sweet, actually, and quite a pleasure to be bonded to. She's quite the silent type as well, and even our bond is silent most of the time. But she's there when I need her, and that's what means the most to me.

Flux adjusted her positioning a little, bringing her nose down to her leg and nibbling at an itch that refused to be ignored. It was silent for a moment, and then she continued.

This kind of silence. I love it. If you listen closely, it's actually not silent at all. The wind is swirling through the grasses and branches. The frogs are croaking, the crickets are chirping, the bugs are buzzing, and the stream is trickling along the rocks. I always find the night time silence soothing and easy to think in. It makes me calm, collected, and confident that the day that comes with the sun will be better than the last.

Flux looked up from the grass she had been unconsciously staring at to inspect his expression. Hopefully she hadn't bored him to death, or to sleep for that matter. There he was, however, glistening in the moonlight and smiling back at her. She could see a hint of concentration in his eyes, and wondered what internal battle he might be fighting right now. Instead, he asked for a request. Another song for him to serenade her with.

She thought about it for a while. Can you play me something soft and slow? Almost with a hint of sadness, but with an understanding that everything happens for a reason?

Flux grinned, unsure of whether or not a song like that existed. All she knew was that she wanted to hear more. As if he wasn't already overflowing with charm and tenderness, the music he made with his pipes just amplified it. She was perfectly content relaxing in the grass and listening to his melody.

Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:17 am
by Songhue
Oh, there are many glorious classics which hold that very note to them, he said as his grin grew wider and he lowered his head towards his panpipes again, in fact there is one I am particularly fond of which suits this silence quite well... Here, allow me to share it with you.

With that, he plucked up his little reed pipe and began to play. And this time he allowed a few soft whickers to mingle with them, as it was frankly impossible for him to sing without also humming; hence his tendency to drop the panpipes! For the moment at least he managed to hang onto them, and in the still air spilled the notes along with his low, soothing voice singing rather melodiously.

I close my eyes and feel your warmth
so soft against my skin
And when the early morning comes
I know you're gone again

My dearest love, I miss you so
and though you haunt my dreams
I'm glad I tasted your sweet kiss
by quiet moonlit streams

You hold me close, rub my eyes
and in my sleep I cry
For in the early morning light
the sun reveals the lie

You went away to fight a war
to keep our new son free
And though he's never seen your face
He'll know you still, through me

My dearest love, I miss you so
and though you haunt my dreams
I'm glad I tasted your sweet kiss
by quiet moonlit streams

I feel you still; you hold me safe
and in your arms I sleep
And while we rest your spirit stays
to make our sore hearts leap

Although you left me all alone
I know you when I rest
And as I walk our son to school
his tears fall on my breast

He knows you gave the final shot;
you let us walk this street
And each time we are free of fear
our pain is bittersweet

You fell yourself, that we might stand;
Though I wish only for your hand

My dearest love, I miss you so
and though you haunt my dreams
I'm glad I tasted your sweet kiss
by quiet moonlit streams.

Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2012 6:13 pm
by Aria
She studied him closely, watching him pick up his pipes and performing yet another lovely melody. She found it interesting that some of the saddest songs were some of the most beautiful. She listened to his enticing voice, and closed her eyes, letting the music take her mind away.

She let her thoughts wander, and they led her to a forest. A thin figure of a woman came into view, almost statuesque in appearance, but halfway transparent and ghost-like. Flux recognized her, as the bonded who abandoned her. The figure began to float around the trees, as if trying to leave her. Flux's heart ached, and her feet unconsciously tried to follow her. She missed their times together, their adventure, their bond.

The figure turned from Flux, and faded into the mist between the trees. Flux came to halt, and let her head fall. She stared at the ground, nostrils flaring from the exercise, and sighed. Around her, the atmosphere warped, and an open field surrounded her now. This time, the figure that approached her was real. It was her true bonded, holding out a welcoming hand.

The song came to an end, and Flux awoke from her daydream. She felt better, and the sadness she had been suppressing over her lost bonded was no longer tugging at her. She had a new bonded now, and would never have to be alone again.

Thank you, my sweet Shiro. You know not how much you have helped me in a single evening. If you ever need a kindness, I pray you call on me.

Flux smiled, and this time her smile was sincere and with no hidden sadness.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:22 am
by Songhue
He grinned at her, rather glad she had liked his tune. He wouldn't call upon her for favors, of course, as it was his pleasure to entertain her, yet he found that now there was one of those dreaded stale moments. His mind flickered thoughtfully as he placed his reed pipes upon the stone once again.

How to proceed?

My songs are fairly predictable, if I'm to be honest. Do you play? Ah, but it does grow late, as well. You wouldn't happen to know a lullaby, would you, sweet Flux?

But then she enjoyed the silence. Perhaps, after a softer tune to finish the songs, they could merely sit again. He was quite used to that, as it was what he had done most with Flint; to sit, each leaning against the other, and enjoy the silent company.

She had been a wonderful find, but he thought that after they had sat for a time he would have to depart. If Shiro was to be honest, he was getting rather tired of sitting in silence. There was so many other ways to romance the world.

For the moment however it would do. So it was that he grabbed his panpipes and shifted around, settling beside her and placing the pipes within easy reach of them both.

He had to admit, she was quite beautiful when she fully relaxed. This was a mare Flux could enjoy nuzzling in quietude, if it brought her such pleasure. She reminded him a fair bit of his Flint.