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And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:31 pm
by Aria
OOC| Ok everyone, I'm new to this still, but here goes =)

Flux took a step out into the fields. Her red and purple mane flowed back and forth in the gentle breeze, and her bright teal eyes narrowed at the landscape in front of her. She was nervous, not really remembering where she was or why she was here. All she knew was that this was where she should be.

She badly wanted to find another like herself, someone to bring her a sense of belonging, but at the same time was afraid they'd be put off by her silence and solitude. She wasn't one to frolic about and play, like most of the others. She had an appearance to uphold, one of strength and wisdom and maturity, but deep down, the foal in her still wanted to run and play with her friends.

The sun had begun to set, casting dark reds and oranges along the horizon. Now would be a good time to wander about, she thought sarcastically, given that most animals were probably returning home from their adventures, and predators would be on their way out to start their hunt. She moved forward into a trot, up and down the hills over the fields. She trotted in the open, appearing to be busy and on her way, but wanting any others that were out in the fields to notice her.

She finally came to a halt at the curve of a shallow stream. The water gently trickled along the rocks, and the sound had awakened a thirst in her she wasn't yet aware of. She leaned down and sipped from the stream, feeling refreshed almost immediately. Her eyes narrowed as a few tiny fish darted away from her under the surface. Then a shift in the grass behind her caught her attention, and she spun around quickly to face it.


Re: And So It Begins... (Open)

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:00 pm
by Songhue
OOC| *jumps in* XD

BIC| It was getting dark, but the twilight hour was his specialty. Not that he was of the Shadows alter; it was simply incredibly romantic.

Especially here, where there were no real dangers. Outside of Sionayra, sure, the land was still dangerous, but this was a haven in Rhyandrithae!

This was a gorgeous sailor's sunset, as well. Vibrant reds, very harsh looking, but it toyed with the water so wonderfully.

Wait, when did the stream appear? Shiro had to laugh; it would be smarter to pay more attention to where he was going. He'd enjoyed himself so far, sniffing around and finding a smile in so many small discoveries. It was good to be back, and whole at that.

Oh, but what was that? Someone silver up ahead, with red in the mane and tail? He tsked to himself, thinking his mate was being a little over-protective; but he wouldn't object to a nice stroll in the sunset stream!

Oh but wait, there was blue as well, and the distinct scent of a female. And golden wing caps? Interesting.

Mind some company on this stroll? It might be nice to enjoy the sunset while you're on your way. Just because there's somewhere to be doesn't mean you can't enjoy the journey, don't you think?

He smiled, sweet and disarming and fell in step with the stranger as he stepped out of a rather large bit of overgrown grass. It was so hard to see details such as blue bands on the neck while everything was hidden with so much brush! But it made things fun as well. Even as he stepped next to her and reached down to drink himself, a toad jumped off a stone - seemingly out of nowhere - and landed flat on his face before hopping off.

Shiro laughed.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:46 am
by Aria
A tall, snow-white stallion stepped out of the grass towards her. Golden eyes met hers, and she immediately felt relief from the loneliness that had been following her. Dark grey flowed around his face and rear, and light pink wings flickered at his sides. He was quite the contrast from the dark fields and skies she had been watching all night. Before she could react to his approach, a light and carefree voice echoed in her mind. It was sweet and innocent, and strangely inviting. Flux was normally not so easily entranced.

He stepped over to the stream and helped himself to a sip of the water next to her. Flux was taken aback at first, for this stallion had no judgement of her whatsoever. But he had a gentleness to him, and for the most part she assumed him to be entirely harmless.

I don't mind.

That's all she had to say at first. Then her pupils widened as a toad leaped onto the stallions face, and watched as he laughed lightheartedly. This boy was actually very handsome, with his carefree attitude and genuine friendliness. Flux somehow felt like she could be herself with this one.

Where are you on your way to? To tell the truth, I stumbled upon these fields unintentionally.

Flux half-smiled at him, and remembered her manners.

My name is Flux. It's very nice to see a friendly face. And you are?

She looked up at the moon, which had made its way high into the sky now. The reds and oranges had faded to purples and blues, and soon the stars would be flickering on. She hoped sincerely that it wasn't too late for the stallion, and that he'd stay with her a bit longer.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 8:19 am
by Songhue
He found her simply adorable. Just look at how cute her little half-smile was! But this was Shiro, and if he was to be honest he found just about everyone adorable. He especially loved the way that smile softened her face, however... And he was determined to make it happen more often.

I am a lilypad, according to yonder frog, he chuckled, and shook a few drops off his face before taking another sip and trotting over to gaze at the moon next to her. I am on my way to everywhere and nowhere, I am delighted and pleased to have found such a wondrous mare, and I am known most commonly as Sushi. But that's among my bond-family. I'm properly called Shiro Suisei, or simply Shiro if you prefer; honestly, I am just about anything you may have need of!

Smiling sweetly, he gave a quick motion with his head in invitation and started following the stream, absolutely thrilled to watch the water sparkle under the moon.

I am here to relax, to exist on my own for a while. And I truly am thrilled to have stumbled upon you, dearest Flux, for what better than company while strolling through the moonlit twilight? Ah, but this is the best hour for walking. The land is never the same as it is right now.

Still smiling, he gave her a quick, appreciative look and added, The way the blue upon your neck colors your mane is beautiful, in case you didn't know. How is it a Goddess such as yourself wanders alone?

The water giggled beside him and far off in the trees the night birds began to wake as the cool air shimmered under the deepening purples. Here and there a few frogs added their sweet depth to the song as the long grasses whispered in the soft caress of a breeze.

And Shiro smiled.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:30 pm
by Aria
A light giggle escaped her before she could stop it. Her ears were perked straight up and she listened intently as he joked and then introduced himself. Her tail flicked back and forth a few times in amusement. His voice was so smooth and sincere, that when he motioned for her to follow him, her hooves did so without even a thought. She walked by his side, her attention captured entirely, and listened.

She was almost entranced by his words, that is, until they ended and Flux realized she had been asked a question.

Hmm? Oh, I have always been alone. It seems to be my nature. I find silence comforting, and most don't. Loneliness gets tiring though, and I have to admit I am glad to be walking with you.

Flux tried to stand tall and not show how thrown off kilter she was by his compliments. Hearing the words "beautiful" and "goddess" in reference to herself was an entirely new experience for her. If her cheeks had not already been painted blue, her blushing would have lit up her face for sure.

You mentioned earlier that you're 'on your own for a while'. Does that mean you usually have a partner? or a circle? Flux asked politely. He was of such a sparkly white color, he had to be adored by the mares. At least extremely popular.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:54 pm
by Songhue
Oh my sweet, you truly must make that sound more often. You have the most endearing laugh; I implore you, giggle as often as possible! And ah, but there is never any want for companionship back home. If it is not my mate, for indeed I have one, then another comes to entertain me. Quite recently I got into a teasing contest with one, actually, and I am quite proud to say that I won! Sparkle will forever by known by all in my realm as SPARK-LYYYY!

He laughed as he said the last, his voice going all too high and giggly in a manner that denoted jazz hands, should he have had them. It was, in all honesty, entirely amusing. One would almost expect a little jig to accompany this sweet jingle of a tune.

Although no, I've no circle as of yet. My mate says he wouldn't object to one, but first we need to find other mates to accompany us. For him, he would consider himself the mate of everyone in any circle we formed, and I must say I don't object to the notion myself. Yet it is quite difficult to find a mare or stallion to join us if all our time is spent cuddling in his lands!

He smiled fondly, remembering the long, comforting silences as they snuggled together before adding He enjoys the quiet as well. It is highly soothing, isn't it? When one is silent for but a moment they can hear so many things in what seems utter stillness.

Beautiful as it was, he had needed time away from Flint, from even his bond-mates. He knew the side of himself that showed while they were near, and he knew how he was while his mate was around. But there was more to him than that. He had dimensions; as they say, what is the use of being capable of enjoying a wide range of emotions if one is to only experience a single facet? To be happy all the time, or in love all the time as the case may be, would get incredibly boring. Curiosity, surprise, uncertainty, he wanted a chance to play with all life and love had to offer.

The love of his family and mate he knew well. There was this whole world waiting for him, though! And so many other kinds of romance to indulge himself in, even if it were merely the romance of a sunset upon a stream in a solitary walk.

Yet he wasn't solitary; he had marvelous company once again, someone new to enjoy while he brought out a side of his personality that was not the love of bonded or mate, but the love of a strange and pretty face upon a sweet evening stroll. This, he had not had chance to enjoy for some time.

Yes, it was high time he went upon his own ways for a while.

To have always been alone seems an interesting idea. You are alone no longer, however, for Shiro is here and quite willing to add something to all this sweet silence. Ah, indeed I do have something which might help with that, lucky as we are!

With that, he tilted his head, shifted the cosmic fabric, and fetched his panpipes from their place in his home. Smiling with a delighted whicker as they appeared in his teeth, he began one of his favorite songs; soft and lulling, each note hanging long and sweet upon the air as he played the tune of a love with such deep longing that it was the sweetest pain ever to be known.

Rather it was of her taste or not would be revealed momentarily, but for the little while that he played he at least showed some of his abilities. And he would gladly take requests, of course! Ahh, but wait; the birds in the distance, they were singing along now, shifting their chirps to harmonize. So they knew the tune as well; how lovely!

If this beauty were truly alone, then she would have no need for circles or mates; or even a bonded? He was curious about that, but hadn't thought of it before filling his mouth with the reed panpipes. He'd have to ask when he could! One was never alone when bonded. They shared souls, he and his own, and so the aspect of being fully alone was forever lost to him, but like many others that had chosen to bond to another the prospect did not bother him in the slightest. He was always free to be left to find time to himself, when he needed. But alone? Never.

Too bad he didn't have too mouths, as well as a shared soul, or he would have been able to put the words to the music. Or perhaps he had another solution... One that wouldn't involve having an unusual number of orifices.