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Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:39 pm
by Keira
Smiling she braced herself, certain this wasn't safe, certain she didn't care, and certain she would have fun. Leaping over the edge she tried to hold a simillar form she has watched Thorn hold but he had gone so fast that she didn't have much time to study "form".

As her hooves made impact with the mud she began sliding, almost uncontrolably, down the steep incline. It took every muscle in her body to keep herself upright and focused on not hitting something. Just as she thought she was going to give out she saw the bottom in front of her and new she would have to leap in order to avoid smashing in to the ground.

Just a split second before reaching the bottom she used all her will power to tense her muscles and leap slightly.

As she made contact with the earth again she let out a whoop of excitement not even thinking about it and slowed her run slightly to circle back again. As she approached him she called out "I'm goin again" and sped past him, heading back for the top.

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:12 pm
by Songhue
He smiled, taking a moment to enjoy the view as she sped passed him to climb back up. Oh, yes. Yes, she was made for this sort of thing. The rush, the straining muscles, the danger even made it his favorite pass-time, but she moved differently than he did, more fluidly.

Following behind, he didn't have much breath left for talking - it was a hard climb. But he had seen how fast she had picked up on it, how she had been careful not to drag her rear and used every muscle to control the wild skid.

The whoop had simply been amusing. Or adorable, depending on what word you wanted to use, but he wouldn't admit that last to himself. Regardless, he at least had an interesting new friend.

He couldn't really call her less than that, at this point. He was enjoying being with her.

Hey, he hollered, scrambling up the slope practically on top of her as they finally breached the top, Wanna race? There's enough room for two.

He smirked, just slightly, a challenging spark in his eye. Come on Beauty, let's see what ya got.

With that, he lunged downwards again, whickering from the thrill of the ground slipping under his hooves as his body strained. See you at the bottom!

It was dangerous, of course, to challenge someone that was so new to this to a race. He hadn't started racing things - such as birds that flew by or rocks that fell loose - until he was well practiced with this game. But she could do it, he was sure. And if not, he could piece her back together again. He did have some rudimentary healing skills.

But surely he wouldn't need that. For just an instant he took his focus off of what was in front of him, looking around to try and find her - he wouldn't be surprised if she was right by his neck, but either way he needed to get around this tree that was comin up fast and he had to be sure of what room there was to work with to maneuver.

Thorn was so intensely focused he didn't even feel the delicious burn in his muscles as he shifted his weight and used his tail like a rudder. Bite would probably do the same - she had a beautifully long tail. Though he was glad he was hairless, as having mud and a whole host of debris sticking to him was bad enough on his lightly furred hide. She would need a bath later on, without a doubt.

Here came the tree - no more time to wait, to make sure. He wasn't even sure what he had seen, not exactly. It was hard to see much of anything at such speeds. Still, he made his move, shooting off to one side and quickly straining to counter in the other direction so he didn't wind up tumbling straight into the falls.

Who was winning? Didn't matter. He just loved the rush. His focus had to be entirely on making it to the bottom, though he did try and hold himself a little lower, a little more compact to slide just that little bit faster.

Yaaaa-haaw he thought, and plunged towards the bottom.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:49 pm
by Keira
Laughing she plunged down the hill after him, finding her footing a little easier this time. The wind blowing in her face and through her mane was exhillerating, a thrilling find. Trying not to laugh with glee and not lose focus she tried to watch for incoming obstacles and keep a good speed she finally neared the bottom. She lept at the finish, anxious and excited at the same time to see if she had finished first or last. Just as her hooves left the soil her back right one caught on a rock and sent her spilling to the earth and darkness enveloped her.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:32 am
by Songhue
The surprise, more than slightly stinging, that she beat him was a very short-lived sensation. Of course she beat him - she was a natural, and this sort of long and lean muscle control must have sung through her body. Even with his practice, this was something he'd had to teach himself. Her? She was sleek, fast and used every ounce of muscle she had when she moved naturally, flowed with an easy grace. He shouldn't have been surprised. Some Serians just had all the luck, the most wonderful blessings.

And almost instantly she hit the stone and stumbled.

The water at that point was still deep, what with the falls striking directly next to them. There was not, thankfully, a drop-off to contend with as well, although the current was very strong.

When she fell she didn't land directly in the water, but he had to leap over the last section in order to grab her before the parts that Were in there could get pulled away by the power of the falls. As it was she would probably have a bruise under the marks his teeth left on her leg as he hauled her all the way on the mud.

Well, at least she had hit her head and blacked out. That would make it easier. After a quick search he found a few nearby trees, broke a few of the more flexible branches and pulled a face at the taste of bitter sap. It would give support without breaking if she moved wrong. That was half the trouble, finding a good stick - too stiff and it would snap rather than lend real support, to flexible and it wouldn't really support much of anything.

It seemed to be centered over her ankle, so he buried her hoof in mud and used that to force the branches to stick where he wanted. A little more searching and he found some long blades of grass - it wouldn't be quite as good as broad leaves, as any tension they received wouldn't be spread across such a large area. But you took what you could find and made it work.

Unless it was a minor crack in the bone it didn't seem broken so a simple splint should work well enough. Tying the branches in the mud a little better, he grabbed the closest shiny thing he could - a nearly clear rock - and used it to bounce the sun a little more directly on the joint.

Once he had a good angle he heaved a sigh and settled in next to her. It would take a few minutes, at least, and if she hadn't woken up by now - he couldn't quite tell - then she should soon. He'd looked at her head while searching for the stone and found only a small cut behind one ear that had already mostly quiet bleeding. Though she would have one blasted good goose-egg and a serious headache when she got up. He wasn't entirely sure, but if he'd seen properly while he drug her back into the sliding mud then she'd gotten at least a good nose full of water before it dribbled back out on her. Then again maybe she hadn't. Wouldn't that have woken her up? She hadn't landed that hard, after all...

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:47 pm
by Keira
The sky was dark around her. She sat in a field of long grasses that were heavy with water from a recent rain. She didn't know where she was, had no idea of how she got there, and even less memory of anything beyond this point. Above her lightning lit up the sky and thunder crackled almost simultaneously. Not far from her a tree started smoldering and flames leaped to the sky where the lightning had struck. Suddenly, she was terrified. As she went to stand and head off in any direction that seemed plausible an overwhelming pain struck her and she collapsed to the ground. Another lightning strike. This one, thankfully, didn't catch anything on fire but seemed closer than the last. Panic started to over take her and she noticed something moving towards her, backlit by the fire. Moving purposefully and intent, the shadow glided closer and closer. Panic reaching a new high, she started scrambling backwards but it was too late. It was already upon her.

As she opened her eyes her dream faded away and she looked up to see Thorn by her side. Suddenly, it was as if her panic had never existed and she felt safe.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:29 pm
by Songhue
Shifting his weight to look down at her when she began to stir, Thorn took a moment to simply watch. He'd taken liberties with her while she'd been passed out; he'd even left, for a while. The make-shift splint he'd made seemed sturdy enough, dried mud hardened to near-stone like consistency over the sticks that lent a slightly more flexible support directly next to the skin. He could see bits of the grass he'd used to hold them in place while the mud baked sticking out.

After all that he wasn't sure if she was more likely to kick him than thank him. Some creatures were rather particular about being handled. Due to that, and his long-standing method of expecting the worst at every turn, he didn't wait for a thank you or even attempt to see how well her eyes could focus - how addled in the head she might be. He studied her while she roused, spent all of a blink debating the merits of offering to help her up, got to his feet, glanced around to finalize having kept watch over her - still no risk of being trampled, drowned in a rain flood or baked alive - and stood a half step away. It was close enough to catch her if he needed and far enough to avoid a bite. Each required little more than a slight shift.

Kind of mars your victory, catching the grandaddy of all faceplants. Want to test that leg? Swelling should be down.

Of course, he had no idea that with the sun having sank while she rested he was perfectly set up to strike an imposingly attractive figure. The light hit just off his shoulder, making his spikes gleam as the deadly sharp tips flashed. Half standing over her, not an ounce of his bulk wasted on hair, with an ear cocked back to keep track of their surroundings; well, he wasn't protective as he gave her room enough to handle herself, but he was attentive at the least.

He still didn't expect thanks. He wasn't defensive, as if he expected trouble. He looked at this fierce mare, a proper warrior, that had just taken a doozy of a spill and merely invited her to get up.

That was his charm; this stallion was always, wholly in the moment with those around him. He didn't have any expectations. It also meant that, should she come up fighting - warrior's instinct or personal discontentment - he'd merely try and dodge, find something else to entertain him, and never spare her so much as a second thought.

There was no history, no ties, no loyalty or promises. There was only now.

Now, for him, he had slightly stiff legs and an impressive mare that he'd become responsible for. His game, after all; she wouldn't be hurt if it wasn't for him.

And now included noticing how the low sun gleamed off her scales while she breathed. 'Like jade,' he mused to himself, 'like living stone of jade. Talk about a deadly beauty,' he thought with a sardonic bit of irony as he caught sight of those deceptively delicate looking fangs.

It was all very interesting.