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Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 1:37 pm
by Keira
Squinting up in to Thorn's face she decided to make the best of it "See, I told you I could beat you" she could only manage a half smile with the throbbing currently going on in her head but she would be damned if she lost her sense of humor now.

Slowly rolling on to her side she tried to take note of where she would need to have take care not to move to fast or bump on things. Looking down she noticed a makeshift brace on her leg. Flexing it slightly she winced. Not unbearable but certainly hurting. Chuckling lightly she avoided eye contact with him "Wow, I guess i'm not quite as awesome as I thought I was." Carefully she rolled more and stood up slowly "thanks for fixing me up" she said softly, "how long was I out?"

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:19 pm
by Songhue
OOC| General disclaimer: Squeezing this out in the 2 hours before I fetch the Monster and we start cleaning house

BIC| He smiled at her. Should any of his bond-mates see this they may very well faint. He had a good smile; soft and warm, an underline for his masculine features. It made his eyes soften into liquid pools of amber.

Oh, I'd say you're tougher than you thought, he whickered, amusement coloring his words. You gave me a challenge, and I'm well practiced. Besides, you have to be pretty awesome to take a fall like that with dignity.

He watched as she stood, his eye flicking to where she favored her sore leg. He was sure she'd be alright - but then, he didn't have Sign's skills at healing. His best guess might be highly inaccurate.

Glancing back at the sun as she asked how long he'd stood watch, he gave a flick of his ear and shrugged a dismissive About four hours, by the time-keeping of the bonded-kind. The sun passed from lighting the mountain peaks ahead to hanging straight over the rivers behind us. My bonded would say it went from mid-morning to early-afternoon.

His lip quirked here, clearly finding the notion amusing. She had adopted such strange ways, over time. But then, she also had to adapt to the other bonded-kind; to all within their home realm, all that mattered was that there was still daylight and how much might be accomplished before the suns slept. What use had they for hours or mornings? If the sun wasn't dipping below the land, there was still light enough to work and play by.

Some others, he knew, also adapted to their bonded-kind, hence the additional reference. She may not understand what it meant for the sun to go from facing the mountains to facing the waters.

I don't think you're up for a rematch, he added wryly, though my pride wants a chance to beat you, no matter how lithe you are.

Turning back towards the slope they'd gone rushing down, he eyed the muddy drop of the waterfall that gradually steepened up towards the distant mountains. It would take the better part of three days to reach the peaks of those behemoths. Looking back towards the sun he gazed across the plains to the rivers that glittered as distant hints of silver on the far horizon, squinting in the sunlight. Neither seemed a great option; but turning his head left he paused to consider the vast, verdant forests. It'd be a bit cooler up there, the trees laying to the north, but it was close and there was bound to be plenty to keep both of them entertained. Plus food and a few meandering streams, as every forest required water, even his own barren lands.

I don't know about you, he nickered, motioning towards the forests with his head, but after being knocked out for a few hours I tend to wake up with moss on my tongue and a very strong urge to snack. Care for a drink and some fresh berries? It doesn't look that far.

He paused a moment, then snorted and gave a hard shake of his head before adding You started to rouse four hours ago, stirring in some dream. You've been out for about three days. I found some moss and used it to dribble water in your mouth yesterday, or you might not be able to stand. with a vague motion he indicated her general self, taking in the tender way she held herself and the way she squinted against the sun. You'll have a rough headache until you get enough water in you again, and you'll be weak until you get a proper meal. Heading for the forests is the best option.

Shifting his hooves, he came back around to stand directly next to her, a silent promise to stay there beside her until she was at least steadier. It didn't seem right to leave her to follow, and it would be insulting to attempt to brush against her and directly offer support without being asked. Still, he was there. And, for the moment at least, he intended to stick around and see her well. How soon that changed, only time would tell.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:30 pm
by Keira
OOC: This will be short and sweet as she is a muddled head and is highly embarrassed *glances at bite* oh hush woman.

BIC: She sighed but kept her head up and her body steady. "Well it seems, sir, I owe you a great debt then." She took a few steps forward and glanced back at him "And some berries and fresh water sound amazing right now." She kept the majority of weight on her other legs and began at a slow pace. "So how long have you been doing that?" she asked, hoping to keep the conversation light and not focused on her.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:53 pm
by Songhue
Nah, he said, keeping an ear tilted towards her as he turned his attention towards finding the snack and stream, I'd owed you. You wouldn't have been knocked out to begin with if it wasn't for my game. Besides, I had to leave you for a little while; the bulk of a day passed here, and weeks in other places, before I managed to return. Wound up spending the rest of that night countering dehydration and sun exposure to pay for it, too, but you seemed better by morning.

Lifting his head, he took a deep breath and began a very gradual curve towards where he scented water. They'd get there, but this way she wouldn't have to test her legs with a sharp turn or sudden shift in weight.

I hadn't thought of it before though, as far as how long I'd gone sliding, he continued, letting his voice become something of a low hum to try and ease her headache, But I suppose... Now that I consider it, out of the past two years I've had a home I've spent at least half that time shredding through the steepest hills I could find. I had to find some way to get rid of extra energy, but honestly? It happened on accident. I wound up tumbling head over tail one day and it just got me thinking. Fast way to travel and a nice touch of risk, and I don't mind a few bruises along the way.

He gave a slight shrug, running out of things to ramble about. Not that he was trying particularly hard. He let himself fall silent, comfortable with silence and willing to let her prod the conversation on if she felt up for it.

Berries, he announced after a moment, and stepped around a corner to reveal a bush that was nearly touching the ground with the weight of berries. There were some instances where he felt particularly talented; any time he entered a forest was one such time. Barren and prickly his may be, filled with bats and howling winds that mimicked haunting specters, but he was nontheless of Forest Song. He knew his way around trees.

If the scaled lady beside him wasn't cold-blooded as her reptilian appearance hinted at - and honestly she probably wasn't, but she was too much a lithe, scaled thing for him to shake the impression of one of the forest snakes - then the slight, chilly mist that was winding around their hooves wouldn't be a problem. Still, he'd watch for signs of lethargy; it might be her general condition, or he may be required to find some way of warming her.

He might be able to find enough moss to act as fur for her, if it came to it, but he'd rather not; of course, the alternative was dragging her back south or abandoning her up here. As it was his idea to come this way, he didn't think he'd be able to accept leaving her behind.

Well, at least she was still interesting. He could have worse company. And it didn't feel like any sort of obligation, in all honesty. She was easy to be around. He'd probably wind up staying just for the sake of staying even without being responsible for anything.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 3:45 pm
by Keira
OOC: This will probably be short and rather jumbled, i'm feeling.... off... today.

Smiling as they went Bite tried to relax some and by the time they reached the berries her ankle was feeling marginally better. She had stayed quiet on their trip but decided she'd better start talking before he examined her for head trauma. "Hey, the better part of 2 years and it sounds like you haven't gotten a 'bump' like mine yet, sounds like I'd better start taking notes."

She wandered the rest of the way to the berries hanging rip and full on their branches and started nibbling on the delicious fruit. She had never tried this particular one before and she had to admit, it was delightful. He certainly knew his way around these mountains.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:49 pm
by Songhue
OOC| No worries, my brain is... Yeahhh. >_< One of my rougher, stare-at-the-sketch-for-three-hours-straight type of days. :dies: I make no promises, I only know I can't deny them.

BIC| He snorted at the observation, twitching his tail to free one of his spikes from a clinging branch. He hadn't gotten such a serious knock on the head, or even a true sprain, but he'd gotten plenty scratches and bruises. It was part of the game; it was rough in nature.

You took to it like a bee to honey, he said with a bit of a smirk, keeping a weather eye on how well she was moving as he stepped up and scooped up a mouthful of berries and leaves himself. Though if I were to make note of anything it would be the obvious; never look ahead. The only time the slope letting out should even exist to you is as you come upon it and try not to skid on your face from slowing too quickly.

He shrugged here and took another bite, enjoying the taste and the small surge of energy they lent him. Between the two of them they'd managed to get the branches to stop drooping.

Otherwise, you're already good. You've got good muscle control and a great sense of balance, and plenty of energy to spend straining down a slope.

Lifting his head, he licked juice off his chin and gave her an openly appraising look, trying to see how she was doing - and how much might be pride and an act.

The stream is just passed those trees, he said, and then with a bit of a smirk added I won't bother offering a rest before that drink. You're plenty strong enough, and I'm guessing none too stupid to risk falling on your face again to avoid asking for a pause. Come on.

With that, he ducked around the bush and started picking out a path to the water, keeping one ear firmly fixed on her location; he was far from doting, but at least he was still keeping track of her.