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Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:59 pm
by Keira
Smiling as she pondered his words, both pleased and confused by what he was saying. Not that he himself was being confusing but the way he worded things and how blunt he tended to be. She decided it was a good thing. Things could get far too confusing and jumbled when one tried to sugar coat things.

"Well thank you, and yes, I could use a drink." Following behind him she noted that though her ankle was still tender it was getting much easier to walk on. She'd want to take it easy for a few days but beyond that she should be fine. "So you seem to know your way around here pretty well. Do you spend a lot of time in these parts?"

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:39 pm
by Songhue
He had to consider for a moment. They'd reached the stream before he'd found a way to answer; it could be difficult to explain.

I've never been here before, he said, taking a long drink of water. It was chilled, from the cool mist hanging over the low waves, and it felt nice in his throat. But Forest Song is my alter. You just... I guess you simply know things, if you allow yourself. A touch of magic, that little we all have, and a bit of awareness, and you can simply become one with whichever alter is yours. It's a skill any can learn, even those that don't come directly from an alter.

He shrugged and stretched, relaxing in the cool air. It felt nice to him; his home was typically a little on the warm side.

In all honesty, I didn't come out here by choice to begin with. I wasn't exactly looking to socialize; it was my bonded's idea. Now I have to admit she was right. You've been interesting, and you showed me a few moves back there on that slope. I'll have to try that trick you did with your tail, letting it drag a little to use as a rudder in the mud.

Glancing down at her hoof and taking in her stance, he let a small smile slip out as he added One day we'll have to have that rematch. And it looks like it may be some day soon; you're already moving better. What has you out this way, anyhow? It couldn't be just to buck in circles and twist a hock. You hoping for anything in particular or just needed to get out for a while?

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:36 am
by Keira
Offering a small chuckle she shook her head "No, I certainly had not been planning on that. I was out just getting out some energy. I had spent a good deal of time with some new bondeds and was feeling a little claustrophobic." Even as she said it Bite felt the slightest pang of guilt. She really had been loving the time she was spending there but the need to be out in the open had been building and she knew she'd need some good controlled activity in order to not start going buck wild.

Usually she had been able to sneak out to one place or another without too much fuss, run and frolic and be back home before running in to someone or them noticing too much that she was gone. Keira liked to encourage her to go out and be social but Bite had to admit that she just didn't do well socially. 'Socially awkward' is what she liked to refer to herself as and as a result it meant that on the rare occasion she did interact with someone, it was a bit tense for her.

Once, as a foal, she had wanted to be around others constantly. But, as oft would happen, as her innocence left her she had become slightly jaded and couldn't help but notice that many others tended to steer clear of her. It was most likely nothing personal but it stung none the less and in a fit of rebellion and 'I don't need anyone' attitude she had retreated to herself. Maybe things had changed though.

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:08 pm
by Songhue
Thorn smirked; this dense forest wasn't exactly a great option for someone that was feeling claustrophobic. Then again, one might think that his company would be equally abrasive, as it was the companionship of bondmates that had first driven her off. Maybe what she'd really needed was a new face.

Believe it or not I know a few other tricks besides daredevil sliding, he whickered. Or maybe it's your turn; you do know of a more interesting way of getting out extra energy, don't you? I've still got plenty of energy if you do.

He took another sip from the stream before plunging his head in and lifting his face, shaking water droplets all the way down his neck. He'd felt tense and restless himself for a while, a strange sort of discontentment; as if his skin were getting too tight. It had eased while he'd been out though; maybe he was the one who'd needed a new face.

He'd be hard pressed to admit it to her, but his bonded had been right. He was even grateful for it.

In an ironic way, he could only admit to the tight sourness that had plagued him now that it had begun to dissipate. For all his efforts to exhaust himself at home none of it had worked. Maybe he'd just felt trapped, though he couldn't say why that may be.

Though he had a few ideas on how he could take this 'solution' and run with it. He wasn't sociable, couldn't see what could possibly make him that way, but if he needed different faces and a chance to explore then he knew just how he'd use that.

After he played with Bite. He was enjoying himself too much at the moment.

Actually, I doubt we'll get a chance to show each other everything today. It'd be good to see you again - get in that rematch if nothing else.

Plus, he just liked her.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:04 pm
by Keira
OOC: my posts will probably be small since some of my keys don't work and I need to search/copy/paste to do it. Note tere wont be quotations used because my lappy sucks

BIC: Bite smiled. Thorn was so much fun to be around and it was so easy too. Unsure of anything else to do to besides run she decided to leave it up to him.

Well I usually just run but I'm definitely up for something else if you have another fun activity. My le seems to be almost better so I think if we wait just a little bit longer ill be ready to go.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 7:24 pm
by Songhue
He looked around as she spoke of feeling better, glancing through this strange forest for ideas. It wasn't at all like his own; his was a winter woods, nearly bare and hauntingly forbidding. Bats and eerie spirits were equally plentiful and the plants were just as likely to scratch and stab as they were to nourish.

He was also a rather forbidding stallion, so it suited; while he'd enjoyed the race and had kept his honor by making sure she wasn't going to die, what little honor there was left to him at any rate, he hadn't honestly revealed much of anything. Attempting to converse had been difficult; even now he found his mind shifting out of polite social standards.

Bringing his mind back to focus he felt an idea begin to form as he considered the various things he did in his barren, haunted wood. She'd mentioned running; he'd done plenty of running. Sometimes he fled curses, bats, and faceless nightmares. Sometimes he'd chased them.

The actual practice was probably far too dark for her - he didn't think she was as much a friend with fear as he was. In an odd way she seemed almost innocent. But he could make a spin off of the event, at any rate, and perhaps she could remain interesting.

I know a game that's similar to tag, he said, his voice as mild as ever, except you can't see who's "it." I'll shadow you, try and tag you, but you won't see me through the trees.

It didn't sound at all morbid when he put it that way.

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