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Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 12:46 am
by Keira
She studied him for a second before answering "Well I'll give it a try. If I find its not challenge enough I may have to come up with something for you to take on" she said giving a hint of what some would call a smile and showing just enough of her fangs to make them noticable.

Falling in step behind him she quickly caught up to walk beside. She was not the type to follow behind.

"My name is Bite" she told him with another of those 'almost' smiles.

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 8:50 am
by Songhue
She was kidding, surely. Bite? It was too perfect.

Then again, look at his name with his crest of spikes.

It will be.

He was watching her, judging her movements based on how she moved and the balance seen in her steps. She seemed agile enough and he couldn't find any sign of imbalance. Perhaps she was worthy of the rougher slopes; then again, she certainly seemed to think so. What did he care if she broke her neck, really?

He would have to warn her, at least. His sense of honor demanded it.

The mud near the falls makes a good place to skid headlong down what can either be a near vertical slope or a softer one for someone who don't know what they're doing yet. You wind up racing a land slide and being spilled onto half frozen water. If you can get that far without falling on your face, you'll be sweating in spite of the chill.

If she was warmblooded she'd be sweating.

Think you can handle that? You can always find something tamer if it's too much for you. I'm going to be going down the vertical edge, myself.

He flicked his tail here, half hoping for another little lift of her mouth. It was rather cute, the way just the tips of her fangs would show.

Although he hoped she wouldn't ask how he knew of this place.

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:26 pm
by Keira
A small smile played on her lips. She couldnt lie to herself, what he was proposing made her nervous to say the least but the thrill of the idea was more overpowering.

"Well I guess we wont know unless we try. Lead the way"

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Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:35 am
by Songhue
It amused him, the way she so willingly invited him to simply lead the way and find out. She was certainly a bold one.

It didn't take long, and he walked in relative silence as they crested the hill and came out to the ragged edge of muddy shores beside towering falls. It was an impressive view, even for him. Not that he appreciated it over-much. Thorn was entirely too detached for any sort of emotional nonsense such as a swelling of meaning to be put behind a good view.

Glancing to the side, he took a moment to gauge the long-legged-wonder's reaction. If she was going to flake, this would be the moment.

I can go first, show you the path and be there to catch you. Or you can go. The choice is yours, Lady Bite.

The moment of truth. Could she do more with that energy than random prancing - control it, contain it, guide every tense and shaking muscle down the face of a rock-strewn slope? Control, keeping hold of the energy screaming through your body even as you exhausted your muscles with the demands of gravity, it did not come easily to everyone.

Yet with her musculature - all long, lean, powerful muscle without an inch of softness - he rather thought she was a worthy opponent.

And it showed in his eyes. The dare, the surety she could handle it, the automatic confidence in her undiscovered abilities. She had a newness to her - a certain fresh way she seemed to view things, given away by the tilt of her eyes and the twitch of her ears. Things interested her, still.

They wouldn't for long. Until he stopped seeing that curious observation in her, he could enjoy watching her come into her own once again. She would be an interesting mare. Too interesting for him, perhaps. He was, after all, merely a long-legged prickly-bush named Thorn.

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:24 pm
by Keira
Bite smiled as he led the way. She wasnt sure if it was wise to be making new aquaintances when she wasn't even sure who she was at the moment. She had blocked out the trauma caused by being abandoned and as a result she was afraid she had also lost herself. The invitation to get some energy out adn discover if she enjoyed certain activities was far to appealing to though and she matched his stride, falling in to step at his side.

"Its good to meet you Thorn" she replied calmly "it should be interesting to see what I make of these falls."

Re: Restless Energy *open*

PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:29 pm
by Songhue
He nodded, taking her response in stride - and why not? She was interested to see what she would make of it. So was he.

So, without further input he simply dove down the sheer face of the rocky cliffs, skipping slightly as the stones bumped his hooves as he slid through the mud created by the mist of the falls. She hadn't answered on preference, and he was looking forward to it, so he simply went.

He chose the most challenging slope, of course, the steepest incline. There were a fair fewer things to avoid, but it meant much higher speeds and a lot more difficulty controlling his movements - critters like him weren't meant to move at a nearly vertical angle.

The real dangers were the things unseen - stones embedded in the mud, or twigs that could cut a hide going at such speeds. Because of that form was vital - he had to keep his rear slightly lifted, straining his leg muscles in the process. His hooves were constantly shifting around, and he tried to remain as light on them as possible while skidding down in a near-sit. Too much weight on a single hoof when caught by a deeply rooted stone could send him tumbling enough to break his fool neck.

He kept his tail high, ears so far forward and focused that it was rather ridiculous looking, and after mere seconds he reached the bottom - at which point he literally had to leap into the air to keep from stumbling onto his face, landing at a fast canter before he managed to slow enough to turn around.

So, he called up, heart pounding and sides heaving from the exertion of holding every ounce of his body under strict control, You coming?