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Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 10:37 am
by Aria
OOC| Ok Vineda, it's time we got our Serians together! Hope you don't mind the one I picked! :heart:

BIC| Flux was ready for a change of scenery. She felt feisty today, and was in need of another adventure. Her heart begged for a change in routine. Perhaps we could have a little elevated blood pressure and heart rate today? I need some exercise, her heart seemed to say.

She trotted through the fields, with a slight bounce to her step, and headed towards the forest. The coolness of the breeze finally flowing through her mane and tail only teased her. She began to canter, craving more excitement. Then, as if a new energy burst inside her, galloping took over. She hadn't had a good run in a long time, and now realized how much her body needed to stretch its limbs every now and then.

She reached the forest, and bolted inside, not even checking if the coast was clear. She leaped over logs and bushes, running as fast as she could through the trees. She even welcomed the slight sting that sharp branches brought as they scraped her on her way by. She felt truly alive, and it felt wonderful.

Over a section of thick brush was a shallow river, and Flux didn't see it until she had leaped over the brush and landed in it with a skid and a splash. Unintentionally, the skid created a huge splash of water that sprayed all over an unsuspecting Serian.

A chestnut colored Serian had been innocently sipping the fresh river water. He had a gorgeous grassy-green mane and matching tail, and deep blood red horns and hooves. Fawn-like green speckles dotted his hips, and he was more than a sight for sore eyes.

Oh! I am *pant* terribly sorry! Flux apologized, her chest heaving and panting from the run. She hoped she hadn't ruined his day. I didn't see you there... She huffed, and waited for him to completely rip her a new one.


Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 12:39 am
by Vineda
Oak's ears framed his dark carnelian horns as they flicked back and forth in an attentive way as he listened to the forest. Hooves of the same color stepped delicately around whispering roots, his large yet slender frame passing in a dignified way through terrain some would have called quiet. Instead, he found it alive and clamoring with voices and noises, teeming with life and growth. In the supposed solitude he whittled away the morning, until at one point he heard what he could only describe as a ruckus from just across the river.

Being a self-acclaimed forest guardian of sorts, he spun towards the bank, towards the noise rather than away. If there was a chaos in the forest that needed to be sorted...

And the next thing he knew he was tasting, smelling, hearing, feeling, and seeing nothing but water. Don't get him wrong, water was lifegiving, hyrdating, and wonderful. But. This was altogether too much, even for a prank. Of course it was likely one of his bondmates... Shamrock no doubt, but he was going to cheerfully strangle the green beast.

What IS the meaning of this?! He was shaking his head, throwing water droplets from a rather long green forelock, snorting and coughing, and flattening his ears in a combination of irritation and some sort of attempt to clear the water from... well, all over.

As he finally blinked and looked up to glare at the whippersnappering prankster, he was brought up short and made to blink a few times. Definitely not a green lug as he had expected. He glanced around, a bit at a loss as he dripped water all over.

All he could think was that maybe she was running from something... "Are you ok?" He raised his head slightly to look beyond her, to the forest on that side of the river. Not a peep. The forest had indeed gone truly silent for once.

And as he stood there, head high, looking for an adversary, water ran down his horns to plop right between his shoulderblades onto his back. He sighed and gave the mare another glance. Trouble was the word that echoed through his mind.


Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:29 pm
by Aria
Flux thought it would be rude to laugh at Oak's expression. It was highly comical, but she held the laugh back and tried to turn the inevitable smile into a polite one.

Yes, I'm fine! I was just having too much fun running through the trees. Flux's panting finally calmed down, her heart giving a groan in disapproval of the sudden end to the exercise.

My name is Flux. I pray I am not intruding on your peaceful afternoon. This forest is completely new to me. She said, smiling widely and trotting into the water towards him. She stopped halfway, and attempted a curtsy, but the water was too high for a complete bow. So she awkwardly knelt forward, let the water splash on her chin, and straighten up again.

Flux's eyes darted to a butterfly randomly fluttering around Oak's feet, and then back to his bright red eyes.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 1:21 pm
by Vineda
The smile was a bit too wide for him not to know better. She was almost certainly laughing at him, not that he could blame her. He continued to drip as he wondered awkwardly what to do. Most who found his company sought it on purpose, but this clearly was another situation entirely. Red eyes squinted at her, sizing her up a bit. She seemed... shadowy. Yet not. And she was outgoing, but clearly would be able to hold her own in a scuffle if muscle tone were any indication. What was he to do with such company?

It was his turn to grin as she knelt, though he had to admire the grace that allowed her to maneuver in such a way and not be keeled over by the current. It was a bit rare these days, to receive such a formal and respectful greeting. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Flux. I am known as Oak." It seemed inadequate, standing here upon the bank while she stood halfway through the river. He waded in towards her, figuring he was already drenched anyhow. A few strides away, he lowered his own head to just above the water in a return bow.

Standing now in the water, his dripping had slowed considerably but was now audible as the drops fell back to the water they'd started in. He faced the mare, unsure of what she had in mind. "What uh... What brings you out this far into the forest?" He avoided answering her statement directly. It was certainly an interruption, and it had been peaceful... Sounds began to pick up again, the chattering of birds and animals, drone of insects drawn to the water, the laughing of the river as it proceeded on its merry chase downstream.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Tue May 15, 2012 4:16 pm
by Aria
There was a quick flash of skepticism in his expression but then it vanished, and he squinted at her for a minute. She felt slightly vulnerable suddenly, like he could read her thoughts of humor towards him.

He took a few steps into the river towards her, which she found admirable. Not only did he choose to stay and befriend the Serian who splashed him in the face, he chose to step out into the river to approach her closer. He seemed to have no fear of the unknown. Her heart warmed to him instantly as he lowered his head and bowed in return.

Umm, she spoke in a higher regiment than usual, I wasn't really headed anywhere in particular. Just exploring I suppose. I needed a new surrounding, a new scent in my nostrils.

She took a look around, to the left and to the right. Although now that I've stumbled upon this forest, I must say it's one of the more beautiful places I've seen. She happily trotted in a circle, splashing up shallow ripples with her hooves. She normally wasn't this giddy, or even this pleasant to be around, but the fresh scent of nature and life must have awakened the filly in her.

So, are you the guardian of this forest or something? Flux teased, coming to a halt in front of him once more. You showed no fear or hesitation upon approaching me. She smiled politely, and hoped he caught the playfulness in her eyes.

Re: Unexpected Friendship

PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2012 5:31 pm
by Vineda
Hooves shifting restlessly, the stallion found a stone to push around and fiddle with on the bottom of the riverbed. Nervous habit, he noted with an inward sigh. He thought of Shamrock again, the most social of their bond family. If he were here he would probably stick with the humor and the jokes. Oak let his knees bend again and momentarily dunked himself in the water, allowing it to flow over his back and neck and re-wetting this mane and tail.

She watched him, almost expectantly, analyzing. He must've passed the test, for her features softened a bit and he held his head higher in a slightly pleased way. This forest is special to me, one of my favorites. Many oaks here, so it might surprise you that I like it so much. Little did he know his grin was rather lopsided. Any guardianship on my part is voluntary and due to my own particular interests. Of course, after he explained himself the playful tone she used dawned on him.

Anyhow. Is the forest what you were looking for, then? Does it have a new scent? Enough excitement? He quirked an eyebrow at her for a moment, then tilted his head towards upriver. Would you like to wade some? Or would you rather not soak? He shook himself then, from head to tail like a dog, sending droplets flying in every direction and looking to meet her aqua eyes with a laughing grin.