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Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:29 pm
by Songhue
Shiro whickered; he couldn't help it. This Sunspot was incredibly odd!

What a random question! I wouldn't dream of sassing her, however, so I haven't a clue. Most of my time with her is spent sharing in the love of our respective mates, usually without words. It's a very comforting energy exchange.

Caustic held his peace, but he was again looking at Sunspot. And not looking away.

I think it's getting lighter up ahead. I heard of one water game, a sort of... Marco Polo, I think it was called? It was one of the first games a Bond-Mate of mine played, mentioned in the story of how she first met her own mate.

He wasn't entirely clear on the rules, but he was looking forward to trying; and seeing what all the ocean would involve.

Caustic was still staring at Sunspot after his odd question.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:41 pm
by Sethelu
Sunspot felt his other ear twitch back as he glanced at Caustic. The way he was staring at him was making him nervous. He thought about what Shiro had said. He'd heard of that game. Someone is chosen to be it and they close their eyes and say marco. The other players say polo and the one who's it tries to find the others. It sounded like fun. He glanced at Caustic again. Why was he staring at him? He wanted to know but he was too afraid to ask. So he just kept walking, his head hanging down a little. 'Hopefully he'll stop.' For some reason, he doubted it.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:05 pm
by Songhue
Silence now; not even a question as to how his bond-mate met their mate or even who they were. This was an odd stallion indeed.

Caustic was beginning to think that whoever this Sunspot really was, he was shaping up into fairly poor company. He moved so little, gave very few indications of social body language, and offered even less in conversation at the moment. His own thoughts, his own consideration of how unsocialized this vibrant red stallion was, would show in some form or another; the tilt of an ear, high high or smooth his steps were, the distance he kept from the other compared to Shiro. Sunspot seemed to simply... Be there. Though his head was lowered a little under his cutting gaze, a fact he slightly approved of. Perhaps he could break this one into something more acceptable, as he had others before him.

Between Caustic's heavy gaze and Sunspot's sudden withdrawal, Shiro found himself looking back and forth between the pair in mild bewilderment. This felt like another kind of intrusion, one where a stallion such as himself was unwelcome. Glancing ahead, he spotted a small bit of sand edging in towards the rough stone that made up the ground in this break between the peaks.

With a few hasty steps he trotted forward and started searching for shells, although he had no idea what they might look like. He did know that searching for seashells was something his bond-mate Tribe had mentioned in passing, however, when she told of the different treasures she uncovered in her vast wanderings.

Caustic continued to gaze at Sunspot while Shiro began nosing through the sand - early, he knew, but one could hardly fault the fellow for being curious.

You've never seen a beach before either, he observed, and took a half a step closer as he spoke. He had an interest in this odd, socially deprived, broken stallion now. There was something cracked within the bright colored Serian, something which appealed to the darkness within Caustic.

Shiro lifted his head enough to enjoy a mild breeze, the unique smell of the sea tugging a grin from him. It was strange and yet at the same time he found it seemed friendly. He could easily picture taking a companionable stroll with someone here, much as he had often strolled with Flint through the sands of his desert home. The combination of sun and sea-salt was far too appealing.

They were close now.

You're timid. Something has taught you fear.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 5:31 pm
by Sethelu
Sunspot swallowed and moved one of his hooves back when Caustic stepped closer. He wasn't scared anymore; he was terrified! His knees started to tremble as he whispered a tiny yes. He wasn't sure what had taught him fear as Caustic had said, but he felt it flowing through his veins making him feel cold and making his heart race. Adrenalin pumped in his ears as he unconsciously prepared himself to run. His breathing grew heavier and his eyes widened slightly. His mind was clouded with fear so he couldn't think of a coherent sentence even if he wanted to. He kept his eyes glued on Caustic, waiting for what would happen next.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:49 pm
by Songhue
Oh yes, this one knew fear. This was the first sign of any real depth he had seen in Sunspot - not that he had known them all that long.

Don't run. His voice was sharp, harsh, a mental slap. The signs were there; now to see if Sunspot could rise above his own preconceived notions of rather or not he would be able to resist. This one had an image of himself, a sense of self identity, although it seemed rather thin. He was far too easy to crack.

If you run I will catch you. You do not want to run.

Shiro had finally found a shell, although he had no idea what to make of it. It was pretty though, a soft inner veil of pink fading into the creamy sand tones of the outer shell. He sniffed at it and with a shrug turned back to the others.

You see yourself as one that would flee. But you won't, not this time.

It was nearly a command; and a tone Shiro knew perfectly well. This, at least, he was familiar with.

Shall we step into the water? He motioned with his head, indicating the end of the passage. The water was glinting brightly and caused Caustic no small amount of displeasure as it flashed into his two-tone eyes, and yet for some reason a hard smile curved his lips.

Yes, he murmured, cutting his gaze back to Sunspot, We should go in the water. I think this Marco Polo game you mentioned will prove to be... Interesting.

Shiro tilted his ears and gave his Bond-Mate a considering look for a moment; Caustic had something in mind. With a flick of his tail and complacent whicker, he turned and waded up to his flank into the cool, pulsing mass of liquid, tossing his mane at the strange sensation. This felt nothing like a gentle rain.

Caustic was right behind each of them, however, herding them deeper, crowding them further into the waves with his overbearing presence. Shiro kept walking, glancing back to see if Sunspot would allow himself to be maneuvered into the sea.

Oh, yes. Their new friend had certainly captured Caustic's interest.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:55 pm
by Sethelu
He winced after every sentence that left Caustic's mouth. He really wanted to run, but was afraid of being caught when he did. He walked in the water, hardly noticing the cold. He tried to stop a few feet in but Caustic kept herding them deeper. He closed his eyes and felt his body go numb. He obviously wasn't in control of his body anymore. Caustic was.