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Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:28 pm
by Songhue
They made the strangest pair. The vibrantly white stallion with soft pink wings - Shiro, known by his bondmates as Sushi - and sheer black stud - Caustic, known by the others as Death - were so unlike one another that they were nearly polar opposites.

Caustic was the strongest (and by far the cruelest) of their bond-herd. He took it upon himself to look after and protect the others, acting as a sort of body guard towards those he counting as friends - or as close as he got to having a friend, in that he was rather fond of them. Shiro, on the other hoof, was at the lowest end of the power totem in their group; the most submissive, passive, soft-souled Serian among them, he had none under him that he would watch over and play big brother to. Caustic was of the Deep Shadows, while the romantic beside him was a complete enigma.

Even his name was weird, according to the way Caustic thought.

And yet here they were, stumbling over the rocky and rather dead stones at the foothills of the mountains. They were near the eastern shoreline so just beyond this ridge was a great ocean. The sea air left a hot, wet feel to their coats and caused a slight sizzling to dance along Caustic's fur as the humidity interacted with the acidic residue that coated him. Much to his surprise, Shiro had been rather silent during their trek.

Are you well?

Oh yes, I'm fine, Shiro grinned, and gave a quick little whicker to prove it. I'm simply watching you. I enjoy learning to read others, anticipate their desires.

Oh yes, they were an odd pair alright. Yet it worked; Shiro was perfectly comfortable around the lead stallion, and Caustic was tolerating all the sun that chased long shadows over the hills fairly well. Who else could make a good friend to an overly dominant Warrior with a killing two-tone gaze than a truly submissive and entirely accepting Serian?

Few knew that of Shiro, of course. They knew he was happy, that he was romantic and never met anyone that he couldn't be instant friends with, but Caustic knew. Caustic had even helped him explore the darker natures of his will or perhaps even his need to submit; and then shown Flint how to properly handle him. There were a few soft bruises fading upon Shiro's hide, bruises that had made the white stallion smile as he recieved them.

Caustic merely shook his head and continued on, not the least bit put off at the prospect of being watched. He was hard to read, so let the other look; it wouldn't get him anywhere.

And there was a lake not far from here that he wanted to reach; a sip of the fresh melted snow waters that ran down the mountain peaks would be welcome.

Shiro was hoping for grass himself. It had been a while since they had seen any real sign of life in the rocky craigs of these mountainous lowlands; he was hungry and the repeating mounds of stone were beginning to grow monotonous. This was too barren for him, although it was the wisest path to take with Caustic and his deadly aura accompanying him.

Ah, there; the water, just ahead of them. He caught a glint of the sun shining off the cool surface through a dip in the stones.

Shiro took the lead then, blocking the worst of the glare for the light-sensitive Warrior as they drew closer. Sweet relief was so close they could almost taste it.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:33 pm
by Sethelu
Sunspot bent and took a sip from the lake he had stumbled upon. He had decided to go explore today because he had just realized how little he knew of this place. He was about to move on when he saw someone coming up the path. It was a white stallion with pink wings and a horn to match them and based on that symbol on his flank, this was Shiro, and he was bonded to Songhue. He was about to call out a greeting, when he noticed that Shiro wasn't alone. Accompanying him was a deep black stallion with flames on his hooves and he looked like he was covered in acid. He guessed that it was Caustic and quickly decided that he didn't want to stay around and check. With a small squeak of fear he hid behind a nearby tree, waiting for them to pass on and hoping that they don't notice him. Suddenly a small light flashed beside him and he saw his Bonded hanging upside down from a branch of the tree he was hiding behind.

What are you doing? She asked him irritably.

Saving my flank, now fluff off! he replied just as irritably. Her eyes flashed dangerously and she flew around and kicked him out from behind the tree. He yelped as he landed face first in the dirt. He looked up just in time to see her fly off somewhere. Then, remembering his current predicament, he turned to face them, fearing what would happen next.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:45 pm
by Songhue
To say having someone fall flat on their face at your hooves was a surprise would be to state the obvious. Still, Shiro recovered in a fairly decent manner, quickly dipping his head to grin at this stranger with a friendly whicker.

Oh dear, you didn't hurt yourself did you?

Meanwhile, Caustic cast a single, dismissive look at the new meat and then walked around the both of them to take a deep drink of water. Whoever it was didn't really concern him.

I'm Shiro Suisei, the winged wonder continued as he moved closer in case this other needed help up, And that's Caustic getting himself a drink. What brings you out this way?

Privacy, like us, more than likely, Caustic intoned. It was a hint to leave well enough alone, though not one that Shiro intended to heed. He might have from his mate, but the glimmeringly white stallion was simply friendly by nature.

Would you care to walk with us a ways? I was hoping to wander over to the sea, now that my meeting with Sir Acid has ended.

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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:21 am
by Sethelu
He couldn't help but give a small whicker when Shiro called Caustic Sir Acid. He stood up and gave him a friendly smile.

No, i'm not hurt. My name's Sunspot. he answered his ears pointing forward and his stance relaxing.I was just exploring, and I'd be happy to join you. He looked like a fun stallion and was really friendly. He glanced nervously at Caustic. He hoped that Caustic would ignore him for the most part. That stallion is scary!

I think I met one of your bond-mates the other day. A pretty green mare named Frolic. Is she doing well? he asked, hoping his friend was alright.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:10 pm
by Songhue
That got Caustic's attention.

How do you know Frolic is a bond-mate of ours?

His tone was low with warning, eyes narrowing as he took a closer look at this Sunspot fellow. No noticeable weapons, outside the usual teeth and hooves. Fairly decent build, slightly lanky legs. Violently bright colors. Physically he had the potential to be at least a fairly decent fighter, yet he didn't move like one. Caustic doubted he knew much about fighting at all, if his stance and sense of balance was anything to go by.

With that one measuring look the entirety of Sunspot's physical self was taken into account and dismissed. It seemed that Path could easily lick this one, or even Thorn for that matter. Sign and Shiro would have trouble, but Frolic would cream him if he gave her any trouble.

It's been a fair few moonturns since I've seen her, so you may know better than we would, Shiro answered, pretending there wasn't a warrior with a little too much interest standing nearby. Last I heard she wished to explore, much as you were.

He paused here to rip up a mouthful of the sweet grass that grew around the little pond; it was as expected, where there was water there was also food. Mmmm. The grasses here were different than home and seemed particularly full with the bite of juices.

Maybe we'll come across her on our wanderings, he said brightly, lifting his head and looking towards the sun - still to the East, so it was fairly early in the day as of yet. Only way to find out is to see what's around! How far do you think the sea is? I haven't seen a proper ocean before.

Caustic gave a derisive snort here. They had two sea-faring bond-mates and yet Shiro hadn't ever manged to visit their seaside homes. He wasn't a dominant like Caustic, though, and didn't make it a habit to 'make the rounds' of everyone's lands to gain status reports. But more than that, Shiro hadn't visited because there was nothing he could do to help either of the separate issues the two mares suffered. He went where he was openly welcomed or even needed; to visit their sea homes would seem an intrusion.

Shiro glanced over and gave his tail a quick flick, a small frown curving his face for a moment. Caustic disapproved? Of what, wanting to see the ocean?

At least you've seen the mountains. If you wish for a seaside journey we won't climb them; you can wander the peaks later. Come, there is a pass between two just here; the shadows are deeper ahead to the right.

Shrugging, Shiro grinned at Sunspot and motioned with his head, grabbing one last mouthful of grass before starting in the proper direction. Who knows what we may find on the way, or even when we get there. Perhaps even more company, he encouraged.

Even more company that you inexplicably know already, Caustic added. His tone was as his name; frankly caustic.

Re: Walking Shadows {Open}

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:38 pm
by Sethelu
Sunspot flinched and his ears flicked back in fear. The way Caustic was looking at him made him nervous. He shook himself and walked in the direction of the path aforementioned.

When Frolic and I were walking I asked her about her bond-mates, just making conversation, and she told me about you Caustic. he said to them. I hope we do come across her again. I want a rematch on our riddle challenge. He smiled fondly at the idea his ears flicking forward again at the thought of his friend. He was also happy that she was exploring as well and he hoped that if they did cross paths again that she would be as happy to see him as he would to see her.