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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 2:09 pm
by Sethelu
OOC| They mean well.

BIC| There a slight rumbling in the distance, the trees shaking as the disturbance moved closer. The disturbance quickly revealed itself to be five serians; one red named Sunspot, one puzzled blue named Paint, one black and brown with a spiked collar named BlackThorn, one with butterfly wings named SilentDance, and one orange named Pumpkin.

Paint jumped forward and sang The fuuun has arriiiiveduh!~ Thank you very much! while striking a pose. BlackThorn laughed while Sunspot came forward and mussed Paint's mane. Sunspot looked over towards a green mare with blue stripes and trotted in that direction, BlackThorn following closely behind. Pumpkin saw a not quite grown colt that had the lookings of a forest song and thought she'd try to strike up a conversation. SilentDance started wandering anywhere, drifting from place to place like a butterfly.

Paint just stood there awkwardly after his introductory spectacle. He didn't know any of these serians. Before he would have trotted up to any of them and started the introductions, but after BlackThorn.... Paint shook his head clear of the bad memories. He felt a gentle nudge on his shoulder and looked up to see, lo and behold, Fah'liken of all creatures. The thunder horse had originally bonded with the bat, but she was like a mother to all of them now. Paint had no idea how or when she'd gotten there, but he was happy to see her just the same. She smiled softly and said in her smooth, tinkling voice Why don't you try that little group of three over there. as she tossed her head in their general direction. As mothers have that way of doing, it sounded like a question, but it wasn't a suggestion.

She flashed him a reassuring smile, and he began to walk towards a slim golden mare, a purple and blue stallion that reminded him of Sunspot for some reason, and a small blue mare. He perked up when he realized the blue mare was Sacred Sea, just like him. He came forward and with a smile said Hello. I'm one of your 'cousins', Paint. It's nice to meet you.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:11 am
by Songhue
Very few looked 'round as Paint made his declaration, noting mostly a new voice more than anything; there were a few others in the group who were rather silly themselves. Frolic hadn't been one of them, however, so as Sunspot approached she looked at him with both surprise and joy.

And where have you been hiding yourself? she asked, reaching forward to greet him with a happy nudge. Last I saw you we were both trying to figure out how to recreate who we wanted to be. I was right, in a way; I had to rediscover my family to find peace. What's happened to put that confident lift in your step?

She glanced at the stranger who had followed at that point and added Oh, I'm Frolic, by the way. Sunny shares some of the lands in my home, so we got to know each other pretty well for a little while.


Darroch hadn't taken any notice of the strangers; he'd been meditating, considering what it would be like to live his whole life upside down. After all, there were hanging mosses and vines that spent their lives growing down rather than up; and that blasted filly would hang upside down at most opportunities, for no reason other than she had the energy to spare.

And then there was something orange right by his nose.

She was pretty - tiny and svelte, with gorgeous wings twice her size. And even though her hooves were as still as roots, he noticed she wasn't ever quite still. She reminded him of sunflowers, or maybe of strawberries; they shifted around all the time as they grew.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to try and drink upside down? he asked, noting all of this with only one small corner in the back of his mind. He was on a mission, after all; what must it be like to have to worry about too much water flowing through the plant as it dove into the roots? Most of them had to pull their drinks upwards.


It was Shiro who bounced up to the wandering SilentDance, leaving a quick peck on his lover's cheek before dashing off. He didn't know this one, but she looked remarkable and he just had to know - Hel-lo gorgeous! You simply must tell me how you keep such a glorious shine in your coat! I haven't a chance, pale as I am, but oh! Just look at you!

Flint laughed quietly and followed close behind, nipping playfully at Shiro's flank before saying He gets this way sometimes; I call it his over-happy. I'm Flint, and this is Shiro. What brings you here?


Sparkle watched the stranger approach, though Sign and Path were deep in discussion about the play of light through water, which he was guilty of starting if he was to be honest. There had been a moment of hesitation, a sign of uncertainty that countered the boisterous fun of speaking in a sing-song.

Someone had hurt that one.

He didn't say anything, remembering his own days of running from the dark by forcing joy. Instead, he offered a small smile and waited, letting the other make his own time as he came over and half-listening as Sign talked about the diluting effect water could have; sunlight never penetrated very far.

He'd let this other make the first move; it would be a while before the mares noticed anything.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:42 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny's grin only widened at seeing how happy his friend had become. He really needed to visit her more often. I've been raising this little trouble maker he said while giving BlackThorn an affectionate bump. That's actually helped me gain confidence. You can't be submissive when you're a parent. You have to be in charge and in control. Getting back into the role of father helped me get back some of the stallion I was. So in a way, we needed the same thing to finish healing he finished with a signature Sunny grin.

BlackThorn blushed and looked down, embarrassed about the way he had acted before Caustic had talked to him. He had taken to following Sunny around because he was just so fatherly! He had soon become BlackThorn's role model. Despite his nickname of kid, he knew he wasn't one. It was easy to pretend given his height, or lack-there-of. The bat had been telling him lately that behavior like that wasn't healthy, and that if things went well between her and Caustic she would request a meeting with BlackThorn. He didn't want to see that stallion. Things didn't end on a good note, and he was afraid of what the stallion would do to him if they met up again. He quickly shook away those thoughts just in time to hear Frolic's introduction. I'm BlackThorn, but everyone calls me kid. It's nice to meet you he said with a cautious smile.


She smiled at the strange question. Actually, yes. My bonded does it often, and I wonder how she can stand straining her throat like that when she swallows. Her body isn't made to fight gravity like plants are she said with a thoughtful look. Her bonded was really quite lovely. A little strange and distant at times, but she was taking pretty good care of everyone. Her new herd was nice, too. Everyone was like a family, and if you're a friend of one you're a friend of everyone. She wondered if these 'cousins' were the same way. She smiled at him gently before whispering Why do you ask?


SilentDance chuckled at the two newcomers. They were as different as Sirensong and herself, but they were obviously close. Cherry blossoms in my bath she said before flapping her wings gently. To Flint she said Bondmates. 'Cousins' and moved closer to give both an affectionate cheek brush. She smiled a tad bashfully and explained Don't talk much while swaying a little. She hoped her eccentric way of communication didn't frustrate them. Then all three of them would be sad. Except Shiro. She didn't think anything could upset him.


Paint saw the stallion looking and him and wondered why they hadn't said anything back. Were they ignoring him? No, the stallion was looking right at him. Did he forget to speak? He might have. He caught the Sacred Sea talking about the diluting effects of water on light, and grinned because this was something he knew. She's got a point. But that depends on how clean and clear the water is. If it's dirtier than light won't travel as far as it would in clean water. But if it's deep enough, no matter how clean it is the bottom would still be pitch black he finished, looking around for approval, or at least someone to tell him he's wrong.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:21 am
by Songhue
Frolic glanced between the pair and had to grin. Helping others can heal us as much as them, she reflected, and stretched languidly. Everyone calls me Tigerlily, Kid, so I can see how names can switch how you think. I've found myself to lounging in beds of moss and petals lately, a distinct counterpount to being so good at fighting.

She glanced back at herself here, observing her stout frame and the many deadly spikes that kissed her hocks and hooves. It amused her, really, to be so fierce and delicate at the same time.

How have your days passed? In sunlight and frolicking games?


The plants, he said brightly, and offered the stranger a warm smile, That was it exactly. Most plants drink upward, but the hanging vines and ivy have the water go backwards. I am Darroch, by the way, known as OakHeart of the strange thoughts. His grin grew charmingly crooked as he added I often muse over such things.


Brilliant! Shiro cried, leaning forward and returning the gentle nudge of affection, I must try it some time; if nothing else, you have a marvelous scent. Do be a dear and flip those wings again?

We don't have to talk, Flint added with a hint of a smile, Shiro handles most of the words for me.

And to demonstrate he ducked his head and reached to nudge her shoulder, telling her with signals alone that they were indeed cousins; and she was now taken under his care.


When he looked confused, Sparkle was given pause; then he realized that the other stallion must have spoken before and he'd simply missed it. He was known to space out from time to time, but he had the feeling that the mares had distracted him at a crucial moment. He felt bad for it, not wanting to have offended or hurt the stranger.

Oh, Sign's waters are ever as clear as sky, Path noted with a twinkle in her eye.

I don't like not being able to see, Sign added softly, and though she offered a gentle smile there was real terror in her gaze.

We all have our little ticks, Sparkle said gently, and then offered the stranger a welcoming grin as he added I'm Sparkle, and this is Path and Sign. We must have missed your name, though as you know at least a little something about the different tones of water you must be some sort of sea traveler like Gyp-Tribe.

Sign grinned at his slip up, though it was Path who said We all of us hold a secondname, as a proper name doth retain a kind of power. It is perhaps an odd practice of our Bonded, and yet all of us share in it. Yon Bondmates hath granted unto me the title of SunDancer.

They call me the Siren, Sign added with a timid grin - her voice was gentle, but he would have to hear her sing before he really saw how she'd earned the name.

Firefly, Sparkle noted with no small amount of mirth, though our secondnames have grown into a title of love, mostly used by those closest to us.

'Tis an oddity of amusement in which the ways such a thing may morph unto a life of its own, Path noted with wry humor, and let slip a subtle wink as Sign grinned again. Sparkle didn't know what the little blue one found worth smiling for, but hey, he wasn't a mare either.

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by Sethelu
BlackThorn's head snapped up in alarm, ears perked at attention. How did she know what he was thinking? He didn't have much time to ponder that as her encouraging words filtered in. Wow, she sure is kind, he thought as a look of admiration flashed over his face. He started wondering if he could start visiting her more often after this- just in time for Sunny to say I know that look. If you're not careful Frolic, you'll become his female role model, with a joking grin, flashing BlackThorn a wink. BlackThorn just scowled at the ground in reply.

Sunny laughed and turned back to his friend. Yes, actually. My bondmates and I often have meetings like this and some of us play a game while others chat or watch the game. I'd say things have never been better, he answered with a smile so bright that combined with his sunny personality it would have made any Deep Shadows run into a cave for a cool down. How's your family doing? Everyone alright? he asked with a slight protective edge beneath his voice. There is a reason he has a Rogue as a mate after all.


Pumpkin grinned and settled beside Darroch. I often sit and listen to what the plants say. Hydrangeas have an interesting look on life, and tulips sing the sweetest songs when watered properly, she responded with a happy sigh. She thought for a moment before saying If you have any questions for the plants, I could ask for you. But I can't guarantee a straight answer. Plants have their own way of communicating, as I'm sure you know, she said with a smile.


SilentDance smiled happily and began gently flapping her wings. She looked gratefully at Flint and tucked her head in, telling him that she appreciates his protection, and that she's submissive so it'll be easy to care for her. Then she looked between the two and tilted her head, silently asking on their relationship.


Paint grinned easily as he got the feel of his new companions. They seemed friendly enough. Sorry, my name's Paint, but many call me Waves as I love running through them so much. He turned to Sign and smiled gently. I understand wanting to see. Before I developed my echolocation properly, I decided to swim into deep waters. I'm still not entirely sure what grabbed me, he said with a little shudder. That was a mistake he made sure to never repeat. Shaking off the memory he smiled at Path excitedly. My Bonded does the same thing. She picked up the habit from your Bonded, not surprising given they share a bloodline. She was changing their relationship so often, he didn't know what else would be safe to say. He looked between the two mares as they shared in their amusement. He couldn't help but agree wholeheartedly.

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by Songhue
He tilted an ear, ever so slightly, as Black Thorn turned his scowl to the dirt. He seemed uncomfortable at the light tease and she could recognize the vulnerability to be found in a creature who was still establishing himself; it was hard and terrifying, choosing who you wanted to be.

Role models can be a good start, she said gently, momentarily ignoring Sunny altogether as she gave Blackie a look she sincerely hoped he would be able to interpret. Mine was, as oft as not, Caustic; he never let me stop fighting, never allowed me to be complacent. I am no Warrior, but I am capable; he would make a point to bring the tiger out in force, from that name of Tigerlily.

Her eyes unfocused here, turning inward to memories only she could see as she murmured My Bonded, as well, did much to heal the insanity that afflicted me. One thing she said I carry still. If you'd care to hear, I can tell it to you, as well.

And then she seemed to almost shake herself out of it, turning her smile back to Sunspot and reaching forward in an effort to companionably touch noses. His sharp concern did warm her; though they were only recently befriended, she found him a fast and true companion. Truly they needed to visit one another more often.

For my Bondherd, such an event is called a Gathering. Oft as not some of us filter in and out at all times, and yet we have been known to conglomerate all at once. It is an interesting tradition, one I admit to being quite fond of; though it does take some getting used to!

She grinned a little wistfully there, thinking how very different her two bondeds were; each so wonderful in their own ways, so deeply loving and accepting, and yet in many aspects quite opposite of one another. It had been a harrowing transition in the midst of everything else; and yet, she found she could regret not a single moment of it.

My family though has luckily never been better. I'm a grandmare now, of all things, and find that it suites me just fine. My foals have grown, but remain my foals even still; and even still I have concerns for them. But, honestly, more than anything I think I simply needed to reconnect with my Mate. Fear on rather our bond managed to last such turbulence wracked me, and it was a sincere relief when it was finally put to rest.

Then she gave a shake of her head and nipped at a random shoulder - she couldn't say whose - and pranced back a playful step. There was, after all, a reason she had been dubbed Frolic.

But now tell me of yours! What has life thrown in the faces of such marvelous studs as these that stand before me, hm?

For some reason, just on the tip of her tongue, the request for a reenactment of some adventure or another hovered; and yet she didn't even know if they had any such things to share with her! She was playful, that much was certain, and though she wouldn't be jumping around for a game of tag she would certainly enjoy a bit more interaction than the sharing of words.


Are you an Elemental as well? he asked, tilting his head curiously as she spoke of conversing with the wilderness. It is quite a marvelous feeling, being able to speak with them in such an intimate way.

He gave that crooked grin again and within an instant a bed of moss and soft-scented blossoms sprang up under her, spreading out to cradle the small, orange mare. The idea of being able to really converse with plants was an interesting one; he worked on the level of energies, influencing them and feeling their needs as much as he felt the needs of the leaves that sprang from his shoulders.

Though to be fair, those were rather thick, fleshy leaves.

I only recently discovered how to alter things in order to create what was never there, he said with a grin, though there was a little strain showing around his eyes. Shifting grass seeds into moss spores and blossom bulbs required a strength of concentrated magic, much more than simply encouraging growth. Then again, it required a great deal less than rearranging entire landscapes.

Speaking of... There was a vague notion of trying to show off for someone else who could appreciate his plants as much as he himself could.

So he grinned that crooked grin, just a touch of cockiness entering around the corners, and with a liquid shimmer the ground ringing the moss patch softened into sand as delicate looking desert blossoms danced up towards the sun.

That honestly did tax the limit of his abilities, but rather than exhausted Darroch felt elated. He always got an active kick out of connecting with nature, and the more intense he was in working his element the deeper he went.

Which do you prefer? he asked with honest curiosity, Lush, damp forestry or the sparse thrill of deserts? They have such variations.


Most would think that with Shiro's bubbly disposition, outgoing smiles and general playfulness that such subtleties would be beyond his ken. Most would be highly mistaken.

He caught what was said without speech easily enough; indeed, it peaked his interest! Flint's offer for protection had been mildly polite, and yet she'd answered with a willingness to defer to his judgement. He'd never met anyone else who was as gentle as himself; and he spent his time trying to be pleasing to everyone.

Most preferred outgoing, so he often came across as bubbly while expressing his general happiness (and for the most part, he was regularly quite happy). Having another who could appreciate the gentleness of soft romancing, however, gave him an extra level of joy that he normally only knew with Flint.

Breathing softly through his nose, the small stallion reached his neck forward and offered a light touch to SilentDance's cheek; it was gentle and intimate, a small gift of love. He was known as the Lover for a reason; he loved everyone, and he was thoroughly enjoying the gentle ways of this quite mare.

Part of him, however, sincerely hoped that he might have finally found someone else to share his life with. Flint wanted more to protect than Shiro by himself, and Shiro himself found that he ached for a kindred spirit to share in that protection. Would she eventually grow that comfortable with them? Is this the mare that could be his heart-match? He hoped most sincerely that, given time, such things might prove to be true. The only other time he had felt such an instant connection had been with Flint, and when they had chosen one another it had been highly cliche. He didn't mind, though; to Shiro, it was just a classic love story.

In that offered touch he offered much more, rather it was perceived or not; he offered that companionship, that understanding, and that affection. He knew what it was to be protected by everyone else; and he knew what it was to always feel outclassed. He was a gentle soul himself; if she wished it, he could be her respite, and she his.

In answer to the silent inquiry offered, Flint moved as well even as Shiro reached forward. Pressing his chest against the smaller stallion's shoulder, the silver stud drew his neck over his Mate's and lipped softly at the soft white ear. Mine, it said, and a fierce spark of protection flashed through his eye; as well as possession. It went deeper than keeping his Mate safe. To his mind, the small stallion belonged to him. Shiro not only didn't seem to mind the possessive embrace, he relaxed into it, tilting his head just enough to let Flint nibble at his ear better.

It was, without a doubt, an odd situation. To their knowledge no others thought of their Mate in quite that manner, nor had they heard of any other stallions pairing up. Thus far, however, Flint had yet to defend the two of them against cruelty from others for these differences; it gladdened him, for he knew that mockery for love (the one thing most precious and held closest to Shiro's heart) would wound his gleamingly pale mate beyond his ability to protect. To have one lash out in such a way would challenge Shiro's deepest beliefs; that no love is wrong, that love itself, as well as the romance needed to spread this love, was sacred and to be shared with everyone. Shiro was loyal to his stallion, but he was a romantic at heart and tried to spread that love wherever he went.

Flint was simpler, much more like his multi-hued desert. Brilliantly unique in his own way, he was still gruff and unwelcoming at a glance; it was only in small moments that his gentleness could be seen by an outsider. For those that knew him well though, just as with those that lived within the sands, there was much more to be seen than a rare pocket of peace.

The desert kept its secrets - and those that belonged to it - well guarded. That simple fact blazed clear and pure as he gave a slight nuzzle of the small stallion's neck and allowed a faint smile as his pale mate gave a happy little shudder.

As he pulled away he looked again at SilentDance, his head tilting just slightly as he motioned towards the others; what of herself? Who loved and protected her, claimed the right to nurture her joy? He didn't want to offend someone by being over-protective of her as it would only start a fight (and though he was certain he could win {Flint was quite arrogant at times} he knew that it would only upset the two gentle-souled creatures). He was already fitting the soft-winged mare into his mind as being another to heighten his awareness with; he was not only taking note of her silent cues, but of where others were in relation to her and her reactions to them. The moment anyone came too close or caused her any amount of discomfort... Well, she wouldn't have to be uncomfortable for very long.

Shiro simply smiled, recognizing the signs. Flint could often relax to the point of fooling others into thinking he was as gentle as the rolling sands of his home; yet when he was actively guarding someone there could be no mistaking that he also held the desert's unyielding ferocity.


He certainly made an impression; all three of them perked their ears, and for a moment they all started speaking at once. They also stopped at exactly the same moment, looked at one another, and burst out laughing.

With a bare hint of a nod, Path motioned for Sparkle to speak first; he was, after all, the Circle leader, although between the two of them she was likely to jump into a fight to protect someone before he was. Sparkle would still be trying to talk things down.

They share a blood line? he asked with a great deal of real interest. We know very little of our bonded; other than that they shared some kind of connection, I wasn't even aware of what linked us all. We have no idea what a Clan consists of, only that she cherishes them. Sometimes it seems that she has the pieces and yet doesn't know how they all fit, herself, so I suppose that's fair, but... Well, it's almost become a game for us, seeing what we can find out. There's a lot she protects us from, and I think that some of that has to do directly with her.

He blinked here, realizing he had babbled on in his explination; but he knew it could seem odd, to pounce upon any mention of information when it came to his own Bonded. Then again, the only reason he felt that she wasn't entirely sure herself was because of the times she would sit with him while he was healing. There was too deep of a kinship there, as if she'd lost something herself; something that, like his previous Bonded, was such a deep part of her that she was still uncertain about what was left.

Is your Bonded more open? he asked with a great deal of curiosity - and as politely as he could, not knowing if he was crossing some sort of line or not. Life is messy and fumbling, a crazy uncertain mess. Does she share that with you, all those times it makes her stumble onto her face?

His didn't; but then, he often felt grateful for it, as much as intrigued. She was always that pillar for them to lean on; always the one for them to turn to, rather than the other way around. Not that they didn't try. Path could sass that odd creature with the best of them, and often as not she got a smile for her efforts.

Path spoke up next, as soon as Sparkle had finished. She knew that each of them held some special magical ability; after all, it ran deep in their blood. And yet...

Echolocation? How came thee to such a talent as this; for surely, had it been a natural ability, thy wouldst nary claim to have a need to develope it. Or is it as an Elemental's ability, ever growing and refining thy talents? My own son doth play even still with experimenting the limits of his magic-born skills, and ever doth it seem that they are fated to grow.

What grabbed at you? Sign added, entirely forgetting about her own scars. Was it something in the waves? I enjoy the smaller ones myself, that tickle my fetlocks.

She smiled here and closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath as if recalling the joy of her little cove. But still, rather large and frolicking or quietly glimmering, the sea ever does breathe with a life and beauty of her own. I can see why you'd race the storm waves; the sea at her most playful! A wonderful sight, and all the more humbling to see her within the throes of her full power. And it certainly seems as if quite a few have splashed upon your coat to permanently mark you!