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Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:12 pm
by Songhue
They looked at each other with that, mildly surprised. It was bonded business for the most part, even if they did know some of it.

It was BlackIce that spoke up. I think it'd be best if you asked your dad about it all, youngling.

The three looked at one another again, almost uncertainly. This wasn't the role of bonded they were used to. It left them with a 'now what' moment.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 12:45 pm
by Sethelu
Alrighty then. I wonder if my bones are hollow. Birds have hollow bones so they can fly. Are mine hollow too?

That's a good question, but we need to stay focused. Next time you see your dad-to-be ask him about this stuff. And then tell me what he says.

I just now realized you two are kind of alike. So, what do you want to do?

I don't know, what do you want to do?

I don't know, that's why I asked you. Sunny looked towards Frolic. What do you three want to do?

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:11 pm
by Songhue
Frolic grinned, remembering other days long since past filled with 'I don't know what you want to do' moments. Someday, if she ever found a stable mate again, she'd have to see if he'd be willing to have foals. It'd be nice to visit her young. It'd also be nice to get back in touch with Sapphy and Stice, or get back the friend she'd had in Spin. Ah, well, all things with time. She knew how to move on without them now, but the concept was still a nice one.

You shouldn't call him a dad to be, she said, giving her short mane a quick toss. It makes it sound like you question him actually being your dad. It isn't a potential, and it isn't something that's open for question.

I challenge you to come up with something, BlackIce added, a glint flashing in his eye. You're trying to find yourself, find out what you like to do for fun

Caustic perked his ears here, zeroing in on Sunspot once again. He was getting bored, but he did have an interest in what the answer might be. If he buckled, Caustic might get another chance to do his thing. He was great at tearing apart perceptions or destruction in general. Normal socializing didn't typically appeal to him. Yet, if Sunspot managed himself alright then they'd be socializing after all. He was a bit curious to see how he'd conduct himself, if he'd grown to that point. The stallion was a neighbor in their realm, after all.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:32 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny tilted his head in thought. Let's tell stories. The touchy ball of fuzz on my head loves making up stories. And I love hearing them.

You're mean to me.


You called me touchy. There was a pause before both started laughing for seemingly no reason at all. Frazzergiraffes we need help.

Why do you keep saying that?



Just something I picked up on one of my travels.

You travel?

You don't know everything about me. They stayed frozen for exactly 7.2 seconds before laughing like idiots. You're right. We need help. So, stories?

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 12:54 am
by Songhue

They didn't really do stories. The concept threw them for a loop, resulting in a long silence where they all exchanged looks.

Do they have to be happy stories, Frolic mused as she looked at her stallion companions. They wouldn't have much to offer, having known little of joy.

He did mention making stories up, BlackIce offered, maybe that's an option. Like a bed time story.

But those are true, Frolic objected, and meant to make you think and learn as you wait for sleep.

They hadn't always been, especially when her foals had been young, but she found herself influenced by her new bonded. The bond did that; both would change and grow through the link. She'd grown so used to how her life was lived through this new bond that at times alien concepts gave her pause. It had happened when she had last spoken with Sun as well; jokes and laughter for any reason than sheer joy were no longer a part of her daily life. It wasn't how things worked.

I have a story, Caustic suddenly announced before BlackIce could try again. Frolic blanched at the thought of any tale the warrior may hold; even BlackIce seemed reserved.

One day, Caustic began as neither quite dared to voice an objection, I found my bonded in what we consider 'one of her moods.' She was in her drow form, a blue-black elven creature with moon-pale hair. This aspect of her brings out her traits as a ruthless leader, bitter and merciless.

Now, though she refers to herself as a healer, when she lets go of mercy or compassion there is no force that may stand against her. At least none I'm aware of; there may be something that could destroy her even at her harshest, as few things are truly infallible.

Rather such a thing exists or not, it certainly isn't found back home. We feel it rippling through our bonds when such a mood strikes; it can have a strong effect. I found her by chance and followed her. She knew I was there, but took no notice. I wanted to learn; this was a leader of warriors, one that could command killers. The effect through my bond in such times is as close to love as I've ever known.

That isn't the way others percive it, though. And each time it decends, she has a different course of action. This time she paced her lands, as if searching for a challenger.

What she came across first was Thorn. His reaction to the bond echo is to grow hard as well; his eyes become empty amd dead. He didn't know she was near because he was busy helping Sign to her hooves; there was no softness, no compassion to him still, yet he helped haul her out of the sinkhole she'd fallen in when the echo hit her with all the caution of one handling a new born.

When he left our bonded walked on, seemingly non-plussed at Thorn automatically aiding the mare, even through his detachment. At his coldest and most honorless, he still didn't leave her trembling in muck. That fact, though having no apparent impact on our bonded as she walked behind Sign, seemed to fortify the mare.

If the bond echo naturally cowed our sea siren, it crushed Sparkle. The stallion seemed crushed by the sheer weight of hoplessness when she chanced upon him. Sign gave a light touch and quietly spoke a few words, reminding him of the many long nights our bonded had sat with him when he needed her. Everyone knew of he story. The memory of dependable love and offered strength gave him heart as she moved on.

She wasn't following our course any more; but he was.

He walked as he sank into warm memories and happened upon Frolic. She was twitching as if with fever at every shadow, as her mind was still splintered. Sparkle paused as if to consider, then started to herd her; she wasn't aware enough for any more. Only when he had her in a warm, bright area did she begin to recover. He stayed until she could recognize him again, when they parted ways. It wasn't long, but they lay directly in our route. So we waited as well. I still don't know exactly why, other the fact she makes a point not to deal with any of us in this state and movement without detection wasn't possible.

Frolic left when he did. Her path followed ours until she came to Caelum. While Thorn reacts to the bond echo by growing hard, Caelum shuts down. His eyes go empty, but in such a way it seems as if his very mind has flown. He becomes little more than meat.

Frolic stopped and, in one of her rare lucid moments, eyed him with an understanding none could match. She whispered in his ear - you'll have to ask her to know what - and watched him blink himself back awareness. They locked eyes, he nodded, and they parted.

We took his path, now. He found Shiro. That stallion was the worst of any of us for the bond echo. Where Sign shook and fell into sinkholes, Shiro shook as tears poured. He cringed and groveled and and whimpered. He lives for romance, for love, for the joy of another's smile, for affection. There was none in the echo. There was no way to please, no way to be close. He fell apart.

Caelum crooned and shushed and eventually got the skiddish stallion tucked under one wing. He just held him until the shaking stopped.

When they finally parted, we didn't move on. We couldn't, at first, because on their heels Breeze and Nova passed through. He was stiff and twitchy, uncomfortable to his core, but he had a wing held over her as he tried to offer comfort and understanding. She looked drawn, as if the weight of the world weighed on her, but she offered her own comforting touches to lighten his tension.

They kept going and still we stayed. I had a chance to study her closely then; she had softened. With each emcounter her face had grown less and less harsh. Now, I watched her take a breath and saw the air ripple, saw her shimmer.

And then she was some kind of bird. A little blue one, peacefully pecking at ground nuts, and the dark echo was replaced by a frail sort of peace.

I followed her to learn because I thought to learn from a cruel leader. Instead, I learned a lot more. I learned about influence and the importance of environment. I learned that what you bring to the world is what you give to others. I learned that every perception is unique and has to be handled as such. I learned the difference between unyielding strength and simply embracing cruelty.

And the exitement of umcompromised power.

You're needed, Frolic murmured into the silence, that's what i told him. "You're needed, sky dweller. Come back to us. Don't forsake yourself to aimless winds."

They had both cringed in agreement when he mentioned the bond echo, both gotten the glazed eyes of memory, yet neither had presumed upon his tale. They had nothing to add even now.

Caustic had just revealed why only a rogue could take his place as the lead of their bond herd.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 7:10 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny was surprised, awed, and freaked out all at once. Batsy... well let's just say her chin is getting acquainted with her feet. Wow. Even then you stuck together. Do you think that's what brought her out of her bad mood?

Batsy picked her jaw up enough to say I think so. If you had a bond mate and I saw you two getting along, that would definitely put me in a good mood. She looked around to the others for a moment, completely missing Sunny's jolt and hopeful look. Can I go next?

Sunny sighed quietly. He had been wanting a bond mate for a while now. It would be nice to have someone to spend time with instead of chasing his own tail for hours on end. But she never listened. She didn't mean to, but it was still disappointing/aggravating.

Okay, I hope this meets your standards Frolic. There once was a king. He had a lot of treasures and a great big beautiful kingdom. But one day it started to die. He sought council with a nearby wizard and asked if he would heal his kingdom. The wizard agreed but only if he gave up his most valued possession. A magic flower that would grant you immortality. Though he loved the flower, he loved his kingdom more and agreed to the conditions. He sent out a notice to the other kingdoms that if anyone wanted the immortality they could have it. All they had to do was come to his castle. Two people came. A rich business man and an old widow. The business man came out of greed and arrogance. The widow, with the purest intentions. The king told them that they had to stay in the castle gardens until sunset. If they stayed near the gate then by sundown the immortality would be theirs. The widow stayed as close to the gate as possible. But the business man didn't listen to the king's warning and wandered off, exploring the gardens. Hours passed, and the business man came to a lake. As he saw the sun start to touch the water, he realized the king's warning was true. He turned and ran as fast as he could through the gardens. He splashed through streams and jumped over rocks, but it was all in vain. He was soon trapped in darkness. The widow, who had heeded the king's warning, walked out of the gardens with the sun shining on her back. While the business man was stuck wandering through the darkness for the rest of eternity, wondering what might have been if he had only listened.

Sunny shuddered a little bit. That ending always gave him the creeps.