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Re: Searching new paths

They blinked, traded yet another look, and blinked again.

Well, young'un, BlackIce said with a tilt of his head, I suppose it demonstrates the importance of following instructions.

Enough of this, Caustic snorted, his lip curling slightly as he turned and struck out at a brisk trot. He went a fair distance off and spun back around, a pointed glare directed back to the others.

Let's move, he ordered, we can do more than stand around and whitter all day.

BlackIce glanced at the others and shrugged before following, a smart walk putting a little bounce to his step. Maybe there'd be something interesting up ahead.

Frolic merely shook her head for a moment, letting out a sigh as she looked at the fluffball and the bright stallion that they'd found again. Come on, she said, and turned to follow as well. He knows of a canyon near here. It'll be fun.

Caustic kept his head high as his bond-mates approached, his shoulders tense. He knew better than anything the difference between what was constructive and what wasn't - his first thoughts to the tale would have achieved little else than shredding confidence. Resisting the urge to tear it apart wasn't proving easy, but he had sworn to be more than destructive. It wouldn't do any good to be a warrior built to protect if he couldn't even protect them from himself. He had to choose when it was appropriate to destroy; this wasn't.

BlackIce looked at him closely as he drew level, giving the black stallion a shrewed once over. You're stronger than I thought, he said, and there was a warning in his gaze that warned it had best stay that way.

Caustic merely offered a stiff nod, accepting that he could be kept in line just the same as any other. He didn't have to like it, but he could accept it.

Thinking of the canyon? Frolic asked as she joined them, and again he nodded. There was slightly less stiffness in his movements now.

I am a protector, Caustic thought to himself, keeping a stranglehold on his self-control. I am a warrior to fight for those that need it. I destroy to keep that which is worthy safe. I am not wanton destruction. I will not be a bully. I will control where my abilities are used.

Sourly, he admitted to himself he was in a bit of a mood. He didn't really have any reason to want to slap down the tale, outside of the act itself. It wouldn't hurt him to be nice; it just wasn't in his nature, either. He wasn't overtly nice and he didn't make any efforts to reach out in kindness. He put no effort into friendship. He didn't see any point to it; he simply was, and those that could accept such could be counted among friends. Just as he didn't expect any overt signs of kindness or effort from others. In a way, he didn't really understand the concept of friendship. Cohabitation, certainly, as well as finding another creature tolerable. But friendship - as a relationship, as something to put effort into, as an attempt to support and be kind was so far outside of his nature as to not exist to him.

BlackIce, however, wasn't nearly as oblivious. He knew about sacrificing for others. He also knew that, in its own way, this restraint of his bond-mate's was some odd version of reaching out in kindness. It was an effort on his part to make sure that these creatures weren't inadvertently harmed by his corrosive nature.

BlackIce also knew that the abrupt manner in which they began this little exploration could seem awkward, at best. Time for him to get to work.

When we go wandering we tend to pass the time in all manner of ways, he said, turning a grandfatherly eye on the fluff and Sun-boy. Firefly likes to race around in games, s'long as he keeps close. Often he'll run ahead to stick his head in some whole or other. Tiger Lily and Glimmer both like to observe everything in detail; their heads are usually held up the highest, to take it all in. They're rarely alone while they travel, though I've done my fair share of long, lonely journeys before comin here. Passing the time on your own, it can lead to quite a lot of time to think, eh, whippersnapper?

Sometimes, the last thing you want is time to think, Frolic observed quietly.

Sometimes, BlackIce agreed with a sage nod. Sometimes, it can be needed.