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Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:20 pm
by Songhue
[i]Grumpy head of lettuce... BlackIce murmured, and snorted back a laugh.

Well, she's right about one thing, Frolic grinned, You're certainly a buzz-kill.

Caustic snorted, the corner of his lip twitching up in a ghost of a smile. This one had spirit.

Excuses, he said, condemning her as lazy with his tone alone. What have you done to catch up? What does size or age matter? Figure it out on your own or find the right questions to ask. Make it happen. You're using the same excuses as Sun-boy here, mister 'I've been abandoned.' Guess what, you little snack? I've been abandoned, too. Frolic's been alone and left behind. BlackIce became the guardian his sister needed, though he had none himself. You don't move passed it, you don't get stronger by making excuses. He stepped closer here, his voice dropping lower as he shifted his weight to press close enough for her and Sun to smell the aura of sulphur that clung to him. Your only reason for such failure is yourself. You fail to strut around and make the most of life.

But you seem to be handling it better, Frolic noted to Sun, offering a rather pleased grin. What changed?

Well, BlackIce cut in, for me at least it was a natural shift. I'm not used to simply drifting through existence. For years every single day was a struggle to survive and see my sister safely settled. Finding peace doesn't mean I get to stop actively living, you know?

I had things to let go of, Frolic shrugged. And things to learn about myself. Grumpy head of lettuce here helped out with that part; he'd make me so angry!

The pair looked at Caustic with that statement, as if expecting him to add something. He merely gave them a look and said I had no such weakness. Her anger was inconsequential.

BlackIce shrugged.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:33 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny let out a relieved breath he hadn't known he was holding. His Bonded wasn't eaten. Batsy just huffed and turned away grumpily. She was still mourning her buzz. Sunny chuckled, used to such things from the fluff ball, before looking to the others. I realized that my life isn't over and that I actually have a chance for it to start again. I would have to be an idiot to pass that up.

You almost did you dip!

But I didn't.

But you coulda!

But I didn't~.

Don't you sing-song voice me!

When did you become my mate?

When lettuce-boy killed my buzz so blame him! Sunny laughed loudly at this. This cub was painful, but lovable. He bumped her with his nose gently, but she wasn't expecting it so she fell off the branch. His ears flicked back in concern and he bent down closer to her. I'm so sorry are you alright? Batsy just glared at him before crawling over to the base of the tree and sitting on one of the roots facing away from them. She was trying to compose herself and Sunny's loud laughter at her fall was NOT helping. Sunny shook his head at her, still chuckling softly, before looking to the others again. So what's that about merging lands?

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:17 pm
by Songhue
Lettuce boy... BlackIce mused, an evil sparkle lighting his eye. If that got around it could be the new Spark-leee~

Caustic squinted irritably - plenty of warning to those that knew him - and took a hard nip at the indigo shaded stallion. Because it was ample warning BlackIce had time to begin to turn away, but he wasn't quicker than the warrior. The nip landed on hus shoulder, leaving a small (if deep) cut.

BlackIce, of course, wasn't the least bit cowed. He still had a bit of a smirk, though he'd also let go of the idea of lettuce-boy. Frolic was simply laughing. Caustic gave a dismissive snort and explained.

Your bonded, however immature she currently behaves, did manage to find and alter land to suit you. As clan, it makes sense for all lands to be shared. Basically, your home is going to become another part of our lands; we'll be neighbors in a way. If your bonded is to live on clan lands, you should stay near her.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:57 pm
by Sethelu
Oh. Okay. Anything else Fluffy forgot to mention? He smirked at Batsy's indignant squawk to her new nickname. He loved to test the boundaries and see just how far he can push her until she snaps.

She really hated it when he didn't know when to quit. It's what started most of their arguments. I'm still here you know!

You gave up being included when you started pouting.

...Leave me alone.

Stop being stubborn. You're only hurting yourself. Just bat up and admit to your mistake. His voice took on a hard edge at this point. He only used that voice when he was disappointed in her and ashamed of the way she was behaving. After a pregnant pause she finally flew up and sat between Sunny's ears. Her head was bowed and her wings drooped. I'm sorry. You're right Caustic. About everything. I was acting like an immature bat-brat. I'll try to do better.

Re: Searching new paths

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 7:09 pm
by Songhue
Ya know, whippersnapper, seems to me you already got yourself a bit of a paw, BlackIce noted. Seems the two of y'all take care of each other.

Delayed, but satisfactory. No more bat-brat.

Did she mention the other creatures? Frolic asked. Thunder horses, quirlicorns, hybrid sentries, forest guardians that live in the Wilds?

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:45 pm
by Sethelu
What the fluff is a quirlicorn? She always complains that no one tells her anything, yet she goes and leaves me out of the loop.

Hey, I just found some of this out myself. I was actually planning on telling you when I arrived. But it really does stink to not know what's going on.

Apparently I haven't been told anything yet. Sunny huffed with an eye-roll. Would you be willing to share what's going on? With both of us because I don't think my Bonded fully knows what's going on.

Yes I... alright I don't. Well, I think I get the gist of it but I'm a little foggy on the specific details. Finally, the girl was learning.