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Eternity [Open-ish]

PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:43 am
by Tigress
[[I have a super strong muse at the moment for Luna in particular. I think this is best suited for Silverdust/Avalir or someone connected to Avalir but I'll make another thread soon that absolutely anyone can join :D]]

A deep valley sat in stillness, covered in the lingering mist which followed two days of rain. The rain had passed, and now the last light of the day's sun fought to bring warmth to the earth hidden beneath the fog. Maybe tomorrow the sun would have better luck. Luna's thoughts had been like this for a long time, 'Surely, tomorrow will be better.' and yet tomorrow always grew farther and farther away. There was one thing she wanted, and even when small fortunes came her way it meant nothing in comparison. Of course the gestures of others touched her, and happy days were still met with a genuine smile. The smile didn't last forever though, and the long nights alone purged her back into melancholy.

The cool rocks beneath her couldn't compare to the coldness she'd felt inside for a long time. Since the day Sive had told her that he had left, and he hadn't said goodbye. It was expected though; when she'd departed from their meeting all those years ago, she had told him she wouldn't try to find him again. She didn't want to make it any harder than it had been, since he'd obviously sensed her feelings. Did she regret not saying anything? Yes and no, but that was life. Shades of grey were much more common than black and white situations. Love was about sacrifice, so she sacrificed saying or doing the things that would give her closure because it would make him suffer more.

The rainbow mare laid her head more solidly against Avalir's body and breathed deeply. With her eyes closed and her mind occupied, she didn't even hear Satomi approach. The purple mare had become a close companion recently, since she embodied everything Frostbite had also been in her youth. They were closer to the same age, so Luna felt a bit more free to share feelings that might embarrass her in front of the frosty mare she so respected. A lilting "Hello." filled the silence, and LunarPrism sank down against a pile of moss, her illusion shattered.

Satomi's eyes were soft and sad as she looked down upon the rainbow mare. Avalir was her favorite illusion; LunarPrism perfected him not long after she'd become a teen. Now it was flawless, he even had solid weight and a scent to him that Satomi could only assume was accurate to real life. She didn't dare remark on it, she knew Luna was too shy and prideful to converse about something so sensitive and personal. In Luna's eyes it was weakness; Luna had said to her, "I show everyone that I'm fine without him... in reality, I can't spend a day apart. If he never comes back, I think I need this... to survive".

A weak, melancholic smile was offered to the now grown mare, who no doubt would be finding a mate of her own soon. "Good evening, Satomi. Before you ask, yes, I'm fine." She smiled gently as the other mare let out a trill of nervous but relieved laughter. "You know me too well, Luna." Feeling a bit unneeded in the atmosphere, and guilty for startling Luna out of her reverie, Satomi cleared her throat awkwardly. "I just wanted to let you know that Tine is looking for you, he wants-" She was cut off by the tired sigh of Luna's voice as she sat upright with no obvious intention of moving, "to make the same offer he does on this day every year. I'm sure you know my answer, I can't give that which belongs to another." Satomi blinked a few times and nodded. "I thought so, sorry to interrupt. Oh, and... Happy birthday."

LunarPrism listened until the tumbling of rocks underfoot grew to a bare whisper on the wind. She hated to give the cold shoulder, but it was her birthday so surely she had a right to be a bit self-concerned. Three years and two months, since he had left two months before her birthday. Did he know her birthday? Prophet had told her when they'd met, almost one month after Avalir had gone, so surely he had no idea. With barely a thought, the mound of moss shifted under her weight and fake warmth filled the space beside her. She leaned into Avalir's solid phantom form and smiled with empty eyes, "You're the only gift I need, love. Thank you for always celebrating with me." She imagined the silence was his natural reply, as if no words needed to be said.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:28 am
by Silverdust

Eve picked her way through the mist, the white vapors curling around her hooves and leaving the damp chill of their touch. Cold feet in a most literal sense, she supposed. She hadn't wanted to be chosen for this, but it was her duty--to her bonded, to Avalir. Better her than Brittle's battering ram of a tongue, or Hellion and Hinote's graceless silence. Sometimes she cursed her apparent singular ability to engage in social interaction.

But this was more than simple words. Heavier than simple words. Sive had always dreaded that things might turn out like this, when Avalir had returned to her and told her all that Luna had placed on him. Love. Love that he could not bear. Eve sighed to herself. She knew that fire well, burned herself inside out with it when she was Luna's age. Avalir had saved her from it, and now look at him causing the same. Karma sure had a twisted sense of humor when it came to that beautiful, broken stallion.

She wondered if she was getting any closer. Tigress had given her some direction and safe passage when she learned of the news she bore, but these were still unfamiliar lands and the atmosphere anything but welcoming. Such a hollow place to spend a birthday, but that's what this sort of thing did to you. How long had she herself spent in a prison of her own making? How many friends had she left behind, how many souls had she-

Well, no. She didn't want to think about that now.

There, the vague suggestion of voices in the distance and she quickened her pace a little. The stones murmured beneath her, announcing her presence as lazily as they announced Satomi's departure. Eve paused. The scene was, well, slightly surreal. Almost disturbing. She could never forget what Avalir looked like, but seeing him in almost perfect likeness was disconcerting, especially when she couldn't feel the familiar pull of their shared soul. It plunged her straight into uncanny valley, and Luna--lovely girl---was snuggling up to it like it was the real deal. The damage was more than she had imagined. But then again, it was Avalir. It was never easy with Avalir.

"LunarPrism, of Tigress' Keep?" She let her voice lilt gentle. "My name is Eve, bonded of Sive and circle-mate to Avalir. Sive sent me with news of him, and answers to questions if you may have them."

She dared not step closed to that frozen moment, focusing on Luna and trying her best to ignore her illusion. Difficult, since his scent carried. She was a talented one indeed.

(I hope this is something of what you're looking for Tigs, I haven't been RP'ing in so long...)

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:52 am
by Tigress
When Satomi parted, LunarPrism continued in her falsely contented silence. She had no idea of the surprise in store for her, since she hadn't actually met any of the other Serians from Avalir's lands. It was a bit strange actually, since they had known each other so long. Avalir's bonded had invited her many times, and yet she hadn't crossed paths with any but Avalir. For this reason, she startled uneasily when an unfamiliar scent met her nose only moments before Eve's voice called out to her.

The illusion shattered almost immediately, the mass of moss appearing to the naked eye as it had been in reality the entire time. LunarPrism had not much else to do except perfect her ability and invent new heights to explore. Like a mad scientist, she was getting almost alarmingly good. Commonplace objects were child's play, she could conjure an apple from a rock so delicious that no Serian could resist, and even make them taste or smell it as they damaged their teeth trying to eat it. Living things had been the next natural step up, but she hadn't had the passion to study anything thoroughly enough to recreate it unless in the presence of the one she wished to recreate. Avalir had been the muse which pushed her over that plateau, though she honestly couldn't recreate anyone or anything but him to this degree. It was a bit eerie, and she had hidden the ability for a long time. For two to witness it in one day... she felt uncomfortable, to say the least.

Wanting to lash out, but being far too tired to shoot the messenger, Luna only nodded as her name was called. After a pause, "It is strange that this is our first meeting. I'm sure you know more of me than I of you." Her voice was monotone, emotion not quite reaching what was meant as lighthearted words. Somehow she didn't like the idea that someone other than Sive was close enough to know about Avalir's thoughts or situation before she knew about it. Who or what was he running from? If he was even still alive at all. She couldn't explain it, but there had been a sense of something foreboding to their parting. Maybe it was his voice, or his body language, but Lunar had not left with the impression that this trip was an easygoing little vacation. From that point she'd convinced herself that even if he discovered feelings for her along the way (since she was convinced that he didn't share her emotions), it wouldn't mean as much as the things which chased him away. Things he hadn't shared with her, things she wasn't important enough to know.

Biting back the feeling of pain within her chest, she didn't at all show her inner turmoil. She was as much of a stone-faced and stone-heart statue as ever when she spoke. "I would like to know of your news before I formulate any questions, I've too many and perhaps you could answer most with what you might say." The fact that he himself wasn't coming to share this news spoke a few volumes. Either that he didn't want to meet her, or couldn't meet her, and neither made any sort of fire spark in her heart.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 12:36 pm
by Silverdust

Seeing Avalir was only slightly less disconcerting than seeing him abruptly crumble before her eyes. Eve winced a little, her stomach doing an odd clench even though she knew it wasn't real. She wondered if the mare was aware of the potential power of her gift--Sethe, at least, would kill for that sort of manipulation. And Avalir was tied to it for some unfathomable reason. This would have to be delicate.

"Strange indeed," she replied, once she had gathered herself enough to speak through the knot in her throat. "To be honest, I only know of you what my bonded has told me. Avalir is not much for speaking his heart."

Simply spewing pleasantries, that's what it felt like. She could sense the Luna was not in the mood for visitors, especially strangers like herself, strangers with ties to the stallion she needed so badly. She'd never been a jealous mare--you really couldn't, not with Avalir--and she wasn't sure if it was that or just sheer awkwardness of their bizarre intimacy that was stopping up her normally silver-tongue sociability. But she had made her own promises, and that was that.

"Avalir is missing." She went with being blunt, dropping any pretenses. "In the sense that Sive can't kythe him anymore. He warned her that it might happen. Regardless, Brittle has gone after him, and he's a Warrior so he'll bring him back. He usually manages that quite well."

She couldn't keep the slight sarcastic edge out of her voice. It still slightly irritated her that Brittle was always the one doing a job that she knew should be hers, but perhaps that was why it was him--he wasn't tied up in the whole mess. She looked to Luna, trying to read what effect, if any, the news may have. "Sive was not sure how much Avalir had told you of his journey, if you were expecting him or if he had contacted you in some way. She thought that it would be proper to let you know, as you were the only goodbye he bade outside of the sisters' keep."

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:44 pm
by Tigress
LunarPrism wasn't sure how she felt exactly. Was she jealous of Eve at that moment? It felt like it at first, but she realized it was more that she felt like an outsider. Sive and Avalir had always told her she was almost like family, had welcomed her into their lands more times than she could count. Yet she'd never even met this mare, didn't know anyone who was close to Avalir except for herself... and even that was just her being presumptuous. It was not knowing where she stood that hurt, and feeling naive for being so taken by the stallion. Perhaps if... if she had chosen differently so long ago... would she still be in this same situation? She felt bitter acid in her throat for thinking something so terrible, the Serians here had welcomed her into the midst of their herd. Until recently, they had always been very reliable and stable.

It was probably her vibes that started everything. When the one year mark passed, she started to go down, and everyone started to feel the change around them. When Eve broke the almost awkward silence, Luna's heart did a strange jump. Speak his heart? Did Luna have a place in there? Or was she just holding onto any words that brought hope inside the darkness? "I...I see. Not too surprising." The cold nipped at her ears and nose but she barely felt it, she spent most of her time in any clammy and hidden places she could find. Would he be disappointed in her for the hollow shell she had become? It wasn't being without him that was hard- well, yes, that was a bit hard. The hardest part was not knowing, of having met him with questions and left with no answers.

She was still in mid-contemplation when Eve's speaking again broke her stillness. Her chest felt tight and hard as a rock, and her throat seemed incapable of producing sound. Even if she'd tried to prepare herself for this, it still hit her like a rock between the eyes. The possibility that it had been a final goodbye had never escaped her mind, so why did it still feel like this? Her mouth opened and closed before she could only nod, shallow and rapidly. Someone was searching for him, he was a warrior, didn't this bode well? Hope didn't come easy these days, but she needed to drag herself out of this. Much like Eve, she felt she should have had the chance to find him first. If she'd come into harm's way during her search, she might have caused him pain if he truly cared about her, so she had held off, trying to believe in him. She thought her patience would be rewarded, someday, even if she had been trying to prepare for the worst all along. Those slivers of hope had gotten in the way.

Her eyes showed the first signs of emotion as she blinked at Eve and tried to think of what to say. She was the only goodbye he had made- outside of his home. That brought no warm feelings, as to her knowledge she was the only one he knew outside of his realm. Pessimism was going to be the death of her, but it was getting hard to pull through. He knew about Prophet and her mother, knew and yet... She couldn't blame her feelings on him, it wasn't fair. She sighed and shook a bit of rainbow mane out of her face. "Is there anything I can do? For Sive, yourself, or those in your realm? I'm afraid it's too late for me to act in any way that might assist Avalir directly, but if there's anything you could use of me I would happily provide it." She had kept her calm somehow, even though she desperately wanted to connect with anything that was close to Avalir. Or just to have some semblance of purpose again.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:56 pm
by Silverdust

It was nice to see a reaction. Well, no, not given the circumstances, but Eve realized that she had wanted to see some sign of soul in Luna's empty eyes. Something to reassure her that this was not some shallow obsession, that the mare had something to salvage from whatever depths of depression Avalir had dropped her into. For if her love was as heavy as he had felt it to be, then this would not be the worst of it. There would be longer days and unfathomable nights, uncertainty clenched between each beat of the heart.

Maybe that's why she was as calm as she was now, skimming the quiet waters that bordered some sort of breakdown. Avalir was gone, and she didn't know when she would see him; Sive was his only link and half the time she had likewise disappeared. Only this time, her bonded had woken up in the dark, just like the rest of them. Slightly, slightly more maddening than every other time before, but you get used to it. You shouldn't, but you do.

She should probably tell this all to Luna, the sweet girl who even after the shock of everything was offering help in the same eerily pleasant manner. Well, perhaps she would fit right into the dysfunctional puzzle. She smiled, though it was a little frayed at the edges. "Thank you, really. Perhaps if we knew what we were doing we'd have something for you, but it's just a waiting game for now. Always has been."

Probably always will be. She pawed idly at one of the rocks, debating if she should say what she had in mind. Luna wanted answers. She knew that. Avalir's leaving had punched a hole in her life, a hole filled with all sorts of questions and she knew that the stallion never had answers. She knew what that felt like.

"We may need you after, though." She fixed Luna with her gaze. "When Avalir comes back, well, I don't know if he'll be who he was before."

That was the danger of the gift, and the cure. Eve didn't know if Avalir had told Luna anything, but she could.

(I apologize for the inconsistencies in Eve's personality, I'm still hammering it out >_< )