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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:45 pm
by Songhue
She smiled, fresh as a filly, as he draw the star across the sky. Closing her eyes, she thought she could feel the astral wind from the passing flames ruffle her forelock.

Still with the smile, she attempted to tuck Realm under her chin with a quiet sigh. For a moment she stood silent, as if considering all that had been said, considering Galaxy's question on rather they could do anything.

Eternal was, in all honesty, surprised. This wasn't supposed to be about her, and yet that seemed to be what it had become; her story, in regards to understanding their experiences. Her losses, her loneliness, her son, her new friend; but while they knew her whole tale, for she'd chosen open candor in a "this is me" demonstration, she still had wonderful, precious new relationships to explore. She knew they shared many of the same plights; but she didn't know the details of what these stallions had been through.

Though in all fairness, there were still quite a few details she'd left unspoken as well. She'd spoken of events, of loneliness; she'd not spoken of what it'd done to her. Neither yet knew the state she'd been left in when all was lost, nor of her long struggle afterwards; the many long years alone while the world moved on without her.

In all honesty she couldn't quite see why they'd be so willing to let her be so frank. She was stunning, yes; the star-speckled coat, the blue moon on her single cheek, the powerful muscles that gave cause to her illusion of bulk. But she wasn't pretty; not in a conventional sense. Mass and power and flowing hair over a glimmering coat, it was impressive; she held no illusions about that. But she wouldn't be beating anyone off with a stick, either. Her son, yes, upon their first reunion; he would have an interest that would lend patience. The stranger; well, he had just said that the complex connection that their Alter shared could easily grow confused.

Maybe it was simply that; a courtesy, a bond of Alter. She might not have found the close, understanding friend she'd originally hoped for; friendliness did not mean friends, after all.

But she had found her son. And, for whatever reason, she had been allowed to have some of the wounds she carried bleed out. What more could they possibly do for her? She'd depleted herself, but there was no help for that. And made a fool of herself, but there was no help for that either; she was too old for angst. Honest and acceptance would be her best course; for the most part, the only course any would find with her.

So, in the spirit of honesty and acceptance; in the spirit of seeing what would be, now that her hopes had taken wing, she opened her eyes and smiled at the large stallion and her handsome son.

Walk with me, she invited, Share in the texture of the night and tell me what you know; I wish to see what lessons you've been taught, Realm, and to compare knowledge with a great one such as yourself, Galaxy. Share the night with me, please. And promise me a time where we might visit one another's homes; personally, I have absolutely no idea where the den of my bonded is. It will be interesting to see a different arrangement within our realm.

Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:54 pm
by Talia
Galaxy nuzzled her quietly in response- she seemed so sad and wistful all of a sudden, and it tugged at his heartstrings. These moments made him happy for Realm- the stallion would never have to deal with the challenges that he and his mother faced right now.

Realm was an open book- the stallion most definitely had some of his father and mother in him- he knew that the Rogue blood coursed through his veins. But he didn't feel the same pull that Galaxy felt. Romantically, he knew that the stallion would have a much easier time of it. Galaxy knew now that he could really only be attracted to another one of his own kind. Their very nature dictated that the only one that would or could truly understand him as well as he understood himself would be another Rogue, much as he hated to admit it. Even then, he despaired. Every romantic intent that he had ever had had gone awry. Most due to situations of his own making. It wasn't that he was short of admirers; he was humble enough to deny it, but if one were to examine his past, he had made many impressions on many mares. Inevitably though, the relationships dwindled and fizzled out over time, with the exception of those made with the Rogues. His kind understood that absence did not equate to disinterest. That when freedom called to him and the need to run overwhelmed him it did not mean that he was fickle, or flighty. He simply needed the night, with the sky above him, and the earth churning below him.

A humble request Lady he said with a small smile. We would both be honored to accompany you, and share the evening with one another. The nights can be lonely.

Realm nodded in agreement. Mother, you're always welcome. I wouldn't leave you this early, not with the night still so thick in the sky. We have the whole evening to explore; there's no sense in wasting it. And experiencing it with others is always better than seeing it through alone.

Realm mused for a moment. What lessons had he truly learned? What knowledge could he share with his mother that she wasn't already aware of? He gazed at Galaxy entreatingly, looking for assistance. The stallion grinned encouragingly. He pawed at the ground with a hoof uncomfortably, suddenly feeling anxious.

Nothing I have learned can compare to that that you already know. Galaxy and Shimmer taught me to respect the night. To embrace my nature. They introduced me to the sky- I can read the cosmos, and drink in the starlight. I cannot manipulate it in the same manner as Shimmer and Galaxy, but I know more than most, and less than some.

Galaxy nodded in agreement. The evening sky is not as foreign to him. He's a capable stallion, and quick to understand.

A frown touched his mouth for the briefest of moments.

Perhaps the Lady would like to see where Shimmer spends most of her time? I'm sure you would enjoy the spot. She's much more in tune with her own nature than even myself.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:52 pm
by Songhue
She smiled warmly, comforted by the prospect of further company; and she did need to speak to her new Circlemate, Shimmer.

I'd love to see. Perhaps her mate will still be visiting; it will be interesting to have all of us together.

Now that she thought of it, if Shimmer's mate was there then the only one missing from their Circle would be Caustic - and the stallion would certainly not appreciate being left out. With a tilt of her head she gave a tug on their bond, summoning him; it was base ability, but she still noticed the drain that even that simple act put on what was left of her strength. If she wasn't careful, before too much longer she would find herself weakening physically to make up for the lack of balance.

Come, she said, and gave each a gentle touch, show me.

With that she stepped forward, a directionless motion that still at least got her moving; Galaxy was right, the night could be lonely.

Now then, a quick test, as we make our way, Eternal grinned, looking at her son with clear approval, the night gives hints on the following day; tell me, either of you, what sort of dawn is predicted in the stars?

She winced a bit at the choice of wording; she wasn't one for divination, though she could read the stars in another sense. Their brightness, the colors of the night sky, the different nebulae and galaxies that she could see - they all told her what she could expect as far as weather went. She would know if snow would follow a heat wave because of what the night revealed in between.

For that matter, I've mostly exhausted my own abilities for a little while; is the night herself predatory, comforting or still and expectant? It's a minor trick, one that any with base knowledge can perform, but I don't want to overtax myself; I do still want something left to show off for Shimmer, she concluded, and offered a sly wink. The humor behind the motion was a little weak though; Eternal may be able to read the night skies, but she had no way of telling what may come of this encounter.

She really needed more than a simple outing. She was so tired of being lonely. It was hard, not having a definite answer; she wished she could somehow read the future as well as she read the starlight.

Far away, while she collected and tried to reshape her thoughts, a black stallion with an acidic aura perked his ears and began to move to where he could meet her, an area right at the edge of the lands marked by one of those others that ruled their realm; this strange Talia creature, aunt to his own. He'd not met her before, but if Eternal summoned then he would encounter her den and domain tonight.

In all honesty it didn't really matter. All that did was that Eternal summoned.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2013 5:14 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny galloped as fast as he could to his daughter's dwelling. When he got there he began doing a little nervous dance as he looked for Shadowstar. When he spotted her, he ran up to her and said Shadowstar come on! We're gonna go visit your momma!

Shadowstar watched in startled amusement as her father barreled into her area, looking like a dragon was at his heels. At his news, her eyes widened and she said Where? When? Why? What are we waiting for? She was going to see her mother. She missed her so much. If only Sunsparkle were here. Then they'd all be together again.

Sunny laughed and said Follow me! before taking off again, Shadowstar at his heels. They were all going to be together again! Well, almost. If only Sunsparkle could be here. Note to self, schedule a full family reunion. Maybe at The Gathering. But for now, Shimmer awaits. They run for awhile until they reach the border. Both shiver at the feeling of crossing into Talia's territory, but they don't slow down. Eventually they get to the area and Sunny stops only a moment to look around. He sees someone in the distance and quickly runs to them, Shadowstar at his side.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:20 pm
by Talia
With a nod of approval, Galaxy led the mare in the direction of home. He knew that seeing Shimmer with her mate and filly would make him feel all sorts of feelings that he didn't want to recognize right now, but he understood Eternal's need to speak with her circlemate. That and the mare obviously needed some rest- she had taxed herself with her displays.

Realm took the lead and trotted ahead, sensing a bit of Galaxy's reluctance. While the stallion rarely spoke of it, he knew that there had been a situation between his two bondmates that had led to some discomfort on Galaxy's part. Shimmer was rarely upset by anything, and she had long since dismissed what had occurred, but Galaxy was not one to forget. Realm knew that Galaxy had been speaking of Shimmer when he mentioned how being a Rogue and having those connections of kinship could often be confused for romance.

Galaxy grew quiet at Eternal's question, and Realm accepted that as his cue to respond. He pondered her query for a moment- not having the exact same instincts as his mother or "foster-father" definitely did not give him an edge, but he knew that he still understood the skies better than most.

Tonight is still, he said, responding slowly. Usually, when the night is quiet and expectant, the dawn heralds tempestuous weather. I'm inclined to think that a storm may be coming.

Galaxy smiled slightly at that- the stallion's intuitions were usually correct. He was proud of him.

Don't strain yourself for Shimmer, he said to her quietly. The last thing we need is for you to be drained, and unable to converse! I'm rather enjoying our talks. It would be a pity.

He caught sight of what appeared to be Serians on the horizon, and he picked up his pace.


Further away, the night echoed quietly off a still reflective pool, flanked by trees. The small clearing was silent, with the exception of the occasional cricket. The silver-haired mare preferred that. She lifted her dark, velvety head from the ground, and her ears perked, straining. She had been gazing into the small pond for hours now, scrying what she could from the night sky, but she had been interrupted by... something.

A wave of acknowledgement washed over her, and she knew. Her mate and filly were coming. It had been far too long since she had seen Sunspot, and even longer still since she had gazed upon her daughter, Shadowstar. She often wondered about how the mare had grown. Her daughter had been lost to her for years, and she had been overjoyed to discover that she had once again bonded to her mate's bondmate. This gave her comfort- her daughter would never be alone.

She also knew, instinctively, that her own family reunion would not last long. There were other presences in the night- some old and very familiar, and one new one. The Serian felt like an old companion, but Shimmer knew that she had never encountered this one, not yet at least.

She smiled sagely. They would come soon enough.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:20 am
by Sethelu
As father and daughter drew closer, they began to recognize the beautiful mare. It was Shimmer! They started running even faster, if that was possible. They stopped a few feet from her. Sunny smiled happily while Shadowstar stared in wonder. Her mother was so small! Her dad wasn't much bigger but still. She suddenly had a new respect for her mother. Giving birth to twins as large as her and Sunsparkle could not have been easy.

Sunny stared lovingly at his mate and said Hello Shimmer. How have you been?

Shadowstar smiled at her mother and finished her father's statement with We missed you. Sunny looked over at Shadowstar and began excitedly going Look! It's Shadowstar! It's our baby! She's huge! It's one of our babies! Shadowstar's eyes widened and she quickly muttered Father, she gets it. I'm here before she said loud enough for her mother to hear I'm here.

Sunny smiled so wide they weren't sure how it still fit on his face. Look at us, all together again! he said giving Shadowstar's shoulder a little brush with his own shoulder.

Shadowstar smiled a little sadly. If only Sunsparkle were here. Then it would be a full reunion.

Sunny returned the smile. Soon. Soon your sister will join us. But for now, let's delight in the company of the ones able to be here he said, pointedly looking at Shimmer. How have you been? You look amazing, as always. Is your bonded satisfactory? Has she been taking care of you?

Have you seen anything of notice in the stars lately? How long have you been rebonded? Have you been happy? She smiled and whispered I love you, mother.

Sunny smiled more and said Yeah, I love you too, Shimmer. It's so great to see you he said before closing the gap and giving her a big nuzzle. After the nuzzle and a quiet Ew Shadowstar came over and gave her tiny mother a hug. They had missed her so much.