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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:34 pm
by Songhue
The momentary shuffle as Galaxy began their journey and then slowed to let Realm lead wasn't lost on the midnight mare. And, since she remembered his statement of Rogue kinship being mistaken for love, it wasn't hard for her to piece together the source of this subtle reluctance; Shimmer had capture his interest for a time. That couldn't have been pleasant for him, to think himself in love because of how close they must be whereas she had no interest in taking him as another mate.

Eternal couldn't fathom why that may be, though; taking multiple mates was far from unheard of, and he was certainly an impressive enough stallion with a kind enough disposition. She'd had similar thoughts before in their relatively short encounter, yet that simple truth did escape her notice; in all honest bluntness, Eternal was not the sort of mare to do more than admire a stallion. She could note that he was desirable in general without coveting him for herself. Most of the reason for that was that while she knew herself to be impressive she was far from vain; in fact she had a minor complex about her appearance. Impressive did not mean beautiful or desirable, a fact that kept her from flirtatious behavior or even attempting to woo anyone. It was a lesson that had been hard-learned; she was not likely to forget it. She stood no chance against the array of beauties that would attempt to woo such a stud as he; why note more than his desirability? If she ever found a mate it would be for what lay in her heart, if anything.

So it was that what lay in her heart guided her next actions.

As her son (accurately) predicted storms and his foster-father claimed to enjoy their talk thus far, as they saw other Serians up ahead and she noticed a dark bit of withering death trailing up from the side, she stepped closer to Galaxy and reached forward to rest her head on his shoulder. If he wanted to move away that would be fine; she was reaching out, but he was far from trapped into accepting the motion. But if he wished it, she could be there for him; she knew what it was to have a misguided love and the awkwardness that residual pain could bring. She'd support him, as he was kind enough to continue to grant his company through this meeting she needed - for that, she did love him, and knew that his kindness had won him a steady friend if nothing else. Seeing her son and speaking with Galaxy had done more good for her in this one night than had any other efforts to find peace within herself, save perhaps the joining of a Circle with those she loved and admired. She wasn't satisfied quite yet, and she wouldn't be until she found the one that would join the Circle with her as her mate, but at the least she had found another level of peace.

I think many storms are due soon, son, you're right there, she said, and nodded towards the Serians in the distance, some of them long overdue. A storm of emotions also waits on the horizon, it seems.

Attempting to keep some kind of reassuring touch with Galaxy, so long as he didn't move away, she smiled at Shimmer and gave a rather deep bow; a sign of respect reserved for other Rogues, one she'd overlooked in her joy at seeing her son. My fondest greetings, Shimmer. It's about time I saw you face to face, and as I was lonely for the company of others my son Realm and Lord Galaxy here both offered to show me where you might be found.

You've been lonely for a while, Caustic accused, shambling up the hill as the last to arrive. It was as much a factor in our joining the Circle with Shimmer and Sundrop - er, Sunspot, here as anything else was. Seems you make new friends in short order, though.

This is my son, Realm Walker, she replied with obvious pride, reaching over and giving him an affectionate nuzzle. He goes by Realm for short. One could almost hear the "See how he's grown!" indicated by her tone. She was so proud of him already, and there was still so much more to learn. This is Galaxy, who's helped to care for him in my stead, along with Shimmer here.

And this is my Sunspot, Caustic returned, nodding towards the overbright - and overly happy, by all appearances - stallion beside him. Though I don't know your name, miss...? he added, indicating ShadowStar with an intensity that was rather mild for him. Which basically meant there was no threat in the sensation, merely a forceful curiosity of who she was and what she was doing here with his best friends. Not that he'd ever told Eternal or Sunspot that they were his best friends; but he had joined the Circle with them, and that was as much a declaration of love as anything could be. These were the Serians he chose to be with, the ones he chose above all others for the rest of his life.

Eternal knew that; they spent enough time together as the general 'outcasts' of their bondmates that she ought to know him that well, to her mind. It could be amusing, the way the others looked at them differently; it was also enough to drive them together.

But he wasn't a Rogue, so even that friendship didn't fill the quiet ache. He could never fully understand.

Caustic, meanwhile, was sizing up this Galaxy fellow out of the corner of his eye. Realm was fine; as her son he held no threat, especially with the way he was looking at his mother. That was blatant adoration; Caustic approved. Galaxy, however, that was a wildcard; there was a potential for his friend to be hurt.

Shimmer he merely smiled at; he was certain that, given time, he may grow to be about as fond of her as he was of her mate and his bondmate. It was, for Eternal, slightly disconcerting to see an expression of true warmth on the Warrior's face - there wasn't a trace of sardonic humor. Apparently, so long as Shimmer made his Sunspot happy, she had Caustic's loyalty and approval. It just endeared him to her all the more; if nothing else she would always have the closest of friends, all of them found in this gathering at this moment.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:15 pm
by Talia
Shimmer watched them approach with a small smile-it wasn't like her to be abundantly enthusiastic. It wasn't that she missed them any less-those that knew her knew that her happiness could not be measured merely by the size of her smile. Besides, her mate more than made up for it in that department. Sunny had always been... well... chipper, to say the least. It was one of his most endearing qualities. It had indeed been far too long since she had seen Sunny though, and even longer still since she had visited with one or any of her children.

She stood as they approached and trotted forward a few paces to meet them. She lipped at Sunny's forelock affectionately before replying.

Good, as always my love. It's been far too long. Where have you been keeping yourself?

With that, she turned her attention to her daughter. My had she grown! She hadn't seen Shadowstar and Sunsparkle since they were young little things. She felt a twinge of inadequacy as a mother- she had missed most of their childhood. Through no fault of her own, she knew, but still she couldn't help but feel responsible.

I have missed you both, she continued. She gave Shadowstar a nuzzle, happy that her daughter didn't seem to harbor any resentment towards her. Indeed, it does feel like the puzzle is not entirely complete without Sunsparkle. I hope she's faring well... She trailed off at that. Thinking of her missing family members made her morose and nostalgic. She wanted to stay away from that, and revel in the moment, as Sunny so aptly pointed out.

She laughed gently at Sunny and Shadowstar's sudden lines of questioning, her eyes winking with amusement. She was her father's daughter- she could see the same exuberance in Shadowstar that she so loved in her own mate.

Things have been good- I've been teaching others, which has kept me more than occupied. My bonded has always been exemplary. While she is extremely busy, I wouldn't have bonded to her if she were not satisfactory. She chuckled again at that. Talia had been running off her feet as of late, but she always tried to make time for them. She turned to regard her daughter for a moment with a mischievous look. The stars tell us plenty of things, my dear, but not all are meant to share. You have a bright future however. That much I can tell you, my love. I've been rebonded for quite some time now. You will have to meet her. I don't think either of you have ever had the pleasure. My life here makes me most happy, short of missing my family. Now that I've found you, I can only hope that I will see you more often.

It was true, she had missed both of them sorely. She was a Rogue however- it had almost been too easy for her to forget the ties that bound her. Now that they were here, she couldn't see how that could have ever been possible, but her mind was prone to wandering, and her thoughts were often on other things. She knew Sunny understood and forgave her, even though he could never fully comprehend her nature. But he loved her for it, none-the-less, and she found that type of unquestioning loyalty and limitless love endearing.

I love you both, she added softly. And she meant it.


Eternal's subtle movement startled Galaxy- but only for the briefest of moments. With a flashing grin, hidden quickly behind his flowing mane, he continued onward. It wasn't the closeness that surprised him. Her warmth next to him was comforting somehow- he felt reassured, and happy. He simply was unsure. Far too often he had assumed, and far too many times he had been wrong. He wasn't about to be wrong again, nor was he about to make any more assumptions, for that matter. For a Rogue, he was too prone to heartache, too in tune with his emotions. The encounters had left him feeling vulnerable, and he hated feeling that open, that raw. Not that he would completely leave himself closed off to such opportunities, but the culmination of these events had made him wary at best.

He subtly took another half-step closer to her so that they were side-by-side, without saying as much as a word in response to her movement. Let her make what she willed of it. For now, he appreciated her company, and her support. He sensed that she knew about his unease. He hadn't exactly been the best at hiding it.

As they approached Shimmer, he frowned, ever so slightly. There hadn't been any bad blood between them- quite the contrary. He doubted that Shimmer even knew about his feelings when it came to her. While she was more in-tune with her Rogue nature, she was less in touch with her emotional side. He had not been bitter- the whole situation had just made him... sad. And lonely. But here he was, with company at the very least. And he was grateful, and he did feel comforted in the moment, although seeing her with her mate and filly did send a sharp pain through his chest.

Galaxy remained silent while Shimmer and Eternal introduced themselves. Best not to comment while he was still nursing his own hurts.

Shimmer, however, was enthused about meeting more extended family, and smiled beatifically. A pleasure to meet both of you. You must be the Lady Eternal. I've heard much about you. I'm glad my good friend Galaxy was able to keep you company for a time. Seeing Realm seems to have done you some good. It seems that we have both been reunited today! She turned to look at Caustic and grinned. And you, I have heard of you, but yet haven't been able to meet you quite yet. I feel like we know each other so well already, being in the same circle. It's wonderful to meet you Caustic.

Her joy was almost palatable. Galaxy smiled, despite himself.

This... Caustic... made him curious, however, and his ears perked instantly. He sensed that the stallion was far from a push-over, and he knew that, being the only outsider without a circle could prove to be... problematic.

Realm grinned cheerily and trotted forward, ever polite. Pleased to meet you, he said courteously. He was slightly intimidated by the stallion, if truth be told, but he wasn't about to let that show.

Galaxy nodded in acknowledgement. She gives me far too much credit, he added humbly. He watched Caustic curiously. He gathered that they were all in the same circle- Shimmer had already stated as much. But was there anything else? He sensed that the newcomer was protective of his circle-mates, which was understandable. He almost felt the slightest twinge of envy. He had such a close tie to both Shimmer and Eternal, something that he was lacking. Galaxy shrugged it away. Far be it from him to dwell on what could not be.

He turned his attention towards Shimmer's mate. Although he had often heard of the stallion, he had never met Sunspot. The stallion was slighter in build, much like Shimmer. They seemed to have been made for each other.

Sunspot, a pleasure to finally meet you, he said softly, with sincerity. He understood and could feel the connection between the two- it was irrefutable. It was enough to almost give him some semblance of closure. Finally.

Realm, meanwhile, had had his interest piqued by Shadowstar. She was a beaut! And another daughter of a Rogue to boot. Perhaps there would be some sort of understanding there. They both had the blood running in their veins, but not enough to truly be Rogue like their dams or sires.

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by Sethelu
Sunny stared at his mate with a look of pure love. Seeing her with their filly was enough to make him get sentimental. His mate and their foal. Could it get more perfect? We can visit each other whenever we have the chance. We live just over there a bit he told her with barely contained excitement at that fact. He caught sight of the others right after. Well, what do you know? Caustic, who he was guessing was Eternal, and two new stallions were joining them. Well, if Eternal and Caustic were with them, he liked them.

After the introductions Sunny smiled and said in one breath Hey Caustic, did you start the Sundrop thing, not that I mind, it's just new, nice to meet you Eternal, I've heard some about you and I can't wait to get to know you better, hello Galaxy, any friend of Shimmer's is a friend of mine, nice to meet you Realm, you and Shadowstar here will have something to talk about given your heritage and he wasn't even panting afterwards.

Shadowstar couldn't help the amused smile from her father's looong greeting. She turned her smile to Caustic and said Shadowstar. My name is Shadowstar. I'm Sunspot and Shimmer's daughter. One of them anyway. Pleasure to meet you. It was always weird calling your parents by their first names, wasn't it? Next she turned to Eternal. It's nice to meet you ma'am. I've never met a Rogue outside my mother. She really hoped Lady Eternal didn't take offense. It was just a statement of fact, after all. And to Galaxy she said Good evening, sir. I look forward to meeting all of my mother's bond-mates. This stallion seemed nice enough. Her mother seemed to like him anyway. Then last, but certainly not least, Realm. Hello Realm Walker. It's a pleasure to meet you she said a tad bashfully. She was a little nervous meeting Realm because she wanted to be friends with someone who understood being a foal of Celestial Light. You are part, but not enough to count. So she wanted to make a good impression! And the fact that he was really handsome didn't help much. She looked to Caustic again, nervous but for another reason. Everything about this stallion just screamed predator! and it was putting her on edge. But if her dad trusted him, she trusted him and would put her unease to the side for tonight. Caustic, if you don't mind my asking, why did you call my father yours? she asked with a voice full of curiosity at the statement, and amusement at how her father didn't even try to deny it.

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by Songhue
Caustic let his attention switch between the speakers, yet his focus remained clearly on Galaxy; the longer Eternal stood near the stallion the clearer it became that there was a very real threat there. Eternal gave him a curious tilt of her ear, wondering what his instincts might be telling him, yet for all intents and purposes he ignored her. Ironic, as he was on edge on her behalf.

When ShadowStar asked why he referred to the little red fellow as being his, however, he did shift his focus, bringing it around so that she took the full brunt of his scrutiny.

Because he is, he informed her, his tone one of absolute fact that invited no argument. As are Eternal and Shimmer. I look after them.

Switching his gaze back to Galaxy he continued, still speaking in the same irrefutable-facts tone. I make sure they aren't hurt.

We are quite capable of looking after ourselves, Eternal said with a quirk of her lips, invoking a tone of an old teasing debate between the pair, While I do want you at my back if there's trouble we're all safe here, sir Death. None would harm us.

You like him, Caustic accused flatly, jerking his chin towards Galaxy as he continued, The way you glance over to check on him, the way you try to keep some small touch with him, the way you stand leaning just slightly in his direction. I know you, fair Lady of the Night, and you are in danger of being hurt should your trust be ill-placed. It's the one thing I can not protect you from; your own heart. But you are still mine to protect and I will watch that he not harm you.

She blinked, surprised at his little speech, and took a moment to consider. When she answered it was, for that moment, almost as if Galaxy wasn't there. For a moment none of them were, save her and Caustic. Yes, I do, she admitted, her voice as mild as ever upon this revelation, He's soothed a deep ache I hadn't even been properly aware of; we don't always see what's close in that way. I am a rogue and we are a distant sort. What's more, he's soothed this ache within the course of hours in a single night. I see a great promise in the stallion, I've an interest in being close to him anyway that may happen, and yes, Caustic, should it so happen I would like the promise of spending the rest of my days with him as I have the promise of you and your Sunspot, the promise of Shimmer. But, my old friend, I am no fool. I don't expect anything. I learned long ago that life must progress as it will, rather than upon the whims of hope and dream.

Caustic paused for the same incremental fraction of time, a moment to align his thoughts before answering in turn. You're old, Lady, but you've not yet learned everything. As often as not it is the whim of hope and dream that lights the night; the inability to consider variations is where harm occurs. You have variables. You want to be close in any way as may happen. Because of this, he can't hurt you, not deeply. But do not forget what is before your very nose because you dwell among the stars. Allowing a wound to fester will not enable it to heal.

And with that, the spell was broken; they had settled what there was to settle between the pair. Now, the others existed again.

Switching his gaze back to ShadowStar he made a careful note to look in her general direction; with Eternal, with any Rogue, he could look them in the eye. Their magic was more powerful than his by multitudes; his basilisk gaze wouldn't prove deadly to them. The mare, as daughter of a Rogue, would have slightly more resistance than others; yet she was still susceptible.

That's why he is mine. And why you, as someone close to him, are also mine. Just as Realm is; son of my Lady, he said,flicking his gaze to the small stallion that had so politely greeted him, your mother is proud of you, and I want you and the young mare ShadowStar to know that until you have the honor of your own Circles, you hold the love and protection of ours.

Eternal nodded, agreeing with the vow; she didn't even pause to consider what Shimmer or Sunspot would say on the matter. It was natural for her to agree, not only out of honor of their Circle but as a mother. Her son would always have this place to come to; these Serians to depend on.

Smiling a fae smile she flicked an ear and looked around at her companions, a twinkle lighting her eye as she said It seems only fitting that should our Circle gather so, great moments occur. I also swear; you have my protection until you've found Circles of your own. Come to me if you've ever a need. At the last she looked to ShadowStar, trying to make it clear that she was effectively taking on the mare as Shimmer had been kind enough to take in her son.

And in her heart, she knew peace. True peace, for but that single moment. In that moment, for the first time, Caustic knew exactly where he belonged. He finally realized why he was a fighter; knew what he protected.

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by Talia
Shimmer smiled- it was indeed a perfect moment. She hadn't been this happy in quite some time, although Sunny did tend to have this affect on her. She only wished she had the opportunity to see them more often, but now, here he was, mentioning that they lived just slightly further away from here. Knowing that she would now be closer to her mate and her daughter eased a bit of her loneliness. She rarely ever felt lonely- she preferred her own company. Her own family was a different matter entirely however.

That is so good to hear my love, she said quietly. You will both have to come visit more often. Too many days have passed since I've seen you both. I'm so happy that you ventured out today.

Galaxy and Realm's ears both twitched in unison as words flooded from Sunny's mouth. My, what a talkative fellow! Realm chuckled slightly when Sunspot finished, and Galaxy resisted the urge to give him a gentle shove in retribution.

Realm almost blushed himself at Shadowstar's introduction. So she was pretty and demure! He too felt that, at the very least, having a chat with her would prove to be fruitful. He could already sense that they shared a similar interest in regards to their parentage. Few were in a similar position, and at the very least he could stand to gain a good friend.

It seems that we have a lot in common, he said to Shadowstar in response as he flashed her a reassuring grin.

Meanwhile, the tension was building between Caustic and Galaxy. You could almost taste it in the air. Galaxy had remained cautiously optimistic... until Caustic all but forced the matter with Eternal. A frown crossed his face, and before Eternal could even speak, the stallion took a few steps forward and met the basilisk warrior's gaze. It wasn't a bold threat, but it was a subtle challenge none-the-less. Warrior or not, circle mate or not, he took umbrage with the fact that Caustic was so forceful on the matter. He had been through enough, had seen enough, that all that he desired was for some things to remain unquestioned and simplistic.

He granted the frank stallion the courtesy of listening fully to what both he, and Eternal, had to say. The only moment that gave him pause was Eternal's open acknowledgement of her feelings for him. Even then, his surprise was veiled- best to keep some emotions hidden. Past lessons had taught him to exercise caution until the obvious was evident. The thought of joining a circle had crossed his mind at one time or another, but he was still so uncertain as far as whether or not he truly wanted it, or whether he had just been reacting to the moment at hand.

None-the-less, he refused to be put in his place, or made to publicly decide or declare what his intentions were. His hurt still festered somewhat, like a dull ache, and while Eternal had soothed some of his own wounds as well, he would not let himself be tricked again. If he was going to do any declaring of any sort, or make any decisions of any kind, he would need to do some soul searching first. No amount of coercing or cornering would change his mind.

The starlight all but glittered in his mane as he tossed it, and he tempered his formerly fierce stare with a somewhat less indignant one before replying. The only thing that kept the steel in his voice in check was the fact that Caustic quite obviously wanted what was best for Eternal, and he could hardly fault him for that. They were both of a like mind, in that respect.

You have my word, as much as it may mean to you, that I would never do anything deliberate to harm her. Her son is like my own flesh and blood. The thought of harming his mother in any manner is an undeniably detestable notion. I appreciate all that she has done and said this day.

He left it simply at that. Far be it from him to elaborate on his actual feelings. That wasn't for Caustic to know, and the bristling stallion wasn't about to share.

Shimmer blinked in confusion. Galaxy had always been so mild-tempered that this knee-jerk reaction had caught her completely off-guard. She almost started to move between them, as she disliked seeing so much discomfort between her circle-mates, but thought better of it. Instead, she responded to Caustic's offer for Shadowstar with a nod and a smile. Without question, her daughter would always have a place in their circle, she would not dispute that at all.

Realm nodded in agreement as well. Being a part of this, with his mother and his extended family just felt so... right. He had never quite understood Galaxy's need for independence and self-reliance. He hadn't always been that way-years and years of conflict had created him, shaped him. However, Realm knew that, given some time, he could come around. He was not as obstinate as he appeared.

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by Sethelu
Sunny nodded in agreement with his mate's statement, before going to give her a little kiss. Oh, how he missed her!

Shadowstar smiled and shyly looked at the ground at Realm's statement, a small blush staining her dark cheeks. He was the son of a rogue, handsome, and nice! She peeked up at him through her lashes, barely holding back a nervous giggle.

Sunny, immediately noticing this, turned his gaze to Realm. He began to analyze him like a vulture does a staggering animal. He was fairly large, decent build, son of a circle mate, polite, kind, and not bad looking. Sunny completely approved. He gave a little nod before returning his attention to the others. He had to admit, he was impressed with Shadowstar for asking her question. She probably didn't realize what she just started, but still.

When Caustic looked at her after her question, Shadowstar froze and got a deer in headlights look at the intensity of the gaze. Her eyes flicked from side to side, and when he finally looked away she let out the breath she was unaware she was holding. Sunny moved closer and gave her a reassuring nuzzle. He hated it when his baby was scared. Shadowstar appreciated the gesture and leaned a little closer to her father. Before she noticed that the predator was arguing with Eternal and almost didn't catch herself from taking a small step back, just in case.

Meanwhile, Sunny kept switching his gaze between the speakers like he was surveying a well played game, and they were the players. When they had each said their piece, Sunny stepped forward and looked between Galaxy and Caustic. Hi, I'm sure you both just want what's best for Eternal. Can't you, I don't know, do that together? I think she might appreciate that more than you two destroying each other over the same cause. Just this stallion's unsolicited opinion. Having said his own piece he backed up until he stood by his mate and daughter again. He didn't enjoy conflict, especially between two of his friends.

When Caustic said that Shadowstar was also his, she felt a moment of fear and slight violation. But when he explained that it meant she was under his protection, she felt a little better. She didn't show any of this, she just stood there with a neutral expression on her face that she had picked up from the bat. She got that look whenever she stared off into space and it took knocking her off the branch to get her to snap out of it. When they finished she just smiled and said Thank you before taking a deep breath and moving closer to Realm. When she was standing in front of him, she asked Do you like strawberries? It was her attempt at breaking the ice, and she hoped it didn't backfire and make her look weird for asking a random question out of nowhere.