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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:12 am
by Songhue
Angst, angst, angst; Eternal thought it all quite ridiculous. Rolling her eyes as Galaxy stared down the warrior that'd dared to push at her, she stepped over to stand near Shimmer with a murmured Stallions are ever going to be one thing I simply don't understand. Offering a warm smile to the mare she ducked her head closer and whispered Care to help me demonstrate why we're quite capable of looking after ourselves, my dear?

With that she turned her nose to the sky, smiling as she drained the last of her resources and caused the stars to flash and twinkle, growing noticeably brighter until several began to fall. Passing debris had found its way to their area; she merely tweaked it so that it seemed each comet across the sky seemed to originate from a point a star could be seen.

It worked on Caustic at least; when the other had stepped close and given a look that challenged him to a fight should he give reason Caustic had held his ground and flicked his ears back. He may not have instantly attempted to decimate Galaxy for the challenge in his glare (and it would have only been an attempt, yet while the Rogue would unquestionably win Caustic did intend to at least make him pay for the victory), but he was very clearly not going to back down. He'd no more than opened his mouth to make his reply to Sunspot (and probably send a barb at Galaxy) before the flickering stars brought his gaze upwards. He couldn't quite help the twitch around his lips; a quirk that was his parody of a smile. Leave it to Eternal to give a subtle message. Clearly the ordeal was no longer of interest to her.

Tell me something, he droned, lowering his gaze back down to look into the Rogue's eyes, how is her being too foolish to listen to her heart you making an attempt to harm her? Desiring love without attempting to find it often leads to desperation; neglecting to listen to what stirs in her heart can easily entice her to allow false hope. A hope for a desperate need is all the worse. And if upon deciding that she loves only you once she can no longer overlook this need, should she discover that you've nary a second glance for her it will hurt her deeply. She is still harmed and you are still the cause, yet the fault is hers for neglecting herself. The only way she can ignore what she's experiencing without danger is if her affections are returned. Realizing what she needs and recognizing where to find it is the other solution.

Although he didn't say it, there was an implied 'stupid' in there somewhere; while life in general was an interesting study to him he did find that many reactions which sprang from high emotion were not only illogical but rather unfathomable.

As far as your intentions are concerned, I do see that you would be fond of her in some regards through your bond with her son. So in that manner, your word is taken is reassuring in that she is assumed to hold your protection.

To his mind that settled the issue; but then, he had a very strange mind. Rather or not Galaxy would have a rejoinder or not he didn't pause to consider, merely turned to look at his companion with another of those mouth twitches that passed as his form of a smile as he said And you are right, of course, Sunspot; we do share the same protective instincts. Warriors are simply half of what makes up a Rogue, but they are still fully a Warrior and experience the same urges. Ah, and no, I did not in fact of matter begin the nickname Sundrop for you; however I do find it to be very apt. You may thank that little weasel bondmate of yours, Black Thorn. Has he caused any further trouble?

With a flick of his tail he traced the little red stallion's glare, smirking outright when he saw first the examination and then the approval of young Realm Walker. Shadowstar's question quite amused him as well; it was certainly a way of starting a conversation if nothing else.

As Caustic moved passed the moment and attempted to disperse it by addressing Sunspot, Eternal smiled at Shimmer and looked to the two progeny they had all adopted as their own; hardly one to miss a moment to teach, and with two fine students just here. There's a term you two may find interesting, she said, waiting just long enough for Realm to reply to Shadowstar's inquiry, or at the very least a phrasing which is currently valid. It is a "fatal flaw." I can tell you mine, though you may have guessed it already; while I am attentive with those under my care and watchful over the health of all things both worldly and non, I often find my thoughts far distant from what is present; especially in regards to myself. Rarely do I realize what sort of state I myself am in; I simply am. It can cause problems, as sir Death just reminded me. Now, while I don't expect you to confess to such personal matters right now, you should consider what your own fatal flaws may be; they are your weakest traits, those which you must guard against. You would do well to realize them. Isn't that correct, Lady Shimmer?

She found that she was still quite pleased, considering the power of those that were gathered. When you throw four Warriors together, much less three Rogues and a Warrior, things could often become interesting. But then, Caustic would have told her that she had been right in regards to her instinct; however interesting it may be, only those who shared these 'afflictions' could properly understand. They complimented one another.

And the stars twinkled bright overhead, multi-colored streaks of comets flickering in and out of existence as darkness half-masked their features to any without their night-blessed vision.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:28 am
by Talia
Realm noticed the slight shuffle closer that Shadowstar made and he grinned, unable to help himself. Her attempt at breaking the ice was endearing, and he thought her adorable for asking. He didn't move away at all from her- he just stood still, content to let the seemingly-shy mare approach on her own terms.

They're one of my favourites, he said cheerfully. Although raspberries are still at the very top of the list!

A momentary look of concern passed Shimmer's features as Sunny stepped between the two feuding stallions. Playing peace-maker didn't always go as planned. She hoped that he didn't stick his hoof in his mouth, but she was certain that neither her circle-mate or Galaxy would do anything to Sunny. It was beyond questioning. She stomped a hoof in irritation. This is not how she wanted her reunion to go! Stubborn stallions! She was still, by far, relieved when Sunny backed up from the two, content that he had said what he needed to say.

When Eternal spoke, Shimmer all but rolled her eyes. She was rarely sarcastic, but Eternal was right. She couldn't understand this fierce protective drive that both of them had going on. They obviously were fighting for the same cause! She tossed her starlit mane, and with a whinny of approval, she answered, My pleasure!

Eternal seemed to have the stars and comets covered, so Shimmer thought Why not a little light show?

She tilted her head as she fixated her gaze upwards. Like an expert painter, the night sky began to shimmer with tendrils of colour; deep vibrant blues shifted into bright greens and vague turquoises as the lights danced to the song of the stars. She was used to the cosmos, but re-creating the Aurora Borealis was new to her. It wasn't exactly planetary, but it amused her none-the-less. She nodded in satisfaction, feeling slightly drained. It took far more effort to move the sky than it did to create a light-show, but it would have the same effect.

The whole light-and-stars show distracted Galaxy from his momentarily (and very temporary) ire. Being a rogue himself, he could appreciate what they were trying to do. In his fit of pique, he had begun to absorb the nearby nighttime energy; he forcibly released it, and the shimmery haze surrounding him dissipated somewhat. Caustic's voice brought him back to the present, and he willed himself back to some semblance of neutrality. He disliked the warrior's tone, but there was no point in disrupting things further by continuing on with this... battle of wills.

He stared back at Caustic without the slightest bit of fear or hesitation as he listened to his explanation.

It was the implication that her trust may be misplaced that I find offensive, he replied quietly. His eyes still held the barest glint of iciness. Without even a word to me, without even deciphering anything more about my character, you had questioned my motives while questioning hers. We are what we are. She has made her feelings known, this is true. All of the cards are on the table-all but my own. I have learned that declaring one's feelings without putting them through the true test of time is dangerous. It's proven me wrong many a time. I applaud you for your concern when it comes to her; she is lucky to have such a circle-mate. But she and I both have some self-exploration left to do. She'll heed your warning, of that I'm sure, but ultimately she is still responsible for her own destiny, as am I. She understands the dangers. She's no stranger to love. Wait- your concern may still be completely unfounded.

He left the last bit unsaid. He still would refuse to say what he felt. Not here, not in front of the others. And not until he knew for certain. Too many times he had been caught off-guard, and he would not repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

He felt that they had both said their piece- he wouldn't pursue it further. He turned his attention back to Shimmer with only the slightest hint of irritation. He felt irrationally upset and couldn't shake it.

Realm listened attentively to his mother- she had a point. He had yet to really examine himself in this manner, but it was definitely something that he should consider doing. Knowing and respecting your own weaknesses was important, this much he knew.

Shimmer nodded in agreement.

A common fatal flaw, with Rogues in particular, is their tendency to be too introspective, she added with a small smile. I, unfortunately, share that flaw with many others. Lady Eternal is correct though- discovering one's flaws is the key to fully discovering yourself.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:43 pm
by Sethelu
Sunny's gaze jerked up as the celestial show began. He had to grin at the two mares' abilities. He knew that Shimmer was powerful, always had. Times like these where she showed what she could do filled him with pride for his mate. He didn't know what he did to deserve her, but he sure was glad he did it.

Shadowstar was just as much caught in the star show as her father was. She suddenly felt awe and respect for the two mares with them along with a sudden yearning to be able to feel the stars as they did, to do the things they could do. Then she looked down and remembered that just because she couldn't do what they could, that didn't mean she was less. She learned long ago to be content with herself. She still grew where growing was needed, but she didn't try to be more than she was. She didn't see the point in such a silly thing anyway.

Sunny's mouth twitched down ever so slightly when Caustic called Black Thorn a weasel. He liked Caustic, the stallion was in his A-list, but he would not tolerate his bond-mate being called a weasel! First, please don't call him a weasel. He's not one, and it's rude to refer to another creature as a bad thing. Second, he's actually grown a lot since he talked to you. After a little light teasing from us he fit into the herd really well. As for his previous trouble he was scared before, and though that doesn't excuse his actions, it is grounds for a fair second chance he finished with a rather serious look at Caustic.

Shadowstar smiled happily at Realm's response. She hadn't tried raspberries herself, and was suddenly looking forward to tasting them. She listened closely when Lady Eternal began speaking and the mare had a point. To know your flaws was a way to know your weaknesses, and thus guard against them. She had to remember to think more upon this later when she had some time to herself. She returned her attention to Realm and said I've never tried raspberries. Would you like to have some together sometime? Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes!

Sunny listened carefully to Eternal's words and began wondering what his fatal flaw was. He was surprised at what Shimmer said her fatal flaw was. The way she kept track of herself so well was one of the things he admired and loved about her. But he guessed, in a way, it could be a bad thing too. He would have to think about it more later. Right now though, he just wanted to enjoy this gathering to the fullest. He smiled at his daughter's proposal to Realm Walker. They really did make a nice couple.

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by Songhue
It worked, their display; Caustic was so busy watching the stars fall and the lights dance that he momentarily forgot about the others.

He did raise an eyebrow when Sunspot spoke, but luckily his great downfall wasn't pride. If anything he was slightly impressed. Sunny was oddly polite in defending his bondmate, as Caustic hadn't detected any anger in his tone, and having grown to the point of actually sticking up for someone was a vast difference in the stallion he'd first found.

Still, Black Thorn had been rather weasely, the Warrior mused to himself, trying his best to bluff and bully even while he tried to skitter and hide. He couldn't see why stating a fact should ruffle fur; but then, emotions were often an enigma to him. And disgusting as well, but that was another matter entirely.

I hadn't considered that, he said to Galaxy, continuing to watch the marvels in the sky even as they began to fade. I suppose it could be irritating to not be given a chance to prove yourself and banish such doubts before they're placed on your back. That would be my great flaw; I'm often ignorant of emotions.

The last was said with the same 'duh, stupid' tone as before, only this time it was clearly directed at himself. He could be self-deprecating for his own mistakes, the same as he would for the mistakes of others. It should have been clear to him, had he really thought about it; only it wasn't. He wasn't emotionless himself, he simply kept a stranglehold on his self control. Often times emotions could cloud the mind - that weasely idiot Black Thorn was a great example, as far as he was concerned. Scared and certain he would be left again, the fool went and contributed towards ensuring those very fears would come to pass. Even a touch of self control to enable him to stop and properly assess the situation could have averted much of the trouble.

Though if I recall correctly, he said, finally looking away from the sky to give Sunspot that raised brow, as far as emotions are concerned you, Sundrop, were none too kind to him yourself when last I saw, having handled him roughly and with anger. I had even received word that he had been named the 'idiot' among your bondmates; this would indicate that he still troubled others. He may have stopped acting the weasel now, but that doesn't change the past.

He couldn't have it both ways, his sunny little stallion; he couldn't abuse the fellow in anger only to turn around and attempt to scold any who referred to him in an unfavorable manner.

Emotions could be so very illogical.

Meanwhile, Eternal was spent. Slowly the comets stopped falling, petering out with the last of her strength, though she kept her face skyward so long as the auroras continued. A part of her was quite irritated; so far her bondmate had yet to do anything she might find offensive herself, and yet the other stallions all seemed to be getting in a twist over it all. He spoke frankly and without tact, but he was both fair and honest in his brutality. Her heart ached for him; even here, amid his Circle, it seemed he didn't quite belong. The motherly part of her wanted to sweep him up and just carry him away somewhere. All this drawn out tension was undoing much of the peace she'd found previously, an observation that saddened her greatly.

Part of her wished he'd simply shut up. It seemed any time he opened his mouth he found a way to trod on someone's sensitive emotions. What a mess.

Lost in her thoughts she grew introspective, just as Shimmer had spoken of. It was quite a dangerous habit for her as often as not it lead to a great crushing sadness. The best way she'd found to run from her loneliness was to keep a tight hold on herself, choosing what she saw in each day. For the moment that hold began to slip.

She thought, briefly, of attempting to anchor herself again through her son. He and Shadowstar seemed to be attempting to sharing a moment however, one where outside disturbances wouldn't be welcomed. Connecting with Galaxy again was more or less impossible in his current state of agitation, and she didn't want to get involved with Caustic's social fumbling just yet.

Taking a risk she turned to Shimmer, hoping that the mate-bond between her and Sunspot wouldn't leave them inclined to share the mindset their foals seemed to have, that of focusing mainly upon one another.

Introspection can have its good points, she said, attempting to wrench herself out of the sudden melancholy. Many times I've found that by turning inward I can see the stars clearer; it's one of those moments where one may realize their full power. It can be comforting knowing that there is the ability to be fully self-reliant, she smiled.

It had worked, for the most part, although there was still that little seed niggling in the back of her mind, trying to replace 'comforting' with 'lonely.' It was quite ridiculous, she thought; she was perfectly capable on her own. Why should her heart bleed for others?

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by Talia
Realm grinned eagerly at Shadowstar in response- did he just manage to ask the mare out on a date?! He was giddy with delight, yet oddly anxious at the same time. He had never really been in this position before- he had so much to learn. But from whom? He couldn't exactly look to Galaxy for guidance here. The stallion was not exactly the ideal example. He didn't even have a mate, and his romantic prospects seemed to always end in disaster. As much as he cared about the stallion as a father-figure, he was not a romantic expert. And his mother had gone through so much heartache- he really didn't feel that he could ask her either. He supposed he would learn as he went along then!

With a smile, he nodded emphatically at Shadowstar. Of course! You just name the time and the place!

Galaxy was quiet- not quite brooding, just reserved. Their display was beautiful, he had to admit. He knew that Shimmer was capable of such things, and Eternal had proven that she was quite a magnificent Rogue herself. He could feel their power shifting around him, filtering down from the twinkling sky, and he let it cover him as he pulled it close, and used it for his own purposes, twisting and manipulating it until a meteor shower started, beautiful in its ferocity. He watched it silently, pleased but not completely satisfied. He knew he was capable of more.

He heard Caustic's voice echoing dully in the background, and his ears twitched to catch his words as he turned his attention back to the conversation at hand. He could appreciate Caustic's blunt acknowledgement of his feelings, and he nodded in response.

We all have our own flaws, that much is for certain, he said in agreement, his eyes focused on the falling particles. I do appreciate your candor and your intent to protect your bondmate. That is admirable.

He knew that he had many faults, not just one fatal one. It made him a little sad, if truth be told. He felt strong, in body perhaps, but not necessarily in mind. He was being drawn thin; more and more he felt as if something were calling to him. Drawing him out, further and further into the inky blackness. Alone. It wasn't frightening- but neither did he understand it.

He glanced quickly at the mares- they both seemed exhausted. Summoning the night could do that to you. He felt as if he had barely started, but then again he hadn't extended himself the way that Eternal and Shimmer had, especially Eternal. She had to be careful.

He took a few steps further into the night, heeding its call for a few moments before realizing that he couldn't quite leave. Not yet. He wasn't by himself- he was in the company of others that wouldn't quite understand. Well, not all at least.

Shimmer turned sage eyes towards Eternal, and her soul went out to the tired mare. These stallions could be so tiresome. She shot a brief look in Galaxy's direction, worry marking her face. Something about him was... different lately. She couldn't quite place her hoof on it. At least she had her exuberant and enthusiastic mate to anchor her. She could always count on Sunny's sweet disposition to keep her going. She smiled at him gratefully before turning back towards Eternal, her expression gentle.

It does, to an extent, she said, somewhat wryly. I find that it makes me oblivious to the feelings of others sometimes though. And I'm not always as aware as I should be. But you are indeed correct- when I'm focusing on myself, I'm more of a Rogue than I will ever be.

She wondered what had sparked such a protective streak in Galaxy. She could understand his feelings towards Eternal- she seemed a sweet soul, someone that Galaxy would gravitate towards. But he seemed... withdrawn. Angry almost. And hesitant. And it wounded her. He had never seemed as out of sorts as he had tonight with Caustic. She felt for the Warrior as well, naturally. He didn't mean any offense with his manner of speaking. He simply was the way he was.

She sighed aloud and smiled again at Eternal, reassuringly.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:41 pm
by Songhue
OOC| Just throwing this in there. :)

BIC| Eternal shared a smile with Shimmer, glad to have such a mare in her Circle. She loved her, in all sincerity; if she'd known an instant sense of fulfillment with Galaxy then Shimmer gave her instant peace. She felt close to both of them, and appreciated them all the more for it.

And yet Galaxy had wandered off a few steps, his face turned towards the far sky; something called for him, some instinct to run through the deepening shadows that wove around ethereal starlight.

She knew the look; she'd done it herself.

Glancing at Shimmer she gave another smile, automatically reaching to give a parting nudge before stepping up to Galaxy's side. She spoke just behind his ear, standing as if ready to follow him, though her stance was relaxed and rooted.

However far the stars call you, she murmured, her voice low and meant only for him, wherever it is you need to go, remember; call upon me should you have need. I'll be there.

And she offered him a smile as well, reaching to brush her nose over his shoulder as she turned away; a small well-wishing for his journey. He'd at least come to his senses and, quite clearly, he did have things to work out if his level of distress was any indication. But she'd had to make sure that he knew he could always call upon her. Whatever else happened, she found herself willing to befriend him; and it would be interesting to watch him grow into the Rogue he had the potential to become. Perhaps some day he would no longer act as a teenager.