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Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:46 pm
by Songhue
She grinned - and kept grinning, then grinned some more. Bah, it'd been too long, far too long, since she'd felt as she did now! She could be fully and wholly herself, without being an oddity for it.

Flipping her son's forelock over his eye playfully, she mussed his mane as they spoke. It wasn't in the least bit odd, for there to be the three of them; she felt as if it were a proper family reunion, as if Galaxy was the step-sire to her colt. Okay, stallion. Shut up. It's a mother's prerogative!

Because of this she found herself viewing Galaxy as exactly that; a co-parent, in a way, the same as she would have Realm's actual sire.

Quite a lovely name, with or without the title, she chuckled, and gave a slight bow as she added My bond-mates view me as some sort of noble, and if nothing else then I am the Lady of the Night. I've felt nearly all other Serians as they came to our realm and their magic sang for the first time, and I have felt all Rogues as their magic made the stars tremble. I was also abandoned, not long after you were born, Realm, and finally found a bonded that was acceptable. I refused to go through that again. Although a touch of envy must be acknowledged, Lord Galaxy, for your bonded must be blessed indeed to have not only your own magnificence along with my son, but others of our kind. In that respect, I am alone in my own herd. Had I known you were part of our realm I would have visited much sooner, for the company is as welcome as reuniting with my son.

Looking at Realm she added with a bit of an impish grin As far as mates go, and the fair Shimmer's mate, Sunspot, he also shares the realm; and when he realized that the ties of our bondeds also tie our homelands, it's said that he ran towards her. She shouldn't be alone for very long.

With a tilt of her head she glanced between the pair and said, somewhat reflectively, For that matter, tell me of your own mates. Have you found someone special, as grown as you are now? Is there a mate for Galaxy, that's been as much an aid in your education as this Lord Rogue himself? Lovely as it is to see you and to meet the one that's helped to care for you in my place, I know so little! It's something I'm quite unaccustomed to.

Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 5:52 pm
by Talia
Realm flicked his tail at his mother's flank, grinning impishly. It felt so natural to be like this again- it was as if she had never left. The only thing that was missing was his sire, but even that didn't seem to entirely hold true. While Epoch was his biological father, and he still did dearly miss him, he felt disconnected from him. He had spent so many years around Galaxy and Shimmer in particular that his new adoptive family was closer to him than his father ever had been.

It was unfortunate, but Realm wasn't the type of stallion to hold a grudge, and he didn't hold his father accountable. His family had been split at the seams, all of them losing their bonds and re-bonding over the years. They lost one another- it was as simple as that.

Galaxy snorted with barely concealed mirth. My Lady, you have yet to meet my bonded. I hardly think she feels blessed by Shimmer, your son and myself. We keep her on her toes, I must say, and she does lovingly, and with much affection, call me a rogue of another type!

Realm chuckled at that- not many of their own herd didn't try the Lady's patience on one occasion or another! It almost seemed like an initiation event of some sort at this point. For all of it, the Lady loved her bonds immensely, and she took their impishness in stride.

You should come to visit mother, he added with a sincere smile. The Lady Talia would enjoy it, and our two realms are so close that I believe it would benefit more than just ourselves if you did.

Realm had the grace to blush at his mother's mention of mates. He hadn't really thought of it, if truth be told. While there were quite a few "single" mares in his own herd, he tended to keep to himself, and really had not dwelt much on the thought of pairing off, although he was definitely of age to be considering such things.

I'm sure Shimmer would appreciate the company, and being reunited with her mate, he added in an attempt to not-so-deftly deflect her innocent probing with an obvious statement.

Galaxy could have laughed aloud at the stallion's discomfort, but he refrained from embarrassing him further.

Neither of us have been fortunate enough to find our soul mates,he said simply by way of explanation. Although, admittedly there have been moments where I have questioned it.

He grew reflective at that-there had, indeed, been many past moments where he felt as if someone had touched him in such a way that they were unforgettable. But that was many a mare now, and he was beginning to think that the Rogue blood flowed so thick within him that he was unwilling to pursue anything steady or constant.

Have you seen or heard from your mate My Lady? I'm sure Realm would benefit from being reunited with his father as well.

Re: When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:23 pm
by Songhue
Eternal grinned with a motherly amusement as Realm squirmed, granting him a gentle nudge and returning the swish of tail against his hide. Okay, that was just cute. Far too cute.

I will, son, I will visit! she laughed, pleased and amused by his eagerness. Something told her he was a bit determined to seal her promise, as he'd mentioned it fairly regularly already. And only barely could it be called a visit, you're right about that. From what I can tell, it's all the same realm; different areas, and each is quite saturated with the energies of our bondeds, but outside of those areas where our bondeds take responsibility for our care the energies meld evenly. Once I leave that place my bonded has helped to shape for me, I can feel the touch of the others just as strongly. With our kind, once the night settles -

She blinked and stopped herself short of giving a full 'lesson' on reading the touches reflected in the night - surely her son was too grown for such things, and sir Galaxy almost certainly already realized. She was, perhaps, a bit too used to being unique. It may take a little adjustment, this opportunity to be around those like herself.

Ah, well if I wasn't just nattering on. Regardless, Epoch isn't my mate, as a matter of course. We had a wonderful romance for a time, but I don't recall any lasting ties being made, short of yourself, Realm. I wasn't sure I would find anyone that could tempt me to take a proper mate, in all honesty; as far as simple companionship I needed a troublemaking rogue like yourself. She shrugged with a self depreciating grin and added In truth, I give my own bonded quite the headache for it. As much as I love my bondmates they simply aren't... Kindred. Believe me, I'll visit quite frequently, both for you, Realm, and for extra opportunity to visit with you and Shimmer, Galaxy. I'm sure that my bonded will enjoy the break while I wander those lands under her aunt's influence, she laughed.

Grinning, she gave a slight bow and with a spark in her eye noted But then, such is our disposition, to be a bit more than others.

With a good natured shake of her head, she nipped at her son's forelock once again and said, almost primly, But all such things are a matter of course, considerations for the future. For the moment the stars turn overhead and we each have found some unexpected company. To myself, it seems only fair that if I'm to ask after the two of you in such a way, I should share a bit of myself. Tilting her head, she considered for a moment and, finally, with stardust shining off her lips said I admit to being curious about a proper mate, the binding ties of circles. Yet, while curious, and while I am willing to tie myself to those I wish to remain close to, I haven't such a driving need. I am, in all honesty, complete on my own; I am Rogue, if a bit lonely for it. Now that company is readily available... It is a curiosity to ponder, I do agree with you there, Galaxy.

Shrugging, she turned her head towards the stars and murmured I know the secrets of the night, the moves to fell the strongest warriors and the magic reflected by the stars themselves. I've had to be stopped from causing serious harm to my warrior bondmate during a fight, taught a bondmate elemental magic that was so far beyond his abilities he fainted, and frequently challenge others to boldness. Yes, I think it's in the blood; while Shimmer herself proves that to mate is more than possible, there is a wildness to our hearts that can't be tamed. It must be shared. At times, I truly believe that only another of our kind can share it in full.

Shrugging, she grinned at the pair and said in a much lighter tone Such have been my musing as of late. The life of one set apart, and a bit lonely for it until the discovery of ready company. It is, however, very good for finding chance to experiment and learn a myriad of interesting tricks. Many of which haven't been put to the most noble of use at times, when someone irritated this particular Lady.

With a smirk and a wink she laughed, and gave a mild bow to them each. Now, you know a bit more of your mother, dear Realm, and of this odd little mare you've wandered across, Galaxy. So turn your gazes from what has not yet passed and share with me that which I don't yet know.

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Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:18 pm
by Talia
Realm grinned at his mother's promise- he was glad she was so willing to meet everyone. There were so many stallions and mares that he wanted to introduce her to! He tilted his head ever so slightly as she spoke about how their realms were intertwined, and the relationship between both of their bondeds. He had heard this before from Galaxy, but not nearly so... eloquently. Although the stallion was not necessarily known for his powers of speech. He was transfixed, and was enjoying the chat regardless.

Both Galaxy and Realm blinked at her when she stopped. Galaxy hadn't quite realized just how much he had lacked in discussing with Realm, the poor stallion. His mother did a much better job, that much was apparent! He and Shimmer were more... hands on trainers. Teaching was not their forte, to say the least. Galaxy laughed aloud, and tried to explain their stunned silence.

My Lady, I'm afraid Shimmer and I may fall miserably short of your expectations when it comes to Rogues. Or at least myself- I cannot speak for Shimmer, as she's a far better teacher than myself. While we are kin, that much is certain, I'm not exactly your typical Rogue. I hope I don't prove to be too much of a disappointment to you. He grinned impishly and continued- Shimmer is wise beyond her years. Next to her, I am but a foal.

Both Realm and Galaxy nodded in unison, but this time it was Realm that continued onward.

I do feel like there's something... more out there for me than just the standard hum-drum. Any mate of mine would have to be a special mare indeed, not because I think myself extraordinary, but because she would have to put up with me and all of my little idiosyncrasies. I would be a lucky stallion indeed to find such a mare!

Galaxy chuckled at his honesty and nodded. I do believe that only another Rogue can fully appreciate what another Rogue is feeling. It is difficult at times to explain why you feel so wild, why the night is calling to you, why you feel the need to chase the stars with such abandon. Shimmer was lucky that she found another mate that understood her, despite the obvious differences between those who are Rogue, and those who are not.

Her honesty was appreciated- he thought she was lucky to have found at least one other individual to share some part of her life with, however brief. He had yet to do so.

I myself have not been so lucky in love, Galaxy said, with some reluctance. In all sincerity, I tend to make connections with the wrong individuals. Most connections have either gone unnoticed, or unannounced. None the less, I am content. It's part of my nature I believe.

He shrugged, trying to feign indifference.

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Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:35 pm
by Songhue
Her eyes twinkled in amusement, although she was polite enough not to let it show beyond that. To say that his connections were unnoticed or unacknowledged, only to follow with a claim of contentment - it was simply contradictory. Unrequited love is a hard lesson learned and, to her mind, has little to nothing to do with one's nature.

She was attempting to resist the urge to show off for the two... Not very hard, but she was attempting all the same.

Okay, enough with not-really attempting.

Lifting her head again, she called down the starlight and for all the world it seemed as if a spotlight was pulled from the heavens to shine over her back. Gathering the light, manipulating heat, she altered and adjusted until there was a distinct red aura as she began to glow - then glow brighter, a heat radiating off of her that would rival the daylight sun. Twisting about, she reared and rocked her landing down into a buck - and for the second time that night she sent a new star rocketing into the sky, this one a red dwarf that would burn longer than any others.

It vastly depleted her energies; she had felt an excess earlier that night, a buildup of nostalgia and restlessness. To do so again left her with very little strength left for magic. She would, at best, be capable of no more than the meanest of feats for the rest of the night.

Could any others explain or return that? she asked amusedly, still rather sound in spite of the drain. She would indeed need to be special, for either of you; this is our element. In the night there are whispers, remnants. Small pockets that only the stars are privy to; bloodshed and romance, the fierceness of freedom and the peace of tranquility. During the night, for those who know how to listen, secrets are hidden or revealed. I can pass a spot and know that love has been shared there, or hatred taken to seed, for the celestial air holds onto these things. Who can understand what it is to feel the heat from a star that's lifetimes away, or the different moods and textures of velvet shadow, if not others as ourselves? You feel it, Realm, more than all others without the full power of Rogue running through you because it's what you come from; I'm sure of this, for both you and our Lord Galaxy seem very in sync.

Shrugging, she looked over her shoulder, craning her neck to follow the path of the dwindling star; if she looked hard enough she could still see a hint of the redness. We are unique, she murmured, and it's both our joy and our burden, because so few can hope to understand. I've suffered from it and been nourished by it, but the worst struggle of all is that of finding one to truly understand every corner of who you are.

She looked back at Realm here and, for a moment, her eyes swam with more than mere starlight; those were tears that reflected her son's image back at him. That's why I was so pleased to know you had those that might help you understand what it is you come from. Your father, Rogue that he was, was my own unnoticed love; he was the one I had thought could truly understand. Yet while he knew the call of the night, how the song is both gentle peace and the blood that sings in the hunt - he wasn't capable of much more. He couldn't understand all the corners of my heart, and I couldn't even find all the corners of his. When my youthful adoration was finally acknowledged I had hoped that a mate would be found, that I wouldn't need to feel so alone again; but the romance was brief and I was without a mate, and soon to lose a colt I'd not even had chance to name as I lost bonded and friends as well.

Sighing, she blinked her eyes clear and nodded to Galaxy, a gentle and slightly aged expression crossing her face. I know what it is to wonder who might understand, my friend. And I've seen and aged enough to know the value of candor. Often pride over-complicates simple matters. I know I am curious what it would be like to find a true mate, to no longer be alone through my life; yet I know that, with what I am, I am more complex and complete than most can comprehend. So while I'm curious, and while I can't honestly claim contentment, I have little hope left. It's a joy simply to know my son is safe, and that there are some others who might understand at least more than my own bondmates may.

With a bit of a grin at herself for all these theatrics she nudged Realm, gently lipping at his forelock, before offering Galaxy a similar nuzzle. And for such understanding as even now, I do thank you. Even my home is of a sort to be set apart; eternal night over a sheer wall of waterfalls that reflect the sky back a thousand times. Few linger. But your own homes, are they similar? I'll have to see for myself some day soon.

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Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:31 pm
by Talia
Both Realm and Galaxy grinned ear-to-ear as the new star was shot into the sky. Realm was suitably impressed and proud of his mother's abilities. He could only wish he were as talented! Worry creased his face however- Eternal seemed drained, and he worried that she had needlessly used up all of her energy.

Galaxy grinned and winked at the mare before focusing all of his attention on another star in the sky, one that twinkled with intensity and stood out from the others. He reared and pawed at the air with a whinny. When both hooves connected again with the earth, the stallion grew brighter, and his starry markings almost appeared to dance across his coat. He paused for a moment and then tossed his mane. With that movement, the star blazed across the sky shooting towards the earth, leaving a fiery tail in its wake.

He too enjoyed showing off for new company.

Realm shook his head, reveling in the moment. There had been many feats tonight, and he was in awe of the displays.

Galaxy smiled at Eternal before responding; his coat still held a silver hue, although it had dimmed significantly since the shooting star.

Others would appreciate it, although only our kind can truly understand it. I think that's why I often feel a connection to my own kind. The relationships between Rogues are so intimate and intricate that they can often be mistaken for something else. We share experiences and knowledge in a way that cannot be replicated. Just when I feel as if another understands, someone outside of our kind, I find myself mistaken, he responded, with a sad little smile.

Galaxy's heart ached for her for a moment. To be that close to another to sire a foal, and then only to find out that you really do not understand your mate, and they you, was heart-rending. Added to the fact that her foal had been lost to her shortly thereafter. It was tragic. He couldn't empathize fully, but he could feel her emotions, and he could understand the situation.

Realm frowned- he had always thought that his relationship between his sire and dam had been much more romantic. He thought Epoch's absence had been as a result of some sort of complex event that had separated him from his family, not because their love had been fleeting. He vowed to be a part of his future family's life- he did not want to be known as the father that had never been there.

Realm nuzzled his mother- he was sad for her, and he promised himself that he would make sure that they were both more involved in one another's lives.

Galaxy smiled and nudged the mare gently in return. He wanted nothing more than to see her happy in this moment.

Our home is beautiful mother, but in a... different sense. Where you stay sounds blissful. While we do prefer this hilltop, we spend most of our days with our bond-family. Talia's cottage is comfortable. It's backed by the forest, a quiet yet broad expanse of trees. It's a great place for contemplation, but you cannot see the sky. The canopy is too thick. The cottage is fronted by acres of fields however, and the sky just swims above you forever. I prefer it there. Shimmer has her own spot- she prefers to be alone, or as alone as she can be.

Galaxy frowned at that. He had spent enough time in the mare's company as of late- she was still a bit of a sore spot for him.

Lady, you seem tired, he said, interjecting. You've outdone yourself tonight with your beautiful display. Is there anything we can do for you?