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When the Stars are Brightest {Galaxy + Realm Walker}

PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:39 pm
by Songhue
The darkest nights are when the stars shine their brightest.

It was always night back home, but this was the first time Eternal had watched the stars turn over Sionayra in a generation or more. There was no moon tonight. The stars looked like fireflies and the sky held a unique texture to it. It wasn't black, oh far from it. Galaxies gave varying shades, some just glimpsed behind stuttering clouds. A distant nebulous rippled in one corner, a counterpoint to a building storm cloud.

And there, spread at her hooves, lay a lake as still as glass. It grabbed the sky and threw it back again, almost seeming to glow in the light of the burning stars. For a moment, she merely closed her eyes and flexed her muscles. Magic gathered around her until the air shuddered and the strong heft of her stretched and rippled under her glossy coat. She was not one ounce gone to fat. Wind pushed at her, the air heated against her face, and slowly the pressure built as invisible particles were agitated. Then a spark and a flash and the air roared to life.

With a twist and a buck, Eternal sent a new star flying into the sky.

The ripples in the lake calmed. Her new star shot across the sky, growing larger as it sucked in more and more to burn. She watched the reflection, amused by the idea of it falling into the depths, and peace radiated off of her.

A new night, under an old sky with stars that had grown strange to her. It was a wonderful thing.

Without thinking she looked to her right, seeking the company of her bonded. Often would they sit together, these two creatures that could understand one another as few could ever hope. But there was no bonded, this night. And the company of bondmates would prove a poor imitation. She cared for them deeply, yet she was apart from them. She was more than they - no better, she wasn't arrogant enough to consider herself any better or above any of them. Simply more. Just as her bonded was more than she herself was.

But that was why the creature understood.

There was no bonded tonight, no companion to share the freshness of revisiting an old sky. She was alone; apart.

The darkness pressed in around her as the moon slept. And the stars shone their brightest.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:45 pm
by Talia
He craned his neck to take in the starry sky above him, in all of its entirety. He memorized the stars and their placement within the black void. The night sky never ceased to make him feel small and insignificant as a result of its vastness. None-the-less, he always felt a connection to the cosmos-their blood, his parent's blood, ran strong in his veins and he came out every night, ritualistically, to gaze upon the twinkling lights. He could feel the universe's pull- the star-song made his blood sing and his body thrum with almost palpable joy. He couldn't resist the night's call, which is why he came every evening to this same spot on the hilltop.

Having not seen his sire or dam in years, he felt as if this spot, posed so perfectly to view the universe above, tied him inexorably to his parents. He knew, in his head, that it was a ridiculous sentiment. After all, his parents likely had never even been to this exact location, so the place held no real meaning in his or their memories. But it was special to him, and he knew that they would appreciate it for its beauty.

A short distance away, an older Rogue observed the younger stallion with interest. Galaxy had taken Realm under his wing the moment that he appeared with the Lady. He felt a certain connection to him, in much the same manner as he did with Shimmer-something that only Rogues, or at least those with that uniquely different and intricate connection would understand.

While most young stallions (or mares) at his age would be impetuous and brassy, Realm was a dreamer, enigmatic and an observer. He was soft spoken in the company of others, and would never shirk a conversation out of pure politeness, although he did prefer to be on his own or in like company at the very least. However, when he got it in his head that something needed to be done, Realm was pure determination, and no amount of convincing could deter him from the tasks he set upon himself. That drive was something that Galaxy admired in him-his own whims were much more fluid and changeable.

After awhile, he noticed that the stallion would trot off close to sunset, every night without fail. Curiosity won over, and he followed him to the very spot that they shared now. Realm hadn't even seemed perturbed that he had interrupted his solitude- it wasn't in him to be rude, or snappish.

Realm could feel familiar eyes, and knew that Galaxy had ceased to contemplate their surroundings and was instead taking measure of him. The thought didn't trouble him. He respected the stallion, and considered him the closest thing to family that he had, short of his own flesh and blood.

His legs began to ache for a good trot- he had been lying on the hilltop for what seemed like hours, and his muscles had stiffened. The two stallions rose and shook out their manes, preparing to chase the stars in a moonlit run.

Something was different tonight.

Realm noticed first- it wasn't that he felt watched or observed, and he most certainly couldn't see anyone in the distance, but there was an altogether familiar presence about. He flicked his ears, straining for sounds.

Galaxy watched him with unconcealed amusement. He had always had the notion that if it felt like someone was about, you may as well make yourself known. Why waste your time on trying to pinpoint the who, where and why. Eventually those things would come to you. Cause and effect.

Without waiting for the younger male, Galaxy galloped off with a thunder of hooves. He trumpeted to the night and drank in the starlight like a thirsty foal. His star speckled coat seemed to almost glow with the same intensity as the sky. Realm watched in amazement and appreciation, and, since there was nothing to do but to follow, he gave chase.

They were the heralds of the night.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 11:15 pm
by Songhue
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BIC| She twitched an ear as the peace and silence of the night was shattered, lifting her head high in answer to the cry that split the air. There was something about that call... Something deep and powerful, something familiar. For all that, it was a friendly sound all the same.

The thunder of hooves precluded the approach of two distant figures, drawing closer until the mirror-smooth water shuddered. It took her a moment to realize why they were still hard to see, even as they drew closer; she had to use her skills to enhance her vision. It was their coats; they were as deep and vibrant a blue as the sky that outlined them, just as she was. They could have each been a nebula appearing on the horizon; especially the one with the shimmering mane and tail that flashed with the milky white of space-dust as it flared in the wind.

Eternal kept still herself, watching with a certain level of curiosity. She thought it was a good chance the cry she'd heard had come from one of these two stallions; one of them would be able to give her a run for it, at least. Still, even those who thought it foolish to bond, even for the sake of extra strength and love, wouldn't be keen on attacking one of their own. They simply lived out in the wildlands, keeping away from those that bound themselves to others to help maintain their stronghold here.

Tilting her nose to the sky, she took note of the turn of the stars - it was the dead of night by now. She'd been sitting alone for a good while, then. For much of it she'd been lost in her own thoughts; now, she was drawn to the present. In this, at least, these strangers were welcome.

And then something caught her eye, some small detail seen in the flash of a flank, the turn of a head, a scent carried in the wind - and she knew. Her son. The one that was ever just a half-step behind, not quite as strong or fast, and not left behind for all that; it was her son.

Upon this recognition she let loose a cry of her own, a great welcoming bellow beckoning them onward. She put power into it, and perhaps a touch of command; and joy. Come to me, this call demanded, come to me and be welcome!

Smiling gently, she reared and put out a quick burst of power, pushing her presence outwards in the hope he might recognize her, in turn. It'd been so long - so long!

Too long. Far too long for her to merely stand and let them come, so she simply pushed off and thundered out to meet them. Wasting a little more energy in a push of power, she gathered the starlight about her until she seemed to glow - the moon on her left cheek shimmered brightest of all, an easy mark to recognize.

Too long! she declared, pulling short with a quick sliding stop as she finally drew near, Far too long since I've found you, my boy. When we all broke apart, you had only just come; I wasn't even given chance to name you. You have one now, I would assume, and glad I'd be to hear of it, and of the life you've found on your own. But first, know this, son-of-mine; you created yourself. You alone take credit for the stallion you've become, so take pride, for none have shaped you as much as you have shaped yourself through the events that have passed.

Releasing the starlight, she shook herself out as it dissipated back into the surroundings, her twilight blue mane and tail shimmering like liquid night for a moment. Then she turned her attention towards the stranger.

And you, Lord stallion, I must thank you; however unintentional, you have helped me to find my son once again. I'm Eternal - and no, I don't mean immortal, she said, offering up a rare joke and a sly grin in her moment of joy. I haven't been here in the homelands for many generations, so I don't know every rogue any more; I felt the skies sing more than once since I was set upon my long journey, welcoming another like myself, and as surely as I felt the call I recognize the power that lays in you.

Smiling back at her son she said I'm not surprised to find you in one another's company; you, my son, came from two such rogues yourself.

Finally; finally, she felt normal again. It was terribly lonely, to be set apart even surrounded by others. They could relate to part of what she was, what she could do, the impacts it made in her life; but few could ever match her. Now she was among those that might, and better, she could finally know the son she lost so long ago.

Eternal didn't need magic to glow at that moment.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:53 pm
by Talia
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BIC| Even in the inky blackness of night, Galaxy could sense her as he drew near. It was much the same sensation that he always had with Shimmer- that indescribable sensation of closeness and familiarity. There were days that he felt like a species unto his own...until he met another of his kind. He knew, even before he saw the slight play of her coat against the moonlit sky, that she was one of them and he instantly felt welcomed and at home, even before she trumpeted her own welcome in return.

Realm's vision and senses weren't as honed as the other stallion, but he had still felt her. For that he was glad, and if truth be told, slightly proud of himself for recognizing the presence before the ever vigilant male-even if he was still lagging quite a few feet behind said stallion, much to his chagrin. As his hooves hammered into the ground, sending turf flying in their wake, he began to take note of the shape in the distance. It was almost enough to give him pause. It seemed so familiar...

When she let loose her welcome, he instantly knew. Even for all their years of being apart, there was no way that he could ever forget that voice. He had held on to it ever since he was a foal, knowing that some day he would be reunited with his family. He bucked in excitement, a mid-air leap of joy, and whinnied in response. Mother, he thought I'm coming!

He gathered every ounce of remaining energy that he had and forced it into a sudden burst of speed so he could push forward to meet her. She looked so ethereal in the distance- a shimmering creature of the night, with starlight glinting brightly in her mane as she thundered out to meet them She shone with the same glow as Galaxy's coat- it was almost as if the two of them had absorbed the night sky. They were beacons against the ever-darkening night.

He managed to slip-slide his way into a halt, feeling like a foal for his utter lack of grace before his mother. He managed a sheepish half-smile when Galaxy trotted his way into a graceful halt with little to no exertion, his flowing mane speckled with twinkling light.

Mother he declared again, his happiness evident. I've missed you so. You give me too much credit for what I've become. I am what I am because of my family- both my blood and my bonded. He smiled at them both then- his bonded family had sheltered him and raised him when he had been parted from his blood, but his blood family had set the foundation for everything that he had become. I knew it was you. I just knew it. He trotted a few more paces and nuzzled her in welcome.

Galaxy watched the whole event take place with a slight grin. It was good to see the boy so happy- not that he hadn't been before. There wasn't a bad bone in his body. But now, he was simply... overjoyed. His happiness was almost palpable- he was almost as radiant as his mother.

He inclined his head politely, always the gentleman. You are most welcome, my Lady. The boy is important to me and my kin. It does me good to see him reunited with his mother. I only wish I had discovered you sooner, or that I had even discovered you myself for that matter. I cannot take credit for sensing your presence even- your son is responsible for that. His Rogue heritage is strong, that much is for certain. When he came to us, the Lady named him Realm Walker. There was a certain power to him. She said that one day he would walk amongst the worlds. He laughed then, despite himself. What a fantastic evening!

Realm turned back to his mother again with a grin. Realm for short. I always felt that some day I would find you, he responded. You and father- you called to me.

The younger stallion all but pranced in excitement. His mother!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:08 pm
by Songhue
She smiled, her joy bubbling up until she very nearly giggled. Instead, she returned his light touch, automatically looking him over. He seemed healthy and well cared for, and oh, but he was a handsome lad. She saw much of his father in him.

That had been so long ago, a whole other life. From what she could remember it had been a quick romance with no lasting ties; but she'd been drawn to the powerful mystery of the stallion. They were both bound to be entirely different creatures by now.

Listening to the pair talk, she found herself hosting a sincere smile; her heart was lighter than it had been for years. The smile only grew as the strange stallion returned her greeting. He didn't mention a name, but that was just as well; some were rather funny about names. Her own bonded was one of them.

For that matter, names were unimportant compared to what else he had to say. No sooner had she finished the nuzzling embrace with her own son than she had stepped forward to offer him the same token.

For allowing yourself to care for my colt enough to have him be important to you and yours, she said, and looked back to the grown lad as she added I'm so glad there's been someone to relate to, someone that can guide and help understand what your Rogue-inherited instincts have to tell you. Knowing that you've mattered to someone, that you're not alone, that is as great a gift as the two of us finding one another again.

And looking again at the stranger she let her smile put a spark of humor in her eye, subtly amused as she said I am also given another name, just as Realm is given in short. Among my bondmates I hold the name of Lady; so indeed it seems you've named me well in your greeting, although it may get confusing as your own Bonded is granted that same title.

With that, she nuzzled Realm Walker once again, as if reassuring herself; this was quite a lot to absorb all at once. He was found, and more he was bonded and cared for, even with another he could relate to and be taught by. He need not ever feel so alone or apart, save for any solitary moments he wished for.

There is a tie which binds you, she informed him, digging deep into the inherent magic all her kind knew of bonding, one which touches the both of you that's familiar to me. There is another Rogue I know of, one whose Circle I'm to join; the lady Shimmer. Tilting her head and straining her abilities, she allowed starlight to pool into her eyes as she coaxed these ties into being 'seen.' There is a lady Shimmer, mated to one which is well-known to some of my bondmates and known of by the rest. The bonded-keeper of this mate is the niece of my bonded-keeper. The bonded-keeper of lady Shimmer is the aunt of my own bonded-keeper. I have a bondmate with an active interest in the mate of Shimmer, one which I wish to remain close to, that's also to join the circle with she and her mate. These ties bring us together; ties between bondeds, ties between mates, and ties between bondmates. At least one of these ties touches each of you, though as I've little direct contact it seems vague to me.

Smiling faintly, she looked her son in the eye and said If what I'm sensing is accurate, then as I've called to you, so has it been that we were destined to come together, some day. We were already linked inextricably. And, she added, looking to this other, it seems that at least some of these ties are shared with you. In which case I am doubly glad to have made your acquaintance, Lord Rogue. And more-so, for the company of others like myself is rare and welcome.

Brushing her nose over Realm, she grinned again and said But enough of such things. Tell me of yourself, each of you, and of how you each have come to be so close.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:10 pm
by Talia
Realm grinned from ear to ear as her exuberance washed over him like a wave. Seeing her again was just so indescribably wonderful. She had begun to fade from his memory, and he had feared that he would altogether forget his own mother's face.

He was still sad that his father couldn't share in this moment. His was another face that was almost forgotten, shrouded by the fog of forgetfulness. He had tried to hold on to their memories for so many years, but those memories slipped around in his mind like snakes, and some days it was all that he could do to try to grasp feebly at their trailing tails.

Oddly enough, Galaxy didn't feel out of place in this reunion; he was actually quite glad that he could be here to witness this. He knew how much that familial bond meant to the stallion, and how much of a detriment it could be to not have it. He himself had never had that, short of the family he had acquired through his bonded. He felt the closest to his own kind, true, but he could imagine that it was nothing compared to a sire or dam, or a mate for that matter. While he didn't feel the need to necessarily have a mate, he often wondered what it would feel like. He could see the ties between some of his own mated family, and if anything it didn't make him pine for it, but it did make him intensely curious.

His eyes widened ever-so-briefly at her own greeting, but he quickly covered it over with a chuckle. Affection wasn't alien to him, but he didn't receive it too often. He knew he was loved, but he had never really been shown that in such a way, or thanked in such a manner, short of from his bonded. He dipped his head courteously and smiled at the mare.

It was a privilege to assist, he replied simply, with all sincerity. Your son is noble, with a strong heart and a brilliant mind. I'm lucky to call him family and friend.

He laughed again at her title- how apt!

That might be confusing indeed, he added. Lady Talia is my bond's full title, although she usually dispenses with formalities and prefers to be called Talia. She would also consider it quite rude that I haven't offered my own proper introduction. I am called Galaxy.

He noticed the exchange between mother and son, and felt the need to reassure her.

My Lady, trust me when I say that you are always welcome with us. I believe that I speak for both Realm and myself in saying so. Now that he has found you, he will not let you go, and the ties that bind our kind run deep. There are many of us with my bonded, and I have no doubt that he will expect to see you frequently. Right lad?

Realm nodded enthusiastically. He was certain that his mother would adore the others. He had learned so much from them, and he both respected and loved them all individually. Some day soon, she would have to meet them.

Galaxy felt the magic gathering about her. He drank it in, reveling in the feel of it. As she spoke, he listened intently. He knew the one she spoke of before her name was even mentioned-Shimmer. The relationship between he and the mare was complex and intricate. He felt an intense attraction that was difficult to explain. It wasn't romantic, but it was... different. Shimmer had a mate, a stallion he knew very little about, as well as foals of her own. She was enigmatic, delicate, and heart-rendingly beautiful. Most of all, he respected her.

The Lady Shimmer is one of my kin, and lives closely with your son as well. The bond of which you speak is her mate, Sunspot. She too has foals of her own, although she has seen little of her mate as of late, and less than that of her foals. They have been lost to her for many years, and she has spent much time in solitude as of late. I've urged her to see her mate. It would do her good. I'm afraid she's spent too much time alone as of late. It would do her some good to be with family.

Realm frowned briefly at that- Galaxy rarely looked concerned and it bothered him when things were amiss with the stallion. He nuzzled his mother once more and lipped playfully at her mane.

Indeed mother- it seems that I found the right bond after all! Fate brought us together, that much is quite evident.

Galaxy perked up at that and nodded. The Lady found both myself and your son. I was bonded before, and was lucky enough to bond again. Your son was much the same. He did have a bond, but was unfortunately abandoned. Luckily for him he was quite young, and the ties were not so deep as they could have been. The Lady knew we needed him as much as he needed us. She has bonded with many of our kind, and of course your son and I have ties that run deeper than adoptive family. He needed to understand his heritage, and myself and a few others took it upon ourselves to teach as best as possible. Although I now believe he has found the most exceptional teacher here today, he said with a chuckle and impish grin.

Realm rolled his eyes- leave it to Galaxy to make a complete departure from brevity and act like a complete and total flirt with his mother of all mares!