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PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:17 pm
by Keira
Zara stood steadily while he cut close to her. She was getting very nervous and therefore keeping all of her actions in check. As he goaded her, her mind was wandering about what he had said about combining them. The concept was mind boggling her her. As she got ready to ask him about it he finished her goading and the ground beneath her hooves gave way.

Unfolding her wings she gave them a gentle flap to stay at his eye level as she talked, seeming completely unruffled by the situation "Now how do you combine them? I was under the impression that the very base of meditation was relaxation and focus. That is why I originally started trying to learn it was to give a calm understanding as opposed to reckless action. How on earth is combining them even possible?"

Circling around to stretch her wings she landed behind him on an outcropping much to far away from the edge for him to try and send her over again.

Re: Mountain pass

PostPosted: Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:40 pm
by Songhue
He squinted at her as she fluttered up to avoid sliding downwards; his gaze was only just short of a pouting glare. He'd forgotten to account for those wings of hers. It was a bit of a sting to his pride; he'd been quite sure of his option to simply send her straight into learning what he was talking about through action. Instead, he was outmaneuvered; and worse, she kept talking.

It was one of his life philosophies; why bother talking when you could do? So many were content to just sit and talk, but there was so much more to be learned through practice and action and risk!

Well, fine. She had bested him, so if she wanted to natter about it like an old granny, he supposed she'd certainly earned the right.

Right, he said, stepping closer towards her with a twitch of his tail, well, you can learn from most things, and you just helped me learn not to underestimate you again. With that, and a very mild sigh, he acknowledged his slightly stung pride and released it - the moment was passed. As far as how to combine the two notions; think about it. If you have an itch to run and attempt to force yourself to sit, does it not simply entice you into being more tense than you were? There are many ways to achieve a clear mind and attain a pure focus. Meditation gives you the option to expand that focus; my Poppa-Guardian, he taught me meditation. It is now within my abilities to know how to be aware of every drop within every leaf upon every plant within an entire forest; my awareness of each are equal. This awareness may be achieved and retained at any point, held through any activity; even whilst dreaming if the mental preparations are observed before resting. They are not singular.

Twitching one of his aching wings, he tilted his head and said Poppa-Guardian had me begin with a narrow focus, one which was the most comfortable for me; squirming around and exploring things. So, he tasked me to explore in detail; not just a single blade of grass, but the many roots of that grass, and then a single root, and then a single drop at the very tip of that single root - where it first was drank by this plant. Before meditation could be fully mastered, it was required that pure and absolute focus be learned - there would be nothing allowed within my mind save for that drop within that root which was one of many from that blade of grass.

He glanced again at the cliff edge and noted To know what focus is required, it must first be experienced. You are most comfortable with an outlet for your energy; use this. It may transition you into the talent of sitting in absolute stillness while your mind opens equally to all that is around you. But, just as flying, it can not be mastered if your first efforts focus on clearing a mountain. You begin simply by getting off the ground; then you learn to sustain that time in the air, and from that point turns and other maneuvers are added to your focus. Is it not so? Thus, begin at the beginning; you wish to move, then do so. Yet have this movement clear your mind. Then may you learn to open your mind without the aid of indulging in this need for adrenaline.

He shrugged a bit, looking very much the youthful stallion he was for a moment as he concluded. It is quite simple, really. Over thinking the process of banishing thought is quite stupid.

Flicking an ear, he watched her curiously, waiting to see what she'd do with these words he'd offered; a small lesson, compared to what he knew.

It may also be that, rather than banishing such thoughts - they might be shared. Why is meditation an interest to you? What troubles you that you wish to ease your mind? It was taught to me in order to instill patience, awareness, and an ability to simply be still for a time - my mother found me a very active foal, one which she often found a challenge when tasked to keep up with my antics. Sharing these things, rather than stilling them, may provide enough to untangle whatever it may be which haunts your mind. From there, you may find obtaining this peace of open observation a fair bit easier.

He probably came across as nosy there... Not that he would notice. As far as he was concerned, there was no point to such nonsense as evading an issue; manners and being polite about the topic were strictly taught to him, but he was still direct enough not to pussyfoot around. Things that had no point or couldn't offer a chance to find something new he had yet to know or experience - they held no interest for him. He could find no reason to waste his time when there was so much else to do and see, so many places to explore that could teach him limitless lessons he had yet to even consider.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:32 pm
by Keira
OOC: Hopefully that means we helped each other enough last night, considering you got Path in.

BIC: Zara could barely contain her excitement at the prospect of being able to use an outlet and focus all at the same time. By the time he seemed like he was done she was lightly prancing in place. Just as she was about to start talking he started again by asking why she needed to focus. For a brief moment she went deathly still. She wasn't ready to talk about it and was fairly certain she may never be ready.

As she listened to him finish she started prancing lightly again and when she was certain she was done she threw caution to the wind and just went for it. To hell with diplomacy or any sort of formality. "Can you show me?' She asked breathlessly taking a step toward him.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:52 pm
by Songhue
Tilting his head, he gave her a very thorough once-over. The prospect of moving really did appeal to her, apparently. But he knew enough not to throw himself headfirst before taking a look.

No, he told her, and tilted his head the other way. Honestly, no. It is an a state of mind you could see me achieve, of course. Or a random choice could be made as to what might work; but what that may be is beyond my ability to discover. There is a bondmate of mine that can slide straight down this mountain slope without a problem; the sheer focus of trying not to land on his neck wouldn't touch him, because he has made a habit of such antics. He would not have the mind-cleansing grip of desperation. Nor would another bondmate of mine be brought to focus through the fluid motions of flowing through stretches - as a dancer, she would be brought to consider how they might be useful.

Turning slightly he lifted one of his wings and said Even as far as myself, a total focus on the task was required while learning to fly - yet that focus did not prevent my mind from considering the discoveries and how best to utilize them. It was something that held my attention, but not something which allowed me to retain the perfect focus. What might aid you in this is unknown to me; first, you would need to share with me the reason for this need. If more was known of you, then perhaps you would find me useful in finding that which allows the freedom of movement while unlocking your mind; for so long as any further thoughts are capable of passing, you will not know the serenity of quiet within.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:43 am
by Keira
Clenching her jaw and remaining silent, Zara struggled to keep in check and not reveal her wounded pride. Just what in the hell did this guy want from her? First he mocks her for being still, insisting that she needed to just let loose and go for a more moving meditation. Then when she was clearly eager to know what he was talking about, she put herself out there to ask for help with a demonstration of what he meant and he callously refused.

Apparently he was just that good and knew all of this stuff without help but she didn't. It was clear he had a very superior idea of himself and she wasn't about to argue with it, glad he was at least self confidant. He wasn't going to help her? Fine. He had given her a few ideas and she could test them out with trial and error for sure but it would be on her own.

Suddenly feeling exhausted she decided it might be better to go home for a rest a bit and regroup before finding another secluded spot and trying again. "Well then, I wont keep you. I'll be off for now and give some thought to the ideas you've proposed. Have a pleasant day, sir." With that she gave him a slight bow and was prepared to be done for the day.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:26 pm
by Songhue
He stared at her hard for a long moment, feeling rather undecided. It was a simple enough question and given with ample reason; he'd rather not walk blindly through a forest to knock into every tree possible. If he knew what troubled her he'd at least have a starting point on what action might best help center her.

He also just flat out wanted to know. He was insatiably curious; but his mother's manners bade him wish her a good day and allow her to leave. And it wasn't really his fight, it was hers.

The problem was that he was growing up. When he was younger he would have merely shrugged and found something else interesting; now that he was older, he was finding more of his mother's temperament in him. Just as she had been offended at the nonchalant attitude of her original bondmate, Darroch found her unwillingness equally insulting to his ideals. You didn't just leave when someone asked what the problem was. That was running away. Admitting you didn't want to speak/think of it was at least addressing the issue of avoidance. Admitting you didn't feel comfortable talking about it with them was a comment on social standards. But to simply leave, to avoid the whole thing?

Nope. It went against everything he knew, every fiber of learning that had guided him.

And it was with that, his own realization, that his tumultuous reaction was settled into action. With a flick of an ear the tough, bare shrubbery that was clinging to the side of the mountain shot upwards, completely caging the mare. It happened in a blink, with too little time to even realize what was occurring before the encasement was reinforced and woven as thick as the rocks on which they stood; there was just one small hole for her face.

He didn't bother to say anything; first, he'd more likely than not have to weather her temper. He had, by all rights, breached his mother's social standards. But then again, his mother was well renown for giving a smack when a smack was needed.

The space of three breaths had passed since she'd bid her farewell.