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Re: Tempest in the Storm

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BIC: Tempest preened slightly at what, he considered, a compliment. It was true some times he could be mischievous if he wanted too but lately few things had been able to coax him in to doing much of anything. He had been complacent for a while but now hoped to become more of his normal self again.... Or, someone new for that matter. As long as he decided to LIVE again.

Finding it hard to concentrate on what Leaf Fall was saying while looking at her, getting too mesmerized by her markings and the way she blew the hair from her face, he decided to study the far side of the cave instead. After a brief second he decided it was better to look at her while answering questions as he didn't want it to come off rude.

Pondering for a moment before answering he spoke gently, afraid he was going to lose his breath. "Well I had a good friend when I was young, he taught me the scientific part behind the lightning and thunder, and while I guess it doesn't make it any less scary of an event, just simply knowing the why of it seemed to help me deal with it. As I got older I focused on that and have taught myself that If I have time to register that i'm hearing the thunder then the lightning isn't close enough to hurt me." This time he was breathless when he finished.

By the gods she was cute.